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When I was stationed in Korea, I had a Korean girlfriend named Uni. Uni was the horniest Korean girl I ever met in my three years over there. Most Korean bar-girls will let you fuck them, but they're pretty dead fucks. Uni liked it, and really got into it. She had small tits, like all Korean girls, and a small, gorgeous ass. I liked to play with her ass, and it was one of the fastest ways to get her horny. As we fucked, I'd reach down and cup one hand around an ass-cheek, reach a finger to her asshole, rub it around gently, and whisper in her ear, "Someday, I'm going to fuck you here." She'd say "Bullshit", but then she'd start moving even harder.

At one point, a friend of hers, named Li, was living in the spare bedroom until she found a place to live. Li was tiny, but real pretty. I'd pounded off more than once thinking about getting a piece of her ass. One night, Uni came home about 2 in the morning, drunk off her ass, so drunk, in fact, she couldn't get up the stairs. Li, who was pretty toasted herself, came upstairs and told me that I had to go get Uni. When I got back upstairs with Uni, Li had passed out on the floor. I put Uni to bed, then put Li in her bed in the spare bedroom. Then I went into the main bedroom, stripped, and crawled into bed with Uni. Uni was sprawled out, still dressed, so I took her clothes off for her. She was laying on her belly, legs slightly spread, with her beautiful little rump sticking up into the air. I started rubbing her ass, and the crack between her cheeks, and she started to hump her pussy into the mattress. She was muttering something, so I leaned forward to hear what it was.

"Kiss my ass," she kept saying over and over. So, I bent over and placed a sloppy kiss on one ass-cheek. "No, kiss me here!" she said, and put a finger right on her asshole.

"If I kiss it, I'm going to fuck it," I told her.

"OK, I want you to fuck me here," she replied.

I went into the bathroom and got a wet washcloth. I left the lights on low, so I could see what I was doing, then I washed her asshole real good. I lifted her ass up off the bed and put a couple of pillows under her pussy to keep it in the air. Then I started teasing her pussy with my tongue. As soon as she really started to buck and squirm, I moved my attention from her cunt to her ass. I started fingering her cunt and tickling her clit while I licked her cheeks, and slowly worked my way in to the center. The closer I got to her asshole, the more she jumped and bucked. Then I started rimming her hole, and she just about hit the ceiling. She was bucking all over the bed, and her pussy was running like a tap all over my hand. When I stuck my tongue up her pucker and started fucking her like it was a little cock, I hit paydirt. She started cumming like a maniac, drenched my fingers, my hand and the bed with pussy juice, screamed something in Korean for a few seconds, then just started bouncing her cunt against the pillows and trying to rip my tongue out by the roots with her ass.

I kept it up a about five minutes, until my tongue was sore. Then I slid up her body and whispered in her ear, "I'm going to fuck your asshole now. Do you want me to put my big dick into your little ass?"

"OK" she whispered. I slid back down, and surveyed the scene. Her ass was covered with my saliva, and my hand was soaked with her pussy-lube, so I started to press my middle finger against her asshole, as I massaged her clit with my other hand. There was a brief resistance, then it slid in. She sighed, and wiggled her cunt down against the pillows a bit harder. I worked my finger in and out of her ass for a few minutes, then worked another finger in. After about fifteen minutes, I was working three fingers in and out of her ass, and I had a cock that was hard enough to cut diamond.

I grabbed a bottle of lotion, poured a healthy amount down the crack of her ass, then started working it into her asshole with my fingers. Once she was lubed up and ready to go, I greased my dick up and said," I'm ready to fuck your ass. Do you want it?"

"Yes, fuck me, fuck me in the ass with your big dick," she screamed. I lifted her ass a bit higher and put another pillow under her. Then I knelt behind her. I started rubbing my dick up and down the crack of her ass, the way she always liked it. Then I reached down and spread her cheeks apart so I could see the target zone. I rubbed the head of my dick over her pucker for a few seconds, then slowly started to apply pressure to her rear entrance. There was a brief resistance, then the head popped in. I stopped, reached under her with one hand, and started to rub her clit again to relax her.

She started to buck and squirm again, and each time she buck back against me, a little more of my steel-hard prick was forced up her ass. After a little while, I was where I'd been fantasizing ever since I first saw Uni [not equal] balls-deep in her ass.

For a few minutes, I just stayed there, pressing her against the pillows, arms wrapped around her, rubbing her clit and playing with her pussy with one hand, holding onto one tit with the other hand, just sort of making micro-thrusts, not more than a quarter-inch in and out of that incredibly tight, hot hole. Then I got up a bit so I had room to move, and started to slowly slide my dick in and out of her ass, all the way out until just the head was in, then ease it back in until my crotch was pressed against her ass.

