Knowing Mom


At lunch the next day, Denise crowed about her latest conquest, a 20 year old she had picked up at a coffee shop. She made him lick her till she came and then sucked him off. The thing was he didn't look 20; he looked more like 17 which was a real turn on. He looked younger than Ricky. As Denise spoke, Lori pictured Ricky, that wonderful erection that she had used. Ricky was so much better than the boys Denise encountered. Denise laughed and asked if Lori were ill, as her cheeks were flushed. Lori demurred, unable to tell Denise the real source of her blush. If she only knew.

When she reached home, Ricky was hobbling around the house, and it was clear he wouldn't be taking any pain medication that night. When she asked how he slept, he gave her a sardonic grin. He had slept well, but his dreams were weird. How weird? He wouldn't say, but he blamed the drugs. Another reason not to take anything before bed. She considered drugging him again, but that seemed too extreme. Pain medication for his ankle was one thing. Pain medication to reduce him to her plaything was quite another. She had to draw a line somewhere.

After dinner, she busied herself with housework, something to keep her mind from dwelling on the snake in a tutu, anything to keep her mind from dwelling. When he kissed her good night, her body shivered. She could have reached out and touched that with which she was now familiar. But she didn't. She held together. And later, when she went to bed, she replaced the batteries in the vibrator. While it didn't bring the satisfaction of the night before, it allowed her to close her eyes and relive her charming of the cobra. That's how she saw it, charming the cobra.

The vision stuck with her over the next week. While not on her mind constantly, it popped to the front at odd moments. During work, at lunch with Denise, Lori would be perfectly attuned to what was going on, until the vision burst into her consciousness. She would feel a rush, a wave of heat, a desire she thought she had left behind years before. She always managed to tamp down the memory, but she couldn't erase it. The snake lived in her mind now. She couldn't eradicate it.

And she found herself sneaking peeks at Ricky. When he emerged from a shower, at night lying on the couch, in the morning when she woke him, she always managed to check the 'snake', to see if it was alive and well. She told herself she didn't do in on purpose, that she just happened along, but she knew that was a lie. Part of her planned the encounters all along. Part of her wanted to find a way to put him asleep and duplicate what she had done before. Yet, she couldn't find a way. She couldn't very well get him drunk every night. She had almost given up on ever playing with the snake again when she came upon the computer file.

She wanted to send an email to a friend, and when she tapped a key, the virus checker said she had an infected file. Did she want to delete it? Well, she did, but not before she read the file and determined what she was deleting. So, she opened the file and found a chat log, a file of online messaging. Pretty dull stuff, she thought, until she saw the screen names—SONSTROKE and SUBMOM. What was that all about? She started reading, and her eyes widened.

The log was a record of the online chat between SONSTROKE and SUBMOM, and the topic wasn't a medical condition or submarines. What these two talked about was incest, mother-son incest, and it wasn't just idle chat. This was obviously role play where SONSTROKE played the dominant son while SUBMOM played a passive mother. And what they described was sex in a way Lori had never dreamed of. What SUBMOM said she wanted done to her, and what SONSTROKE was willing to do constituted visions Lori had only heard about. The graphic descriptions sizzled on the screen as both SONSTROKE and SUBMOM responded to the play. Lori could almost hear the grunts and moans and screams as they took their sexual encounter higher and higher. It was as if she were peeping through a window at these two, until they both claimed an orgasm. What did that mean? Could they really masturbate while they chatted online? Was that possible? Lori licked her lips and read to the end, the really interesting part.

At the end, SONSTROKE and SUBMOM chatted about themselves. SONSTROKE claimed he was 18 and secretly lusted for his mom, who he thought was very sexy. Since he could never approach her, he played online with surrogate moms. SUBMOM told him to test the water. Did he peek, did he let his mom see him with an erection, did he flirt, did he touch and hug? If he was serious, he would try all those things, because maybe, just maybe, his mom thought about him too.

Lori pushed back from the computer, blown away by what she had read. Was SONSTROKE her son, Ricky? Did he secretly lust for her? Did he get off online with women who held like fantasies? A vision invaded her mind. She pictured Ricky in front of the computer, naked, stroking himself for the woman on the other side of the electronic divide. She could see him jerking off while he chatted with SUBMOM and others like her, while he dreamed it was his own mom he was using.

She shook the vision from her mind. What did it mean? She deleted the file. She didn't want a virus or Ricky to know about it. If it was Ricky, then... She retreated to the kitchen and a glass of wine.

