tagLoving WivesKnocking Up Nanci

Knocking Up Nanci

byRay Dario©

This story contains cuckold fantasy, impregnation, polyamory, and creampie elements. If those things offend you then please move on to another story.


"Yep, I want you to be my baby daddy. I want you to knock me up, get me preggers, put a bun in my oven." Nanci leaned forward and looked at Mike with a grin on her face. "Come on, it's not like you haven't wanted to get into my pants for what, oh about ten years now."

Mike stared at her across the table. They were in a small, intimate, bistro waiting for their appetizer to arrive. They'd ordered shrimp spring rolls. Nanci wasn't a model. She was athletic with a little padding. Her very pleasant breasts rode high and the red v-neck pull-over blouse she was wearing showed a good two inches of enticing cleavage. He could clearly see the outline of both nipples behind the smooth material. Her square face was framed by her short coal black hair, cut into a pageboy with bangs that hung just above her eyebrows. A cute button nose sat above her full, very kissable, lips.

He didn't know what to say. Every scenario that flashed through his mind took him through fantasy heaven and straight into imagination hell. She just grinned at him. He could tell she was enjoying watching his face as he struggled with her proposition. She was always finding new ways to surprise him with her outrageous behavior. It was one of the many things he loved about her.

"Why?" His voice was barely a croak but at least he managed to get the one word out.

Nanci sat back. She was still grinning, but now her eyes looked more serious.

"It's a gift to Jack."

That startled Mike even more. "It's a gift to your husband?" His eyes darted around the room to make sure no one was listening. Satisfied that they were not being overheard he continued. "You cheating and getting knocked up is a fucking gift to your fucking husband?"

"Uh huh. He's gonna love it." Nanci leaned forward again and her blouse slipped down exposing a third inch of cleavage. "Come on, Mike. You know Jack can't have kids right?"

"Yes, I know." Mike's eyebrows clenched.

"You also know that Jack loves kids. Before the accident he often told me he wanted a big family. That all ending when that damned texting teenager t-boned him." Nanci's grin slipped but came back. "He still wants kids, but adoption is very expensive and in vitro even more so."

"I still don't think it's a nice present to him for you to fuck around with me."

"It isn't just me fucking you that's the gift, silly, it's also the baby." Nanci leaned back again and looked at him appraisingly for a moment. "Mike, I'm going to trust you with something that Jack and I haven't told anyone else."

Mike studied her for a moment and then shrugged. "Okay. I know more secrets about you two than anyone else anyway."

It was true. Mike and Jack had been best friends all through high school; almost as long as Mike had been in love with Nanci. Even though they were very different physically, he and Jack always seemed to like the same things, the same football team, the save flavor of ice-cream, even the girl they were both in love with.

Nanci smiled at him and put her hand on top of his on the table. Her hand looked so small and dainty on his paw. "Jack and I believe in polyamory. As far as I know, neither of us has acted on it before, but we've discussed it a great deal; even before we got married. The one thing we have both insisted on is honesty. Neither of us wants to be hurt or to hurt the other."

Mike's eyes went wide. His mind spun. For just a moment he felt like he might fall out of his chair and he gripped the table hard. Nanci's hand on his held tight. He knew he should say something but whatever mule had kicked him in the chest had knocked all the words out of his brain.

He was saved by the cute blonde waitress bringing their spring rolls and then freshening their ice teas. She took her time and gave Mike a big smile. Her eyes never so much as twitched toward Nanci as she asked Mike if he needed anything else before sashaying away. By the time they were alone again, Mike had recovered a little.

"That's great to talk about, but when it really happens it can cause a lot of pain. I don't want to hurt you or Jack. Ever."

Nanci took his hands. "I would never do anything to hurt Jack. You of all people understand how much I love him."

Mike winced at the words. He did know how much Nanci loved Jack. It was almost as much as he loved her. He'd wished since sixth grade that she loved him, and for a while in high school he thought that maybe she did. The three of them had grown up together, gone to grade school together, then junior high and then high school. They hadn't split up until Mike left to go to college while Jack got a job locally. By that time, he'd lost Nanci to Jack. His friendship for Jack and his love for Nanci dictated that he bowed out gracefully.

"What you have never seemed to understand, Mike, is how much I love you too."

Her words snapped Mike's head up and his jaw dropped for a full second.

