tagIncest/TabooKnocked Up!

Knocked Up!


This story is by Steve but Tess had a lot to do with the development.

Make of that what you will.

Both authors have quality tested this little story and if you can't hit the big O at least three times, drop us an e-mail and we'll take up writing religious tracts instead of erotica.

It was Tess who introduced me to the idea that that the reproductive aspects of sex could be unbelievably hot.

She educated me about what it felt like to have a guy, or a number of guys let loose inside of you.

I wrote it with her in mind and I think she liked it, at least I feel her response was sufficiently gratifying to merit publication.

Make what you will of that.

Here's the story.......

PART 1 The Sleepover

Most parents want their daughters to hold off from having sex until she's about 35. Mine wanted to be grandparents before they were 35.

Don't believe me?

Let me tell you about it.

I guess you could chalk it up to a changing popular culture but when I started dating my parents were ecstatic.

There were no curfews. My dad never turned on the porch light as I sat in a car in the driveway. None of my 5 younger brothers and sisters was ever urged to join us as we sat in the darkened family room watching movies.

In short it was left up to me to determine exactly how far I would go with the various boys I dated.

For the most part that wasn't very far.

Early on I realized that it was a lot fun to torture the guys I went out with and I wasn't about to ruin that fun by going all the way with anyone.

There are those who might call me a tease but I preferred to think of myself as a nice young girl who liked boys well enough but not so much that I was willing to let them fill me up with babies.

Besides that and what my parents didn't really know is that I liked girls too.

Before I go any further, I need to be completely honest

When Tom and I started going out together, I might have been the only virgin left in my senior class.

I had gone out with a lot of guys but all this had resulted in was a lot of sticky fumbling around in the back seats of cars,

No one got to fuck me and no one ever made me climax.

I will admit that when I got home I often spent some time stroking my little lady before drifting off to sleep finishing up alone what I had started together with the various guys who took me out.

Now that I think about it, I suppose they were doing the same thing in the darkness of their bedroom.

I might as well admit it that's what I thought about as I diddled my slippery clit after sending them off unsatisfied sporting huge erections that distended their pants and generally reduced them to gibbering idiocy.

No matter how much they begged for relief, I just smiled, gave up a really passionate goodnight kiss and got out of the car. Walking in to the house, more often than not I would feel my swollen and slippery labia rubbing together as I climbed the stairs to the porch.

Later in the darkness of my room I would imagine what might have happened if I had let them have their way with me and eventually would bring myself to a shuddering silent climax as I listened to my father snoring down the hall.

This might have gone on for a lot longer if I hadn't spent an overnight with Meadow.

My brother Steve and I were spending the night with my best friend Meadow and her brother Tom.

Her parents had gone out for the night and left instructions that we were all to take a shower and go to bed. They had a small hot water heater, so we knew from past experience that Meadow and I would have to shower together and then after fifteen or twenty minutes, the boys would also have to share the shower. We'd flipped a coin to decide who went first.

Meadow and I were getting ready to take our shower. We were both wearing oversized T-shirts and panties as Meadow brushed out her long blonde hair and I sat on the bed watching. I might as well admit it, we were talking about how some of the boys at school were looking at us.

To be completely honest, Meadow was describing how she gave a boy at school a total hard on right there in her class just bending over to pick up a pencil.

I remember looking at Meadow and realizing that we were both very pretty and had reached a point in our development where we considered our breasts a significant factor in our growing attractiveness to boys. I wondered idly if Meadow had any real growth on her mound and knew I would find out when we went in to shower with one another.

In a way it was good to be able to compare notes with a close friend like that. Although my breasts were large enough to be noticeable, my own mound was practically bare, a significant factor that generated extreme modesty in gym class.

This might have helped explain why none of the boys I dated ever got past second base. I was afraid that they'd make fun of my nearly naked mound.

Meadow had been describing how she had been wearing a tank top when she bent over to pick up the pencil and when she straightened up she realized that this boy had been able to see almost all of her breasts.

