tagSci-Fi & FantasyKonnar and The Ball of Valary

Konnar and The Ball of Valary


This is the first in the series of adventures of Konnar the Barbarian in a world populated by magic, danger and demons but mostly big titted women eager to fuck! The emphasis is on the sex more than plot, I'll admit that!

Ideas for future stories/characters gratefully received!

Even if not stated, everyone involved is 18 at the very least.


"Oh fuck me . . . fuck me you big dicked bastard!"

Konnar grinned at the woman who knelt in front of him on the bed. She pushed back against his every thrust, her firm round ass slapping against his belly as his thick cock slid deep inside her pussy. Her big tits swung gently beneath her as they fucked, her nipples grazing the bed covers. Holding her trim hips, he moved his prick in and out of her tight twat, going balls deep on every move.

"Fuck me . . . oh fuck that's good!" she moaned. As a whore she'd had countless men and knew all the right things to say but there was no need for her to lie now. It had been a year since Konnar had been through the village and when she'd seen him walk into the bar, she instantly forgot the man she'd been negotiating with and hurried over to the huge barbarian. For his part, Konnar only vaguely recalled the big titted woman he'd fucked the last time he'd been here, but he wasn't going to turn her down.

Ten minutes later and they'd been in her room, his shirt and chain mail jerkin tossed to one side, sword leant against the wall and his breeches round his ankles. Shannel, her flimsy dress pulled down to reveal her big, round tits, knelt in front of him, sucking and mouthing at his already half hard prick. Once it was hard enough, she'd crawled on to the bed and looked back at him over her shoulder.

"Fuck me, Konnar," she'd ordered. "Fuck me hard."

As tall as he was, it was no problem for him to remain standing beside the bed and feed his big cock into her waiting, sopping pussy.

"Oh gods . . . fuck . . . gonna cum!" Shannel moaned, the barbarian's big dick thrusting deep inside her. "Fuck . . . making me cum!"

Konnar grabbed her hips and kept fucking her as she dropped her head onto the bed, her body shaking as she came, her pussy muscles tightening around his prick. She sighed in pleasure, smiling as he moved his big dick in and out, easing her though her orgasm. No other man or woman had ever made her cum as quick or as hard and she thanked the gods that had brought him back to the village.

Slowly, Konnar drew his length out of her cunt and rolled her over on to her back before climbing on to the bed. As he straddled her, Shannel smiled up at him and cupped her huge tits, knowing just what he wanted. Holding her big jugs together, she purred as he slid his prick, slick with her juices, into her cleavage, tit fucking her slowly, the bulbous head of his cock jutting out from her tits.

"Cum for me, Konnar," she sighed. "Give me your cum."

The barbarian smiled down at her, speeding up his thrusts, staring at her tits all the while until, with a gasp, his prick lurched and spat out a huge rope of spunk. It shot out of his knob and lay in a heavy line from her forehead, across one eye and her cheek, down to her jaw line. In no time at all it was joined by another, and another, his prick lurching between her jugs time and again, coating her in wads of jism. Letting her tits fall, she grabbed his cock with one hand, lifting her head up, and clamped her lips around his knob, murmuring in delight as he continued cumming, spurting a large amount of cum straight down her throat.

"Damn, girl," he laughed, watching as she swallowed as quickly as she could before having to lay back and let his dick pop out of her mouth, still cumming, her hand coaxing more of his jizz out and on to her face and tits. As he finally stopped spurting, she idly used his cock to move the spunk over her face and into her mouth, slurping down as much as she could.

"Mmmmm, gods that's good," she sighed as he moved off her and sat on the bed, his back against the headboard. He watched her use her fingers to scoop up as much of his jizz as she could before licking them clean. She looked over at him, rubbing a few spots of cum into her large tits. "Can I persuade you to stay the night?" she asked.

Konnar laughed.

"That's tempting, lass," he said. "But I fear you may wear me and my wallet out. Plus I have to meet someone soon."

Shannel crawled over, between his outstretched legs and took hold of his still hard cock.

"If you stay, I'll let you cram this big fuck stick up my ass," she said, bending her head and licking at his knob. "I remember how much you liked doing that last time you were here. I'll even give you a discount." She laughed as she felt his prick swell at the idea.

