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Korean Army Wife


This is a cuckolding story... wives who do other men, with their husband's acceptance of the situation. There are those out there who do not like such stories. Usually their name is Anonymous. Apparently they don't have a last name. At least they never use a last name when they post their negative comments. So if this theme, as the majority of the "Loving Wives" section is, not your thing, please move on to something more to your liking.

This is a true story. Although I pass it on to you in the first person, it is the marriage of an Army friend of mine. I know it to be true, because I participated in the relationship. Eventually they both opened up and shared all the details with me. It was a reflection of their trust to confide in me as well as a measure of our friendship.

I express a number of opinions about soldiers, their Korean wives, and Army society and would welcome feedback from others who feel similarly.

...and now, "Korean Army Wife"

My wife, Cho, is Korean. I met her at a club in Itaewon-dong when I was stationed at Yongsan Garrison, 8th Army Headquarters, Korea. I fucked her the same night we met. It wasn't hard to get her in bed. After all, she was a whore. I learned later she was five years older than me. At the time I was nineteen and she was twenty-four. Man, she was good. She did things in bed that you only read about in the adult story sites. She was also beautiful. I was back the next night for more, and the following night too.

I knew I was not the only one seeing her, but she made me feel special. After awhile she would keep me the whole night instead of the usual hour. Later she would show up at my hutch on her day off. I know I was young and impressionable, but it was easy to fall for her.

By the end of my tour I brought home my new Korean Army wife. We were transferred to Fort Huachuca, Arizona. There was no available housing on post, so we rented an apartment just off Sierra Vista Boulevard, the main strip of the town outside the fort.

All of the Korean Army wives I have known were whores in their native country when they met their future husbands. I do not know of a single exception. Everyone in the Army knows this. It is a fact accepted by everyone and not discussed. As a result, even though no one excludes them, the Korean wives are very clannish, making friends with other Korean wives immediately. They rarely socialize outside their immediate group of Korean wives and their husbands.

Cho, which means beautiful butterfly, is short in height, short hair, small breasts, and muscled thighs. We fucked every day. The nice thing about Cho was that she liked having dick in her. In our sex life everything was secondary to that. It seemed she was always ready to make love and always wet. Kissing was nice, but secondary to her. She gave head, but only to get me harder sooner. She knew other tricks to get me up if I was not in the mood or had already shot my load.

In no time at all she had made friends with other Korean wives. Her best friend was Dae, also from the Soul area. As I learned the language more and more, I could pick up much of their conversation, or at least the jest of it. Many Korean wives are not in love with their husbands. They married for the meal ticket, citizenship, upscale, escape poverty, and a hundred other reasons. I got the impression that Dae was in it for reasons other than love, but she did treat him well, kept a clean house, and I never heard any disgruntled comments from her husband.

Dae and Cho both often spoke in their native tongue about their past career. Sometimes they belittled former customers, or talked about one particular clients size, even an occasional good performer. Every once in awhile one of them would remark about seeing a former customer in the commissary or being recognized by some guy in the Post Exchange. This was very awkward when it happened. For example, one night Cho and I along with Dae and her husband went to the club. It was Friday night and the club was packed. A couple came in and sat at the next table. I saw him give a startled look when he saw Cho. She noticed him at about the same time. He looked at her first then at me. Cho and Dae looked at one another and chuckled. I was embarrassed. I knew he had fucked my wife. Cho saw that he was married. The guy knew he had fucked my wife and had one up on me, but was terrified about his wife finding out. Dae and her husband knew drill immediately. Apparently it had happened to them before. Actually Dae's husband looked at both his wife and mine to see which of the Korean women it was. When he deduced it was Cho, he gave me a knowing, but sympathetic nod. As I said, we live in unspoken realities. The guy's wife picked up on something, but did not understand the silent dance going on between the five of us. They ordered drinks, did a couple of dances, but left early.