In turn I told her how I had teased a boy in my English class nearly to distraction doing the same kind of stuff and then I speculated that it would be pretty hot if the same boys could be here looking at us right now.

"I wonder what they'd do?" Meadow mused, drawing the brush through her hair.

"I don't know" I replied delicately, "Probably go somewhere and jack off".

"Jack off?"

"You know, play with themselves until they squirt."

"Oh yeah, I've seen Tom doing that."

"You have" I asked, catching my breath, "You watched him?"

"Well, he didn't know I was watching, but yeah, I've seen him do it."

"How..." I was bewildered and embarrassed at my own level of interest.

"There's a little hole in the wall between our rooms and another next to the shower...sometimes I wonder if he watches me."

I was thunderstruck and sat in stupefied silence.

"As a matter of fact," she continued ", for all we know they might both be watching us tonight."

I didn't say anything however, my emotions were in complete upheaval. Finally I managed to stammer, "I guess this puts a whole new light on personal hygiene."

Meadow laughed and pulling her T-shirt over her head said, "I kind of hope your brother is watching us right now."

Blushing, I took my T-shirt off and letting it drop on the floor replied, "Me too."

Meadow stood up and weighed her breasts in her hands, "Get a load of these" she said with a giggle. Her breasts were not quite as large as mine but developed enough to provide her with a nice handful. I cupped my own breasts and retorted, "Try these on for size."

We dissolved in giggles, which gradually subsided into silence.

We both stood motionless and nearly naked in Meadows bedroom.

She glanced over toward the wall and said, "The hole is over there, if they're looking right now, they're certainly getting an eyeful.

I realized that Meadow was looking at me and I was certainly looking back. She was beautiful and I knew that I was too.

We didn't say anything for a minute or so as we felt each other's eyes move up and down our bodies and I remember wondering if Meadow felt as confused and excited as I did.

I was tingling all over and I felt my nipples begin to pucker and grow stiff. I noticed that Meadow was flushed and her nipples were also noticeably distended we were both breathing heavily as we continued eyeing each other.

Neither of us said anything and the sound of our breathing was the only thing that broke the silence of the moment.

I wanted to do something unusual, something out of the ordinary. I can't really explain exactly what I was feeling but Meadow must have been feeling it too because after a moment she whispered, "I wonder if they can see both of us right now?"

I know that I was blushing as I stammered, "I hope so."

You could have knocked me over with a feather when Meadow said, "What do you say we find out?"

"How do you plan on doing that?" I asked.

She leaned toward me and whispered in my ear, "I'll go over and borrow something. As soon as I get to the door, you peek through the hole in the wall and see what they're doing and if they both come back to the hole, get out of the way before they get there...and we'll know."

"I...don't know..." I whispered back.

"Of come on, they're the ones who are spying."

"If they're spying, for all we know they might just be visiting with each other."

"Do you see any light shining through the hole?"

"Well...where's the hole?"

Meadow gestured slightly with her head, "Right next to the picture,

I looked over and felt a slight shiver. I could see the hole and it was dark.

"They've been watching" Meadow murmured, "I'm sure of it, remember to wait till you hear me knock on their door."

Before I had a chance to object, she wrapped herself with a towel and walked out the door. A moment later I heard her rapping on her brother's door. I rushed to the wall and pressed my eye against the hole in the wall.

I could see that both of the boys were in their underpants and T-shirts and they both seemed to be flustered.

Meadow rapped again and I heard Tom say, "Just a minute". Both the boys were sitting down in chairs but the only one I could see was Tom. I wondered why he was pulling a pillow into his lap but before I could figure that out I heard him say, "Come in".

The door opened and Meadow walked in. "Hey Tom, Hey Steve" she said, "Tom, can I borrow some of that baby oil I saw sitting on your end table, Sarah's got a serious problem with dry skin and I thought I might use a little on her before we shower."

"It's in the drawer," Tom said and Meadow walked over to get it. From my vantage point I could see her bending over to rummage in the drawer. For a moment it looked like the towel she had wrapped around her might come loose but she tightened her grip and it remained decently wrapped around her.

