tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKnock Out Sex Ch. 01

Knock Out Sex Ch. 01


Jeanne was tall, about 5'8", blond, very attractive, and a wonderful lover. Her long hair hung down past the middle of her back. Men noticed her when she walked into a room.

We had been living together for several years, but there were times that it was a contentious relationship with periods of tenderness punctuated by arguments and fights (she had PMS) and I eventually broke it off.

During one of the "contentious" periods we had split up. However, on a warm day in July we had a chance encounter at the old farm house where we had been living together. We always had a strong physical attraction for each other and pretty soon were kissing and caressing intimately.

Since we hadn't seen each other for a few weeks, the passions quickly heated up. She was very cooperative and soon I had her clothes off. We were in the upstairs spare bedroom which only had a mattress lying on the floor. I laid her across the short width of the mattress so that her legs and feet were off the edge. I was on top and the upstairs bedroom was very warm, even a little hot. We continued kissing passionately and soon I was fucking her hard, the way she liked it. We were covered in sweat from the exertion, but neither of us cared. We were totally enjoying each other.

Her pussy was juicy wet and she was breathing heavily, obviously very turned on. After several minutes of intense passion she let out a soft moan of pleasure and anticipation. I knew what this meant. I kept pumping her, but also watched her face as she came, she was so beautiful during that moment and it really turned me on to see her having her orgasm. As her pleasure mounted, she moaned again and I could see her eyes starting to roll up in her head. It looked like this was going to be a really intense orgasm for her!

What happened next was totally unexpected. As she climaxed, Jeanne let out a soft deep moan that I can only describe as total ecstasy and her eyes rolled completely back in her head. This lasted for a few seconds, then she exhaled a little sigh and her head suddenly slumped backward, dangling off the edge of the mattress. Both eyes soon closed and her mouth fell open. Her left arm, which had been gripping my shoulder in excitement, went limp and fell to the side. In fact, I could feel her whole body relax and become limp beneath me. As I watched this happening I felt myself getting harder inside of her. What a turn on! The bedroom had suddenly become quiet and I noticed that her other arm, which had been caressing the back of my head, had relaxed too, and was now just hanging loosely around my neck. Had Jeanne really passed out or was she teasing?

Suspecting she might be faking, I waited a few moments then softly called her name and shook her warm body. Her head and long hair dangled limply off the edge of the mattress, but there was no response. I shook her again, a little harder this time, watching as her bare breasts jiggled back and forth. Still nothing. I reached under her neck and gently lifted her head up toward me. Her mouth closed slightly as I lifted and I instinctively kissed her warm lips. I noticed that she was breathing normally if perhaps a little shallow. I had become worried so this was a relief. I brushed her long hair out of the way and turned her head from side to side. She looked OK. I gently tapped her cheeks then shook her head back and forth, trying to arouse her. Still no response from Jeanne, not even a twitch. Next I lifted one eyelid, then the other. Both eyes were still rolled all the way back in her head and I could just see the whites. If she was faking, this was really good! I let her head slide gently back down in a jumble of blond hair and listened to her chest for a heartbeat. She appeared to be OK, just unconscious.

When her body went limp her legs had fallen slightly apart and open, giving me easy access to her pussy which, even though she was unconscious, remained extremely wet. This was a fantasy I'd had all of my life and I was so turned on by the sight of her lying there unconscious that I started fucking her harder and faster. I briefly thought about the legalities of this, but quickly decided that, since we were making love and I was already inside her when she passed out, consent would not be an issue. As I continued to fuck her I carefully watched her face for any sign she might be faking. Her eyes remained closed, mouth open, head and hair dangling limply back and forth off the end of the mattress with the rhythm of my pumping her. Now I was convinced, she was totally out of it.

I bent down to kiss her again and her right arm, which was still draped loosely around my neck slipped off. I heard a soft thump as it hit the floor coming to rest back over her head. As I reached up and stretched her arm out further, her body moved and her head tilted to the side, becoming nestled up against her smooth underarm. I reached to the side for her other arm and slid it off the mattress and back over her head too. I liked seeing her positioned this way. It made her look somehow more vulnerable and also pulled her breasts up tighter against my chest. I noticed that her long blond hair had gotten jumbled from the activity of the great sex and was covering her breasts and face. I brushed it aside and gently slid my hands up under her neck to gather it behind her head before letting it fall off the edge of the mattress, revealing her ears and neck. Gawd, she was beautiful when she was unconscious!

As I continued fucking her I watched her face closely, mouth hanging open, head, arms, and breasts all dangling limply back and forth with the rhythm of each thrust. I picked her head up one last time and again lifted each eyelid. They were both still rolled all the way back in her head. Jeanne was deeply unconscious.

At this point I could not contain myself anymore. I kissed her lips one more time and let her head fall gently back off the edge of the mattress, watching as her mouth again fell limply open. I reached up and stretched her arms back out over her head and had the absolute best and longest orgasm of my life!

After I was done, I laid there for a few moments kissing Jeanne's warm lips and unconscious body. Then I pulled her over toward me and hugged and caressed her quietly until she came around.

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