tagSci-Fi & FantasyKollany Thirty-Five Ch. 06

Kollany Thirty-Five Ch. 06


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Kollany Thirty-Five
by The Technician

Kollany Thirty-Five is an Erotic Novel in Eight Parts. It is set in the future on a deep space colony and follows the life of Princess Shumara Seven from the time that her plot to assassinate her father, King Humana One, fails to the day of her sentencing and judgement one week later.

During that time she endures a series of punishments that involve forced nudity, humiliation, body transformation, mind-control, forced masturbation, orgasm denial, forced orgasm, spanking, beating, flogging, donkey-girl forced labor, electro-torture, golden showers, freezing showers, snow torture, and being forced to eat cold oatmeal (gruel). Through these many punishments and rewards, Shumara Seven discovers her true sluttish nature and eventually accepts and welcomes her final punishment and status.

Chapter 06 - Judgement Day Minus Two
(This is a short, transition chapter)
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Shumara Seven woke in her own bed in her own room. Pain shot through her body as she moved to push the covers off her body. Her skin was red and blistered. Deep red grooves surrounded her wrists and ankles. Small bruises covered her entire body. Grimacing in pain, she pulled herself to her feet and padded to the bathroom. It wasn't until she stood before the mirror that she realized that she was not wearing the control collar.

"What am I supposed to do?" she asked her reflection. Then straightening her back and standing up to her full height, she sighed deeply, turned the shower to its coldest setting, and stepped under it. Actually the cold water felt almost good as it numbed her body. She gingerly scrubbed off dirt and blood but still cried out in pain when she touched her swollen sex or attempted to clean the filth from crack of her ass.

She worked slowly and carefully and finally she was clean. She stepped out of the shower and patted herself somewhat dry with her towel. She then began a slow and painful walk down the great hallway, into the great hall, and over to her solitary table. All conversation stopped as she entered the hall and all eyes watched her make her slow and careful way to her table. Everyone heard her gasp of pain as her bruised and tender bottom first touched the rough wood of the bench on which she sat.

"May I have something warm and tasty this morning," she asked the serving girl who came over to her table.

"I'm sorry Shumara," the girl replied, but we have orders to give you cold gruel. "I will put a little brown sugar on it. They didn't say I couldn't do that, but I can't warm it up."

"Thank you," she replied.

As the serving girl returned to the kitchen, Shumara, folded her hands before her, lay her head on her arms and wept. When the servant girl returned she set a large bowl of cold gruel on the table beside her and returned to the kitchen. Shumara raised her head, frowned at the bowl and began slowly eating the slimy mess. It tasted terrible, but she had not eaten since the previous noon and had missed meals the previous day also. To the her surprise and the surprise of everyone who was watching her, she finished the entire bowl.

Not knowing what else to do, she continued to sit there quietly. After a few minutes the serving girl returned from the kitchen and took the empty bowl. "Please wait here," she said as she walked back to the kitchen.

Shortly after she left, one of the watcher guards walked over and set two items on the table before her. One was an envelope, the other was her control collar. "You have a decision to make," said the guard. He then added, "Read the letter before you do anything" and walked back over to his station.

Shumara opened the envelope. The letter read: "Woman formerly known as Princess Shumara Seven, you have a decision to make. You can leave the collar on the table, walk out of here, and accept banishment for the rest of your life. If you do that, you will be taken to the wilderness where you will be given food and shelter and anything else that you need to live, but you will be forever cut off from all other inhabitants of Kollany Thirty-Five. Or, you can place the collar on your own neck and accept the punishment, guidance and transformation that it offers. The choice is yours."

Shumara picked up the collar and rotated it in her hands. If she put it back on, it could heal her. But it also could - and most certainly would transform her on her day of judgement. If she chose banishment, all of the punishments would end, but so too would the intense sexual episodes - good and bad - that she had experienced. If she choose banishment, she would remain forever, Princess Shumara Seven, but she would have no one to order about or to talk with or to have sex with. The choice was hers.

She looked around the room. Normally most of the people would have left for their daily jobs by now, but today they had been told that Shumara would be given a chance to choose banishment over transformation. Guesses had been made. Bets had been placed. Everyone watched as she placed the collar back on the table and pushed herself slowly to her feet. She walked to the front of the Great Hall and once again stepped before the podium on the platform in front of the Great Hall. "Superiors of me," she began, "I am Shumara Seven. I was once a princess in line for the throne, but because I went against The One's rules for our society and for my gene class, I am now nothing. Please watch my sentencing and final punishment in two days." She then raised the collar and clicked it in place on her neck.

"A wise choice, Shumara," spoke the collar. "Since all have heard your announcement for today, there is no need for you to make your tour of the offices. You need to rest. Go back to your room and sleep and let your body heal. I will wake you for the evening meal."

"I need your help," said Shumara very softly. "Please take me back to my room."

Suddenly the pain was gone. With control of her body surrendered to the collar, Shumara held her head high as she walked gracefully out of the Great Hall, down the Great Hallway, and into the blissful slumber of her bed.

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