"Here it is" she said brightly and quickly left the room with the bottle gripped in her free hand.

As soon as she left, the boys jumped out of their chairs and made a beeline straight towards where I had my eye pressed to the wall. I realized that they had indeed been enjoying a free peep show and if I hadn't jumped back quickly Tom and I would have wound up eye to eye.

Meadow came back into our room and walked right over to me. "Well?" she whispered.

"I think they are watching us". Then I recollected something I'd seen in the few seconds when they were both coming over to the hole in the wall. "I think they've both got..."

"What?" Meadow whispered impatiently.

"I think they've got...like boners"

Really?" Meadow whispered back eagerly.

"Or else Tom's walking around with a stick in his underpants."

Meadow giggled excitedly and whispered back, "Lets give them something to be really titillated about."

"I think we're doing a pretty good job just giving them a free peek" I said. "What else could we do?"

Meadow paused to think for a moment and then said, "We could pretend like we're getting horny with each other."

"How would we...?"

"I'll give you a massage with the baby oil I borrowed and then when they've watched me do that, I'll pretend to...play with you."

She smiled wickedly but I hesitated.

"I don't know..."

Come on, It'll be fun. Lets see if we can get their motors really running, go on over and lie on my bed"

I reluctantly moved toward her bed and lie down on my stomach. I knew that both boys could see the sides of my breast pressed against the bed but little else.

The thing that was bothering me was that Meadow said we were going to pretend to get horny with one another. Maybe she meant what she said but I felt uneasy because the whole idea was pretty exciting to me and I actually felt kind of aroused just being watched like that.

"I feel weird about this" I murmured, into the pillow.

"OK" Meadow said, "Why don't you give me a massage first and you can pretend to play with me."

I got up and we exchanged places.

In a way, this was worse because now Meadow was the one lying on her stomach and I realized that both boys would be able to almost see every inch of my body as I rubbed Meadow with the oil.

As I began rubbing the oil onto her legs I was tingling all over and I felt growing warmth in my stomach. My nipples were absolutely rigid and I realized that while Meadow might be pretending, I was very excited and I hoped that it wasn't as noticeable to her as it was to me.

I moved over her back and then rubbed her arms. Pretty soon her entire body was shining with the oil. I have to admit she looked pretty hot.

I was finished with her back and she flipped over,

I could see that her nipples were just as rigid as mine. She was flushed and we were both breathing heavily.

I started rubbing her shoulders and slowly worked my way down to her breasts. I tried to avoid really touching her there but she whispered, "Go on, don't be a chicken" so I started rubbing there as well.

Of course I had touched my own breasts but I had never touched anyone else's. Hers were very soft and as I rubbed the oil onto them, she sighed and whispered, "I hate to admit this, but that really feels nice."

I moved down and rubbed oil on her legs until they were shining and covered with the oil. Finally I came to her panties. I hesitated and Meadow whispered, "Act like you're rubbing my pussy."

I placed my hands between her legs and pantomimed rubbing her there.

"Now pretend like you're reaching inside and playing with me." Meadow whispered.

I must have hesitated because she pulled the front of her panties up to give me access, so I reached inside and tried to act like I was playing with her.

The problem was that the space was limited and I couldn't help but feel the light fuzz that coated her mound and I when I accidentally bumped her pussy I realized that she was very wet and slippery.

Wet, slippery and swollen. Before I could pull my hand away she whispered, "Hold on, I'm going to pretend like I'm humping your hand,

She slid against my hand smearing my fingers with her fluids that were leaking copiously from her swollen mound as she pretended she was becoming even more excited.

I was electrified and confused by a cascade of emotions as she moved her very slippery pussy against my hand. I was confused by how excited I had become in an instant.

I mean I was already kind of aroused by the idea that we were teasing the boys and that they could see my breasts...and Meadows too for that matter. When I realized that she was just as excited as I was and maybe more so I became a thousand times more turned on then I had ever been in my life. I could practically feel myself becoming wetter and for a brief moment considered pulling my panties down...just to expose myself.