"It's true, Mike. All through school, I loved you both. I kept waiting for you to ask me out. I knew you loved me too, but you never acted on it."

"You were dating my second best friend."

Nanci's eyes narrowed. "Second best?"

Mike blushed but nodded. "You are my best friend. That was the other reason. I never wanted to lose your friendship and I was afraid that if I asked you out..."

Nanci gave his hand a squeeze. "You big buffoon, Jack and I both wanted you to ask me out. We talked about that a lot. Jack said he hinted to you, but you never got the hint. I hinted to you, hard, but you were just so damned noble. And," she continued, "we didn't want to ruin our friendship either."

"So what changed?"

"The accident. We have tried for three years to come to grips with it, but we want children, Mike. Jack and I both want children and we've grown and you've grown. We're all adults now."

"So Jack knows about this and is okay with it?"

"Jack doesn't know I'm here. I wanted to talk to you about it first. I would hate to get his hopes up and then have him resent you for not helping if you just couldn't bring yourself to do this." She squeezed his hand again. "But I know he's okay with it."

Mike shook his head. "Nanci, this is a lot to get my head around. I would have to talk to Jack first. I have to hear it from him that he's okay with this. You understand that don't you?"

Nanci laughed softly. "Of course, Mike. Before we talk to Jack, though, I have to know. Will you do this with us?"

Mike took a deep breath. His head was just beginning to clear and suddenly questions deluged his mind. What would his responsibilities be? What would his relationship with Nanci be? What would his relationship with Jack be? Was it to be a onetime thing? If so, what if it didn't take? Too many questions too quickly. He almost felt like his eyes were crossing.

"Nanci, I need to think about this. You and Jack may have thought it all through, but I haven't. I'm gonna have a lot of questions for you both, too. Please give me some time." Mike stared into Nanci's eyes and he saw them twinkle.

"Thank you, Mike."

He started to protest, but she put a hand up to stop him.

"I know you haven't agreed to anything, but you didn't stand up, call me a slut and walk out either. I was so nervous. I guess that's why I blurted it out like that."

"Nanci, I would never call you a slut." Mike squeezed her hand back. "I still love you, you know that, right?"

"And I do love you, Mike. I have loved you since seventh grade. I love Jack too. It broke my heart when you left for college. I always dreamed I would have both of you in my life."

Mike shook his head. "I hate to say this, but I'm glad you waited to tell me. Even a couple of years ago, I would have totally freaked out if you had told me this."

"That's why we didn't approach you sooner. We knew you weren't ready. But, Mike, I've seen you grow up and mature. I was hoping that, now, you could see our point of view."

"I don't know, Nanci. I'm still freaked out a little by what you are suggesting, but let me think about it."

Nanci smiled at him and then picked up a spring roll and dipped it in the ginger sauce before taking a bite. As if on cue, the waitress came to take their order, giving Mike a big smile and a wink. For the rest of the meal, they talked about everything except what they were both thinking about.


Nanci sat on the couch in her living room waiting for Jack to come home. Since she was alone in the house, she was nude. The television was playing a low-key porn movie, almost just an erotic chick flick. They were hard to find, but Nanci had four in her collection. At that moment a slightly plump brunette was kissing a hunky older man while a younger man knelt between her legs and licked her pussy. The story line in the movie was trite, a woman and her husband seducing the neighbor's grown son, but the plot was just strong enough for Nanci to get into it. Usually Nanci would be riveted to the screen with her fingers stroking her clit by this point in the movie, but tonight she was preoccupied. Just then she heard the garage door go up. She turned so that she could see the kitchen door and waited.

"Nanc, I'm home." Jack hollered out as he entered the kitchen from the garage.

"In here, babe," Nanci said loud enough for him to hear.

"How was your day?" Jack stepped in the living room and grinned wolfishly at his wife.

She smiled at her husband. He wasn't a big man, actually about an inch shy of her five feet six inches and she out-weighed him by a good twenty pounds. Where her hair was short and black, his was long and stunningly white and he nearly always wore it in a ponytail when he went to work. It was in a pony tail now with a bright blue band tying it together. His petite frame and thin face were pretty and she always enjoyed looking at him.

"Great. I had lunch with Mike."

"Oh? Is he still coming over Sunday to watch the game?"

