tagIncest/TabooKnowing Mom Ch. 07

Knowing Mom Ch. 07


Lori awoke with the sun streaming through the window. She immediately wondered how late it was, why she was still in bed. Then, she remembered the tent, the sex. Had that been a dream? No, no, it had been all too real, all too exciting, and she was sleeping because she had come home so late. But the drive had been worth it. What a rush it had been to sneak into the tent with Ricky and Todd while the others slept. Delicious.

After shower and breakfast, Lori decided to check her email. She hadn't been online in a while, and after a few minutes she was surfing again. The list of chat rooms contained the usual provocative titles, and she avoided most of them. Then, she spotted CHATTING UP MOM, and in a flirty mood, entered. The room was nearly full of men, boys, girls, women, and the screen soon filled with the kind of double entendre so common online. People could be witty and funny, especially when they were anonymous and unseen. She suspected most of them lied through their teeth. She was tempted to add her own experiences to the mix but decided against it. When it was real, it was far too dangerous to share. Then, the instant message appeared.

SUB-SON: Hi, 18 son here.

KNOWINGMOM: Hi, Mom here.

SUB-SON: You have a son?

KNOWINGMOM: Yes, about your age.

SUB-SON: And do you peek on him?

KNOWINGMOM: Sometimes.

Lori giggled. She could have said a lot more than that, but SUB-SON didn't need to know just how extensive her relationship with Ricky was.

SUB-SON: Like what you see?

KNOWINGMOM: Love it. You peek on mom?

SUB-SON: Sometimes. She's pretty sexy.

KNOWINGMOM: I bet. So, do you have a fantasy?

SUB-SON: Better, a story.


SUB-SON: You have to promise not to tell anyone else.

KNOWINGMOM: I won't. I promise.

SUB-SON: Because it would be bad.


SUB-SON: OK. It began after school one day. I had just got home when the phone rang. It was Mrs. Hanson, our neighbor. She had a flat tire, and she asked if I would put on the donut, you know, that little spare they put in new cars. She was home alone and she didn't want to pay for a tow. So, I went over. Now, Mrs. Hanson is an average woman except for some big tits, I mean, huge tits. They make her look top heavy they're so big. Her butt was a little big too, but her tits always got looks when she would walk around the neighborhood in a t-shirt.

KNOWINGMOM: I bet you looked too.

SUB-SON: Yeah, I usually did. When she was in a bathing suit in the back yard too. I hate to admit this, but sometimes I would stand in my window and jerk off while I watched her. She looked pretty hot.

KNOWINGMOM: Do you jerk off a lot?

SUB-SON: All the time. I'm a teenager. LOL

KNOWINGMOM: It's part of the hormones. LOL Go on.

SUB-SON: Well, I walked over, and there she was in cut off jeans and a t-shirt over those bodacious ta-ta's. She led me to the garage, and sure enough, she had a flat. Well, I'm pretty good at changing tires. My mom gets flats too, but that's because she's always hitting potholes at 50 miles per hour. Anyway, I jacked it up and changed tires in no time although I was sweating like a pig because the garage was so hot. I checked the tire before I put it in the trunk, and it had a nail in it. After, I went looking for Mrs. H.

KNOWINGMOM: And you found her naked?

SUB-SON: LOL Not a chance. I didn't find her. She wasn't upstairs or in the kitchen or family room. So, I checked the basement. I didn't think she was there either. It was empty. I was about to leave when I spotted a door. I thought it was the furnace room or something, but I thought I better check. I opened the door and found her room.


SUB-SON: It was like no room I'd ever seen. I'm not into kinky stuff, so I wasn't real sure what I had walked into, but it was one of those rooms. It had restraints and shackles built into the walls. There was a whole rack of black leather whips and devices I couldn't begin to name. The walls were padded, and I guess the room was sound proof. It looked like a dungeon, only with leather instead of iron. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. Really weird and kinky.

KNOWINGMOM: And was she there?

SUB-SON: Yeah, polishing some leather straps. She looked really surprised. I said I had finished, and she said I worked fast. I started to back out, and then she asked me if I would do her a favor.


SUB-SON: Not tell anyone. This was her special room, and she didn't want anyone to know. The neighbors might not understand.

KNOWINGMOM: I bet not. LOL She would be a real threat to god-fearing folks.

SUB-SON: It scared me. And I guess it showed because she asked if I knew what the room was. I said it was some kind of kinky dungeon, and she laughed. Yes, it was that, but it was more. It was a real turn on for her. She got to play domitrix, and that pleased her and the people she dominated. I didn't know what a domitrix did, and I told her that. But it was ok with me. I wasn't into it, but she could be. And that's when she offered to show me what she did.

