Kosmo: Is Bigger Really Better?


John now had the opportunity to move closer to look at the screen. "Man or horse?" He laughed. Jill laughed as well giving him the option of turning to look at her face and quickly down to her lap. He saw her lacy white panties before she could quickly drop her legs off the chair. He also noticed her blouse was now unbuttoned almost down to her bra. Jill just smiled as she moved to sit properly in her chair.

"What else did you find out?" John asked. The bulge in his trousers was now very apparent to her.

"Some women have said size does not make a difference as long as the man pleases her in other ways." Jill said trying not to look at the shape of his penis in his pants.

"Such as?" John asked. He knew but wanted her to say it.

"I would hope you know of other ways to please a woman." She giggled.

"No tell me." He lied.

"OK. I'll say one and then you say one." She said. "I probably need to list all of them anyway. Touching with your fingers." She smiled and looked at him.

"Touching where?" He grinned. He wanted her to say it.

"God, you are so bad." She smiled as she leaned closer to him smelling his aftershave. "Vagina."

John prick jumped when he heard her say the word. "Outside or inside?" His own penis was now pointing straight outward.

"Both." She laughed. "Your turn."

"Tongue." He said pushing his own pink tip out from his mouth. "Both outside and inside."

"Leg." Jill answered. She could remember all the dry humping she had done as an 18 year old in high school.

"Leg?" John asked, puzzled.

"You know, rubbing against it." She still would not say vagina.

"Oh." He laughed.

"Mechanical devices." He answered. He saw her blank look. "Dildos."

She smiled and wrote it down.

"I guess that's about it." She said not coming up with another answer.

"Not really." John smiled. "We've only involved the vagina."

Jill laughed. "How else can a woman climax?"

"Don't tell me you have never climaxed from the touching and kissing of other parts of your body?"

"No and I doubt it if most women can." She smiled.

"Put it down." He smiled daring her.

Jill knew it was time to see how far this man would go. She did not really want to get involved with a married man but it had been almost four months since she moved out of Sam's apartment. "I guess you will need to prove a claim like that." She said smiling looking him eye to eye.

John coughed not expecting her to trump his ace. He thought about his marriage and the downward direction it had been heading. "Glad to. Your place because we can't go to mine."

Jill was ready to say my place when she noticed Blue turn off her office light.

"Jill, I'm heading........." Blue said stopping when she saw John leaning against Jill's file cabinet. "John." She stared at the huge penis on Jill's screen.

"Hi Blue." John said smiling.

"John has been helping me with some of my research." Jill said trying to downplay everything.

Blue noticed his bulge. "Just remember to draw a line how far you go with research."

"Oh yeah of course." Jill replied.

"I've got to run. See ya in the morning." Blue turned and walked out of the office.

"Now what were we saying?" John asked trying to see if Jill was going to go for it.

"I think we need to both cool off some." Jill said. "However, I was wondering if you think your wife might be interested in doing an interview with me?"

John panicked at first but then realized it might do his marriage some good. Both of them had lost the desire to have sex with each other. Maybe the interview would fire up some sparks in her like it has him. "I'll ask Jan tonight."

"OK." Jill said taking a big breath of air. She was that close taking a married man home with her.


Jake was home putting some beer in the refrig when Blue walked in the door. "Running late again?" He asked.

"Sorry. I hit a lot of traffic." Actually she was not thrilled to be feeding Jake's brother who was not one of her favorite persons. Neither of them really liked the other one and only put up with each other because of Jake. "How about we order pizza?"

"Sure whatever." Jake said, noticeably upset.

Blue called in the pizza order and ran up the stairs to change into her sweatshirt and jeans. As she came back down the stairs the front door bell rang. She pulled it open to see her brother-in-law and his wife. "Hello." She said holding the door open for them. Brad moved in without saying anything but Tina gave her a hug and a weak kiss on her cheek.

"Well don't say hello." Blue said to Brad who had walked past her. "Oh hello woman who stole my brother's heart." He said, smiling.

Blue just smiled at Jake's brother or actually half-brother since he had a different father than her husband. Jake's mom had remarried less than a year after Jake was born. Brad was born shortly thereafter.

"Where's my older bro?" Brad asked.

"In the kitchen." Blue answered. "Let's sit in the parlor." She said to Tina.