Cho liked it when we went to the club. Not only was it a familiar type of place, but when I drink, it takes me forever to cum. She likes it when I fuck her for extended periods. Personally I think she has fucked so much in her life that she is just used to it. Like I said, she is always ready. I can pop her on the couch when we are watching TV, over the kitchen table, and even slide it in her in the middle of the night when she is asleep. She even entices me home for lunch with my favorite foods hoping for a quickie. One night on the way back from shopping in Tucson, seventy miles away, she pulled my cock out and got it hard. Then she got on my lap facing me, pulled her dress up and pulled her panties aside and mounted me. I could not cum, but had to concentrate on driving. She managed to make herself orgasm after about ten minutes. It would have been impossible to see and drive had she not been so short.

This went on for six months or so after our arrival in Arizona. She had become the sexually aggressive one in our marriage. Just when I was beginning to think that I was not going to be able to keep up with her I woke up one night and sensed she was silently weeping.

"What's wrong?" I asked, rolling on my side towards her.

She threw herself in my arms, openly sobbing.

"I love you too much."

"What, what?" I asked.

She cried even louder. It seemed best to wait her out. After awhile she quieted some, got control of her breathing, then began a steady stream of heavily accented English.

"I sorry. I sorry. I no good. You number one husband. I number ten wife. I love you too much. I no good. This no good. This no good."

I had no idea what was going one. She continued.

"You divorce me. It okay. I no good. I wife outside, whore inside. I love you too much."

"Are you whoring?" I asked incredulously.


"Then what?"

"You good fuck," she was down to a whisper now. Her words became measured and delivered carefully. "I like you dick, but you only fuck me seven, maybe ten time only one week. It good, but it not enough. Cho need more dick. I bad. Husband divorce Cho. Cho go be whore. I love you. I sorry. I sorry."

I held her in my arms as she became silent. I held her for a very long time. It was time for me to measure my words. Actually, I did not know how it would turn out, but as I started telling her what I thought, I was amazed at how honest I was with her.

"Cho, I love you too. I love you very much and I do not want to lose you. I am not willing to give you up. All the time we were in Korea you were having sex with other men right up to the week before we got married, when I proposed to you. Having you then was worth it. I loved you that much. I know you love sex and I have also figured out that I am not going to be able to give you enough. I have an idea."

I paused to gather the courage to continue. She turned her face up to mine. It was difficult to read any expression in the dark, but her eyes were wide. I continued.

"You can't go back to being a whore just because you are horny, but maybe we can find some extra dick for you. Maybe I can bring some guy home so you can have more. Maybe. Maybe?"

Now it was her turn to be quiet. An eternity later she spoke.

"You do that?' Her voice was barely audible. "You do that for me?"

"I do that for you."

She responded by doing something sexually for me that I really love. It is kinda sick that she did on a whim one day and I immediately lost my nut. It became my favorite kinky thing to do; therefore it was saved for special occasions. I am too ashamed to go into further detail.

The next morning came. Before I could get out of bed and pee she had a hold of my morning hard. I knew she would not be letting go until she had it and got herself off. When she did this in the morning she usually rode me. I had no chance in hell of cumming, but she could manage one or two for herself in just a few minutes.

This morning was different. Instead of masterbating herself with my dick, she rode it in long, slow strokes.

"You mean what you say last night? You take care my special need."

"Yes," I said.

That was enough for her, she came almost instantly.

I got up pee'd, shaved, showered, dressed, and headed for the kitchen for some coffee and toast. She was already in the kitchen. The coffee was made and the toast buttered. She had nothing on but her little panties.

I sat down with my breakfast. I mulled the possibilities over. I needed to find some dick for my wife, but was not sure how to go about it. I made a mental note of the guys I knew, and in turn, imagined each of them in bed with my wife. By the time I had finished eating I could only think of a couple who were real possibilities.

The first, a black corporal, Jim was single, and always on the lookout to get laid. I had no idea how good he was as a sexual performer nor how well endowed he might be. I knew he would jump at the chance to bone Cho. What I did not know was if I was going to be a part of it all... a threesome, or if she was going to want just a one-on-one. I made a mental note to consider my own feelings on threesomes.