The sight of my swollen cock splitting her tiny asshole wide open, combined with the intense feel of it was enough that I knew that I was going to shoot a wad soon, and it was going to be a big one. After a few more strokes, I felt the rising tingle in my balls, and knew it was time. I started picking up speed, slamming my dick into her upturned ass, until I couldn't hold back any more. I make one last thrust, held it there for one ever-lasting second, then grunted loudly as I shot my load. I came so hard, my head spun, and I felt dizzy for a bit.I held my cock there for about five minutes, until it started to get soft, then pulled it out. It came out with an obscene sucking sound that made me want to do it all over again. But first, I took the washcloth and cleaned up Uni, who had fallen asleep, then went into the bathroom to take a piss and get cleaned up myself.

When I came out of the bedroom, I realized that I had left the door open. I didn't think much of it, because the only one who could have watched us was Li, and she was passed out in the other room. I took a piss, then decided to take shower. Since it was late, and I was pretty much used to the dark, I decided to leave the lights off. As I was rinsing off, the door opened, and Li walked in, stark naked. She came right up to me, grabbed my dick and said, "I'm horny. I want you to fuck me." Then she dropped to her knees in front of me, took my dick into her mouth, and proceeded to give me one of the best blow-jobs I'd had in months.

After the wad I'd just blown in Uni's ass, I'd have said that there was no way that I could get hard again so soon, but I was wrong. My dick was steel-hard in no time, and Li showed no intention of quitting any time soon.

There wasn't much I could say at this point, so I shut off the shower, reached down and pulled Li to her feet. Now, Uni's a tiny little girl. She doesn't even come up to my arm when I hold it straight out. Li is about 4 inches shorter than Uni, so when she stood straight up, the top of her head came to about the center of my stomach. The head of my dick was just nestled between her tits, which I thought was a pretty nice place for it. She stood on tip-toe, I bent over, and we kissed for a while.

I had one arm wrapped around her shoulders, and was reaching down with the other to get a handful of her cute little ass, and rubbing her cunt from behind. She had one arm around my waist, had a handful of dick, and was gently stroking it up and down. I broke our lip-lock and said, "If you keep on doing that, it's going to get real messy, real soon." She just giggled at me, then bent over a little and started sucking on the head of my dick. I put a hand behind her head and coaxed her forward, taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth. I felt the head of my dick hit the back of her throat, then she bent her head a little and took the rest of it down her throat, until she had the entire thing in her mouth, and the last few inches lodged in her throat. This was enough to put me over the edge, but then she started to hum, deep in her throat. I lost it then and there, and fired a massive volley of cum down her throat. Rather than pull away, she tried to swallow my cock even further. After she had sucked every last drop of cum out of my balls, she slowly pulled her mouth off my dick and said, "Now you do me." I thought for sure that after two monster shots in such a short time I wouldn't be able to get it up for the rest of the night, but the next words out of her mouth almost made me think I could blow a wad on the spot.

"I want you to do what you did to Uni. I want you to lick my asshole, then fuck me in the ass."

"How do you know about that?"

"On the way home, Uni told me that she was going to let you fuck her in the ass tonight. I watched you do it to her, now do it to me." I reached over and turned the shower back on, and pulled Li close to me. I got the soap and the washcloth and started to wash her real good, especially around the ass. When I was satisfied that she was squeaky clean, I shut off the shower, grabbed a towel, and dried her off, paying particular attention to her tits, cunt and ass. Then she took the towel and made sure I was dry, especially my dick. Then I picked her up and carried her into the spare bedroom.

She turned off all the lights except for a night light, then we laid down and snuggled up together. While we played dueling tongues, I was rubbing her back and ass with one hand and playing with her cunt with the other. She was rubbing my chest with one of her little hands (Koreans are fascinated with hairy chests, and I'm hairier than most), and playing with my dick with the other.

After a few minutes of this, I rolled onto my back and pulled her on top of me. I reached down with both hands and got a grip on her tiny little ass and started pulling her toward me. First I licked my way down to her tits (bigger than average, for a Korean, and her nipples were huge, the size of my thumb, and they got bigger, fast). I sucked and nibbled on her large, sensitive nipples for a while, then pulled her higher and worked my way across her belly, heading toward her pussy. She was already wet, in fact, she was leaving a trail of juice across my chest as I pulled her closer.

Watching me lick and then fuck Uni's ass must have really turned her on, because she started to moan and writhe as soon as I started licking her cunt. When I zeroed in on her clit, she came instantly. She didn't make much noise, but reached down and grabbed my head and tried to push it into her cunt while she mashed herself against my face. Her pussy was running, and my face was getting drenched. After a while, she tried to pull back, but I had my arms around her hips and wasn't letting go. I kept up my work on her clit, with occasional side-trips around her clit, and stabs toward her asshole. After another twenty minutes or so of this, she had come so hard and so often that she couldn't take any more, and just sort of folded over backwards, so she was laying down on my chest, with her cunt and ass in my face.