The two women talked for a while about shopping, clothes, food, dieting and working out. Tina was in top shape because she was a personal trainer at the local health spa. Tina had long brown hair whereas Blue's hair was a natural blonde. Tina was shorter and more muscular whereas Blue was taller and covered with curves.

"So what's new in work?" Tina asked anxious to hear what the next article was.

"Please don't tell Jake right now but, it's an article on if bigger is better." She grinned.

"You mean?" Tina asked, while smiling.

Blue shook her head yes.

"Hey, if you want to know that just ask." Tina said before realizing what she had said.

"Really?" Blue said with interest. "So you are an expert?"

"Shit I shouldn't have said anything." Tina giggled.

"Come on. You have to tell me now. I won't tell anybody." Blue said, while looking over Tina's head into the kitchen. The two men were sitting at the table drinking a beer.

Tina leaned over and whispered. "Yes, bigger is definitely better."

Blue was over anxious. "Go on."

"My first two lovers were tiny compared to Brad." She grinned.

"Go on." Blue said feeling her throat getting dry from her mouth being open so much.

"Brad is huge. At first we had trouble because I was not used to it. Now, I know I couldn't go back." Tina whispered.

"Define huge." Blue asked.

Tina really didn't know how many inches so she just held out her hands and separated them in front of her body.

Blue's eyes got as big as her mouth when she saw how far apart her sister-in-laws hands were gapped apart. "No way."

Tina saw the surprised which kind of surprised her. "You mean Jake is not as........."

"Big." Blue continued. "It must be the different father thing."

"I'm sorry." Tina said feeling bad for the woman.

"What? Don't be silly. Jake more than satisfies me." She grinned.

"That's what I used to think." Tina continued. "Believe me it's like night and day."

"What makes it so day?" Blue asked.

Tina blushed. She had never talked this frankly with Blue before. "It just fills me up completely. It touches parts of me that I never knew existed before. It is so big the friction causes............." She blushed. "I can't say it."

"Please. What you are saying is what I'm looking for. I won't use your name."

"He is so big my lips are moved up against my clitoris. Every time he moves in and out it drives me wild." Tina said, biting her lower lip.

"Wow." Was all Blue could say.

"So what are you ladies talking about?" Jake said as the men walked into the room.

"Just woman stuff." Tina laughed.

Blue automatically found her eyes drawn to Brad's crotch. Never before had she ever thought about him in a sexual way. Her eyes moved up his body to his face where he was staring at her with interest. He had seen her looking at his zipper. He smiled and she quickly looked away. The door bell rang and the pizza was here.

The rest of the night went as usual. The men watched the wrestling in the basement while the woman continued to gab but now the subject was much more exciting.

"Some women have said size does not make a difference as long as the man can satisfy her in other ways. What do you think about that?" Blue asked.

"Yes, I guess that's true but it's the difference between a slow buildup to a large fire versus fireworks building up to a grand finale." She said.

Blue excused herself and went to the bathroom. All she could think about was how it would be with a large penis inside of her. Her fingers moved down under her jeans and under her panties to her dripping bush. God. She had not masturbated like this since....since she couldn't remember. But, it was so good as she pictured Mark's ten inch shaft sliding into her. She was almost there when suddenly his face turned into her brother-in-laws. She came and had to grab the sink to keep from collapsing.

Later when Brad and Tina were leaving Brad moved up to Blue and pulled her close into his hard body. She was shocked because he had never shown any affection her way and also because she could feel his hardness press up against her stomach. She closed her eyes and concentrated on how big his hardness was. The bottom of the bulge started at her waist line and moved all the way up to the bottom of her breasts. He whispered in her ear, "Tina told me what you were talking about."

Blue pushed him back and glared at Tina who was also being hugged by Jake. "Goodnight." Blue said as she turned and hurried up the stairs.

"What's wrong with her?" Jake asked as Tina and he broke apart.

Brad and Tina just smiled.


Jake never knew what hit him when he walked into the bedroom and saw Blue totally naked on the bed waiting for him. "OK. Now I know something is wrong." He laughed.

"Undress, I have to have you." Blue smiled. Her nipples were rigid and her pussy was moist.