The second, a smaller guy, Emilio, was also a corporal. He was Puerto Rican. I had seen Emilio naked. He and I played racquetball regularly at the gym and usually grabbed a shower after the game. He was not as big as me both in body and penis. I put him ten pounds lighter than myself, but his dick was long. My cock was thicker, but at least two inches shorter than his. I could imagine him making his way into Cho's ass if she was in the anal mood.

Later that morning, around ten, Cho called on the phone and without wasting time said, "What you think?"

I played coy, "About what?"

"About what you say you do for me." She sounded a little anxious, like maybe she feared I was having second thought."

"Well..." I drew it out, having a little fun with the moment.

She was silent.

"What about Jim or Emilio?" I proposed.

There was a pause on her end. Then she spoke, "You talk to them already?"

"No," I said, "not until you tell me what you think."

"I call you back," she replied.

I assumed she wanted to think her selection over. It would not be until later, much later, I would learn she wanted to discuss it with her friend, Dae. It turned out Dae had sex regularly outside her marriage. Her husband was gone on temporary duty (TDY) frequently. I had no clue at the time, but the two women shared all their secrets, past and present. They spent a lot of time talking about sex, their past exploits, husband's sexual preferences, and their own cotial likes and dislikes. I should have figured some of this out, because after that day, Dae seemed different in her attitude towards me. It was not hugely apparent, but subtle. She held eye contact, something she rarely had done before. Most Korean women, are quiet around other's husbands, seldom engage in conversation, and even avoid being around them. Most of the time Korean wives excuse themselves to another room if men are around. Go to a GI's home during a Korean get together and all of the women are apart and away from the men.

An hour later she called back. "Okay," she whispered, "we do for Friday night." She hung up.

Friday night? This was Wednesday. How was I going to make this happen? More important, with whom? She had told me basically nothing. I fought off temptation to call her back, but decided to wait until I got home and discuss it with her in person. For the rest of the day I kept having thoughts of Jim and Emilio screwing my wife. I could not believe how hard my cock was throughout most of the day.

After the whole day of thinking about it, I decided that when it happened, with whichever of my friends it happened with, I wanted to be there to see it. I thought the best scenario was to tell Jim or Emilio that I was interested in getting Cho drunk and sharing her with him. Hell, every guy is curious about seeing his best friend fuck his wife. Of course, I would lead up to it, be subtle, and see what his reactions would be.

That night, I shared my plan with my wife. She immediately thought it was a good plan and was willing to play drunk. The guy would drink scotch or beer and I would serve her Hong Kong Tea. Hong Kong Tea is a drink Korean whores have when soldiers buy them drinks. The bartender mixes the first one with gin or vodka, in case the GI sniffs or samples it, but makes continued drinks almost alcohol free. The bar gets a huge profit, the girl stays sober, and the soldier has no clue.

It took her longer to decide on which guy to chose. She eventually decided for me to make the pick, but she had let enough comments slip out that let me know she would like my pick to be Jim.

Getting Jim over to the house was much easier than I thought it would be. He got the picture instantly. I guess my choice of words gave it away. I went up to him after our company run the next morning. Everyone was catching their breath. Four days a week, after stretching, the entire company ran at least two miles in formation, as a group.

"Jim, wanna come over for drinks tomorrow night?"

He looked at me quizzically.

"Cho thought it would be fun to have you over."

His expression changed to a broad smile, "Sure, I'd like to cum." He didn't sneer, but his expression embarrassed me and I averted my eyes and looked down on the ground. That must have confirmed it for him.

"Hey," he said, "It'll be fun." His words sounded reassuring. Although I did not know it at the time, since I was not black, when a couple asks a single black guy over, he pretty much assumes there is a good chance they are interested in a little sexual variety. If it is mentioned that it was the wife's idea, the assumption is out the window and he knows he is going over to get some married pussy. So it was with Jim. I guess it was a good idea for us to try it with Jim. Although awkward for me, he knew how the game was played.

