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Kollany Thirty-Five Ch. 05


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Kollany Thirty-Five
by The Technician

Kollany Thirty-Five is an Erotic Novel in Eight Parts. It is set in the future on a deep space colony and follows the life of Princess Shumara Seven from the time that her plot to assassinate her father, King Humana One, fails to the day of her sentencing and judgement one week later.

During that time she endures a series of punishments that involve forced nudity, humiliation, body transformation, mind-control, forced masturbation, orgasm denial, forced orgasm, spanking, beating, flogging, donkey-girl forced labor, electro-torture, golden showers, freezing showers, snow torture, and being forced to eat cold oatmeal (gruel). Through these many punishments and rewards, Shumara Seven discovers her true sluttish nature and eventually accepts and welcomes her final punishment and status.

Chapter 05 - Judgement Day Minus Three
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Shumara Seven woke suddenly as the extremely cold water of the shower struck her face. Immediately, her nipples stuck stiffly out from her breasts, and soon she was shivering from the cold. She tried to reach for the control handle to adjust for warmer water, but her arms would not move. They were under the control of the collar. The collar's voice sounded clearly in her mind, "You wouldn't wake up by me just telling you to awaken, so I brought your body in here. I will give you back control if you do not attempt to change the temperature of the shower."

"I don't know if I can do that."

"If you do not, you will remain under my control all day. You will now wash your hair and body thoroughly for five minutes, or you will crawl on your belly to the great hall and you will eat cold gruel for breakfast."

Shumara felt her body begin to shiver violently as the collar suddenly released control back to her. She was not used to this. As a matter of fact, she wasn't even used to showering herself. The shower stall was large and spacious primarily so that one or two servant girls could come into the shower with her to properly wash her hair and body in water that was at the proper temperature. Shumara was so particular about the temperature of her shower that she once had one of her serving girls publicly whipped for letting her step into the shower before it had reached the perfect temperature. Now she was standing under cold water that was painful on her breasts. And she would have to remain for five more minutes.

She put shampoo on her head and tried to wash her hair, but as she was rinsing out the suds she could take no more and reached up and turned the handle to warm. As soon as the handle moved she heard the slight buzz of the collar and felt her arm move on its own to push the handle back to where it was and beyond. It was now on the coldest position possible. What had been uncomfortable before was now almost unbearable.

"You will learn. It may take all week, but you will learn" said the collar as Shumara found herself sliding to the floor and slithering toward the door. Shumara had no idea how her body was capable of such action, but she was moving almost exactly as would a snake, leaving a wet and soapy trail on the carpet and then on the marble floors of the hallway.

All who saw her moving toward the great hall stopped walking, talking, or looking at anything else. The once proud and arrogant Princess Shumara Seven was now gliding like a snake on her belly toward the great hall. A large crowd was soon following her and making comments about the way she was moving her body. The snake-like undulations of her naked body were quite erotic to watch. Several of the men voiced their lewd thoughts on whether or not she would be that limber in bed. One wondered out loud whether or not it would be possible to fuck her as she slithered along. "My snake has never had a snake before," he said to blushing and laughter from the crowd.

Shumara had thought that she could get no lower than when the collar had forced her to crawl among the tables begging for food on the first night, but this was much lower - both physically and emotionally. All of her humanity was gone. She was just a snake with the pussy, tits and ass of a human girl. Crying and wailing, but at the same time extending her tongue as far as it could go out of her mouth and flickering it like a common snake, Shumara slithered between the tables of the great hall until finally reaching the rough wooden table that had been reserved for her.

One of the servant girls from the kitchen was waiting for her. She set a shallow bowl on the floor in the open area near the table and Shumara, with her hands held tightly to her sides and the collar controlling every movement, began to eat by sticking her tongue into the cold, slimy mess and flipping and sucking the gruel into her mouth. At first she resisted and tried to keep her tongue in her mouth, but the collar was too strong to resist and she was soon lapping and sucking at the obnoxious mixture.

