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Knowing Dana


Author's Note: Yes, this is a "loving wife" story, the kind that makes one wonder... what do you mean loving, she cheated on him. So if you don't like those kinds of stories don't read this one. If you are curious as to what would make a wife cheat then read on. ~ Thanks, Red

Dana glanced nervously at the map that lay open on the passenger side of her mini-van. She saw the bright yellow sticker she'd used to mark her destination, a nice simple hotel in one of the Windy City's suburbs. Her gaze shifted back to the road ahead of her, full of cars veering in and out of various lanes and her fingers gripped the steering wheel tightly. She licked her lips, and replayed the fantasies in her head. Would they stare at each other and immediately know it was going to happen? Or would they look at each other and realize that their online and phone relationship was just that, nothing more, nothing less, just two folks clicking and pushing the right buttons to bring them to orgasm? For Dana though the thoughts turned to another more pressing dilemma, one she knew she wouldn't really answer until the moment she met her secret online lover... would she or wouldn't she have an affair.

The young thirty year old had been married for twelve years. The last six had been spent almost sex free. In the beginning Dana and her husband lacked for nothing. Their sex drive took them to cloud nine and back again, but after Dana gave birth to her second child she lost the urge. She didn't want held, touched, caressed, or even kissed. She turned away and over time she knew it was taking a toll on her marriage. So she went to her husband and told him she wanted counseling. He rolled his eyes and told her they didn't need it. Nothing was wrong with them. Dana knew though, she knew things had to change or her marriage would be over. Over time she forced herself to have sex again. She began to fantasize about different places she and her husband would fuck, or make love. Sometimes she'd even fake an orgasm and then because her spouse thought she was enjoying herself, he'd be a bit rougher and then she'd come. Things settled back to normal and the next two years were relatively easy for Dana.

By the tenth year though her husband got a new job, one that had him on a swing schedule and twelve hour shifts. Dana was left alone with her kids a lot. Her husband, on his days off would go fishing, hunting or hang out with his friends from work, leaving Dana to man the house and do the parent/kid thing. She loved her kids, but now after not having any life outside of motherhood and wifedom Dana found herself very lonely. What did she do? She turned to the internet, like many women do these days. Dana wasn't familiar with chat rooms, but she knew they existed. For the first time she sat at her desk and instead of researching something or playing an online game she clicked on the chat room icon for MSN.

Over the next few weeks Dana made friends online. Men and women. She'd talk to them about everything, just like she would have had she'd met them for coffee at the local Starbucks. One time she mentioned her sex life, or lack of it. This conversation was observed by many in the chat room and in time someone, a man Dana had never spoken to sent her a "whisper". She'd answered it and blushed as the man told her he thought she was beautiful and sexy, and that her husband was an ass for ignoring her. She spent the rest of the day talking to the stranger and when she logged out that night, she'd downloaded the latest instant messenger service.

Days went by where Dana would tend her family, kiss her husband and watch him leave then scurry to her computer where she'd log on and chat with her new found friend. He was sweet, kind, found her to be interesting, funny, and amazing. All these things Dana absorbed and when the talks turned to flirty exchanges, she flirted back. Hours were spent in front of the screen and Dana grew enamored with the man. Soon she was exploring her body, something she'd not done since she was a child, because it was wrong and dirty. She found herself sharing the caresses with her online friend who was now her online lover. They sent each other heated messages, dirty words filled the screen while the scent of Dana's arousal, another thing she'd never really noticed, began to become a constant fragrance when she "spoke" to her friend.

One day things changed and Dana heard her screen partner's voice. That was it for her. The message system was barely used unless it was to view her online lover jerking off and coming for her. Now they spoke, for hours while her spouse worked and her kids were in school. Dana's body was played by her fingers but the notes that carried over her came from a man she'd not yet met in person. Months past, Dana felt a little guilty, but she hid the phone calls by always getting the mail and paying the bills. In time though Dana's newfound lust for sex made her take another online lover and then another. Soon she was cybering with different men and phoning some she'd only talk to long enough to come before hanging up and wanting another "fix".

