Kojak: Extortion


Theo Kojak glanced at his watch and then at the door to his apartment. He knew his guest, his lover, would be arriving soon and the anticipation was building. Theo had gratefully showered away the grime of his day's work as a Police Lieutenant in Manhattan South. Now he was just lounging in linen pants and shirt, wearing cologne that smelt of lemon and cedar, a gift from his lover, and looking every bit as Greek as befitted his heritage. He had quiet music playing in the background and from the kitchen the aroma of cinnamon from the home-made pastichio permeated the apartment. All he needed, all he wanted now was his younger lover. Kojak glanced up as he heard the tap on the door. Rising gracefully he went to the front door. Opening it, he smiled predatorily at his visitor.

"Hey, Beautiful," he greeted them easily.

"Hey yourself," came the reply. Bobby Crocker blushed faintly, as he always did, at Theo's term of endearment. He was ushered into the apartment, Theo's hand proprietarily at the small of his back. As soon as the door snicked shut, Theo was turning the slighter man in his arms.

"Love you, Baby," Theo husked as he opened Bobby's coat and held his slender hips.

"Love you, Theo," Bobby sighed breathlessly as he melted into the older man's tender embrace. He molded his body against his lover and felt his head tipped till he was looking into Theo's love-filled eyes. Then Theo leant down and his lips pressed gently against Bobby's. Bobby couldn't suppress his moan of pleasure and as his mouth opened, Theo's tongue slipped effortlessly inside. Bobby felt Theo's tongue map every contour of his mouth before teasing Bobby's tongue into following it back into Theo's mouth. As Bobby's tongue passed Theo's lips, Theo sucked it deep inside. Bobby's moan deepened and he felt himself growing light-headed from lack of oxygen. Finally Theo broke the kiss to allow the men to breath. He was pleased to see Bobby's flushed face and the enticing bulge in the front of Bobby's pants. He smiled and ran his fingers over Bobby's kiss-swollen lips.

"I've missed you, Baby," he admitted roughly. "Need you so much, Sweetheart".

He hugged the lissome body tightly, as though suddenly afraid Bobby would disappear before his eyes. He relished the muffled,

"Missed you, too" that came from the face now buried against the juncture of his neck and shoulder.

"Put your stuff in the bedroom," Theo commanded softly. "I'll pour us a drink to start the evening off."

"Sure thing, Love" Bobby replied. He opened his overnight bag, presenting Theo with a bottle of retsina wine. He smiled shyly. "To share over dinner," he elucidated.

The smile never left Theo's face as he watched his lover disappear into the bedroom. He was now a very happy man, his lover, his Mate, was now safe in his territory and would soon be in his bed. It was taking a great deal of self- control for the older detective not to simply strip and ravage the younger man. Theo's body wanted to unite with his lover, to bury itself deep in Bobby's beautiful, willing body. However, as the relationship was built on more than simple lust, Theo also wanted to court the younger man, for them to be able to spend some time reacquainting themselves with each other as lovers again. It had been a couple of days since they'd last been able to enjoy a night of passion, their only other time together, that of Lieutenant and detective. Theo moved into the kitchen. Putting the wine in the fridge, he removed the cocktail shaker. He poured the vodka martini into a single large glass. He decorated it with both an olive and a cocktail cherry. He carried the drink back into his living area and sat to await Bobby's return.

Bobby came out of the bedroom smiling. He had divested himself of his long camel coat and Theo looked with appreciation at the blue silk shirt, unbuttoned enough to display a light dusting of chest hair. Then his eyes traveled down, noting with gratification that Bobby's covered erection hadn't completely subsided, the tight black jeans hugging every contour of the younger man's body. Bobby moved to join Theo, raising an eloquent eyebrow at the sight of one large drink. Theo stood and raised the glass to Bobby.

"To us, lover," he said and drank. He then held the drink towards Bobby's mouth.

"To us," the junior detective echoed and drank from the glass still held in Theo's hand. Placing the drink on the table by the arm of the sofa, Theo removed the olive and cherry. Placing the olive in his own mouth, he fed the cherry to Bobby. The younger man smiled and accepted the tidbit, sucking on Theo's fingers playfully and earning a growl of approval from the older man. Sitting down, Theo arranged Bobby to lie across his lap, fully stretching out the length of the sofa. As the lovers relaxed, Theo would take a mouthful of cocktail and then leaning down; kiss his Mate and sharing the drink. Theo was suddenly stunned to realize he had fully undone Bobby's shirt and both beautiful brown nipples were hard under his hands. Shifting himself to lie alongside the aroused younger man, Theo dipped a finger into the remnants of the cocktail, and then ran the finger over Bobby's nipple. Bobby's response was a deep moan that was joined by a gentle rocking of his hips as Theo sucked the delectable nub. Theo then began to suckle and bite gently at one cinnamon bud and then the other till both were achingly hard and Bobby was writhing erotically against Theo's body. Bobby stroked Theo's shaven head, then around his neck and shoulders and was unconsciously making tiny mewling cries of both pleasure and need as his body was expertly and sensually assaulted.