KNOWINGMOM: And you accepted.

SUB-SON: What else could I do? She waved me into the room and closed the door. Then, she put my wrists in these leather shackles and placed them over a hook above my head. It was all pretty wild until she raised the hook. She stretched my arms until I couldn't reach any higher, so there was no way I could get off that hook. I was stuck and I thought pretty silly looking. Then, she pulled off her shirt and bra, and there were those hooters, and they were like melons, round and white with big nipples. She slipped on this leather harness that let her tits through but supported them, and I have to tell you they looked terrific. That's when she told me to stop grinning.

KNOWINGMOM: Ooooh, she got tough?

SUB-SON: I started to laugh and she shoved a rubber ball into my mouth. Before I could spit it out, she tied the straps behind my head. I was gagged. I couldn't talk. She leaned real close to show me those hooters and said that until I learned to obey I would have to be silenced.

KNOWINGMOM: Were you hard?

SUB-SON: Oh yes, to see her that way was hot, and I had a boner like you wouldn't believe. If I could have talked, I would have told her that I'd had enough. I could go home. But I couldn't talk, and I had to watch her pull one of those tits to her mouth and lick her own nipple in front of me. I was so hard it hurt, and she's there licking. Then, she jerked down my shorts.

KNOWINGMOM: And that boner leaped up.

SUB-SON: God, it was embarrassing. She walked around me, staring at me and my erection, and I couldn't tell if she liked it or not. I was hanging there like a slab of beef, my cock at full attention. She grabbed some kind of short whip, maybe a riding crop, and came up to me. She grabbed my penis and squeezed so hard tears came to my eyes. Then, she told me she hadn't told me to get one of those yet. I was undisciplined, untrained. I was a very bad boy. And then, she whipped me.

KNOWINGMOM: OMG. Did it hurt?

SUB-SON: It stung like hell. But it didn't really hurt. She seemed to know exactly how hard to hit, hard enough to sting but not hard enough to leave a mark or break the skin. And while she whipped my ass she told me I better get rid of that boner. It seems that when you want to get rid of a hard-on, you can't. You know how it is, the thing never obeys.

KNOWINGMOM: I like to keep it up as long as possible.

SUB-SON: Yeah, well, ordinarily I would want to too, but right then, I wanted the damn thing to deflate like a busted balloon. But it was hard with her whipping me and telling me how headstrong I was, a bad little boy who had never learned to obey. She sounded so different from the Mrs. Hanson who lived next door. It was a Jeckyl and Hyde thing. She talked filthy, calling me her whore boy and her teen toy, a boy with the nastiest ideas in the neighborhood. She said she knew I jerked off in the window when I watched her in the back yard. She said she knew I peeked on my mom and then jerked off in mom's panties. She knew all my horrid little secrets, and she was going to make me pay for such wicked thoughts.

KNOWINGMOM: How did she know?

SUB-SON: I don't know. I think she was guessing. Anyway, she gave me a good number of lashes before my boner disappeared. That made her smile. She showed me her tits again and grabbed my balls to squeeze them. She squeezed hard and told me she could rip them off if she wanted, feed them to the crows. She scared me, she really did. But she was hot too, you know? She had played this game before, and she knew what to do. Then, she told me to get hard again.

KNOWINGMOM: She's a sadist.

SUB-SON: Yes, she likes control. She's not very tall, so maybe she needs to feel in control sometimes.

KNOWINGMOM: Most women like to be in control at times.

SUB-SON: Maybe, but there she was, rubbing those melons against me and stroking my cock to life and all the time telling me I'm a nasty boy who needs a mistress. She said she knew that the first time she saw me jerking off after school. She said I should draw my curtains before I flop on the bed and jerk off, that I needed self-will, the ability to control my urges. And she could teach me. She could teach me to obey like a Doberman, ready and able whenever she whistled. Oh yes, she could make me her slave boy, and more, I would love it. I would be so turned on I would beg her to use me.

KNOWINGMOM: And did she?

SUB-SON: Yes, she jerked me off right there in her dungeon. She rubbed against me and stroked me, and when she told me to cum, I shot for all I was worth. It was embarrassing. My ass stung like hell, and I was cumming on command. I had never had that done before. And she laughed at me. She laughed and said I would be tough, but she would make me into a perfect sub-son. I would be her sub and I would beg for more.

KNOWINGMOM: She's wild. Then, what?