During this first year of her online escapades Dana's family noticed the change. That year there was no summer vacation; there were no trips to the community city for the kids. Dana didn't want to leave the computer. The children suffered. Her spouse suffered. Even Dana suffered. By the time school rolled around Dana had come to realize she had a problem. She left her friends in the chat room, changed her call name and only kept one companion, the first man she'd developed a cyber relationship with. He introduced her to a site, a site that Dana had never thought of viewing before. It was a porn site, where she could look at photos and read stories.

Dana went eagerly, but this time told herself she would behave. She'd control herself; she'd put her family first. She did too, for a long time. The friendship with the man ended and soon Dana was trying her hand at writing, then later she ventured forth into the forums where she could chat with other writers. Once there she again was drawn into the making of friends, the private messages and the camaraderie of having something in common with another individual. But this time it was different. She refused to fall into the sex that was offered up to her almost daily. Dana read stories, wrote stories and conversed with people who were far more experienced in sex than she ever was. It was almost like a veil had been lifted and Dana was seeing the world for the very first time.

She found herself curious about the taste of a woman and in time she cleansed her own fingers after she'd come. She found herself aroused by reading gay male stories and group sex stories and even lesbian stories. Dana wanted to try different things. She wanted to use toys. She wanted to try different positions. What Dana didn't want though was to do these things with some cyber friend. She wanted to do them with her husband. So she planned a beautiful night, fixed two steaks, served chilled shrimp, made a succulent desert and packed the kids off to her mother's. The night was set. Dana wore a seductive gown and a smile that she hoped screamed "I want to fuck you."

Her husband knew she was up to something. He was pleased too, because for the past few months he'd been doing all the initiating and Dana hadn't really seemed to interested in starting sex. She knew he was looking forward to her seduction. The meal was lovely, little kisses were passed over certain foods, they even fed each other their desserts. When it was time for bed, Dana led him into their bedroom. She moved her fingers over him, kissing him as she peeled off his clothes. He moved to lay on the bed and she began to run her fingers over her body. She touched her nipple through her nightgown and missed his frown. Dana pulled off her lacy gown and crawled over her husband.

She kissed his stomach, his chest, his neck. Her fingers toyed with his shaft. Her tongue ran circles with his as they kissed. She straddled him, wanting to feel his thickness buried inside her. Her bright eyes full of happiness, because she'd taken the brass ring so to speak and seduced her mate, stared into his. He moved his lips and she heard his voice, "Is that all?"

Dana froze. Her face paled and her lips trembled. Her husband said nothing else as she sat there on his cock, the head pressing against her lips and stared back at him. It took her a moment to realize what he'd said and why he'd said it. She swallowed the lump in her throat and slid off of him. "I didn't want to do that," she whispered and sat down on the edge of the bed. "I'm sorry," she told him.

He muttered something about expecting it. Tears fell from her eyes and she apologized again. He rolled to his side and told her to forget it. Dana couldn't though. She slid under her covers and let the tears fall, but she didn't make a sound. In the morning he didn't talk to her, nor kiss her goodbye, he simply went to work. Dana hurt all day, her children were quiet and she told herself they couldn't see her pain. That evening when her spouse returned home he had flowers. He gave them to her and the card said "I'm sorry." Dana took them and offered him a smile, but it was false. He knew it. She told him he couldn't fix this with flowers. He apologized again.

In time Dana pushed the rejection away and resumed her obligations, for that is what she called them now, obligations of a wife and mother. She gave her husband blow jobs whenever he wanted so she wouldn't have to see the disappointment when she refused. She didn't get oral from him, it was something he didn't like. He'd only tasted her once and he made a comment that stung so she never asked for that again. If he wanted to fuck her from behind she'd allow it. If he wanted her on top, she'd be there. He'd come quick and she'd try to remain there long enough to create her own fantasy and bring herself to orgasm, but so many times he would look at her and tell her he couldn't go again. Dana had been excused.