Konnar grinned. "I'm here on business, Shannel, and can't delay any longer, mores the pity. But once my work is done, I'll have money enough to come back and ream your asshole all night long." With no little regret, he lifted her head up from his prick and slid off the bed, picking up his clothes and dressing.

Shannel pouted in disappointment. She knew the barbarian's reputation was made of not only his love of women and fighting but also his commitment to his word. If he had come to the village for a job, he would have to see it through.

"Oh very well," she said, watching him dress. "But you better come back with some money if you want my ass."

Konnar laughed again and left the room.


The house of Aiden was a small affair, making Konnar doubt whether he had made the right decision in taking on the job. He had been contacted a week before and promised a huge sum of money, 5,000 crowns, for what appeared to be a simple bodyguard job. Looking at the small house, though, he wondered if his employer, Aiden, had the money to pay him. Sat in the lowly building with the middle aged man who appeared to be dirt poor, Konnar damned his own greed for agreeing to the job before meeting him in person.

"I am sorry, but I cannot pay you in advance," the man said when Konnar made his concerns known. "But once you return, I can pay you the 5,000 crowns and more."

"Return? I thought I would be guarding you on your journey somewhere."

"Not I, sir, but my daughter, Kloe." He clapped his hands and, from the other room, his daughter walked in. She was small, perhaps only five feet tall, and wore a silken gown that clung to her every curve like a second skin. Konnar's eyes went wide as he took in those curves: her trim hips belied a pert, round ass; her tiny waist looked almost too small to be real; and her tits, emphasised by her small stature, were easily as large as her head. Long blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders and she smiled at him, her features flawless. His doubts about the job quickly vanished.

"I will not lie to you, sir," Aiden said. "I know your reputation as both a fighter and as a womaniser. Nor am I blind; I know Kloe is desirable to other men. She has never known a man, however. It is imperative that she remain a virgin, sir. I cannot stress this enough."

Konnar looked between the man and his daughter, cursing his libido. To him, a woman who looked as fuckable as she did should be fucked as often as possible.

"I need you to accompany Kloe to the temple of Valary in the town of Mondon to the south. There she will . . . procure an artefact for me. Return here with both Kloe and the artefact and you will receive your payment."

"Please help us, Konnar," Kloe said. "We know you are a man of your word and that we can trust you."

The large barbarian growled, torn between his lust and his honour.

"Very well," he said reluctantly. "You have my word. When shall we leave?"

"Speed is of the essence, sir," Aiden said. "I had hoped you would arrive sooner. As it is, I shall need Kloe and the artefact back by the evening of the day after tomorrow at the latest."

"It's dangerous to be out at night if we can avoid it," Konnar said. "If we leave first thing in the morning, we can be in the town in late afternoon, you can do what you need to and then we can leave the following morning. I'm sure we can find lodge at some inn for the night."

"There might be a slight problem there, sir." Aiden said. "The artefact that Kloe will procure is something that the townspeople will not give up willingly."

"So we'll have to leave the town at some speed and camp overnight?" Konnar said with a grin. "It's not the best idea but we should be safe enough. I have a tent and camping equipment on my horse so we won't have to ride through the night."

Aiden bristled at the idea. "I would prefer it if you had two tents, sir," he said.

"I have given my word that your daughter's virginity is safe from me," Konnar said, though wished he had not, casting his gaze over her luscious body once more.

"Fine, then you shall leave in the morning. Stay here for the night; I can let you sleep in my room and I shall take the floor in Kloe's."

Despite Konnar's protests -- thinking as he was of Shannel back at the bar -- Aiden insisted that he spend the night there. During a fitful night's sleep in a bed that was too small for his large frame, Konnar dreamt he heard moans and sighs of lovemaking coming from the room shared by Aiden and his daughter but in his half awake state, put it down to simply fantasies brought on by the gorgeous young woman and his session with Shannel earlier that evening.


They left the next morning, each astride their own horse, Kloe dressed more appropriately for riding in leather breeches and a jacket that struggled to contain her large breasts. Making good time, they stopped beneath the wide branches of a tree to eat a simply lunch in the shade.

"May I ask you something, Konnar?" Kloe said. "How many men have you killed?"

Konnar shrugged.

"I've never kept count. I've been a warrior since I was a teenager younger than you. In my tribe, the men are taught to fight and kill at an early age. I've been in wars as a soldier and a mercenary. If I can avoid it I will, but I'll not run from it."