SUB-SON: She released me. She handed me a towel and told me to clean up the mess on the floor. Then, she took off her harness and put on her shirt and left. I cleaned up and went upstairs, and I knew my face was as red as an apple. She was sitting in the kitchen, and she thanked me for changing her tire. I wanted to sort of talk about what had happened, but she wouldn't let me. She handed me five dollars for the tire and told me to come over after school the next day. I wanted to suggest we go right back down to the dungeon, but she shooed me out the door.

KNOWINGMOM: So, you went back the next day. LOL

SUB-SON: Yeah. But I didn't intend to. I mean, I told myself I wouldn't go through that again. It was degrading, and I didn't have to do it.

KNOWINGMOM: But it was hot too.

SUB-SON: Very hot. I kept thinking about it all day, and every time I did, I got a boner. I mean, I could feel that whip on my ass and her melons and the smell of leather and how she made me cum when she said. I don't know if you can understand, but it was an incredible turn on. I didn't know it would be so stimulating.

KNOWINGMOM: So, you went back.

SUB-SON: Right after school, I walked over and knocked on the door. She answered and she told me to go down to the room. She came in, and we did the same as the day before. She shackled me to the ceiling and gagged me, and I let her, and then she stripped naked before she put on the harness and a little leather thong. She was shaved and hot and my cock filled so fast it was scary. That was when she grabbed the crop again. She told me she hadn't given me permission to get hard, and this time, she whipped my cock before she whipped my ass. That crop hurt like hell on my boner, but she didn't care. She laughed as it shrank, and she laughed harder when she did my ass.

KNOWINGMOM: She's a little Hitler isn't she.

SUB-SON: God yes. She enjoys giving a bit of pain. After she whipped me she told me I had two minutes to get hard again. Two minutes.

KNOWINGMOM: And did you?

SUB-SON: No, not under pressure. It was too hard, her standing there counting off the time. When I couldn't do it, she pulled out a kind of ball squeezer device. She put my balls in it and started to squeeze. She told me that if I couldn't learn, she would pop them like walnuts. She was scary.

KNOWINGMOM: But you got hard.

SUB-SON: Yes, very hard, rock hard. She had me by the balls, literally.


SUB-SON: She told me my cock was so pretty she just had to suck it. But if I came while she was sucking or got soft, she would punish me.


SUB-SON: Yeah, like that. So, she got down and she was sucking, and it was great. I mean, she was licking and sucking and stroking, and she had those big tits bouncing, and it was more than I could take.


SUB-SON: All over her face and tits. I couldn't help it. She was too good.

KNOWINGMOM: Did she whip you again?

SUB-SON: Yes, hard. She whipped my cock too. I was willful, and she couldn't have that. I was still too proud, too wicked, and she would have to train me better.

KNOWINGMOM: Then what?

SUB-SON: She ungagged me and made me lick her face and tits, swallow my own cum.

KNOWINGMOM: You loved that.

SUB-SON: Yesssssssss. She had to stand on a stool so I could lick her tits. I had to get right down between them and lick, and that made her nipples hard and big. She liked it.

KNOWINGMOM: I'm sure she did. Then?

SUB-SON: She made me clean up and told me to come back the next day.

KNOWINGMOM: More training.

SUB-SON: Exactly.

KNOWINGMOM: And you swore you wouldn't go back.

SUB-SON: I promised myself I wouldn't.

KNOWINGMOM: But you did.

SUB-SON: Not the next day or the day after, but the day after that I couldn't take it any more. I went back.

KNOWINGMOM: And she was worse than ever.

SUB-SON: She whipped my cock and ass and legs and inserted a dildo in my ass. God, I thought she was going to rape me. She made me get hard and she sucked again, and I couldn't hold it, and she pinched my nipples till they were bruised. She made me clean her tits again and suck her nipples. Then, she whipped me and let me go.

KNOWINGMOM: Until the next day.

SUB-SON: Yessssssss. I went back. I didn't want to, not really, but she was soooo powerful and it was really hot, even the pain was hot. When she was in leather she was totally awesome, a dark queen. She was wicked and evil, and she wanted me to be her perfect son, her perfect slave. I learned to get hard when she said and to cum when she said. If I failed she whipped me or sometimes she strapped on the dildo and fucked my ass. It was awful when she raped me. I felt so violated and used.

KNOWINGMOM: But you loved it.

SUB-SON: Yes. I did.


SUB-SON: I kept going back even though I told myself I would quit. It was like an addiction. I dreamed about it and fantasized. I hated it while I was there and loved it when I wasn't. Pure love-hate relationship. And she was wonderful sometimes. Sometimes she wouldn't whip me or tie me up. She'd let me play with her tits or tongue her pussy or she would suck me off and swallow my cum. As long as I did what she wanted, she was ok. Some days, she would strap me to the rack and fuck me till she told me to cum. I loved fucking her.