It was bound to happen and Dana knew it, otherwise wouldn't she have left the porn site she still wrote and chatted on. Someone made her feel important again. They made her body tingle with their flirtations and innuendoes. Dana still kept her distance, but in time this man broke through her walls and she confessed the state of her marriage. She confessed her desires and fantasies. He asked if she'd told her husband and she admitted she hadn't still fearful of the rejection she'd seen that night so long ago. The man convinced her to talk to him, so she did. Over time Dana approached her spouse with different "for instances" and she discussed different things with him. The conversations ranged from his opinion on masturbation, lesbians, gays, swinging as well as toys. He rejected every thing. His homophobia apparent just by the looks he'd shoot her when she'd bring up a conversation she had with a couple of her friends. Dana longed for her fantasies, but she resigned herself to only living them in her dreams and in her stories.

More time passed as time often does and during this time her husband did change. It was small in the beginning. Dana tried a different tactic. She'd start viewing pornography on her laptop while he was sitting beside her. Naked flesh would catch his interest and this would allow her to discuss something about the picture with him. Once she asked him about a toy for them to use. He rejected the idea, so Dana found her own toys in the house, usually a firm vegetable that was later thrown away. She tried empty beer bottles too, but she knew from the way her friends talked a real toy was the way to go. Off and on Dana would bring the subject up and for the longest time he continued to tell her no. Eventually with patience Dana was told she could spend some money on a toy. She was thrilled. She knew exactly what she wanted and she quickly ordered it.

The toy arrived two weeks later and much to Dana's surprise her husband said he'd use it on her. Dana was giddy. The following hours of pleasure were the best she'd had in the past six years. She'd come hard, harder than she'd ever come before. Her spouse loved it too. She knew because he used that toy on her almost every night for a month. Dana decided it was time to talk about other things. She eased into the idea of bondage. She liked the thought of being tied down and blindfolded. Her husband said no to both. Dana thought about other things. Sex in different positions. . .she was curious about anal. Again he said no. Watching each other masturbate. A resounding no. Once more Dana was lost in dreams that wouldn't come true unless she found a voice on the other end of the phone to help fuel her desire.

Dana took one lover at a time this trip around the internet. She didn't want to be a cyber-slut, a term she knew she had once been. Instead she made friends with her lover long before asking or hinting for more. One man brought out her submissive side and she tried to incorporate it into her real life sex, but she was always met with that little word that had already done so much damage. Hours were spent on the phone with her "Sir" and Dana found herself growing angry with her husband because he still wouldn't explore with her. Eventually though that phone relationship ended and Dana was alone. She focused her energies on trying again to repair her marriage. She once again spoke of toys, weekend getaways, different positions. No. No. No. In time Dana gave up.

More time went by, Dana going through the motions. Her husband coming. Her not. He must have noticed something was different with her because suddenly he was doing things different. He came to her one night after she'd showered and he went down on her. Dana was stunned. She enjoyed it and wanted to kiss him afterwards, but he refused to let her. There was no kissing after oral. She decided she could live with that. The oral treatment didn't happen often so when it did Dana was more than eager to give her spouse a blow job too. Dana thought surely things are looking up. She hinted at the things she'd hinted at before but the nos still fell easily from his lips.

Dana still kept chatting with folks, making friends, writing stories, but she stayed away from cybering. She wasn't interested anymore in sex. It had become a chore again because it was always his way. Now when he surprised her she went along with it, but it was too little too late for her. Dana had closed off her heart because the rejection of her wants and desires had gone on for too long. After a while Dana became intrigued with a fellow writer. Almost immediately they clicked. The flirting quickly turned more provocative and Dana made the first move, offering to have phone sex with the man. They did and continued to for several weeks eventually deciding to meet in person. Both made promises that even if nothing happened they'd still be friends.