Kloe nodded. "And how many women have you fucked?"

Konnar coughed and spluttered over his food, surprised at the question, making her laugh.

"Why would you ask that?"

"I have a keen interest in sex." She leaned closer to him, her big tits pressing against his arm. "It's true that I'm a virgin but my father my have overstated my innocence. I've heard the stories about you: how you've fucked women from just about every kingdom; your fondness for women with big tits and tight asses; how big your cock is and how much you cum."

Konnar stared at her, feeling his prick swell in his breeches as he looked once more at her body.

"Aye, I've done my share of fucking, lass," he said. "And if I hadn't given my word to your father that I wouldn't touch you, I'd fuck you here and now. I've a feeling you'd like it, too."

"I know I would," Kloe said, unbuttoning her jacket, Konnar's eyes drawn to her huge bare breasts, her pale nipples stiffening in the cool air. "But if you remember, you only swore not to take my virginity," she said, quickly undoing the buttons of his breeches. She pushed aside the material and reached in for his heavy prick, her fingers barely reaching around its girth, drawing it out and stroking it to full hardness. "Oh my, that is a big cock," she said with a smile.

Konnar grinned in pleasant surprise as the virginal girl bent down and eagerly suckled and licked at his prick, taking as much into her mouth as she could. Her tongue swirled around it as she slowly jerked what she couldn't fit between her lips.

"Your father definitely overstated your innocence, girl," he laughed. "That's not the first cock you've sucked, is it?"

Kloe smiled up at him as best she could, her mouth full of his meat. She bobbed her head up and down, noisily slurping over his prick, occasionally taking it out and spitting on it, using her saliva to more easily jerk on it. When she was ready, Kloe moved up and slid his prick between her big tits, letting him take hold of them as he gently thrust his cock between them.

"That's it, Konnar," she said. "Fuck my big titties." She looked down and slowly dribbled a mouthful of spit between her jugs, adding to the lubrication, both of them watching as his cock slid back and forth in her cleavage.

"Damn, girl, you are built for fucking." Konnar laughed. "Once I take you back to your father, I may well just fuck you in front of him."

"I might just let you," Kloe said with a laugh. "But right now, I want a bellyful of cum. Can you give me a big load, Konnar? Can you?"

"Oh yes!" Konnar grinned. With one hand he pushed her head back on to his cock while the other pulled it free of her tits. Holding her in place he jerked on his prick, Kloe helping him at the same time, the two of them wanking his cock faster and faster. With a groan of release, Konnar came, spurting jizz straight into her mouth.

Kloe coughed, surprised at the amount of cum that erupted from his cock head. She swallowed frantically as more and more squirted into her mouth before finally coughing and giving up, raising her head off his dick. Spunk poured over her lips and and chin, dripping on to her huge tits as even more splashed on to her face.

"Oh fuck . . . fuck that's a lot of cum!" Kloe laughed, jerking on his still spurting prick before plunging her mouth over it once more, taking the last few shots in her mouth. She nursed on his dick as it slowly lost its firmness, making sure she had every thing he had to give before she began scooping it up off her face and into her mouth.

"How does that compare to the stories?" he asked arrogantly.

"I'm not sure anything can compare to that," Kloe said, sucking cum off her fingers.


They reached the town of Mondon as the afternoon drew on. They made their way to the temple of Valary, goddess of love and lust, tied their horses up at the hitching post behind it and made their way inside, Kloe carrying a small bundle she had taken from her saddle.

As they looked around the small temple, they were approached by one of the priests, a small old man.

"You are welcome here, travellers," he said. "But please note that the temple closes its doors to visitors at six o'clock, a little over ten minutes time."

They walked up to the main altar where a small crystal ball sat atop a large stone dais.

"That's what I'm here to procure," Kloe whispered to Konnar.

The barbarian grinned at her words.

"The Ball of Valary? You plan to steal it?" he whispered back.

"My father needs it to complete a spell; he's something of a wizard, you see." Kloe said. "With that, he can make us rich beyond our wildest dreams and can afford to pay you the 5,000 crowns he promised."

"I've heard of it," Konnar said. "It's supposed to be cursed and to handle it is death."

"Unless you're a virgin," Kloe whispered. "That's why my father has protected my virtue all these years."