Theo's hand slid down and cupped the still clothed erection. Impatiently, Theo unsnapped the jeans and pushed the zipper down, reaching determinedly inside the pants for his prize. Another gentle bite to Bobby's nipple coincided with Theo freeing his lover's hot, hard length and the younger man gasped, thrusting into his older lover's knowing touch. Theo growled deep in his throat as he heard Bobby's whimpers of need intensify and felt the solid evidence of Bobby's arousal. Theo knew the teasing had reached its pinnacle. Bobby needed release soon. Theo ran a finger over Bobby's engorged cockhead and then licked off the pre-come. Ensuring his finger was completely clean, Theo moved swiftly. He stood and tugged impatiently at Bobby's jeans until he pulled them from the supine body. He unzipped his own pants to free his own straining erection and then spread Bobby's legs wide. He settled between the young man's splayed legs and lapped gently at the dusky pucker he had exposed. Bobby cried out Theo's name bucking hard. Theo's tongue moved upwards licking the lightly furred testicles, feeling how tightly they were drawn up and knowing his Mate's release was imminent.

Theo sucked on his right index finger, ensuring it was liberally coated with saliva. Satisfied with that action, Theo held Bobby's hips down firmly with his left hand. He licked at Bobby's cockhead and the lithe man cried out trying to thrust into Theo's warm, wet mouth. Bobby's vocabulary had reduced to the chanting of his lover's name. In response, Theo finally engulfed Bobby's penis and worked the saliva-slicked finger into Bobby's center. With a scream of Theo's name, Bobby's climax hit hard and the older man swallowed everything his lover offered. As he relished the taste of his Mate's sexual surrender, Theo was dimly aware that his own release was spurting over Bobby's thigh. Theo removed the single digit from his lover's body and quickly rubbing it in his own seed, pressed two fingers back into Bobby, rubbing his prostate to extend Bobby's orgasm. With the added layer of pleasure, the young man spurted again into Theo's insistent mouth, before collapsing boneless and sated. Theo realized that Bobby was softening and allowed the young man's penis to slip gently from his mouth, kissing the organ as it lay damp and spent on Bobby's thigh. He then carefully withdrew his fingers from Bobby to a groan from the slender man.

Theo gazed down at the lissome man lying so passively beneath him and felt a surge of love and protectiveness wash over him. He affectionately took in the flushed face, panting breaths and the smile of satisfaction. At the sight of his Mate lying there looking so sated, so wantonly displayed and yet so vulnerable in his post-coital daze, Theo could feel his cock start to twitch again. Theo remembered once again that Bobby had been a virgin to male loving. He had been attracted to men and dated a few, but not found anyone he felt comfortable enough with to go further than gentle making out or a hand job. Theo always felt possessiveness and pride surge through his veins at the thought that only he had ever tasted Bobby's sex and his seed. That only he had ever penetrated the beautiful man below him, only his seed had ever known the depths of Bobby's welcoming body.

Theo still hadn't told his family of his relationship with this beautiful, special man. His family was aware of Theo's sexual preferences and it wasn't that he was ashamed of Bobby or their relationship. Instead the normally confident and self-possessed man was irrationally afraid that if his relationship with Bobby were revealed, that he would lose his lover. He feared others wondering aloud at what Bobby could see in a bald, aging cop and that Bobby would realize their relationship was a mistake. Even as he had these thoughts he knew in his heart and soul he was being unfair to his lover. Bobby had never given him cause to have these thoughts. Rather the younger man always seemed so proud of and so happy with Theo. The older man himself had never been happier so that Theo was reluctant to jeopardize the status quo. He just kept promising himself he would tell his family very soon.

"Hey, dreamer," a husky voice had him waking from his reverie and smiling down at Bobby. Theo then leant down, kissing his Mate thoroughly. The kiss deepened as Bobby opened his mouth wider, moaning softly, at the ministrations of the older man's tongue. With an effort of will combined with the need for air, Theo reluctantly left the luscious lips.

