Knocked Up!


I finally found my voice.

"Please stop what you're doing" I whispered shakily.

The doctor got to his feet and said, "All right but you must be properly aroused and lubricated in order for this next procedure to take place, Tom, please take over for me."

With that, the doctor left the room.

I looked over at Tom and it was apparent that he was aroused as well. He had a rigid erection tenting his pants but he asked me if he should stop and I just didn't know what to say.

After a moment I replied, "Well....if it's necessary for the doctor to do his job...I just don't want...him...eating my pussy."

Without another word Tom took over where the doctor left off and in the few minutes of relative privacy we were allowed Tom kissed and licked my cunt until I was on the verge of creaming in his mouth.

Before that could happen the door opened and the doctor walked in again holding a realistic looking rubber penis.

Tom immediately stopped what he was doing and got to his feet. He was breathing hard and his pants were grotesquely distended. I noticed a small wet spot and realized that Tom was as aroused as I was.

The doctor apologized and asked Tom to pull his pants down so the doctor could make sure that the penis was about the same size as Tom's erection.

"I've got to compare to make sure I've got the right size here." The doctor said apologetically.

Tom unbuckled his pants and then unzipped them revealing an erection that was just as hard as it had been that night with my brother.

The doctor held the rubber penis next to Tom's boner and then said, "Perfect."

Then he did something totally unexpected.

He took Tom's hard cock in his hand and started to gently stroke it...and Tom let him.

"You like that, don't you? The doctor asked in that same friendly conversational tone of voice.

"No" Tom gasped, "Not....really."

"Do you want me to stop?"

Tom didn't say anything as the doctor's hand continued to stroke his boner.

At this point I noticed that the doctor's pants were also noticeably distended and his conversational tone had grown just a little shaky as he said to Tom, "Go ahead, you can admit that you like it."

Tom was blushing bright red as he mumbled "It feels good...but you shouldn't..."

The doctor stopped what he was doing and said, "You're probably right. You should pull your pants back up because a nurse will need to be present for this procedure.

I still can't believe that Tom was able to jam his totally erect cock back into his pants but he managed somehow and stood there breathing hard as the doctor went to get the nurse.

In the silence that ensued Tom stood beside me with his pants jutting out about a mile. There was no doubt that what had been going on was very exciting to him.

The fact that he wouldn't meet my eyes told me that he was humiliated and embarrassed by the same sex contact that had just taken place.

I was confused and guilty that I was so aroused.

Being entirely naked in front of two men who were just as aroused as I was but who weren't allowed to really fuck me was a serious turn on for me.

I could feel my heart beating and whit every heartbeat I could feel my rigid nipples and my stiffened clit throb. The fact that my boyfriend was standing there with a giant hard on looking at me just poured fuel on the fire.

For the first time in my life I would have willingly let Tom fuck me until he came filling me to overflowing with his warm cream. I knew that that wasn't going to happen here so I contented myself with reaching out, taking Tom's hand and giving it a squeeze.

Tom squeezed back and then guided my hand to the massive bulge in his pants. I began to gingerly touch him and then the door opened and Tom stepped back.

The young woman who accompanied the doctor back in to the room hardly looked old enough to be a nurse but I was in no position to comment at the time. She was wearing a nurse's white skirt and white pantyhose and somehow seemed vaguely familiar but I couldn't quite place her.

I didn't have much time to think about it because the doctor walked briskly to the table and placing the rubber penis firmly against my swollen and oozing opening instructed the nurse to stand next to me and observe the process.

I gasped as the penis parted my slippery labia and began to widen my manhole. Soon the tip was all the way in and the doctor began to move it back and forth gently as the nurse and Tom stood on opposite sides of me watching.

To be honest I can't say exactly when I officially was deflowered. I was far too excited to even notice if there was any pain involved. Maybe it was like the doctor said and I'd lost my hymen years before and not been aware of it.

After the penis had been inserted to the hilt the doctor instructed the nurse to begin moving it back and forth inside of me in order to widen me a little bit. I could feel her fingers push against my labia as she attempted to get a grasp of its slippery length.

Soon she was sliding it in and out with surprising ease while I tried not to respond to the effect that this was having on me.

