tagInterracial LoveKnocking Down More Walls

Knocking Down More Walls


This story is a continuation of my previous confession/tale of "Our first Threesome" it can be read as a separate story or if you want read the other first; it is up to the reader.


Well it has been two months since Belinda and I forayed into the swinging world and tasted our first threesome. We had taken time to reflect on that wonderful experience, talked a lot about it and decided to jump back in feet first, wanting to sample so much more of the world we both desired. As stated in the previous story, we were going to try our first couple experience, but as life has it, you have to take what is there and what feels right at the time. This is a true account of what transpired next.

Belinda and I had created our own profiles on a local swinging site, me being her Dom, I allowed her total freedom to talk, chat, flirt and even hook up with whomever she desired as long as she confided all in me. She, being a very sexy woman had multiple hits every time she logged on, where I as an older male seldom received much except from the guys requesting her. To me this was not a problem, but for her, she always felt I was left out so not much happened. She preferred to meet in person than chat on line and so very little happened in the way of hook ups or in what I had hoped to see from her, although it did stir up her emotions and brought out many new fantasies, which included, wanting her first black lover, and in theory the idea of being gangbanged.

I pulled back somewhat, wanting her to initiate things, wanting to make sure she was doing all or any of this for herself instead of just trying to please her master.

A few weeks went by and we had nothing but great sex, lots of nasty talk about the threesome and of what her desires were becoming, making the sex we had that much hotter.

Belinda had brought up the idea of venturing out and visiting the other swingers club in town, trying to decide which one we should join, but being the skeptic that I am, I feigned slight interest, needing to make sure she wanted this as much as I did and not just being condescending to me.

The holidays passed with mostly talk, and just as I was sure she was going to make it happen, her daughter became ill and came to spend some time with us, and definitely staying over the weekend. Well my delicious Belinda surprised me anyway, her daughter decided that she was too ill to stay up and she had to go to bed about 8 PM Friday night and as soon as she did, Belinda told me to get ready to go out for a date. In the back of my mind I was hoping it was the club but I was not 100% sure, maybe we were just getting out to spend time by ourselves either drinks and supper, or the casino. She did not disappoint, for when I entered our bedroom she was wearing a low cut sweater showing off her sensuous tits, tight leggings and knee high fuck me leather boots.

I never said a word, and once out the door she asked me "Do you know the directions on how to get there?"

I replied with a question of my own "Where?"

"You know, to the club. Becky is out for the night and we have to get away and have some fun" was her reply.

I readily admitted "I am not totally sure but I think I recall where it is."

Belinda offered to look it up on her phone but I reminded her that the address was not listed and was only available by calling the, but that I was fairly certain I could nail it down within a block which would make it easy to find. And with that we were off to see what else we could explore.

Well as luck would have it I found the place with little to no effort, and who was there to greet us but our first threesome partner Grizz. After we filled out the necessary papers we talked management into letting Grizz be our tour guide and lead us he did. Well actually he toured Belinda around while I went to the bar to get us each a glass of wine. When Belinda returned she told me about the upstairs, a long hall with 4 or 5 private bedrooms, a BDSM room, a group sex area, as well as one bedroom that also included a swing sex chair.

"I really do not think I can have sex in a place like this." Belinda calmly commented. "I think we would have to go to someone's place or a hotel room. She nervously added.

"Don't worry." I told her, "I do not expect you to do anything you do not want to or feel uncomfortable with. That is not what this is about; this is for our enjoyment only. Neither of us does anything that we do not feel ready for, and no guilt in saying no!" I added.

With that we enjoyed our drink and casual conversation with Grizz and although we could feel the eyes of the regulars checking out the newbies, we felt comfortable in the new surroundings.

After about ½ hr. Grizz sensed that tonight was not to be his night, and he excused himself to go mingle with the others. We let him know it was not that we did not enjoy him, but that we wanted to try out new things, to go further in our exploration of this fascinating exciting world.

It did not take long before one lady walked over from a table of about 8 couples and told us that we could join them if we desired, but there really was no room there so we politely declined, and told her maybe our next visit.