"He didn't say, but he didn't say he wasn't either."

"So how's he doing?"

"Good. I asked him to get me pregnant."

Jack froze right in the middle of taking off one shoe, standing still with his foot up by his knee. He stayed like that for a long moment and then removed the shoe and sat it on the floor. Straightening up, he stared at her.

"Are you serious?"


"How'd he take it?"

"He kinda freaked out for while, but then he started thinking about it. He won't do anything until he talks to you, though."

"Yeah, that sounds like Mike." Jack grinned at her. "But he's thinking about it? Really?"

Nanci saw the small bulge in his jeans growing and shook her head with a rueful grin. "You pervert."

"Me? I bet your dripping and it's not from the movie."

Jack had her there. She'd been aroused ever since she'd talked to Mike.

"I'm going to call him tomorrow. He wanted some time to think about it. I want to invite him to dinner Friday night." Nanci looked up from Jack's crotch to his face to see his reaction.

He was grinning. "That's a great idea. That gives him two days to think about it. Enough time to really consider it, but any more than that and he'll talk himself out of doing anything."

Nanci nodded. "Okay, enough talking. Get your clothes off and fuck my brains out."

Jack finished stripping then took her hand and led her into the bedroom, staring at her as she climbed onto the bed. She lay on the bed with her arms above her head. Stretching out beside her, he rolled onto his side and gently took her into his arms. Their lips met and she pushed her tongue into his mouth as she stroked his pretty hair. She pulled his hair tie out, letting his long platinum white hair fall loose. She loved his hair, so long and silky. She loved running her hands through it and seeing it billow out around his thin face, but she'd been randy all afternoon and she didn't want tender lovemaking right then. She wanted to be fucked.

As Jack kissed her, she slid her hand down to his rapidly inflating cock. Her fingers wrapped around his shaft and she stroked him. She felt his hand cup her breast. As his fingers caressed her, his thumb brushed over her nipple. God she loved when he did that. Her nipples were so sensitive. His mouth left hers to slowly kiss down her neck. He was moving too slow, teasing her. Groaning in frustration, she released his cock and used both hands to shove him on to his back.

"Fuck me, you sick perverted bastard. Fuck me hard." She crawled on top of him and grabbed his small but now fully erect cock, positioning it at the entrance of her pussy.

"Fuck me and fill me with your thin, impotent little spunk so I can make you eat it from my cunt." She slammed herself down on his cock, taking the full length of it in the first stroke.

Her eyes were fastened on his. He was grinning like a school boy and she could feel his cock throbbing inside her as she began to fuck him in earnest. She knew what he liked; what turned him on, and she was going to give him what he yearned for. His hands came up to her breasts but she slapped them away.

"No! You don't deserve to play with my tits you pathetic little impotent pervert. You don't get to touch my tits until you eat your cum from my cunt." She felt his cock twitch inside her at her words and his eyes went wide as his mouth fell open.

"Soon, you unworthy, useless little boy, you'll be eating Mike's potent sperm from my pregnant pussy. You'll like that won't you, you pervert."

"Oh, fuck yes." Jack groaned beneath her.

Nanci knew this was what Jack wanted. This is how they'd played since right after they'd started having sex. The first time he'd cum inside her, she'd made him lick her out afterward and he'd loved it. From there the playing had grown until now she almost always made him eat his cum from her. She often told him that she'd soon be making him eat another man's cum from her, but tonight was the first time it was a real possibility. That added fuel to the fire and they were both peaking quickly.

Nanci clenched her pussy around Jack's throbbing cock as she rode him. "You know," she said down to him, "after I have Mike, I may never let you fuck my pussy again. He may be so good that all I ever do is let you clean me up after him."

Jack grabbed her hips and thrust up violently. She could feel his cock spasm inside her pussy and she could see the intense concentration on his face. It was enough to set her off as well and she reared back, arching her shoulders as her orgasm swept over her. It wouldn't be her last tonight. She knew that Jack would bring her off again as she sat on his face and made him clean her.

Finally Jack let his hips fall back to the bed and he grinned up at her.

"Fuck, Nanci, that was incredible. Do you really think I'll get to eat Mike's cum from your pussy?"

She leaned forward and kissed him deeply. When the kiss ended she pushed herself up so that her face was only a few inches from his.

"You really want that don't you?"