I don't know why I tried to hide my reaction because the slippery wet sound it made as it slid in and out of my soaking portal made it clear that I was enjoying myself even though I tried to remain entirely motionless while it went on.

I was so intent on masking my response to what was essentially a dildo sliding in and out of my soaking and slippery pussy that I hadn't been paying attention to Tom and the doctor.

I was busy concentrating on keeping my facial expression entirely neutral when I heard the sound of a belt and then a zipper. My eyes flew open and I turned to see the doctor helping Tom out of his pants.

"What are you doing?" I gasped as the rubber cock continued to slide in and out with increasing ease.

"Just making Tom a little more comfortable" was the smooth and entirely unruffled reply.

Before I could articulate a reply I began to shudder and cream right there in front of all of them. I tried to keep this matter to myself.

I closed my eyes again and lie entirely motionless as the waves of sensation moved over me while my pussy began to pour copious amounts of girl cream onto the nurse's moving hand.

My effort was a failure because the doctor noticed at once and of course just had to comment while the slick and shining cock continued to piston in and out of me.

"As you can see, Sarah is having a climax right now, which, of course she is trying to conceal from us for fear of being thought of as a complete slut, isn't that right Sarah?"


Before I could say anything the second wave of my climax caught me and all I was able to do was gasp and shudder and do it again as they all stood and watched.

The doctor had the nurse withdraw the rubber penis and while I recovered the doctor had me look over at Tom who was actually standing there naked from the waist down and masturbating.

"Your boyfriend needs some relief Sarah" he said softly.

I whimpered..."I know."

"Now our nurse here is a certified sexual surrogate and if you want I can have Tom relieve himself with her and you and I can watch or else you can let Tom fuck you."

I looked at Tom again and saw a long rope of pre-come dripping from his pole as he continued to jack off in front of us all.

"Do you have a condom?" I asked, still feeling my own climax subsiding.

"I'm afraid not" the doctor said, "but I'm sure Tom would promise to control himself, wouldn't you Tom?"

"I promise Sarah, I won't come inside of you." He gasped, still stroking his cock as he made this promise. Looking at the shiny rope of pre-come, I hesitated and the doctor said, "If you're not comfortable with Tom fucking you right off perhaps he can demonstrate his self control with Debbie here."

Well that put me in bit of a quandary.

Maybe I was OK with the knowledge that from time to time Tom stuck his cock through a hole in his bedroom wall so his sister could suck it, but this was something else.

Did I really want to watch my boyfriend fucking a total stranger?

Especially one as pretty as this girl.

In the end the Green Eyed Monster won.

I decided that it would be better to let Tom fuck me and take a chance at getting pregnant my first time out rather then watch him fucking her.

He stepped between my legs and I could feel the head of his cock at my slippery entrance gradually stretching it wider and wider until at last the head was inside of me.

I gasped and shuddered as I felt him begin to slowly slide the length of his bone into my swollen box.

Once he had driven himself to the hilt I expected him to begin moving back and forth but he stood there practically motionless.

I started to squirm around a little bit and he gasped, "Sarah, please don't move." I could see that he was fighting a losing battle with himself but before I could tell him to pull out I felt his first forceful jet of sperm warming my insides.

I felt it gushing against my cervix as if he was deliberately trying to make me pregnant.

Both his eyes were closed and I don't think he heard me telling him to pull out, he was in another world.

I was still up in the stirrups and although I tried to pull myself off of his spewing member it was no good and I could feel each gush as he emptied an apparently inexhaustible supply of warm cream into my slippery hole.

As I struggled to pull myself off his erupting cock I turned and saw the doctor and his nurse watching us and masturbating together.

The doctor had simply unzipped his pants and was stroking his rigid dick as casually as if he was reading the paper.

Beside him his nurse had hiked up her skirt, yanked down her pantyhose and was sitting in a chair using the same rubber penis that had been up my puss not ten minutes before to bang herself as they both watched my boyfriend filling with his warm sperm.

That about did it for me.

Even as I struggled to extricate myself from his dick, which continued to unload inside of me, I started to cream despite myself.