We were really undecided what it is we were even looking for, was it another guy, a woman, a couple? We just were not sure.

We sat alone for what? Maybe a minute and the guys started in on us.

It might sound strange to most out there, but this excited me, Belinda was definitely the most sought out woman in the place, and they did not care she was with me. Every time a guy came over to chat I could feel her leather boot slide up my leg pressing against my ever hardening cock. She was enjoying this as much as I was.

One by one they came over to introduce themselves, always to her first then me second, which is only natural I guess. Finally one guy got a bit braver, asked a few more personal type questions and when he learned that I was not only her Dom/Master but a writer of erotic stories he began to be a bit bolder.

He told Belinda what great legs she had and asked what she was wearing on them. As I told him they were leggings, Belinda lifted one leg and told him to feel so he could tell for himself. Well he ran his hand up and down her leather boot and Belinda looked over as she grabbed his hand and pulled it up higher telling him it was the material of the leggings he was supposed to be checking out. We all laughed and smiled as his hand ran slowly up eventually running across the top of her thigh to the inside and stopping just below her defined V. He stopped there and we continued chatting, and soon there were three guys all trying to chat us up, trying to sense what it was we were looking for.

I decided to leave and go for a cigar to see what would happen, and when I returned I found out not much. They all were polite and respectful for the moment.

I guess it was about then that it happened, the only black guy in the room came over and introduced himself to Belinda, not quite ignoring me, but definitely not sucking up to me trying to get her like the others had been doing. I had noticed him earlier but had not seen any sign from Belinda that she had.

"May I sit here with you guys?" Jamal asked of us both.

It was funny because up till now, all the guys just stood at the end of the table, a table that sat 6. He was the only one brave enough to ask and that made it obvious so far that he had the confidence of a person we were looking for.

Jamal took a seat two chairs down from me and on the opposite from Belinda, who was right across from my chair on the end. Instantly I and the other guys noticed the change and Belinda slid one chair over to smile and talk with Jamal asking him where he was from etc...

I continued talking to the others as they kept their eyes on her, jealousy starting to show through.

Belinda leaned over to me and said "Jamal wants to dance." as if asking my approval which I gave by nodding my head.

The dance floor was actually in a small room off to the end and was L shaped so if you wanted to watch, you would have to walk across the room and down past the end of the bar. I decided to leave them alone, knowing she would confide all to me later and thus allowing her the freedom to let go without being watched by me.

I sat and talked with Len the big guy that had come over at the beginning talking about Belinda's submissiveness to me, my stories and the lifestyle in general.

After a couple of songs Belinda and Jamal returned to the table, Belinda's hair dishevelled and she definitely had a flushed look about her. Her smile said it all, that she had enjoyed her dance.

Belinda sat in the same chair, an empty one on each side of her while Jamal and I sat on the opposite side, with an empty one between us and just as Belinda was leaning over to say something to me another guy out of nowhere appeared, kissing her cheek and thanking her for the dance. I was confused at first but quickly figured out that he must have joined them on the dance floor for a quick Belinda sandwich!

My sexy lady then looked at me and over the din of the room asked me to dance.

I took her by the hand and let her lead me to the now empty room and we started to dance and then she could not help herself and as we danced she grabbed my hard shaft through my pants and with her head nuzzled against my neck whispered that she wished I had cum to watcher dance with her two younger men. She told me how as she danced with Jamal, this other guy came up from behind, rubbing both their bodies against her, each feeling her delicious body as she grinded against them both. Two sets of strange hands exploring her tits, ass and pussy through her tight leggings. I allowed my hand to drift down and sure enough her cunt was soaked through her leggings. She told me how they kissed her, each taking turns as they turned her around and round and how the other couple in the room all watched as she was slowly ravaged by these two younger sexy men.

Not wanting her to lose her glow or her lust for the others we headed back to the table and it was then that Len got brave and asked her to dance.

