Knowing Mom


SONSTROKE: yessssssssss

KNOWINGMOM: It takes me by surprise but only for an instant. As if expecting it, I suck hard and pump and get a mouthful of him. It's hot and salty and sticky and it's more than I've ever had before. I keep at him until he's completely drained, until he starts to soften. Then, I swallow it all, swallow it even though he won't know. Somehow, it's terribly satisfying to swallow it, as if it meets some personal goal. I almost laugh as I replace his tool back inside his shorts. I stand and kiss his cheek, knowing that he'll never know how much pleasure he just gave me. That's OK. It's my secret, and I can use it to do what I will need to do. And from then on, every time I look at him, I'll know what he carries around in his pants...and I'll smile.

SONSTROKE: wow, nice fantasy.

KNOWINGMOM: Thank you.

SONSTROKE: Sure wish I was your son. LOL

KNOWINGMOM: You could be.

SONSTROKE: Yeah, right. Say, do you ever meet guys from online?

She paused. She had never considered the question before. Denise was the only person she knew who had ever met anyone from online. While Denise had had some success—so she said—that didn't mean Lori would have any. Still, it might be fun to meet this young man. She wouldn't have to do anything. She could share a coke and a fantasy or two and leave it at that.


SONSTROKE: Great. When and where?

They arranged to meet at the mall, in front of the record store. While they had photos, each would carry MacDonalds sack, not obvious but still unique. They would meet and chat and if things worked out...well, they wouldn't make plans before they met. She signed off feeling both excited and disappointed. SONSTROKE wasn't Ricky, but he was something, perhaps something she might have some fun with. Or was she beginning to see things as Denise did? She laughed as she walked out the door.

Ricky bubbled over dinner, telling her what a great practice he had, and that his ankle wasn't bothering him at all. She listened and asked about school, but all the time, her mind played over the meeting she had agreed to. A pang of buyer's remorse set in. What had she done? What had she agreed to? Despite the obvious thrill it gave her, was it really a smart thing to do? Well, no, not really, but she didn't have to do anything. She could show up, see who SONSTROKE was and call it a day. No harm in that. It was a very public place, so she didn't have that to fear, and she had never used her real name or any other private information. She was safe, as safe as she could be.

After dinner, she managed to be passing when Ricky emerged from his shower, and she noticed the 'package'. Despite the towel, a thrill rippled through her. She knew what the towel hid, and she knew she wanted it again. She had not used it so often as to be contemptuous of it. She somehow wished she could dream up a way to put him to sleep every night so she could play with it. That wasn't a responsible attitude, but desire sometimes overcame responsibility. She went to sleep wishing she could sneak into his room and use it for her pleasure.

All day at work, Lori's anxiety level heightened. As quitting time drew near and meeting time was minutes away, she fought the urge to chuck the whole enterprise and go straight home. While she thought it stupid to keep going, she wasn't about to chicken out. It might not come off as she wished, but nothing would happen if she didn't show up. That was clear. Still, she didn't want to play the game by the rules. She didn't have a MacDonalds sack, and she didn't park herself in front of the music store. Since she was early, she browsed among the clothes rack in a boutique across from the music store. She wasn't going to be too obvious. As she waited, she cycled opening lines through her head. What would she say to him? What should she say? She hadn't quite worked out a foolproof line when she spotted him—and she wanted to laugh.

The teenager with the MacDonalds sack was neither the boy in the picture nor a stranger. It was Todd. She chuckled. With Todd walked Ricky, but Todd had the sack. What a lark. She had been worried, and there was no reason. Todd was SONSTROKE, and although that disappointed her some, it was harmless. She would never do anything with Todd. That was insane. She shook her head and was about to turn for a side exit when Todd handed Ricky the sack. Todd slapped Ricky on the shoulder and moved off, leaving Ricky in front of the music store.


She gaped.


Ricky was SONSTROKE? Was that what she was supposed to believe? She stared, trying to read his face. She watched as he looked up and down the concourse, obviously looking for someone, waiting for someone. Was he waiting for KNOWINGMOM, the mom from the internet, a woman with a MacDonalds sack and a desire for teenage boys? Who else could he be waiting for? Her fingers quivered. Her knees felt weak. She clutched the rack to keep from falling. Ricky was SONSTROKE! The knowledge hit her like a hammer. Ricky was the boy with hots for his mom, the boy who dreamed of sex with his mom, the boy who aroused her over the internet. It was crazy, but it was true. Her Ricky, her son, the one she had had fun with when he was incapacitated. That boy wanted her. Oh my, what would she do with that? She didn't answer her own question. Instead, she reeled toward the exit and the escape it provided. She needed time to think.