I didn't even try to hide it I just let my climax roll over me like an ocean.

My big mistake was closing my eyes.

I felt Tom briefly withdraw his cock and then slide it back in again.

I was too far-gone to even care what he was doing and just let the feeling wash over me until I felt more come being pumped into my pussy.

It's true Tom was a young man...but.

My eyes flew open but instead of Tom it was the doctor plugging me and emptying his apparently overstocked balls into my pussy, a blissful grin on his face, eyes closed....cock pumping and ejaculating...inside of me.

To one side of me was Tom slumped in a chair, apparently comatose. On the other the nurse was masturbating so fast her hand was nearly a blur as she moved the rubber penis in and out of her sopping hole frantically trying to join the doctor in his ill-gotten climax.

Despite all this new information I continued climaxing even as I screamed at the doctor to stop what he was doing...but it was too late...he was done.

I was literally filled to overflowing and I could feel a mixture of Tom and the doctor's sperm leaking out of me and running down my backside.

He withdrew his dripping member from my lather filled puss and tucked it back into his pants while the nurse shuddered and bucked joining in with her own belated orgasm.

Now here's the thing. I could have gotten down from the table at that point. Honestly I probably could have gotten down at any time while this was happening to me.

It's true, my feet were up in stirrups but I wasn't tied to them or anything.

One part of my mind whispers that I was in shock over what had happened to me. The other part, the honest part tells me that I really liked what was happening to me.

Otherwise why would I have just remained motionless on the table while the aftershocks of my orgasm stuttered and eventually subsided. Why would I have napped briefly as I felt my boyfriends and the doctor's cream still leaking out and cooling on my backside?

While I napped I dreamed that I was being fucked by a bunch of guys.

There were a few people watching the sight. They were dressed in business attire, suits, skirts, ties and all that. They watched impassively as I took load after load until my pussy was just a creamy mess.

A group of ten or fifteen guys stood around me jacking off and watching the guy fucking me blow the eleventh or twelfth load I'd taken so far.

I was letting them all ejaculate inside of me, one after the other.

One of the guys watching commented to his girlfriend that I was a real slut, letting all those guys drain their balls into me. She raised her nose, as if she smelled something bad in the air and said, "I'd never do that."

Too bad her nose was so high or she'd have seen her boyfriend's erection tenting his pants.

Suddenly I became aware that I wasn't dreaming but I was still being fucked...and I've got to admit that I must have brought a little of the dream back with me into the real world.

When my eyes flew open this time, the doctor and the nurse were using the rubber cock on me and I was already quite aroused.

Maybe it was because of the dream but my body was aroused and I was just along for the ride.

Maybe it was the Stockholm syndrome or the Patty Hearst response but I didn't even try to stop them.

"At least it can't make me pregnant" I thought to myself and resigned myself to the inevitable orgasm that was rapidly overtaking me.

Suddenly I felt the familiar warmth beginning to flood my insides and looking closer at what was going on I noticed a rubber tube leading from the base of the penis to a rubber bulb clasped in the nurses hand.

She gave it a little squeeze and the familiar warmth returned.

"You're probably wondering where we got this much sperm." the doctor said using his conversational tone of voice.

I felt another squirt inside of me and, despite myself, climaxed a little, making a reply very difficult.

"Ah, you're occupied I see, well let me explain, we've been milking Tom here for the last couple of weeks and he produced nearly a quarter of an ounce. I contributed some but we had to go to the sperm bank to get the rest."

"How..." I started to say.

"How much sperm is in that little rubber bulb?"

I stared, openmouthed.

"A little over three ounces. Debbie, why don't you give our girl a little more cream."

I felt the familiar warmth flood my insides. I swear I felt it splashing against my cervix and I dissolved into an extended orgasm that shook my body for thirty seconds without letup.

There was no doubt that they were trying to get me knocked up and at this point I didn't care.

Tom had reappeared at my side; his cock re-inflated as he watched me taking a load of sperm that technically was the equivalent of being fucked by eighty or ninety guys.

Here's the sad part.

We both liked what was happening to me. If Tom had problems with what was going on, his penis was apparently just fine with these turns of events.