Over Merlot, she pondered her newfound knowledge. Did her son really desire her? Or was he playing some kind of game on the computer? First, was he SONSTROKE? Was the chat session really him? Could it be someone else? How could she know? How could she tell? And even if it was him, was he lying or telling the truth? What, if anything, was true about the chat log? Could it be some kind of imaginative role play? A joke? A way to get off? What? And how could she know? She pondered the problem even in bed while she used her vibrator.

The next day, she stayed late at work. Alone after everyone else had left, even Denise, Lori logged onto the network with trembling fingers. She would be KNOWINGMOM online. Once online, she began to search for SONSTROKE. She found him in a chat room titled CHATTING UP MOM. She stared at the screen a moment before she sent a message. Her heart pounded in her chest. Would he answer? If he did, then what? While she waited, she dialed her home phone. It rang and rang and rang and rang without the answering machine cutting in. That meant someone was using the phone line, generally that meant Ricky was online. It had happened before. Was he online as SONSTROKE? She shivered with anticipation. The screen lit up.

SONSTROKE: Hi, I'm Ricky, 18 m.

She swallowed hard and typed back.

KNOWINGMOM: Hi, I'm Denise, 38 divorced f.

SONSTROKE: have kids?

KNOWINGMOM: One, 18 son.

SONSTROKE: hi, mom, I'm 18 too. Is he good looking?

KNOWINGMOM: Very. Smart too.

SONSTROKE: Aren't we Are you good looking?

KNOWINGMOM: I think so.


KNOWINGMOM: I don't know. He never tells me.

SONSTROKE: I bet he thinks you are, but he's scared to say anything.

KNOWINGMOM: Why would he be scared?

SONSTROKE: he can't very well tell her he has the hots for her.

KNOWINGMOM: Is that what you have, the hots for you mom?

SONSTROKE: Yessssssssssssss

KNOWINGMOM: And did you tell her?

SONSTROKE:'m like your son. I can't say anything.

KNOWINGMOM: Do you think she wants you?

SONSTROKE: Not a chance. She barely looks at me.

KNOWINGMOM: You can't know till you ask.

SONSTROKE: I know. Have you peeked at your son?

KNOWINGMOM: No, not really.

SONSTROKE: Going to?

KNOWINGMOM: Maybe if he peeks at me.

SONSTROKE: lol I hear you. I peek sometimes, but she doesn't know.

KNOWINGMOM: Really? How do you manage that?

SONSTROKE: She doesn't know it, but when she comes out of the shower, she passes the mirror. From the hall, I have a perfect view for a second or two.

KNOWINGMOM: You're inventive.

SONSTROKE: Yeah, I peek then, I go jerk off. She really turns me on.


SONSTROKE: Yesssssssss. The other day, I came home and found her outside, working in the flower bed. I stood behind and just watched her ass. I wanted to come up behind her, pull down her shorts and do her right there.


Lori pushed back from the computer. She remembered working in the flower bed, glancing over her shoulder, spotting him. Had he been standing there wanting sex with her?

SONSTROKE: Does your son want you like that?

KNOWINGMOM: I have no idea.

SONSTROKE: Bet he does. And you want him.

KNOWINGMOM: How do you know that?

SONSTROKE: You wouldn't be chatting with me if you didn't. lol

KNOWINGMOM: And you wouldn't be chatting if you didn't want your mother?

SONSTROKE: Touche. I get hard just thinking about her.

KNOWINGMOM: What turns you on about her?

SONSTROKE: Everything. Nice tits, wonderful ass, sense of humor. I think she would be dynamite in bed.

KNOWINGMOM: Would you be?

SONSTROKE: I hope so.

KNOWINGMOM: What would you like done to you?

SONSTROKE: I have this fantasy. I'm in the hall, peeping. She comes out of the shower, and this time, she's not in her robe or a towel. This time, she's naked, still wet. She stands where I can see her and she pinches her nipples, rubs between her legs. She closes her eyes and whispers my name. Then, she looks in the mirror, and suddenly, I know she can see me, my hard cock in my hands. She smiles and waves me into her bedroom.

Lori watched the words stream across the screen, and each passing second seemed to make her hotter, sexier. She unbuttoned her blouse and reached inside to feel her breast through her bra. Something about this felt more true than true, something played on her desire.