Dinner proved a quiet affair. Lori was preoccupied, and Ricky seemed angry. She didn't ask why. She knew. No one like being stood up. As she rinsed the dishes, she wondered what she was going to do. On one hand, she should be excited. He wanted her as much as she wanted him. On the other hand, she couldn't very well admit she had seduced him online and then jilted him at the mall. And she couldn't just strip naked and walk into his room—or could she? No, no, that would be madness. She would have to have a reason for that sort of behavior. Reasons would lead to all sorts of stories and problems. What to do? She decided to think about it in the shower.

Although the shower felt great, it didn't provide any solutions.

She emerged in her robe and glanced in the mirror and almost fainted. She glimpsed Ricky in the hall, his penis in his hand, staring at the mirror, at her. She had forgotten that admission, and it floored her. It was exactly as SONSTROKE had said it was. Crazy but true.

She passed into her closet and changed into a filmy negligee. She came out and passed the mirror. Yes, he was still in the hall, and he was stroking that erection she knew so intimately. She paused in front of the mirror and rubbed her hands over her breasts. Fully aware that he watched, she rubbed her nipples to make them hard. Then, she bared one breast and tweaked the nipple for him. In the corner of her eye, she watched him jerking off, stroking, rubbing, practically drooling as he worked. She found she didn't need much in the way of touching. Sneaking glances at him furiously at work was more than enough to arouse her. And it wasn't just the sight of him, it was the knowledge that she drove him to this, she pushed him beyond control. She was the fuel for his lust. What woman didn't love the idea of driving a man to self-indulgence? What woman didn't want erections at the mere sight of her? Lori wanted to laugh, but she didn't dare. Instead, she bared her other breast and massaged it, knowing she was pushing Ricky past any point of redemption. It was one thing to accidentally arouse him, it was another to purposefully do it. As perspiration popped out on her forehead, she pinched her nipples hard and moaned. Then, she looked in the mirror.

The hall was empty.

Disappointment shot through her. Had she done something wrong? She covered herself and tiptoed out into the hall. She paused by the closed door to Ricky's bathroom and listened. Did she hear him panting? Was he completing the job he had started in the hall? She stopped breathing and listened, and yes, she could hear him. He was doing something physical, and it wasn't the tinkle of urine. The fire inside her flared again. She smiled and moved away, secure in the knowledge that he wanted her more than she had ever suspected. What did that do for her? It gave her control. She slipped her robe over her gown and went to the family room. Control was a wonderful thing to have.

A few minutes later, Ricky, flushed, grinned his way into the room. She knew why he smiled, but she said nothing. She had another little game she wanted to play.

"I was at the mall today," she said. "I saw Todd, but I didn't see you. Were you there?"

He hesitated a moment. "Yes, I was there. I didn't see you."

"What were you doing there?"

"Hanging with Todd."

"I wish I had known. You could have picked up a CD for me. There's a music store in the mall, isn't there?"

She could see his mind work, wondering. What did she know? What could she know? Nothing, she could know nothing.

"Yes," he said. "The music store is at the end, by the boutique."

"Now, I remember. So, what did you and Todd do?"

"Nothing. Grabbed a burger."

"Sure you weren't peeking?"


"At the pretty girls that are always there. Sure you weren't trying to find a date?"

"Oh, mom, mall bimbos aren't the sort of girls you want to date."

"Can I ask you a question about Todd?"


"Does he sneak peeks at his mother?"

The blood drained from Ricky's face. "I...I...what?"

"Well, I spoke to his mother, and don't you dare say anything about this, and she thinks he tries to catch her coming out of her shower or something. Is he the kind of boy who would do that?"

"I don't know. He never says anything about it."

"I mean, it's sort of flattering, but it's a bit disconcerting too. You understand?"

He blushed, a deep red blush. "He's never done it while I'm there."

"Good. Because we both know what he would do after he peeked, right?" She laughed. "I imagine all you boys do it."


"It's ok, it's natural. Didn't they teach you about it in health class?"

He nodded.

"And it's safer than real sex. No diseases or pregnancies, right?"