"Come on, Baby," he whispered rubbing circles on Bobby's abdomen. "Let's go hit the shower, and then we can eat. We've got the whole night before us." He stood and pulled the younger man to his feet. He smiled as Bobby nuzzled gently into his side as he guided them to the bathroom. The last of their clothing hit the floor as the two men eased under the cleansing spray. Theo found himself needing to clamp down on his libido as the proximity of a naked, wet and soapy Bobby was always an arousing experience. Some of his blood supply diverting south, he managed to indulge in some slow intimate touching, whilst the majority of his caresses were intended to be cleansing.

Following their shower, the two men donned thick cotton bathrobes. Theo dished out their meals and time passed as they ate, drank and enjoyed each other's company. Both men quickly relaxed comfortably into their roles as friends and lovers. Eventually they settled to lie entwined on the spacious sofa. Soon their touches and caresses began to linger longer and became more intimate and passionate, intending to arouse. Finally they each gazed into the dilated eyes of the other and their mutual need was wordlessly spoken. Standing, Theo took his younger Mate's hand and led Bobby to the bedroom. As he entered, Theo glanced at Bobby's overnight bag and the older detective growled softly. This was where Bobby belonged: in his territory, in his bed. Theo turned suddenly and scooped the younger man into his arms and carried him to the king-sized bed. He immediately covered the lissome body with his own and began to savour the taste of his lover by running his tongue over the beautiful body he craved.

Theo started at Bobby's jaw-line. He licked then nibbled gently at the flesh. He allowed his tongue to then trail down Bobby's collarbone. He then paused to suck hard and leave a mark of possession on his Mate, safely out of sight of the rest of the world. Bobby cried out wordlessly, arching his body and holding Theo in place. Theo knew from experience that his Mate loved to be marked as much as he liked marking the younger man. The same experience allowed him to select carefully the places, enjoyable to them both, that would be hidden by Bobby's clothes. Leaving the succulent morsel, Theo moved to be able to select another. This time, Theo's goal was a raised cinnamon nub that lay in the center of a small, lightly-furred breast. He lapped the flesh first, feeling it harden more under his touch. Then he began to nurse at it, suckling contentedly as he gently fondled and squeezed the sensitive breast. He relished the mewls of pleasure the act engendered from his responsive lover. Bobby's eyes were closed, his breathing harsh panting and his body arched into his lover's touches. As Theo moved to lavish the same attention to the neglected twin nub, he ran his hand possessively up and down Bobby's hips and flanks. Bobby moaned his appreciation, his hips beginning to thrust, blindly seeking relief for his straining erection. Moving lower again, after leaving a mark of possession on Bobby's left breast, Theo rimmed Bobby's navel with his tongue before thrusting his tongue in and out of the tiny indent. Theo smiled to himself as Bobby's hips quickly matched the rhythm of his tongue.

"Roll over for me, Baby," Theo commanded roughly, his self-restraint reaching its limits. He knew if he touched Bobby's hard shaft, the younger man would come very quickly. As much as he wanted to tease the begging erection, he wanted to taste all of his lover before bringing them to mutual climax. Theo helped Bobby position a pillow under his hips, ensuring Bobby's delectable globes were suitably positioned for his pleasure. Theo positioned himself between Bobby's spread thighs. He licked slowly up each lightly-haired leg, from knee to buttock earning a groan that was as much frustration as enjoyment from the smaller man. Then he kissed each cheek tenderly.

"Theo, oh, Love," Bobby panted as he felt Theo's large, strong hands settle on each buttock and spread the cheeks apart. The exposed flesh of Bobby's cleft was treated to a slow, languorous tongue bath. Theo's tongue slowly moved towards its ultimate destination. Finally it was poised over the tiny rosebud that granted Theo access to Bobby's body, to his most private place. First he kissed the puckered flesh, and then Theo began to run his tongue around, encouraging the flower to bloom. Finally he began to thrust insistently, erotically demanding the access he craved. As Bobby's body opened to him, Theo moaned, sending shivers throughout Bobby's highly aroused body.

Oh, Love, please" Bobby begged. The plea was demanding, yet so softly spoken, both seductive and submissive and it sent another insistent jolt to Theo's groin. The older man's own hard need was throbbing insistently between Theo's legs. With a growl, Theo held Bobby both down and open and thoroughly tongued the young man. Bobby's pleas and moans became incoherent as the slender man became completely ensnared by the coils of pleasure that his older lover wrapped around him. Bobby tried to thrust back on the moist invader, but Theo's strength held him still.