The sound of a blaring horn caught Dana's attention. Her gaze focused and she slid her car into the lane she needed to make her exit. Dana's heart beat rapidly in her chest as she drove through traffic and eventually pulled into the parking lot of the agreed upon hotel. She parked her van, took a deep breath, smoothed down her skirt and grabbed her purse. She stepped out, picturing Gabe in the lobby waiting for her, though she knew that wasn't going to happen. His plane wasn't due to arrive yet. He was flying in from down south and then taking a cab to the hotel where they would share a weekend either as lovers or as friends.

Dana checked into her room and emptied her suitcase. Her cell phone rang and she picked it up, flicked it on and heard the sound of the man she was about to meet on the other end. "My flight got in early," he said.

Dana smiled. Her stomach did flips and flops as she sat down on the bed and chatted with Gabe. "I'm only ten minutes away, the driver says, but we're stuck at the tracks. So it may be a little longer."

"I'll be here," Dana told him. She could almost see his smile through the phone as they hung up. She thought of what she told him she'd be wearing when they met, or not be wearing. Dana stood up. If she removed her panties she knew she was going through with her weekend. If she left them on then she would be the faithful wife. Dana's hands moved to her brown silk and she peeled the moist cloth off. With trembling hands she folded the material and stuffed it in the top drawer where her clothes rested.

Dana spent the next twenty minutes moving about the room. She'd sit on the bed, check her appearance in the mirror, use a towel to wipe some of the moisture from between her legs. Her pulse was fast and her palms sweaty. When the knock on her hotel room door echoed through the room Dana was ready to greet her lover.

The door opened and there stood Gabe. He was dressed in black jeans and a black shirt. His dark hair was combed back and his eyes were the same eyes she'd seen smiling back at her through pictures and cam time. "Hi," he said and Dana answered back with the same greeting. She stepped in and he followed. He put his bag on the bed and leaned against the dresser. Dana smiled softly and walked toward him. She knew he wouldn't push and something told her he wouldn't make the first move either. She could have been wrong, but it didn't matter.

"I put my clothes in here," she whispered as she stood in front of him. Her breasts were barely grazing his chest as she leaned in and opened the top drawer. Her eyes shifted from the dresser to him. He glanced down at the contents then back at her.

"Come here," he whispered, or at least Dana thought he did. She wasn't sure if he spoke or if she made up the invitation. Either way though she was there, leaning in more and pressing her lips gently along his. Their tongues touched ever so lightly and then she pulled away. "You've got me hard," he told her and she felt herself grin and blush.

They left the hotel then, intent on eating lunch and spending time together. At the restaurant they chatted about various things, again covering topics that ranged from politics to writing. Writing... a topic that was probably the biggest thing they had in common. She told Gabe that her husband didn't read her writing. It wasn't his thing. He wanted her to write something besides porn. Gabe had read some of her work and she his. After lunch they returned to the hotel and made their way up to their room. Gabe however had different plans and stopped Dana while they were still in the stairwell. "Turn around," he told her. She did.

Dana had one leg higher than the other, ready to take the next step when Gabe had told her to turn. She looked down at him and felt his hand snake up her dress. He chuckled. "Damn baby, you're wet."

Dana apologized and Gabe told her not to. He pushed his fingers into her and tickled her sex. Dana moaned and bit her lower lip as she bumped against his questing digits. The sound of the stairwell door opening brought a "Ohh I'm sorry," from a stranger's lips and Dana spun around, while Gabe pulled his fingers free. Dana blushed red, lowered her head to her chest and hurried up the rest of the steps.

"No worries," she said as she darted past the gentleman, with Gabe smiling behind her. They made it to the room, chuckling with pent up laughter. Inside though, Dana darted to the bathroom, wanting to wipe away some of the sticky moisture and sweat from the day that had collected against her thighs. Gabe followed her and turned her around to face him. Her ass leaned against the bathroom counter and her gaze held with his. They kissed again, quick and fast before Gabe dropped to his knees and lifted her skirt. Dana hissed as his tongue swept around her. She felt her body hum with pleasure, but she also knew the scent wafting up to her was not one she would have found pleasant. Gabe however must have for he lapped at her sex until she told him to wait. He came up grinning and then kissed her.

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