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Knocked-Up Karen


Author's Note: I had never heard of a nun giving birth to twins, but there's a first time for everything. This is the story of a young Catholic woman who joined a nunnery in a feeble attempt to control her burning sex drive and instead fell pregnant with twins. I suppose the old saying "Once a whore, always a whore" is still valid.


Karen was a pretty religious girl who had recently graduated from a good Jesuit college called Sacred Cross. She was easy on the eyes, a tall brunette with D cup breasts and a nice figure. Karen made friends easily and was involved in many activities, along with the student choir. Karen worked hard to maintain a professional image and was actively involved in the Sacred Cross Alumni society.

What she tried to keep more covert was her love of partying. After studying all week, she liked to get drunk on the weekends and let whoever she fancied at the time have at it. I know because I "visited" her apartment plenty of times. Although Karen worked hard to maintain a professional image, she was very promiscuous at heart. She certainly had a reputation with the boys. The only thing I disliked about having sex with her is that she always made people use condoms as she didn't take the pill and didn't believe in abortion.

When Karen suddenly announced that she was joining a nunnery, I knew I had to have her a few more times before she took her vows. I managed to make plans with her one of the last weekends before she joined the nunnery. I started to form a plan in my mind. I knew that Karen had had a crush on me for a while. I figured that if I professed my feelings for her I might get special visitation rights for when she joined the nunnery. Karen reacted favorably to my revelation and looked genuinely happy that I had told her.

Karen repeatedly wrote me letters while in the nunnery. After she had been in for about six months, she told me that I could come visit her. I was very happy as I missed her and thought this might be a good opportunity to get laid. I visited her at the first possible opportunity. I must say, she certainly looked different in her habit. She beamed when she first saw me, and welcomed me with a big hug. After that she showed me to her living quarters.

As soon as we got alone, she looked antsy, like she was fighting an internal battle. I felt sorry for her and put my hand on her shoulder to comfort her. Little did I know this light touch would be the straw that broke the camel's back. Karen looked deep into my eyes, and pulled me to her soft lips. She started kissing me like a woman possessed, and once she stopped, her breathing had grown deep and ragged.

At this point I had a decision to make. I could reject Karen's advances and prevent her from breaking her solemn vows, or I could let us both give in to our burning desires and risk ruining her novitiate, or training period. I quickly remembered why I had come to visit her in the first place, and the fact that she was basically in heat.

I let my hands roam her body, focusing on her most sensitive areas. Karen's face became flushed. I could tell she was becoming more and more aroused. I started to fondle her breasts through her habit, which resulted in quiet moans. Her nipples were engorged and were clearly visible through her clothing, so I took each one between my thumb and forefinger. Karen closed her eyes and tilted her head back, biting her lip to avoid making too much noise. At this point, I knew I could do whatever I wanted with her. I quickly started to remove her clothing. Karen let out a sigh of relief as her breasts finally left their confines. I placed Karen on her mattress and pulled her so that her legs were hanging over the side of the mattress.

I moved in between Karen's legs, and put my mouth next to her ear. "How many months has it been? How badly do you want to feel my hard dick inside you? There is one small complication. I didn't bring any condoms. If you want to have sex tonight, we'll need to go bare." Karen paused for a moment. Her eyes never opened.

"I want you inside me so badly. Do it! Take me raw!" I had won. I slid into Karen in one stroke, finding no resistance since she was so wet. The sensation of her unprotected sheath was heavenly. She was tighter than before since she hadn't had sex in months. Karen finally opened her eyes and a huge smile crossed her face. "I didn't know it would feel THAT good!" she announced. I made sure to maintain eye contact and started making slow, forceful strokes in and out of her.

Karen was getting really turned on by the unprotected sex and the pregnancy risk aspect. "I hope you know I'm ovulating. One little drop of semen could give me a big belly! Maybe it wouldn't be bad if you made my skirts tight. I might gain a few cup sizes!" Karen said with a huge grin on her face. My dick lurched and gained a newfound hardness thinking of her belly swelling and her breasts filling out.

I knew I was getting close, and I informed Karen of this. She looked away for a minute, as if in thought, and then responded "I'm almost there! Feeling your load deep inside me will send me over the edge! Do it! Cum inside me! Let the lord decide what happens!" Hearing this sent me over the edge and I plunged myself as deep inside her as possible as my body spurted load after load into her fertile body. After that, I collapsed on top of her and she wrapped her arms around me. We laid there in a silent embrace. When we finally started moving again, Karen had a huge smile and a happy glow about her. She informed me that this was a wonderful experience, and that she was ready to live with the consequences, whatever they were. 2 weeks later Karen missed her period and found out what the consequences would be. Karen called me to notify me that I was going to be a daddy.

Although she was initially upset and concerned that she would get kicked out of the nunnery, she decided that the combination of events must have been God's will and welcomed the new life growing inside her. She told her Mother Superior of her quandary and was informed that she should pack her bags and prepare for her departure. Since Karen got pregnant during her novitiate, it wasn't as big a deal as it could have been. Karen experienced rapid weight gain the first trimester, and one of her visits to the doctor revealed that she was pregnant with twins. Karen considered this validation that a miracle had occurred.

As her pregnancy advanced, I got her to wear lingerie and push up bras so that her distended belly and 36E breasts were on full display. I took advantage of her increased sensitivity to give her swelling breasts as much attention as possible. I would frequently come up behind her and put my arms around her, using one hand to gently rub her swollen belly and the other to expertly manipulate her breasts to orgasm.

Nine months to the day after I visited the nunnery, Karen gave birth to red headed twin boys. They look just like their father. Karen beamed when she finally got to hold her bundles of joy. I have never seen her so happy. Ever since she has gotten back to our apartment, she has been on cloud 9. It took a few months until her soreness subsided and we could have sex, but before that I enjoyed her massive orbs and their newfound sensitivity. I am glad they will stay swollen and hypersensitive as long as someone nurses on them. I intend to nurse on those massive jugs long after our sons stop.

Karen has been kicked out of the nunnery she joined and is not on the best terms with her family. For some strange reason, they seem to think she's a whore. Karen isn't viewed as an angel by the Catholic community, but she doesn't care. Even though they have caused her alienation from the Catholic community, Karen is perfectly happy with her two miracles. She simply couldn't help herself, and she loves the twin boys she got as a result. She also loves the fact that I run my own business out of the home and I am around to fuck her at her beck and call. Karen couldn't ask for anything more....that is unless she wants to pop out more of my babies further down the line!

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by Anonymous03/17/18

Sacrilegious Scum Bag! Bet you're from Northern Ireland!

There Is no counterpart to a nun or convent in islam. But make the place where Karen's living and being trained a mohammedan madrasat al-banat, and you will be banned from this website, right after tensmore...

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