"I fancy you're not that virtuous if you'll suck cock and steal a religious artefact in the same afternoon," Konnar said with a quiet laugh.

Kloe grinned back at him and beckoned him to follow her. She quietly but quickly moved to one side of the temple where a door was partially hidden by the pillars. She opened it and they stepped in to a small room with a single high bench against one wall, Kloe turning the key in the lock behind them.

"A prayer room," she explained. "We need to wait here until after the temple has closed. Before the guards arrive for the night, I'll sneak out, take the Ball and get back to the horses."

"Sounds simple enough," Konnar said. "What makes you think they'll let you take it, though?"

"I'll be dressed in this," Kloe said, taking a simple priestess's robe from the bundle she carried. "The guards probably won't question a priestess as they're just hired hands. If they do, though, well . . . that's why you're here." She grinned at the big barbarian. "I don't suppose you'd turn around while I get changed, would you?"

Konnar grinned back and watched as she unbuttoned her jacket, revealing her big tits once more to his eager gaze. Undoing her breeches, she pushed them down, kicking them off, standing naked before him. He stared hungrily at her, noting with a little surprise her shaven pussy, grinning as she turned around in front of him, displaying herself. In moments his own trousers were on the floor, his hardening cock in his hand.

"You've fucked my tits and my mouth," Kloe said, stepping over to the small bench and kneeling on it, looking back at him. "You can't have my pussy . . . where do you plan to stick that big cock of yours next?" she asked. As she said this, she reached behind herself with one hand and pulled her ass cheeks apart.

"As you said earlier," Konnar said moving behind her, "I've a reputation for liking big tits and tight asses." He spat heavily on the end of his cock, rubbing it in with his hand.

"You don't mean to shove that big dick of yours into my ass, do you?" Kloe asked with mock surprise.

Konnar merely chuckled and stepped between her legs, positioning his now slippery prick at the small puckered hole she presented to him. Despite her willingness, she couldn't help but gasp as she felt him push his knob against her butt hole, relaxing her muscles until the head of his prick popped inside her tight ring.

"Oh gods . . . oh fuck . . . that's so fucking big in my ass," she groaned.

Konnar pushed forward, slipping the first couple of inches inside before pausing, letting her get used to his size.

"Your pussy may be virgin," he said, "but your ass isn't unless I'm mistaken."

Kloe grinned and pushed back against him, taking a couple more inches into her ass.

"Fuck me, Konnar . . . fuck my ass with your big cock," she said over her shoulder.

He grabbed an ass cheek in both hands and spread them wide, spitting down on to the length of his cock before sliding it back and forth, going deeper into her butt with each move.

Kloe sighed in pleasure, feeling her asshole stretch wide to accept his prick. She reached behind her with both hands and took hold of her ass cheeks, letting Konnar reach around to grab her big tits as he fucked her ass.

"You like that?" he asked her. "You like my cock up your ass?"

"Oh fuck yes!" she moaned, feeling his balls slap against her pussy as the whole length of his cock slid up her butt. "Gods I love it! Love getting fucked in the ass!" she cried. "Fucking cumming . . . cumming . . . making me . . . fucking cum!" Kloe groaned, drawing out the sound as she came, Konnar fucking her ass all the while, feeling her muscles clench along the length of his cock as he sawed it in and out of her butt. "Oh gods . . . don't fucking stop!" she cried, pushing her ass back against him to get every inch inside her as she came.

Konnar laughed, shoving his big prick deep up her ass with every thrust.

"I'll have to stop soon, girl," he gasped. "As I'm going to cum."

"Do it then," she cried. "Shoot your fucking load in my ass!"

Konnar sped up, thrusting hard into her backside, feeling her ass muscles tighten on his prick. With a groan he came, spurting huge wads of jism deep up her butt, Kloe pushing herself back onto his thrusting cock. Time and again his dick pumped out stream after stream of thick spunk which, despite the tight fit, quickly began running back around his dick and out of her ass there was so much.

"Oh dear gods . . . feels so fucking good," Kloe moaned.

Konnar slowed his movements as his orgasm passed and eventually slid his prick from her asshole, grinning as he watched his jizz run down her legs. He moved around her and slumped onto the bench, gasping for breath. Kloe quickly leaned down and slipped his still hard cock into her mouth, sucking and licking it clean, jerking on it to get the last drops of spunk from the knob.

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