He nodded, fidgeting all the time, which made her feel more powerful than ever. For some reason, she enjoyed his bit of discomfort.

"I'll give you a bit of advice. If you're going to do it often, use lotion. You don't want to make it sore."

"Yeah, sure." He stood and backed toward the door. "I have some homework. Get you anything while I'm up?"

"Up?" She laughed. "No, I don't think so."

Panic crossed his face before he fled in full retreat. Lori grinned and wondered what other mischief she might engender.

Prior to bed, Lori went to his room. He was under the covers, reading. She sat on the bed and rested a hand on his thigh, and even through the covers, she could feel him tense. She apologized for making him uncomfortable earlier. She knew it was the kind of talk generally reserved for fathers, but since she was his only parent, she had to play both roles. She would feel terrible if she hadn't said anything at all.

While she talked, she slowly stroked his thigh, her fingers sliding up and down and up and down, casually, as if she had no idea what she was doing. He said he understood why she had talked the way she did. But he was careful and knowledgeable, and she didn't have to worry. Every time her fingers ran high up his thigh his voice caught just a bit, just a hint. From the corner of her eye, she could see him get hard beneath the cover. Neither one could admit it, but they both knew.

She reminded him not to mention anything to Todd about her conversation with Todd's mother. That wasn't something to share. He promised to keep mum, even as he hardened, and her fingers traveled up and down his thigh. Even as his eyes found the cleavage she had purposefully let show through the robe. Oh yes, he was eyeing her, ogling her and trying not to show it. She was baiting him, and he didn't know it, but he responded anyway, like the man he was. She had half a mind to keep her fingers going and outline his erection, but she thought better of it. Not now, not yet. There would be time for that. After another minute, she stood up and left. A moment later, she peeked in, and his hands were under his covers. She knew what he was doing—for the second time.

Later, she found Mr. Vibrator and had a go of it herself.

At work the next day, Lori tried hard to concentrate, but the events of the past few days distracted her. Who wouldn't be distracted? Still, she managed to push most of it out of her head until everyone had left and she was able to log into the net. She was looking for SONSTROKE and she found him quickly.

SONSTROKE: What happened to you yesterday?

KNOWINGMOM: Chickened out. Sorry.

SONSTROKE: thought so. No big deal really.

KNOWINGMOM: Perhaps another time.

SONSTROKE: That would be nice. Have you caught your son jerking off yet?

KNOWINGMOM: Yes, but he doesn't know it.

SONSTROKE: Cool. Did it turn you on?

KNOWINGMOM: Oh, yes. But it's your turn for a fantasy.

SONSTROKE: You like getting turned on by mom-son fantasies?

KNOWINGMOM: Let's just say I enjoy the idea.

SONSTROKE: Me too. OK, let's see. Here is one I really like.

She unbuttoned her blouse and reached in to touch her breast. She was damn happy to be alone. If anyone should catch her...well, that wasn't a thought she wanted to entertain.

SONSTROKE: It's night, late, my mom is asleep. She wears this sexy nightie to bed. I sneak into her room, and I stand by the bed, staring at her. She looks hot in her nightie. So, I take it out and start to play with myself. I like looking at her, thinking about what I could do if I was in bed with her. I look at her tits and want to suck. I look at her hips and want sex. It makes me very hard, so hard, I can hardly hold onto it.


SONSTROKE: I'm throbbing so I move closer and closer, until the tip almost touches her lips.


SONSTROKE: She's still asleep, maybe from the wine she drank. So, I lightly, ever so lightly rub the tip across her lips. It's almost too light for her to even feel. My heart is pounding, and I'm so big and ready, and I just brush her lips. Her tongue comes out to lick her lips, and that makes me harder than ever. I want her to lick me with that tongue. So I brush her lips again, and my balls ache.

Lori read the screen and pinched her nipple. Had Ricky ever really done that? Had he sneaked into her room and let his erection play across her lips? The idea made her moist with desire.

SONSTROKE: I'm so turned on I can hardly control myself. But I'm committed. So, I do it again, and this time she opens her mouth just a little, just a tad, and I can't resist. I push it against her lips, and she begins to suck. Not much, not hard, more like a baby sucking its thumb. She's got the tip on her lips, and she's sucking automatically. It drives me wild, but I can't do more. I want to do her mouth right then, but I can't. All I can do is let her suck the tip like a baby.