SONSTROKE: She kisses me and pushes me to my knees in front of her. Then, she moves forward and orders me to lick her. I do what she says. I take her and spread her and lick while she stands over me. She tells me exactly where and how to lick or suck or nibble, whatever she wants. She grabs my head and holds me very still while she grinds against my face. All the while, she moans and orders and moves, slowly at first. She's so wet, she coats my face with juice, which makes me harder than ever. I can feel my erection bobbing in front of me, but she won't allow me to touch it.

The words mesmerized Lori. As she massaged herself, she stared and wondered how SONSTROKE had ever come up with such a detailed fantasy. He was describing the act in such detail she wondered if he had ever really done it. It was so good it turned her on, making her squirm in her chair. She could almost feel that tongue, that face, that thrill. She could almost see herself using him as he described. She could feel the tingle between her thighs.


SONSTROKE: I know I'm not supposed to be doing this to my mom, but she wants it, and I want it, and it's there. She keeps telling me what a good son I am, what a wonderful son with a clever tongue, a son who knows how to please his mother. My erection throbs and quivers even as she keeps using my tongue. Her voice catches as she keeps moving against me, pushing herself on me, pushing me ever deeper. I do exactly as she tells me, down to every lick and nibble. I can feel her getting hotter and hotter. She begins to pump herself on my face, panting and urging, until she gushes, shooting juice all over me. I do nothing but let her cum, moaning all the time.

The words stopped, and Lori took a deep breath.

KNOWINGMOM: That's quite a fantasy.





SONSTROKE: I bet your son does too.

KNOWINGMOM: You think so?

SONSTROKE: Who wouldn't? LOL

KNOWINGMOM: And do you plan to tell your mother about these fantasies?

SONSTROKE: Maybe when I'm 60. Then, we can both laugh.

KNOWINGMOM: lol That would be funny.

SONSTROKE: What would you like to do to your son?

KNOWINGMOM: I think I'll save that for next time.

SONSTROKE: There'll be a next time?

KNOWINGMOM: Don't you want one?

SONSTROKE: Yessssss I love sitting here naked and chatting. Makes me hard.

KNOWINGMOM: As hard as watching mom in the mirror?

SONSTROKE: Nothing makes me that hard. lol I have to go. Mom should be home soon.

KNOWINGMOM: She's lucky to have such a loving son.

SONSTROKE: If she only knew. Bye

With that he was gone. Lori looked at the screen and quivered. What had she done? More, what had Ricky done? If it was Ricky, how could things ever be the same between them? Who was she kidding. Things were never going to be the same after she met the snake. She knew that. That desire wouldn't go away. The snake had her, possessed her to the point where she was doing cyber chat with a kid, maybe her own son! How had she ever managed to get this far into the morass?

When Lori reached home, she found Ricky in his room, reading. She asked him if he had been on the computer since she had tried to call. He said he had a little bit, but Todd had been on much longer. Todd? He needed to do some research.

As Lori fixed dinner, she considered what she knew. Had Todd been online as SONSTROKE, or was it Ricky? Or had neither been online as SONSTROKE? And if it had been Ricky, did that really mean he wanted his mom? Or was it all some elaborate game to make lonely older women feel wanted? Was that it, some kind of perverse bait and switch game?

What did she really know? Not much. She knew someone had chatted with her and turned her on in a way she hadn't known before. But as to whom that person was, she couldn't say. Worse, did she have any sure method of finding out? Before she did something she would regret for the rest of her life, she had to make certain the person at the other computer was who she thought it was. But how to do that? That was the rub.

At dinner, she tried to engage Ricky in chat, but while he answered her questions, he didn't offer much. It wasn't that he was guarded, more that he simply didn't lead the conversation anywhere. She asked about school and sports and girlfriends, but nothing put him in a loquacious mood. She couldn't very well ask about SONSTROKE or the snake. So, they made small talk.

After dinner and clean up, she went to take a shower. Dressed in a robe, she watched the mirror as she passed, and sure enough, at one point she could see into the hall. But he wasn't there. The hall was empty, and she wasn't sure if she was sad or happy about that. As she prepared for bed, she tried to dream up a way to determine if he was SONSTROKE or had any interest in her. How could she do that? She fell asleep still wondering.

The problem bugged her at work the next day, and by lunch time, she was no closer to a solution. She met Denise who inadvertently provided an answer.

Lori was half listening to Denise at lunch, but her attention jumped up a notch when Denise outlined how she discovered the identity of the person she was online with. We trade pictures, Denise said. Oh, I don't send him a real pic of me. I get one off the net and send it. Then, we arrange to meet, and if he matches his pic, I introduce myself. If not, I run. Denise laughed, you can't be too careful. Oh, I send him a pic that's not as pretty as me so he won't be disappointed if we meet.