Jake quickly stripped and jumped on top of her. He started to nibble on her perky nips but she pulled his head up. "Don't need that." She moaned as she reached between their bodies and guided his hard tip to her opened and ready hole. "Fuck me." She ordered as she grabbed his ass and pulled him as deep inside of her as possible. She raised her legs to enable him to get as deep as possible.

"God, that feels good." Jake moaned feeling her hot juices encase his joy stick.

"More more give me more." Blue begged as her legs opened wider.

"That's it baby." Jake said trying to push the last few millimeters inside.

"OH." Blue cried. He was the deepest he had ever been and his tip was now touching areas he had never been before. It truly felt so good. She imagined how it would be with Mark or Brad with four or five more inches. It was enough to take her to the summit and see fireworks for the first time in a long time. "I'M COMING!!!" She cried. Jake had not pulled his penis out once.

"Me too." He moaned as his hips pushed in and out, in and out.

"What was that all about?" He asked as they finally got their breaths back.

"I think it's the new article I'm doing." She said smiling and hugging his nude body into hers.

"Well, what ever it is keep it up." He said kissing her on her forehead.


Mark told Maggie about meeting Blue in the library and warned her she may call. He didn't get into the details about how he had told her about his long dong but did say she was doing an article on bigger being better. Mark was pulling out of the driveway on his way to work when the phone rang. Maggie was still in her pajamas as she reached over to answer the phone.

"Maggie?" Blue asked. Blue was sitting in her car down the street from her house. She figured she could possibly stop and see the young woman on the way to work. "Hi, this is Blue McKinsey from KOSMO."

"Oh hello." Maggie said surprised. "Mark said you may call."

Blue told her about the article and asked if she would consider being interviewed.

"Sure why not?" Maggie answered. She had never been accused of being shy.

Maggie gave the woman her address and quickly showered before the door bell rang. She was in her terrycloth robe as she answered the door. The two women exchanged greetings and Maggie ushered her into the living room.

"Is bigger better?" Maggie asked herself before Blue could say anything.

"Mark told you about our conversation yesterday?"

"Yes and no. I'm sure he left out some juicy parts." She laughed. "He has always been a flirt so I'm sure he came on to you."

"Well yes a little but I told him I was older and married." Blue laughed.

Maggie laughed out loud. "Yeah, like that would make any difference."

"I'm missing something here." Blue said surprised about her reaction.

"Mark and I have an open relationship. As long as we tell each other ahead of time we can have sex with others as long as it's safe sex." Maggie's robe had fallen off of one leg and made no effort to pull it back up.

"So you can sleep with any man you want?" Blue asked.

"Yes or any woman." Maggie said waiting for the woman's reaction.

Blue sat back and pulled her dress down her thighs. "Woman?"

"Sure. Actually I find sex with women a whole lot more enjoyable than with a man even one of Mark's size. I'm sure he told you how big he is."

"Well, yes......" She stuttered. "Women too." She repeated.

"I can tell you've never had a woman's mouth on your pussy." Maggie said frankly. "You should try it sometime."

Blue blushed, feeling uneasy about the conversation. She had no doubt Maggie was offering her that experience if she wanted it. "I doubt if my husband would like for that to happen."

"Probably not, unless he got to watch. It's one of Mark's favorite things." Maggie leaned back on the sofa which caused her robe to completely open all the way up to her pink panties. She slowly uncrossed her legs showing Blue her damp crotch and crossed them the other way. This time she did not cover up with the robe.

Blue was sweating as the conversation got hotter and hotter. "Can we get back to Mark? Can you describe how it feels having a large penis inside of you?"

Maggie laughed. "You've never had that experience have you?"

"Well, no not really. My husband pleases me OK." She said feeling on the defensive.

"OK? That doesn't sound like bells and whistles. How can you really write this article unless you have experienced it personally?

"Well, that's not an option. I love my husband and am not going to sleep with another man just for an article."

"Fuck the article!" Maggie exclaimed. "You need to do it for yourself."

"I'm not going to allow another man's penis to enter me." Blue said trying to believe what she was saying.

"How about a woman's?" Maggie grinned. Blue laughed. "When that happens let me know. We can sell a lot of magazines."

"You need to experience how it feels with a large cock up inside of your pussy. I have just the thing upstairs." Maggie said.

Blue finally realized what she was offering. "A dildo?" She laughed.

"Not just a dildo. A huge dildo." Maggie bragged.

