tagIncest/TabooKnocking Up Amy

Knocking Up Amy


I yanked on Amy's shock of blond pony tail and forced another inch of my 10 inch fat dong into Amy's cloying love canal. I had been pumping her in earnest for about 20 minutes but still needed to work in the remaining 2 inches of meat. This hard but necessary task was done at the request of Amy's mom, Beth.

Amy had dropped out of college when she turned 18, and upon turning 19, had signed up for service at the Army recruiter. After discovering that the only way out from her enlistment contract was pregnancy, Beth called my wife, Kate, and asked if she had any ideas. Kate and I had fantasized many times about either one of us with another partner so Kate had a good response in mind. Kate and Beth approached me and asked if I could impregnate Amy.

While I feigned reluctance, my mind raced at the thought of pumping a nutsack load of baby batter into this blond, athletic, slinky bitch. I had often seen Amy in the back yard topless while sunning herself. Her taut midsection was crowned by full, pert tits with hot pink nipples that stuck out like pencil erasers. I knew that Amy was not very active sexually. However, I also knew that any blasting I would undertake in her fertile caverns would insure that she would be knocked up in short order.

When the big day came, Kate and Beth got Amy intoxicated with wine and vodka. When I entered the bedroom, Amy lay there with her long tanned legs splayed open and her bouse already unbuttoned. Her bush was immaculately trimmed to a tiny blond triangle.

Kate and Beth had me sit on the easy chair while they proceeded to get Amy ready for studding. My wife pulled Amy's legs over her shoulders and began a long and erotic lapping of her pussy lips and clit. Meantime, Amy's mom tweaked and sucked at her nipples until Amy's guttural moans were non-stop.

My meat stick was already dripping copious amount of precum when Beth told me to come over because Amy was now ready. Before Beth began guiding my massive 10 inch cock into her daughter's pussy, she sucked the enlarged glans of my dick while my wife squeezed my balls until they rode up tightly against my lower abdomen. At that point, Kate winked at Beth and they agreed that both Amy and I were ready.

Beth rubbed my cock tip into her daughter's twat as I pressed forward. Simultaneously, Kate announced: "He's about half in!"

I let Amy get adjusted to the length and girth of my baby maker while my wife slowly and sensually massaged my balls. Beth continued to work on her daughter's tits until they were swollen and tender.

Beth snickered: "May as well have her get used to hard, swollen jugs - when you're done with her, she'll be a milk cow for several months."

Amy groaned at her mom's debuched proclamation. I slid in another 2 inches of meat at the thought of being able to suckle Amy's milk-laden cans during her prospective pregnancy. Now the hard work of major pipe-laying began.

Amy was sweating profusely and had wrapped her long, tappered legs around the backs of my thighs. I had all but 2 inches imbedded in her and my precum was leaking into her. That plus the basting of my dick by her own cunt cream allowed me to easily reach the forbidden zone of her cervix.

I grunted that I was encountering resistance and Beth, biting my ear encouraged me to: "plow her good."

With that encouragement, I spread open her cervix with my cock fully engorged in her egg chamber. With my wife massaging my nutsack, I knew I was close. With a final lunge,I had all 10 inches wedged full into Amy's marvelous pussy. She pulled me closer and our tongues jabbed into each others' throats.

Kate shouted: "He's gonna blast!" She was spot on correct as the tip of my cock spread wider and the hot, buttery cum shot from my balls into the furthest recesses of Amy's belly. Kate encouraged me to "Keep pumping her." I followed her orders as rope after rope of jism shot into Amy.

Amy shuddered and simultaneously came hard around my cock. Both Beth and Kate required that I keep my cock fully imbedded in Amy to ensure minimal leakage and to get her used to the fucking that she would be receiving regularly from me over the next 30 days.

To be continued.

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