Friday came and so did Jim. He positioned himself in the middle of the couch and I left him and Cho to visit while I got the drinks. I fixed the first round, but made mine a little stiffer than usual. I was pretty nervous about this whole thing.

When I came back, Cho was visiting with Jim on the couch. She was not particularly close, but her body was turned towards him. It seemed to be going fine. I gave them their drinks and took a seat opposite them to give them space and to allow me to see the way this was or was not going to go down.

We talked about Korea. Jim said he might want to take a tour there. He asked Cho about Korean women. She told him about them. The conversation went on. I fixed more drinks. I was drinking a little faster and a little more than I should. The evening was going smoothly. I watch their body language. We were talking about Korea. He began asking focused questions about Korean women and she would answer and ask her own questions about black men.

I would nod, smile, try to listen, but mostly just watched. That seemed to be fine with them. She was closer to him now. She had touched his leg conversationally a few times and he had done the same. They occasionally looked my way, saw I was okay, and continued.

The drinks were affecting me. Cho was inches from Jim, legs tucked under her, knees pointed towards him. Jim's hand was on her thigh. One of her hands went through her hair, down to her neck. She brought it down to rest on his hand and left it there. There it was, the opening move. I had wondered what it would be. His hand was on her thigh and her hand was atop his. My dick stiffened immediately.

Slowly, but naturally their hands moved from the top of her thigh to between her legs, the inner thighs. I lost track of what they were saying, noting only that both of their voices had lowered in tone and even some in volume. They were not whispering, but clearly they were speaking to each other and not to me.

Cho was up against Jim now and he had reciprocated by learning forward. His hand had moved higher up her thigh and was making slight circular movements. Her hand had left her lap and was on his leg, not far from his bulge. She moved her upper body back, not in a way to move away from him, but in that inviting way women do to signal their availability. Jim responded, leaning forward and kissing first her shoulder, then neck. She looked one last time at me and decided I was either excited or drunk, but not a threat. I was both drunk and excited. She turned back to Jim.

Jim kissed her full on the mouth in a kiss that defined the evening. She tilted her head, opened her mouth, and granted his tongue full access. Her back arched slightly, knees widened, and hips slide forward. His hand was at her crotch and hers moved to his. They kissed deeply and groped each other in what seemed like slow motion for a long time.

My eyes would dart from her hand to his, to their kissing, and back to her hand. The next time I looked at his hand it was cupping her breast, her blouse unbuttoned. She had not worn a bra. With her small breasts, it was not usually necessary. I watched in fascination.

I was distracted by movement in his lap and saw she had his dick out and was exploring its length. He was already hard. I was mesmerized. Next I was diverted by his moving his mouth to my wife's tits, first licking, then sucking them.

This was the most intense sexual feeling I had ever experienced. A black guy, a stranger to my wife, was sucking her breasts while she pulled on his dick. It was bigger, longer, and thicker than mine. I had no doubt that while I may get more pussy than him; he had definitely been in more women than me. I wondered if he had done other married women and how many.

By the time she had moved on to suck his cock, I had mine out and was stroking it. I don't remember pulling it out, but there I was... jacking my dick while my wife sucked this black guy's cock. Mine was bigger than I ever remember, but still not matching the size of his.

"Light candle, turn off light." I heard Cho say to me.

I did as instructed. By the time I had done as instructed, Jim was eating Cho, both naked. I sat on the floor, close enough to kiss and lick Cho's breasts. When he moved up from her pussy to mount her, she gently pushed me back, making room for him to take her in full missionary surrender.

She sighed deeply as he entered her. She had a number of small orgasms in the next few moments. He did not last particularly long himself and soon emptied himself in her. Her legs were tight around his back holding him deep inside as he filled her with his semen. As they slowed their movements, I saw they were both sheathed in a glistening sweat. It had been short, but intense.

Jim got up from her and sat back, looking at me. She remained still, legs agape.

"Thanks, man." He said, "You sure are a good friend. I appreciate it." Then his demeanor changed ever so slightly and he continued, "I need to rest for a few minutes and you need to show you wife how much you love her."

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