"Act like you're rubbing my clit" she whispered and unthinkingly I began making little circles around her very distended and slippery clitoris. Meadow stiffened and spread her legs slightly.

As soon as I realized what I was doing, I pulled away and simulated doing the same thing taking care to avoid actual contact. Watching my hand move inside of her panties I realized that this must be very exciting to anyone who might be watching and grew more aroused by what we were doing together.

Like I said, with my hand inside of her panties I couldn't help brushing her clitoris from time to time and she didn't seem to mind but I kept doing my best to mimic this action without actually touching her. The real problem was that her clit was so engorged that it was actually protruding a little and I couldn't help brushing it from time to time.

Every time I would brush up against her I would feel a smear of warm fluid flood my fingers. Feeling her obvious excitement made me more aroused in spite of myself.

"Keep doing that" she gasped, "I'll bet we're driving them...crazy"

I leaned over Meadow and whispered, "I ought to...pull my panties down...just to give them a real show". I couldn't believe that I had said something like this but Meadow just shook her head and whispered back, "Not yet...just keep doing...what you're doing."

Her voice trailed off and I kept pretending that I was playing with her rigid clit realizing with shame and embarrassment that my own clitoris was extruding so far I could feel it touch the rapidly dampening cotton of my panties.

The thing is I knew that her clit was standing straight up, just like mine and when I accidentally brushed up against her...she didn't mind...she liked it.

I started to wish that I could slip away and touch my own clit, which by this time was tingling and scraping my panties every time I moved.

"Do it a little faster" Meadow whispered shakily, "Make them think you're really getting me going".

I picked up the pace, moving my hand rapidly under the material of her panties and tried to avoid direct contact with her but she kept bumping against me and every time that she did I would feel her leaking against me.

I realized that my own panties were now quite wet and despite my best efforts to remain calm I was very aroused by what I was doing.

All I had really been thinking about was her brother with his eye pressed against the wall watching. I wondered if he could see the expanding wet patch that I knew I was generating.

I decided that I hoped he could see it and as if that thought had the power to make it happen I felt a new surge of excitement drench my panties as my now utterly rigid clit slid against the soaking material of my underpants.

Suddenly it occurred to me that my own brother was also watching what we were doing and a bolt of shame shot through me.

When I realized that my own brother could probably see what we were doing I'm ashamed to admit that I was so excited by what was happening between Meadow and I that I just didn't care.

Meadow was trying to act like nothing was happening but she had spread her legs even further and was moving up and down sporadically as my fingers kept brushing her wet slit.

Every time my fingers slid against her she would shudder slightly and I would pull away and pantomime rapid motion intended to imitate masturbation.

Suddenly Meadow grabbed my hand pressing it against her slippery mound hard; gasping "Oh stop...please Sarah I think that's enough. I'll bet they're...going crazy"

For a moment we remained motionless with my hand pressed against her mound. I felt a slow torrent of fluid running over my fingers as Meadow shuddered and continued pressing my hand very firmly against her swollen gash.

Gash is exactly the word I am looking for because by this time Meadow had spread her legs as wide as possible as she creamed onto my hand.

The moment seemed to draw itself out and last forever but actually it was only a few seconds and then I slid my hand, fingers shining with her juices, out of her underwear.

Meadow was flushed and breathing hard as she sat up saying, "Let's see what the boys are doing."

I still don't believe what I did next but I hooked my thumbs under my panties and pulled them down until they were around my thighs and thrusting my aching mound forward, said, "Maybe we should tease them a little more."

Meadow stepped up behind me and whispered in my ear, "Do you want me to pretend like I'm playing with you?"

"Yes...but just pretending."

"Of course" she whispered, and I felt her soft warmth pressing against my back as she circled me with an arm that reached between my legs and began moving in an imitation of masturbation.

Because my panties were around my thighs, she wasn't forced to touch me like I had touched her but even so, she managed to occasionally brush against my clit, which, as I've said was so erect that it was actually extruding from my swollen pussy.

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