KNOWINGMOM: And you loved getting fucked.

SUB-SON: I have to admit I did at times. She would jerk back my head and fuck my ass and kiss me. She made me like it. Sometimes, she would let me cum while she fucked me.

KNOWINGMOM: OMG. She's wicked.

SUB-SON: Totally wicked. But that's not the worst.

KNOWINGMOM: No, what else?

SUB-SON: One day she tied me up as usual and gagged me which she hadn't done in a while. Then, she put a leather hood over head. I had no idea what I was in for. She left the room and came back a few minutes later, and she had someone with her. "See," she said, "this is what I've been telling you about." "Can I touch him?" the other woman asked. And I froze. I died. I would recognize that voice anywhere. It was my mom.


SUB-SON: It was, and I could tell she didn't know it was me.

KNOWINGMOM: She had to know it was you.

SUB-SON: No, I think Mrs. Hanson told her I was some boy from across town. Mom hadn't seen me naked in years. She didn't know. At least, she pretended not to know.


SUB-SON: They used me. Mrs. Hanson showed mom how she could make me hard or soft, and she had mom whip me, and mom did, hard. She let mom fondle and stroke me, and then she made mom suck me off. I couldn't cum until she said, and mom sucked for a long time. I was about to explode when she let me cum and mom sucked me dry. She swallowed, and Mrs. Hanson laughed. It was so much fun. After mom left, she untied me, and I told her she was sick, sick. I told her I'd never come back. That was awful. I stormed out.

KNOWINGMOM: But you went back.

SUB-SON: I had to. I was hooked. It took a week but I went back.

KNOWINGMOM: And she punished you more.

SUB-SON: Yes, she punished me and used me, and I wanted it all the more.

KNOWINGMOM: And she brought back your mother.

SUB-SON: Yes. Whenever she put the hood on me I knew mom was coming.

KNOWINGMOM: Mom used you too.

SUB-SON: She taught mom to rape me with the dildo and to suck me and fuck me. Mom liked the ball crusher, and I swear one day she ruptured one she squeezed so hard. She liked to fuck more than Mrs. Hanson. Mom would put me on the rack and fuck me for an hour. She would orgasm over and over until she allowed me to cum. She liked being in control. Then, one day, Mrs. Hanson pulled off the hood.


SUB-SON: It wasn't what you think. I was hoodless, but mom wasn't. She was on the rack, naked and tied down and in a hood. And it was my turn to do her. They forced me to lick her and eat her and make her cum on my tongue. Mrs. Hanson would have my balls in her hand while I made my mom cum on my face. Mom loved it. She would moan and scream and fuck my face with her hairy pussy, grinding in on me. Mrs. Hanson would make me do mom till mom as exhausted. Then, I'd fuck mom. They made me mount her and fuck her, ramming her over and over while she begged for more. I couldn't say a word, only listen and fuck till they told me to cum.

KNOWINGMOM: Wow...but you liked it.

SUB-SON: I didn't want to. I couldn't help it. Sometimes when I was licking mom, Mrs. Hanson would rape me with the dildo, fucking my ass while mom fucked my face. They used me every day. One of us always wore a hood, but Mrs. Hanson knew. She knew mom was being fucked by her own son.

KNOWINGMOM: How long did it last?

SUB-SON: It's still going on.


SUB-SON: We're both hooked. I'm there all the time, and mom comes over whenever she can. She's addicted too. She loves it. Sometimes at dinner after I fucked her I look at her and know that the reason she's so happy is because she's fucking her own son. I put the smile on her face. Often, I want to tell her, confess so we can help each other stop. But every time I try, I fail. I'm a junkie. I need my fix.

KNOWINGMOM: So does mom.

SUB-SON: I don't think it will last much longer. I know Mrs. Hanson. She's evil. One of these days, she's going to pull off the hood, and we'll see each other, and that will be...awful.

KNOWINGMOM: Better stop now.

SUB-SON: I can't. She won't let me.


SUB-SON: Mrs. Hanson. I'm hers now, her slave toy. I'll keep going over till she tells me to go away.

KNOWINGMOM: Leave town.

SUB-SON: I don't want to. Even now I'm thinking about the dungeon, the leather, mom fucking me so hard she cums like a whore. I'm hooked. In fact, I'm going over now. I can't stand it.

KNOWINGMOM: You don't have to go.

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