Lori listened, wondering if she could follow Denise's lead. As long as she didn't provide her own picture, wasn't it worth an effort?

She stayed late again that night, long after everyone went home. She logged onto the net again, using her newfound name. She looked for SONSTROKE, but he wasn't there at first. Which was good. It gave her time to jump around the net, looking for a suitable picture she could include in email. She had found something when SONSTROKE: sent her a message.


KNOWINGMOM: Not really.

SONSTROKE: Want to play?

KNOWINGMOM: What did you have in mind?

SONSTROKE: How about your favorite fantasy.

KNOWINGMOM: I'm afraid I'd bore you.

SONSTROKE: I doubt that. C'mon, tell me.

She hesitated a moment.

KNOWINGMOM: I like to know who I'm chatting with. Do you have a pic?

She waited for the reply which wasn't instantaneous.

SONSTROKE: It's generally a bad idea to send out your pic on the net, but I trust you. Hold on.


Her heart began to pound inside her chest as she waited for the email. Would he really send a pic, and if he did, would it be Ricky? And if it was, did that mean? She couldn't keep her mind from leaping to conclusion after conclusion. What if, what if, what if...

The mail icon flashed on her screen, and she hesitated. Did she really want to know? Of course, she did. She opened the mail, and the face smiling at her was...unfamiliar.

Her smile disappeared. Her heart stopped pounding. Certainly, the young man on the screen was good looking, but he wasn't as handsome as Ricky. And he was a complete stranger.

SONSTROKE: Like the pic?

KNOWINGMOM: You're a handsome young man.

SONSTROKE: Thanks, mom. And that's not my best feature. LOL


SONSTROKE: So, you going to share your pic?


She inserted the stolen picture into an email and sent it on its electronic way. Perhaps he wouldn't like the pic and would log off. Perhaps he wouldn't want to play. Yet, a part of her wanted to play, even if it wasn't Ricky on the other end. Part of her liked the idea of fantasizing about young men, especially if they wanted their mothers. She wasn't sure why that made her fingers twitch, but it did.

SONSTROKE: Hey, nice pic. You're quite the mom.

KNOWINGMOM: Thanks. I'm glad you like.

SONSTROKE: You mind if I cum all over my screen? LOL

KNOWINGMOM: Be my guest. Does it really turn you on?

SONSTROKE: Really, but tell me your favorite fantasy while I look into your eyes.

KNOWINGMOM: You're quite the charmer.

SONSTROKE: I know what I like.

KNOWINGMOM: I have this fantasy. It's Friday night and I'm home with my son. We're celebrating something, doesn't matter what. We're sipping wine, and I indulge him even if he's underage. But he's not accustomed to the wine, and he drinks a bit too much. He passes out in his chair.


KNOWINGMOM: I try to wake him, but he's out. I can't move him as he's too heavy. I'm about to head off to bed when I wonder about his tool. I mean, he's wearing gym shorts, and it's sort of there. I'm not ordinarily so bold, but I've been drinking. It enters my mind that his father was well endowed, and so he might be too. It's a playful thought, a curiosity. I wonder if I can even do anything about it. The wine is a bit too much, so I sink to my knees and reach up his shorts. He's not wearing underwear.

SONSTROKE: Lucky boy.

KNOWINGMOM: I'm surprised how easy it is to get him aroused, and yes, he is big, even bigger than his father. Before I know it, I've got a big, throbbing member half out of his shorts. I'm surprised and amazed and a bit turned on. What woman doesn't like to handle such a thing. I play with it and stroke it and study it. Most women don't get many opportunities to actually study one of these close up. They're for using, not studying, so this is a unique chance. So, I take my time, use my senses. It's more fun than I supposed, and he's so sound asleep, he doesn't even know. And of course, I have to taste.

SONSTROKE: of course.

KNOWINGMOM: He tastes good, clean, young. I'm surprised by how aroused I am. I lick and suck and take and feel, and all the time I'm getting hotter and hotter. He's oblivious to everything, which makes it easier in some ways. What would he do if he saw his mother wantonly sucking him? But it's simple now. I can do whatever I like, and I like taking as much of him as I can and doing it over and over. I can feel my body respond. My nipples harden and I grow moist, and I think I could bob up and down on this all night if I wanted. But a pang of guilt rips through me. This isn't the moral thing to do. That's clear. I'm out of bounds here. Even though I'm totally turned on, I start to pull away, and that's when he cums.

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