Theo slowly leant back, his face flushed and his breathing reduced to shallow pants. He gently rolled Bobby onto his back to be able to see his lover's face. He smiled exultantly at Bobby's debauched, arousal-flushed appearance and the thick, solid shaft jutting needingly from the small thatch of pubic hair. He locked eyes with Bobby as he coated a single finger with lube. The finger slid with ease into the loosened, saliva-slick entrance. As he purposely moved the finger to start stretching the smaller man, Theo gently rolled the delicate ballsac, earning another moan from his Mate. As he massaged the lightly-furred sacs, Theo pressed a second finger into Bobby's body.

Oh yeah, Baby" he growled as Bobby tried to push down on the welcome intruders and whimpered his need. "So good, Baby," Theo crooned encouragingly to his undulating lover. "Gonna make you ready to take me, Baby. Make you nice and slick to take all of me all in that tight little hole. Gonna bury myself deep in your body." Theo pressed a third finger into Bobby and the younger man cried out. He drew his knees up and out, displaying himself to Theo's possessive gaze.

"Please, please," he begged. "In me, in me now. Need you so much, Theo." As he spoke, Bobby bore down on the fingers that crowded into his tiny passage, rotating and scissoring to open him to accept Theo's large sex.

"So hot, Baby," Theo panted. "So hot seeing you like this, naked, willing, needing me. Love to see you like this. Is this what you need, lover?" he asked, allowing the blunt head of his engorged penis to press against Bobby's opening.

"Please." The single word was a plea, a cry of surrender and also a demand. Bobby cried out with both pain and pleasure as Theo's shaft penetrated the tight ring. Theo was well endowed and even after he ensured both careful preparation and Bobby being fully aroused, Theo couldn't always stop the initial stab of pain for his smaller lover. However, Theo ensured the pain was quickly forgotten is a haze of pleasure. Lifting Bobby's leg to hook over his right hip, Theo shifted his angle of penetration and began to pound Bobby's sweet spot. Bobby's scream of pleasure showing Theo was hitting his target. Theo knew his own climax was close and he used his lube-slick hand to pump at Bobby's penis in counterpoint to his deep thrusts. Bobby's hands were wrapped in the sheets, almost tying the young man down. Theo felt the all-over stiffening of Bobby's body that heralded imminent release and then the young man was screaming as he came hard. Bobby's release and the clenching of his channel tipped Theo over the edge and the older man roared his completion as his seed pulsed deep into Bobby.

"Love you, Baby," Theo gasped as he kept some of his weight off the younger man.

"Love you, Theo," Bobby said softly, smiling up at his older lover. He tugged at the bigger man, catching Theo by surprise. Bobby grunted as he felt Theo's full weight on him, but kept hold of Theo. "I love to feel your weight on me. It makes me feel so cherished." Bobby sighed, and then laughed softly as Theo rolled them expertly so that the slighter man was now on top.

"I hate to say this, Sweetheart," Theo smiled up at his Mate." But it's getting late and we need an early start for you."

Bobby sighed again and wriggled to mold himself tightly against Theo's side. Using Theo's shoulder as a pillow, Booby draped an arm across Theo's stomach and inserted a leg between Theo's. For a minute or two, the men were content to just hold each other as they settled comfortably into their initial sleeping position.

"Goodnight, Baby," Theo whispered as he stroked Bobby's back.

"Wish we could do this every night," there came a sleepy reply. "Wish I always slept with you. Miss you..." Bobby's voice tailed off as the younger man slipped into post-coital sleep.

"You wish?" Theo murmured, continuing the gentle stoking. Had Bobby realized what he had said? They still had separate apartments. Concern over their relationship creating problems in work meant they weren't 'out' there any more than to Theo's family. This was despite Theo having promised Bobby that they would tell his family after they were sure about their relationship. The months had flown by and still Theo hadn't said anything. Bobby had always seemed content with the arrangement, or perhaps he just hadn't wanted to challenge the status quo. They rarely spent two nights together, usually only when they had a weekend off. Theo was certain he had heard longing in Bobby's voice. Perhaps he needed to call his sister Maria. Perhaps it was time for his family to know Bobby was his life-mate. Perhaps it was time to make their relationship known to his family so his lover knew the depth of Theo's commitment to him. He glanced down at the sleeping man in his arms. He hated sleeping alone now, having enjoyed the pleasure of a warm, naked Bobby Crocker in his arms. He hated the empty apartment when Bobby wasn't there. Tightening his hold on Bobby, Theo whispered, "Maybe it's time for me to make this relationship public with the family, if you're happy with that maybe we can make you more permanent here." He softly kissed Bobby's head and joined his lover in sleep.

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