He watched with keen interest as the sperm overflowed around the rubber penis and dripped out of me. Clearly it aroused him to watch me take a load of this size and quantity.

His reddened and erect boner dripped a steady drizzle of fluid as he watched me climax shamelessly right in front of him.

It was at this point that I truly fell in love with Tom; we were both sluts.

Looking into his eyes I whispered, "Do you want me to take it all?"

He nodded and began to masturbate.

"Give it all to me." I said to the nurse and reaching down began to flick my clitoris openly masturbating with my boyfriend as he watched the cream ooze out of my overflowing portal.

She squeezed the bulb and I came so hard I peed on the doctor, my stream arching out of me forcefully and splashing his face and shoulders

"Serves him right" I remember thinking ruefully as once again I was shaken by an extended climax which seemed to go on forever.

When I returned to earth the doctor had withdrawn the rubber penis and Tom was still masturbating beside me.

"Sarah" he whispered, I'm gonna come.

"Do it in me" I told him, "I don't think at this point it really makes a difference.

He didn't get there quite in time and I felt his first spurt splash against my clitoris but then he got inside of me and I could feel him drain the rest of his load into me and of course, I joined him in his climax.

I let the doctor do me again. Apparently I hadn't managed to exhaust his entire supply of sperm.

By this time I was just lying there, basically a receptacle for semen. My pussy was coated on the outside with lather which I could hear squishing as he worked to empty this final load into my overstocked womb.

I masturbated while he fucked me and Debbie, apparently encouraged by my openness joined in, flicking her clitoris shamelessly with one hand and playing with Tom's semi-flaccid penis with the other.

The doctor blew his load and I climaxed again this time urged on by my own finger as I flicked my clit rapidly back and forth. I stopped for a moment and then made little circles around the hardened nub, my hand almost a blur as I raced the doctor to the finish line of our little race.

Even as he was adding his contribution of creamy discharge to the countless others that had filled me today I looked over to see if Tom was watching me climax.

He was fucking Debbie.

While I was digesting this information, the doctor pulled out of me having emptied probably every living sperm in his body into my cluttered in-box.

Tom, my boyfriend was fucking Debbie the nurse.

He was fucking Debbie, right in front of me.

Apparently his penis was no longer semi-flaccid.

It seemed that he was enjoying fucking Debbie to the point where I don't think he knew I was in the room.

He was rigidly erect and he was sliding his cock in and out of Debbie who herself seemed to be on the verge of climax.

Clearly Tom was wearing no protection but Debbie didn't seem to mind.

As I watched I saw his cream pouring out from around his cock as he continued fucking her while he filled her with his sperm.

I hardly knew what to say.

After all, the doctor had just finished blowing a load in me, I suppose it was only fair that Tom got to pump another girl while I watched.

Watched and masturbated.

I will admit to feeling a little stab of jealousy as I watched him draining himself into that little slut's pussy. I mean, the way she carried on you'd think she'd never had an orgasm before, it was pretty sleazy.

I guess that if I was masturbating while I watched this I can't afford to be too judgmental.

She came before I did. I guess she needed to.

She shuddered, whimpered and finally cried out as Tom continued squirting into her.

What a slut.

But the fact of the matter is that I was also coming, vigorously rubbing my now practically painful clitoris as I watched, determined to outdo Debbie at her own game.

I called out to them, "Both of you, watch me, I'm almost there." and shamelessly jacking off in front of both of them I sent myself over the edge one final time that afternoon.

Of course I got pregnant.

Knocked up, as they say.

Sometime I'll write about gradually growing pregnant with my new husband Tom and some of the things we've done together.

Since pregnancy was no longer an issue I'm afraid we've both become a bit promiscuous. I let my own brother fuck me but only because Tom wouldn't stop plugging Meadow.

Anyway, that's another story for another day.

If you think I put enough effort into telling this one, please say so and vote.

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a whore story?

WHAT is erotic about this? where is the incest?

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by mezmerized01/25/18


1st, the boys messing with each other, after watching their sisters... more normal to bang their own sisters, and then Mom & Dad send to to a Dr to pop your cherry, announce they've been milking your boyfriendmore...

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