Since she was laying there, I spread her legs as wide as I could, and started to work my way around her asshole. I couldn't get a good angle on her ass, so I rolled her off me and got up. I put a couple of pillows under her ass and laid back down between her legs. Then I spread her legs apart again so that I could get at her asshole, and started over again. I began by licking her clit for a minute or two, then worked my way down. The crack of her ass was so wet from her cunt-juice running down it that I thought I could probably fuck her ass right now and not need any more lube, but I felt no need to hurry this job.

I began to lick around her asshole, and she reached down with both hands and spread her cheeks as far apart as she could, so I could get at it better. I began teasing her little pucker with the tip of my tongue, meanwhile reaching up with one hand to play with her clit. She really seemed to like that, so I increased the pressure I was applying, until I was running my tongue into her asshole like a small dick. She really liked that!

After about five to ten minutes of tongue-fucking her asshole, she said, "I want you to fuck my ass now", then reached into her purse and pulled out a tube of KY jelly. Then she said, "I want on top" so I rolled over onto my back. She squeezed out a healthy dollop of jelly into her hand, then massaged it onto my dick. Then she got some more and rubbed it over her asshole, giving me a good look as she worked her fingers in and out, preparing her rosebud for my dick.

Then she crouched over me, reached down and grabbed my dick, then lowered her ass until my dick was just touching her ass. I reached down with both hands and spread her ass cheeks as far a I could. She positioned the head at her back passage, then slowly started to lower herself onto it. There was a lot of resistance, and she grimaced a bit, then she seemed to relax a bit, and the head popped into her chute. She stopped then, and waited a bit, then eased down onto my dick a bit at a time, until she had the whole thing lodged in her ass. Then she stopped moving for a little while, just sitting there with my dick in her ass, eyes closed, squeezing and pulling on her nipples, which were huge by now. After a bit, Li started to rock back and forth on my dick, rubbing her clit against me. Then she began to slide up and down on my cock, fucking herself hard with my dick. I reached under her legs with both arms, then pulled her legs toward my shoulders. This overbalanced her, and she had to lean backwards and hold herself up with her hands behind her. Once I had her like this, I sat up, then pulled my legs under myself and kept going until I had her on her back with my dick still in her ass. I pulled her ass into the air and put a couple pillows under it, then went to town.

I started off slow, easing my dick almost all the way out of her ass, then sliding it back in until my balls were up against her ass. Then, as we both got excited, I started to pick up steam, until I was slamming it to her good and hard. She was fingering her clit, and was cumming so hard that she was so wet that it was running down her ass, across my dick, making her tight little ass even slicker. I still had her legs over my shoulders, and had her ass pulled almost straight up in the air, where I was pounding on it like there was no tomorrow.

She cried, "Come on me, I want you to come on my tits!" I felt the rising cum in my balls, and knew that I was about to blow my load all over her. I said, "I'm going to cum now!" pulled my dick out of her ass, and thrust it toward her face. She grabbed it with both hands and started jerking. When I erupted, the first three spurts didn't even arc[not equal]they flew in a straight line from my dick to her face, splattering across her nose, mouth and chin. The rest of it landed on her tits and across her belly, and I thought I was going to pass out from the intensity of my orgasm.

After I stopped shaking, and spent a minute watching Li massage my cum into her tits and wiping it off her face, then licking it off her fingers, I said, "Let's get cleaned up. I've gotta get some sleep, before you and Uni fuck me to death." I helped Li up, then we went into the bathroom and showered clean. Li went down on me again, but I was just too damned beat to get hard again, much less get off. I apologized, and she just said that she'd try again later. Then she went back into her bedroom, and I went into mine, curled up with Uni, and instantly fell asleep.

A few minutes later, or so it seemed, my alarm went off. It was a weekend, but I'd forgotten to turn it off. It stopped after a minute, and I started drifting back to sleep. I was on my back next to Uni, with one arm under her, with her curled up next to me. I was half asleep, fantasizing about Uni's body, and something felt real good. Sleepy, I thought it felt like a pair of lips wrapped around my dick, and I just laid there and enjoyed it. Then, as I slowly woke back up, I realized that someone did have their lips around my dick, and was in fact delivering a first-class blowjob. I cracked one eye open, and Li was going down on me, right next to Uni! I decided that I couldn't move without a chance of waking up Uni, so I just laid there and took it. After I shot my wad, Li licked up all my cum, gave my dick one last kiss, and went back to bed. What a way to start the day!

Uni claimed not to remember getting fucked up the ass that night, but we played the same game several more times. I got into Li's ass again more than once. I even got both of them into bed at the same time, but that's another story.

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