"I think I need to get to work." Blue said feeling her knees shaking together. Her body was on fire but her mind was in serious fear. She tried to stand but had to sit back down. "I'm sorry. I'm not sure what's wrong with me." Blue said taking big breaths.

"It's obvious. I'm going upstairs to get the big man. Wait here." Maggie didn't give her a choice.

Blue sat frigidly still waiting the young woman's return. She heard her coming down the stairs and saw her walk into the room carrying a large black box.

"The nice thing about Enrique is that he does not get soft." Maggie laughed as she sat down next Blue and opened the box. Blue's eyes opened wide when she saw the large rubber penis. It did look like the real one even with the same shape and veins. Maggie handed it to her.

"It's Spanish?" Blue laughed. She was feeling more relaxed. Her fingers moved to the base of the long rubber penis and slowly moved up and up until she touched the spongy crown. "It feels like a real one. It's even warm."

"Science has come a LONG way." Maggie laughed. She reached into the box and pulled out a small remote control. Maggie pushed a button and the large dildo vibrated. Blue almost dropped it.

"You should have warned me first." She laughed. Maggie pushed the button again and it started a slow rotation.

"What's this little knob for?" Blue asked as she ran a finger along a small lump at the top back near the base.

"That's the clitty rub." Maggie laughed.

"You're kidding right? There's no way a woman can take this whole thing to allow this knob to rub against her clit."

"I thought so at first too." Maggie giggled. Both women were reaching a high body temp.

"That I would like to see." Blue said not believing the girl.

"OK, if you want." Maggie smiled.

"What? Oh no, that's not what I meant." Blue said nervously.

"I don't mind." Maggie said pulling Enrigue from Blue's hands.

Blue thought about running out the door but her curiosity keep her ass glued to the seat.

"It comes with a tube of cream to make it go in easier but I've never had to use it." Maggie giggled. She leaned back on the sofa and pulled her robe open until her pink undies showed. A damp spot was apparent on the crotch.

Blue watched as Maggie pulled her pink thongs under her ass and down her muscular thighs. Maggie shamelessly opened her legs showing Blue her wide opened shaved pussy. She had never seen the detail Maggie was now presenting to her. Both the outer and inner lips were so wide Maggie's hard clitoris and large opening was easily seen. Droplets of moisture cling to the pink flesh.

"Here." Maggie said handing the remote to Blue. "It's much more satisfying if someone else does the honor."

Blue wished she had her camera as Enrique's tip moved up and down, right and left over the damp pussy. The pink tip glistened as Maggie lifted her ass and pushed the rubber man slowly inside of her. Five inches moved easily inside and Maggie stopped. "Push the button."

Blue's fingers trembled as she did as the girl said. Maggie's hips suddenly rose as the faint hum of the vibrator came on. "Wooo." Maggie moaned. It usually took more than five inches to get her hot like this but with a strange woman watching she was already filled with passion before Enrique entered. Maggie smiled at Blue as she pushed three more inches of the vibrating cock up inside of her. Maggie held the dildo in place with one hand as she opened the top of her robe showing Blue her creamy white breasts with hard pink nips. Her fingers moved slowly to lightly pinch the rigid buds.

Blue realized Maggie was not just showing her how to use the dildo; she was actually fucking herself to completion with it. She felt the moisture dripping from her own pussy as she watched Maggie push another two inches inside. The clitty rub was only an inch or two away from the small mound of flesh.

"God. It's never felt this.....good.....be...fore." Maggie panted. Her eyes were closed as she spread her legs wider and lifted her hips to allow the Spanish Stallion to forge the final two inches. As the vibrating clitty rub touched her passion button she screamed. "OH SHIT!" Her hips were now pushing upward and her thighs were quivering.

Blue was ready to turn the dildo off in case Maggie's heart stopped beating.

"PUSH.........THE.........BUTTON.........A....GAIN!" Maggie screamed. The veins in her neck were pushing outward.

Blue did as she said and heard the dildo stop vibrating. Maggie's eyes opened wide as the rubber invader started to rotate. The woman's hips moved in rhythm around and around. "OH YES, OH YES!"

Blue hand was now pressing downward into her dress against her own pussy while Maggie's body was getting fucked. As her hand moved down to slide up under the hem Maggie climaxed.

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