Remembering Belinda's wishes for me to sneak a look while she danced I pretended to need another drink and headed to the bar. As I ordered my drink I could see the main part of the dance floor and the stripper's pole but no one was in sight.

As I waited for my drink I slowly wandered down to the end of the bar and peeked in around the corner.

I was not disappointed, there was Belinda being lifted up by her ass as Len was shoving his tongue down the poor girls throat. She was definitely giving back as good as she was getting; her hands wrapped around his neck pulling herself closer and up. I watched as his hands roughly massaged her ass, reaching between her ass cheeks as he searched for her covered pussy. I left before they spotted me and went back to retrieve my drink.

Once I grabbed it I noticed two couples heading to the dance floor so I walked back down and watched them as they watched Len and Belinda grind against each other, not even noticing anyone watching them, his big hands now on her tits and anywhere else he could put them.

I headed back to my seat with a hard on and a smile.

All too soon they were back at the table and I could tell that all the attention was driving Belinda to a new high in lust. Once again, a cigar break was needed and Len kissed Belinda as I left.

When I returned Belinda was nowhere to be seen, and Len explained she went to the washroom. Personally I was shocked and disappointed that no one escorted her.

Upon Belinda's return she asked me "Are you ready for some fun?"

"Of course, as long as you are comfortable with whatever it is you decide." was my answer.

Len said his good-byes and mentioned he was off to the other club in town, and I looked over at Jamal and knew right away who my sexy vixen had chosen, or so I thought.

As we headed up the stairs Belinda informed me" I asked Len to make it a 4some but he only wanted a threesome, so he declined."

What a fool I thought to myself.

We walked up stairs and noticed only one room was taken and that someone was taking a video of the action inside. We looked at rooms and Belinda settled on the room with the swing in it. Once in we dimmed the lights and as Jamal sat on the bed I kissed Belinda slowly and passionately.

When she turned to kiss Jamal, I hastily removed all my clothes, and then she was pushed back to me.

I pulled her sweater down and suckled her nipples as Jamal removed his clothes. By now I had forced Belinda to her knees and without hesitation she started licking my cock as our new experience with a black partner had begun.

I pushed Belinda's face away from throbbing cock and turned her to crawl over to Jamal.

I was slightly stunned to say the least as his cock was average in size at best, my hard thick cock quite larger. Now I am not prejudiced and definitely do not believe every stereo-type but we had both been hoping for a large one, at least my size if not larger, but hey, we make do in the present with what we have in front of us is what we do.

Belinda went crazy, licking and sucking his cock and balls, with Jamal rambling on whether she liked black cock or not, which was greeted by animalistic grunting from my sexy slut.

I told Jamal that she is a slutwife, submissive and loves nasty talk, to use her and use her hard.

Jamal then asked Belinda where her glasses were and she replied on the night table. He told her to put them on as he loved the look of the older mature woman.

Now with Jamal being 18 years her junior and loving mature women he needed no more permission, he took right over, telling her she was his white cock-slut, that he was going to make sure she became a black cock lover from here on in. he slapped her face with his cock, and then grabbed her head forcing it all the way to his shaved pubes, ramming her mouth like he had a jack hammer.

I licked her wet cunt from behind as he face fucked her without mercy. His dominant side definitely came out, much more than Grizz's had in our previous threesome.

I knew we all wanted more so I informed our ebony guest that our shared slut also loves to lick ass and this would also be her first taste of black ass. Well his smile said it all and his knees went right up to his chest as he grabbed her hair and ordered his white bitch to lick and tongue his dirty hole.

Well from Belinda's moans she loved every taste of this young guy's body. Her tongue poked prodded, licked and eventually fucked his tight asshole.

All too soon for my liking he wanted to fuck Belinda, and not wanting to seem like a curmudgeon I kept my mouth shut as he made her climb on top. I was wrong in my thinking as this man fucked her hard and fast from underneath, faster than I could or would as I prefer slow hard fucks myself.

Fucking Belinda was bouncing on that cock, her screams definitely heard throughout the club.

Jamal made sure to talk rough and nasty squeezing her tits, telling her he was going to fuck her ass.