When about half of the gruel was gone, the collar's voice warned her, "You will finish it all or you will rub your belly raw snaking your way from office to office today." Then it released her body back to herself.

Without the collar's control, she could push her tongue only about half as far out of her mouth, but she continued to keep her hands at her side and buried her faced in the bowl so that she could draw the gruel into her mouth. Finally the bowl was as empty as she could get it and she turned her head away and lay face down on the floor in shame. One of the serving girls stooped down over her and picked up the bowl. "Good doggy - or should I say snake," snickered the servant as she carried the bowl back into the kitchen.

"Get up and walk back to you room. You have a ten-minute cold shower yet to finish." instructed the collar.

"You said five before," whined Shumara.

"Yes, that was before," replied the collar. Then it added, "Do you want to try for twenty?"

Shumara pulled her legs up under her and slowly rose to her feet. She could feel gruel dripping from her hair. Her breasts and the front of her legs were covered with dust and filth from sliding on the floor. She stood motionless for several minutes, fighting now with herself instead of the collar. Finally, with a long and deep sigh, she began walking slowly back to her room. All eyes followed her as she walked, head down, out of the great hall and down the great hallway to her room.

Once inside her room, she looked at herself in the mirror and sobbed and cried at what she saw. Even the ashes girl had been cleaner than this. Crying and trembling she entered her bathroom, turned the shower on, and set the control to its coldest position.

Before she got into the shower, she looked up at the clock, but the collar spoke and said, "I will tell you when ten minutes are up. Wash you hair and body and after that you may do whatever you please, but you must stay under the water until the ten minutes are up."

Shumara stepped into the shower and began to wash her hair. It was the first time that she could remember that she actually had to wash her own hair - or body for that matter. At least she still had her fine scented shampoos and body soaps. The scents helped her to think of better days before she had attempted to betray the king. With her hair now clean and her body freshly scrubbed, she stuck her head out of the shower to read the clock, but before she could clearly see it, the collar reminded her, "I said I would tell you when ten minutes are up. You have been in there three minutes, but because you looked at the clock, we will start over. You are to remain in the shower for another ten minutes."

Shumara turned and stood directly under the spray. The cold water puckered her areolas and forced her nipples to become so erect that they were painful. She reached up to massage her breasts with her hands to perhaps warm them, or at least to cover them from the cold water of the shower. She gasped in surprise as her hands closed upon her breasts. Her nipples were not only erect, they were extremely sensitive - sexually sensitive. "It said I could do anything I pleased," she thought to herself, "as long as I stay under the shower."

Soon she was rubbing not only her breasts, but also between her legs. Despite the cold water pouring on her body, her inner heat was building. She was starting to moan with pleasure and her legs were beginning to buckle, so she lowered herself to the shower floor, leaned back, and sat beneath the shower with her legs spread so that the cold water pounded directly on her slit.

"I'm still under the shower," she said to the collar, and then she began to rub her clit and slide her fingers in and out of herself. The mixture of cold and pain and manual stimulation eventually brought her to an intense orgasm. She lay back on the floor and let the shower continue to spray on her cunt as the afterglow slowly faded.

"How much time do I have left?" she asked the collar.

"You could have gotten out six minutes ago, but I wasn't able to break through your intense emotions to speak with you, and I had promised you that I would not take back control of your body if you stayed for ten minutes. I keep my promises."

"Oh, yeah," muttered Shumara as she rose to her feet, turned off the water, and stepped out of the shower. "Time to go let the peasants in the offices laugh at me again."

"Perhaps you will find your walk instructive," suggested the collar. "That is, after all, the true purpose of it."

"We will see," replied Shumara as she left her bedroom and padded slowly down the great hallway toward the grand stairway that would take her to the office area of the palace.