KNOWINGMOM: I can taste it.

SONSTROKE: Yessssssss. It's very erotic and I'm quivering with need. All the energy trying to get out, and all that's happening is a bit of suck at the very end. So small, so gentle, I want to force her open and ram it inside. I want to do it hard and long and powerful, but I can't. It's painful to try and keep in check, but I manage. She doesn't know, doesn't even feel. She doesn't know how close she is to being forced to take it, forced to feel my juice run down her throat. Desire and need and power race through me. I could take her right then, bend her to my will, spread her with my strength.

KNOWINGMOM: The ultimate self-control.

SONSTROKE: Pre-cum slips out, and she slurps it automatically. Not much, not enough to wake her, just enough to make me mad with lust. This is contrary to the nature of sex which is hard and long and deep. I hold it there, letting her suck until I can't stand it any more. Until I'm already starting to shoot. I pull away and pump white semen through the dark, ghost sperm that fly away from her and me. I bite my lip to keep from moaning and pump myself dry. Still looking at her, still wanting all of her, I drain myself.

KNOWINGMOM: Wow, have you really done that?

Lori watched the screen. Her nipples ached with need, and her mouth felt dry. What would he say? Had he ever done that to her? Was he telling her a fantasy or a memory?

SONSTROKE: No, never, but I want to.

KNOWINGMOM: And if she woke up and started sucking you?

SONSTROKE: That would be wonderful.

KNOWINGMOM: And if she woke up and asked what the hell you were doing?

SONSTROKE: That would be very bad. LOL

KNOWINGMOM: Worth the risk?

SONSTROKE: I don't know. Part of me wants to try it, and part says to be careful.

KNOWINGMOM: I bet. Time to go.

SONSTROKE: Next time, it's your turn.


She logged off and buttoned her blouse, wondering the whole time what she might do if she felt his shaft brush her lips in the middle of the night? What would she do?

Lori hadn't been home thirty minutes before Todd's mother arrived. Marie was a year or two older and a bit frumpish, but her smile was genuine. Lori was a bit surprised, especially after her talk with Ricky. Had Ricky told Todd after all? Lori tried to think of a quick excuse as they settled in the family room. Would she have to say that Ricky was imagining things?

"I don't know how to say this," Marie started. "We've been friends a long time."

"Through thick and thin," Lori answered. "Even through divorce and death."

"I still miss him. I thought the grief would go away, but it doesn't."

"Time, Marie, give it time."

"Yes, well, I hope so, but that's not why I'm here. I need some advice."

Lori waited. If she had to lie, she would wait as long as possible.

"This is so hard. I thought it would be easy, but it's not. Can I ask you a question?"


"Does Ricky peek at you?"

Stunned, Lori couldn't answer. Did Marie know something? Had someone been talking? Did Todd know what Ricky did in the hall?

"You see," Marie continued, "Todd peeks. Oh, it's nothing obvious or blatant, but he peeks. You know, you're coming out of the shower in a towel or robe, and he's there. Or you're undressing, down to bra and panties, and he bursts in. Or you're doing the dishes at the sink, and you glance over your shoulder, and he's staring at your butt. Does Ricky do those things?"

Lori shook her head. "Not that I know of."

"I mean, I know teenagers get curious, and mom is the closet female around, so why wouldn't they peek some. But this is more than curiosity. It's like he's trying to catch me naked."

"He probably is. But like you say, that's not all that unusual—if that's all he does."

Marie forced a smile that didn't reassure Lori. "Well, you can guess what he does after he sees me," Marie said. "I know that's natural too, but isn't it creepy that he does it after he peeks at me?"

"I would think it might be a bit flattering," Lori offered.

"Oh, it is in a way, but I'm his mother. Is he supposed to think about me that way?"

"Teenagers will think the way they think. I don't think you can stop that."

"I guess I shouldn't complain. Todd's a good boy. It's just this creeping around freaks me a bit. Know what I mean?"

"He'll get over it. As soon as he gets a girlfriend, you'll be off his radar."

"I hope you're right. But can I confess something to you?"

Lori held her breath. What was coming now?

"Part of me likes him peeping. I mean, I sometimes think I could put on a show for him. Is that crazy? Me, stripping slowly while he peeks and beats off. I can't believe I'm saying this."

"I think that's natural too. There's a bit of exhibitionist in almost every one of us."

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