He flipped Belinda over fucking her hard from behind, slapping her fine ass, pulling her hair and milking her tits as they swayed beneath her. When he got bored, he picked her up and stood fucking her making her bounce up and down on his cock. Belinda was rolling her head back loving every thrust of meat in her.

When he tired of that, he threw her on the bed, rolled her on her back and he sat down on her face, squatting over her so she could suck and lick his balls and ass again. It was a very erotic site to say the least.

Jamal pushed Belinda down and he sat with his legs open and again he fucked her mouth hard and fast, Belinda gagging and choking so the spit was flying out, and All I wanted to do was let him do it as I knelt and licked her quivering clit and wet cunt. I fingered her g-spot as I nibbled and licked making her hips buck up and down as he held her face in place ruthlessly fucking her mouth.

"it is time my white slut, time to fuck that ass of yours." Jamal announced to his horny slut.

Jamal reached over to the night table grabbing the condoms left in the room for this purpose and he slowly put it on. Not sure if he had ever fucked an ass before, but even with lube he had trouble finding the hole and inserting his swollen meat.

I finally put two of my fingers in her ass opening her up somewhat and after getting him to try several positions he finally got it in her, with Belinda having to reinforce the gently bently term as he thought he could just ram it in. We explained that once in and she was relaxed he would be allowed to pound her and he took the advice to heart and before long he was getting a taste of sexy white ass.

I crawled under and bit her tits as he pulled her hair and fucked that tight bung hole, when Belinda once again surprised me, asking if we would DP her. We had talked about this, but I figured we would explore slowly and here was my girl getting all greedy. Hell we had already knocked down two barriers/walls tonight, her first black cock, and fucking in a club which even just earlier that night she had said no way, so what the hell lets go for broke I thought. Jamal pilled out and I climbed up on the bed and let Belinda sit down on my hard cock, once comfortable Jamal placed his prick at the entrance of her tight bud hole and again explaining him to go slow and gentle he began to enter her. I thought Belinda would break my thigh she was squeezing so hard and just when I thought she would tell him to stop she told him to give her more, and he kindly obliged. Once in we let her relax and I instructed her that when she was ready to start rocking and for her to control the rhythm.

Soon we were fucking her as if we had all been doing this for years and again her screams let everyone in the joint know her pleasure, which now was being echoed somewhere down the hall with multiple ladies moans being heard through the thin walls.

We fucked her hard and slow her hair being pulled from behind as I bit and tugged on her tits.

When we tired of DPing her Jamal pulled out and brought his condomed covered cock to her face and before I could tell him no way, Belinda took control and said "No way, you are not putting that in my mouth after it was in my ass." I was so proud of her. I mean she will ATM with me, but that is our own, no one else experiences that.

It was not long before our friend was ready to cum and he pulled out and asked if he could video the climax to which we refused saying not this time.

With that said we had Belinda lay on her back, head over the edge and Jamal removed his condom and began to jerk off telling his bitch to open her mouth. Soon he was shooting his hot load over her chin and into her waiting mouth, swallowing whatever drops happened to make it way in. Once he was done I stood alongside her doing the same shooting my white hot wad all over her face. It was good and disappointing at same time because it was only an hour or so session at best and we are used to 4-5 hour marathons and really expected a young virile man to go much longer, but for out first time we had no real complaints.

Belinda cleaned of her face with towels as we dressed and Jamal excused himself to go to the washroom to finish dressing.

As we exited the room we noticed the group area where two large female asses were being pounded doggy-style as another couple watched from the door and quickly figured out that was where the other screams were coming from and we both knew this was probably going to be where some more fantasies such as the gangbang would come to life down the road.

We waited down stairs to say good bye to Jamal and we ran into Grizz who mentioned that he thought we had left. Belinda gave him a few details and he smiled congratulating her on her new crowning achievements and we bid him a farewell for now, and outside she gave Jamal a kiss good-by and he shook my hand saying if Belinda wants a regular black booty call he was most definitely up for it.

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