On the third floor of the palace offices, two young women approached her. They were both the dark ebony black of the scientific class, and they were identical. They stood before her staring intently at her as she stared no less intently at them, and then, simultaneously, both of them broke into huge grins. Shumara had seen that simultaneous smile before. "Tukuhama five and Tukuhama six, it has been a long time." She paused and then added, "You've changed."

"Yes it has, former princess," they responded. "And yes we have changed. Three years ago, we were part of your maids in waiting. Our skin was the dark golden of the royal personal servants.... where it was not red or purple from the welts and bruises of your frequent beatings. And then came that day when we all were caught outside in a thunderstorm. It was impossible to keep your canopies and parasols over you to shield you from the wind and the rain and you were drenched by the storm. You screamed all that way back to the palace that it was our fault and that we would pay dearly for it."

"When we got back to the palace, the weather scientists told you that the storm would last for several days and you said that was delightful because you could use the storm to punish us. You were always very inventive in coming up with new forms of punishment. Punishment by the elements was one of your crueler inventions."

"You had us each tied naked between two tall poles facing each other on the top of the hill. You then had long metal rods pushed into our ass and pussy and wedged against the ground. The poles acted like the legs of a tripod so that we were held more or less immobile. You then returned to the palace and waited for the storm and the lightning to return."

"We would have died on that hilltop, but one of the weather scientists came back with a huge reel of copper wire and strung it over us on the top of the poles. He then led the wire as far away from us as he could and connected it to several metal rods he had pounded into the ground. He told us, 'I can't release you or the Princess would have me severely punished and she would just come up with some other way to kill you.'"

"He must have seen the terror on our faces because he continued, 'Yes, she knows what she is doing. She means to kill you with the lightening from this storm and claim that it was an accident during appropriate punishment. The wire will draw most of the power away from you, but until the storm is over, you are in great danger.'"

"When the storm re-intensified and the lightning began to strike nearby, the wires did keep it from directly striking us and killing us. But when it struck the wires or the ground close-by, the electricity would run through the ground, come up into our bodies through one of the iron rods and then would pass out through the other rod or through the chains to which our hands were tied. The pain was excruciating. We were badly burned, but we survived. Since you were so sure that we would not survive, you never bothered to check on us after the storm passed. You never knew that we were taken to the hospital where the healers used a diagnostic collar, similar to what you now wear. The One not only learned how to heal our burns and bruises, but also recognized that we had great potential as scientists. The One asked if we wished our class to be transformed and we readily agreed. We have done many great things for Kollany Thirty-five and are very happy with our new lives."

"I am happy to hear that," began Shumara. "But I don't know how this concerns me." After she said it, Shumara realized that it sounded like the wrong thing to say, but it was the truth. She had no idea how their ultimate good fortune affected her current situation.

"The One has said that you must make up for the wrongs which you have done. We survived our torture on the hillside, but after us, you came up with excuses to place others there. Two of them did not survive because you stationed guards to prevent anyone from making the protective shield that we had. If you wish to make amends for us and for all the other girls whom you tied on the hillside to be punished by the elements, you will report to the weather lab at two o'clock this afternoon. We have worked with the weather scientists to recreate that hillside. You will not have to fear, as we did, that this will kill you, but through this you will begin to understand how terrible you have been."

With that they turned and walked away. Shumara stood for several minutes trying to grasp what she had just been told. Then the collar spoke within her mind, "You had better be hurrying. It appears you have a two o'clock appointment and will have to make all the offices before lunch."

Shumara turned and hurried down the hallway. Apparently the offices were notified as she was coming because everyone was looking at the doorway as she entered and there was no delay to wait for others to come into the main area of the office. She felt like she were running between offices and continuously speaking her little spiel, "I am Shumara Seven. I was a princess in line for the throne, but because I went against The One's rules for our society and for my gene class, I am now nothing. Please watch my sentencing and final punishment in three days. If you have break time available, there will also be a special about me on the Forecast Channel this afternoon on the vids."