"Fuck yeah." Jack grinned. "It would be so hot. It being Mike, just makes it better, you know."

"Do you want me to make you suck his cock, too?"

Jack's eyes went wide but then he slowly shook his head. "That would really freak him out, I think. He's always been so straight and narrow. Maybe someday, though."

"God, Jack, you are such a perv." Nanci laughed as she sat up. "Now, clean up my creampie, cuck boy."

She spun around and planted her messy pussy right on top of his mouth. In truth, there wasn't a lot there that didn't come from her. Since the accident three years ago he couldn't produce much at all. Luckily it hadn't left him impotent, just sterile.

Jack hungrily lapped at her sex, his tongue diving deep into her as he lovingly licked every bit of their combined juices from her. He even ran his tongue down to her ass and gave her a quick rim job. His efforts soon had her second orgasm building and she ground her pussy down on his face, urging him to lick harder and faster.

"That's it you, worthless pervert, suck that cum from my pussy. I bet you wish it was Mike's cum already. I bet you wish that Mike had already knocked your slutty wife up and put his baby in my belly."

His cock was reacting to her words and growing hard again. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around it. Jack's cock wasn't big but it was nice, at least she thought it was, she had only ever seen his in real life. He was tiny compared to most of the porn stars she watched, but he certainly had enough to make it very nice when they fucked. She wrapped both hands around his hard shaft; her fingers entwined together and then took the little bit left into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the knob, bringing groans into her pussy. Playfully she slipped a hand down over his flat scrotum and pressed a finger into his ass. His cock jumped in her hands as she did.

She pulled her mouth from his cock. "Do you like that, you pervert? Do you like me fucking your ass with my finger? Do you wish it was my lover's cock, fucking you in the ass?"

"Oh, fuck!" Jack muttered into her pussy.

"I'm gonna let Mike watch me peg you, cuck boy. I'll let you watch him fuck me and make me cum and then I'll let him watch me peg you so that he sees what a filthy pervert you are when you cum with my strap-on in your ass." Nanci licked the tip of his cock, swirling her tongue around the head. "You'll watch him knock me up, cuck boy. You'll get to see him put a baby in your wife. God I can't wait for Mike to breed me." She sucked his cock into her mouth and felt it throb.

His mouth was working her pussy like there was no tomorrow. He fucked her with his tongue, forcing it deep into her dripping hole and then brought it up to her clit, flicking her sensitive nub before sucking it into his mouth.

"That's it, you pussy sucking pervert. Suck my cunt. Make me cum with your mouth. Soon it will be Mike making me cum with his big beautiful cock." Nanci felt her orgasm flare up between her legs. The heat pulsed outward from her sex. Her nipples crinkled into tight buds and tingled almost as if someone were using a vibrator on them.

Stopping her dirty talk, Nanci concentrated on Jack's cock, alternating jacking him off and sucking him deep into her mouth. The stimulation was too much and without warning his thin spunk squirted into her mouth. As always it tasted slightly salty and just a little bitter. She swallowed the small mouthful her gave her. His orgasm set hers off as well and she gushed onto his face. After his one spasm in her mouth, Nanci sat up forcing her pussy down onto his face. She threw her head back and rode his tongue through her orgasm.

She loved him so much, she loved how he made her feel; how his tongue made her feel. She especially loved that he accepted her as she was and never wanted her to change. Only he and Mike had ever done that and she loved them both and now, finally, after all these years she was about to have them both. Rolling off of her husband, Nanci spun around and snuggled up to him, tipping her head back so she could see him.

"I love you, Jack." She husked at him, her hand brushing over his smooth chest.

"I love you too, Nanci." He looked over at her and smiled.

Laying her head into the crook of his arm she draped one leg over him.

"You're going to have to convince Mike that you want him to join us. He'll think, at first anyway, that it will be just him and me."

"Sometimes it will be. Sometimes you two will need to be alone together. You'll go on dates. You'll sleep together without me being there." Jack pulled her tighter to him as he spoke.

"I know that. But you and I will also have alone time. You and I will go on dates. You and I will sleep together without Mike being there too. And then there will be times we all go on dates and we all sleep together. That's the only way this can work, Jack. We've talked about this and I know you know all of that, but Mike doesn't. He doesn't understand. He can't. We have to teach him and you have to convince him."

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