Out of breath and with a sheen of perspiration on her body, she completed the last office and hurried to the great hall in time to eat the noon meal. She asked nicely for something more palatable than gruel and was given a plate which looked the same as the others of lower class were eating. She was surprised when the serving girl brought her a second plate. "I was told that you might be missing supper tonight. Something about maybe being caught in a sudden rainstorm?"

At the end of the meal, the collar asked, "Do you want to announce this afternoon's instruction session of your own free will, or do I lead you up to the podium?"

Shumara sniffed and wiped tears from her face, but without the control of the collar, she stood and walked slowly to the speaker's platform at the front of the hall. She stood on the platform and announced in a loud voice, "Superiors of me, I beg your indulgence that I may announce that I am to be punished for - I mean I am to be instructed about my past actions at the lightning lab at 2:00 this afternoon. All who desire may come to witness my.............. instructional punishment."

She then lowered her head and stood stiffly in front of the podium swaying slightly more than when the collar had held her in place the day before. Just before two she began a slow walk to the lightning lab located a little ways behind the palace. If someone, in some fashion, was totally unaware of the events of the past several days, he or she might think that Shumara was some strange naked drum majorette leading a parade through the hallways and across the sidewalks. There was a long column of the curious or the vengeful following behind her as she walked to keep her appointment with the hillside.

The weather lab was a huge dome that smelled of earth and storms. Tukuhama five, or perhaps it was Tukuhama six, met her at the door and announced to the rest of the group that they would have to watch from the safety of the observation platform and directed them through a separate door. She then led Shumara into the dark cavernous entrance of the weather lab itself. There was a large mound of earth in the center that looked very much like a natural hillside. It had grass and several tree stumps, but no actual trees. At the top of the grassy mound, two metal poles the size of small trees stood firmly in the ground. "You will stand between the poles," instructed Tukuhama.

"I sort of figured that," replied Shumara as she stationed herself with her legs spread out so that the outside of her feet touched the poles. She reached up her arms and grasped the metal poles so that her hands could be strapped to the chains. She knew that this was going to hurt - a lot, but she felt herself getting wet as she imagined herself being fucked by a bolt of lightning.

"What am I turning into," she thought to herself, "that I would want to be fucked by a bolt of lightning." Those watching were a little confused by her sudden grin, but if they could have read her thoughts like the collar, they would have known that she was telling herself, "Shumara, you haven't changed. You have always wanted to be fucked by a bolt of lightning, you just never knew how to do it."

Tukuhama five and six walked up to the top of the hill beside her. When they spoke, it was obvious that they were wearing some sort of microphone. "Fellow citizens," began five, "where Shumara is, we once were. In some ways we should thank her for creating the opportunity for us to make the transition to the scientific gene class and for giving us such an avid interest in the science of electricity. But at the same time, this former princess must be punished for how she used the natural electricity of a summer storm to torture and to kill."

Tukuhama six then raised up a rather long object that she was holding. It had a metal ball on one end of it a little larger than a fist. A wire ran from the other end out into the darkness. "Electricity, even very high voltage electricity, can be either useful or dangerous. It can be pleasurable or painful. Today, this woman, formerly known as Princess Shumara Seven, will demonstrate for us the entire range of what electricity can do to the human body. We will begin with pleasure."

Six then approached Shumara and held the wand close to her body. Shumara could see that the ball on the end of the wand was glowing. As it came close to her skin, tiny arcs of electricity jumped from the ball to her skin. They tickled in a strange sort of way. Six moved the wand over her breasts and Shumara gasped with sudden erotic stimulation. Soon five joined six with another wand and both moved the glowing balls slowly across her skin. The lights had been turned out in the lab and to those in the observation deck, Shumara's body appeared to be encased in a strange purple, glowing spider web. Shumara began panting and moaning as the two Tukuhamas carefully teased her toward orgasm. "I might like this punishment," she thought as she approached release.

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