tagIllustratedKrampus vs Santa

Krampus vs Santa


Thick snow covered the streets, and even at the late hour, full of shoppers out looking for those last-minute gifts. Katrina was busy texting on her phone when the car pulled up to the curb in front of her building. She thanked the driver before stepping out and heading up the walkway, moving slowly so that she didn't fall. The building super had done a good job salting the concrete, but Katrina had enjoyed more than a few drinks at the company's Christmas party, and felt a little unsteady on her feet.

Katrina took the elevator up to her floor, and after a few attempts managed to unlock the door to her apartment. She sat the present she had received in the Secret Santa gift swap on her sofa. Luckily, one of the older partners at the firm had drawn her name and had given her an expensive designer handbag. The price limit for the gift was set at twenty dollars, so Katrina knew that a four-hundred-dollar gift came with attached strings.

Carl Harris had given Katrina two gifts. The first gift, which he gave her in front of her coworkers was a snow globe he had picked up from a local drugstore. The second was the handbag which he gave her behind the closed door of his office. Katrina gushed over the expensive item before giving the older man a peck on the cheek. Of course, Katrina was only teasing, and not much later was on her knees sucking his cock.

A few people knocked on Carl's door while Katrina was busy swallowing his cock, but each time he sent them away, saying that he was on an important call. Katrina used all her considerable skills and it didn't take long before she felt Carl's thick come rolling down the back of her throat. She thanked him once again for the gift before checking her lipstick and was ready to return to the party when he stopped her.

"Oh dear Katrina, it seems like I still need a little more attention. I can't go back to the party in such a state," he said, pointing to his still hard cock.

A blowjob was usually enough for Carl, but Katrina could hardly refuse him after such an expensive gift. However, she was in the Christmas mood and didn't mind giving Carl a little something extra. She slipped off her panties, bent over his desk and presented him with her festively pink pussy. She giggled as he first buried his face between her cheeks and licked her fragrant mound. He then stood, and she gasped when pushed his knob deep into her creamy tunnel.

Carl's stamina surprised Katrina and he fucked with the vigor of a man less that twice his age. She hadn't planned on coming herself, but finally slid a hand back between her legs, where she furiously rubbed her clit as he slammed his cock into her pussy. She came a few moments before he did, her orgasm being the extra stimulation he needed.

After cleaning up in the women's washroom, Katrina returned to the party where she nibbled on hors d'oeuvre's and enjoyed a few well-deserved drinks. She left earlier than in previous years as she had promised to visit her parents early the next morning.

Now that she was home, all that Katrina wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep, but she still needed to wrap the presents she had purchased for her parents. She turned on her Christmas lights, poured herself a glass of wine and managed to finish wrapping before the glass was empty. Once done, she took her glass to her bedroom, where she turned on the television to catch the all night marathon of 'A Christmas story'.

Katrina intended to remove her Christmas party dress, but within a few minutes fell asleep amongst the soft pillows and comforter. She slept for a while, but soon awoke to the faint sound of laughter. She blindly reached for the remote and turned off the television, leaving the room bathed in the flickering of the multi colored lights strung over the window.

Katrina pulled the comforter over her head and burrowed down amongst the pillows. The soft warmth was lulling her back to sleep when she heard the laughter again. It was now more of a giggle, and it came from more than one source. She tried to ignore it, but finally grabbed the remote and sat up, fully prepared to force the television silent. However, as the world slowly materialized in her eyes, she found that the television was already off. She shook her head and started to lie back down but stopped when she heard the giggles again. They were coming from behind her partially open door.

"What the fuck?" Whispered Katrina, her exclamation met with more giggles.

"Patty is that you?" She called out.

Katrina shared the apartment with her roommate Patty, who had left that morning for her own vacation.

"Nope, nope, nope. Not Patty. Not Patty," replied the giggling voices.

Katrina shook her head. She was sure that she could hear many voices, but how could that be? The space behind the door was barely large enough to fit a child. She quickly decided that she had drank too much at the party.

"I want to go back to sleep now. I'm done with this dream," she said with a dismissive wave of her hand.

"Oh not a dream. Very real yes. Very real," said the voices.

Katrina was beginning to lie back down when she saw something move. She leaned forward, peered into the darkness, and watched as a small hand emerged from behind the door. The hand belonged to a small red-skinned man, with horns and the legs of a goat. Katrina watched as the little man stepped out of the darkness. She first thought it some sort of toy, set up as a prank by Patty, but quickly changed her mind as another stepped out of the darkness, followed by at least a dozen more.

"What the hell?" Katrina muttered.

One of the little goat-men raised a finger and wagged it.

"No, no, not hell. Different place, not hell," he said, scolding her.

"What are you?" She asked, unafraid. The little men were creepy, and there were a bunch of them, but they were only eight inches tall at best. If they proved a problem, she could always step on them. Besides, she felt sure she was dreaming and knew there was nothing she could do to change it.

"We are the Belsnickel and follow he who punishes," said another one of the little men as he pushed his way to the front of the pack.

Katrina shrugged and sighed with exasperation.

"That doesn't really tell me a lot, now does it? So if you don't mind, I'm going to try and go back to sleep now and get out of this dream," she said, having quickly grown tired of the bizarre dream.

As if an answer to her proclamation, a loud thump erupted from behind the door, shaking it on its hinges. The Belsnickels giggled and began jumping up and down.

"What was that?" asked Katrina, the loud noise frightening her.

"He's here! He's here!" cried the little men.

A full-sized hand with skin as black as pitch grabbed the edge of the door. Katrina watched as the door slowly swung inward, clicking into the doorframe and sealing the room shut. An unnatural patch of darkness filled the corner behind the door, and Katrina stared, transfixed as the hand hovered in the darkness. Another hand thrust forward from the inky shadow, and along with its partner pulled a figure from the nothingness.

The figure pulled itself into existence, and stepped from the darkness as if climbing through a pool of water. It turned briefly and reached back into the nothingness, where it pulled forth a large sack and a bundle of long switches. The creature turned and stepped further into the room, becoming fully visible in the soft glow of the Christmas lights.

"Oh holy shit! What the fuck?" Katrina cried out as she backpedaled up the bed, colliding hard with the headboard.

The creature was not a man at all, and although he shared some traits with the diminutive Belsnickels, was vastly different and far more frightening. Like his hands, the rest of his body was black as night. Horns grew from its head, long, thick black hair hung past his shoulders, and his eyes glowed red like hot coals. His legs were like that of a powerful goat, his hooves striking like hammers on the hardwood floor. Around his neck, he wore a necklace, adorned with a single gold bell that jingled as he moved.

Katrina viewed the creature in its entirety, and couldn't miss that it wore what looked like red leather chaps. Although the creature scared her like nothing ever had before, she stared in fascination at the creatures thick cock as it swung between its legs.

"Who are you? What do you want?" asked Katrina, her voice shaking.

The creature smiled, and Katrina shuddered as she saw its sharp teeth. It's pink tongue and gums made it appear even more frightful and savage as it smiled, its eyes burning into hers.

"I am Krampus dear child, and you know why I am here," he replied, his voice deep with the slight hiss of a snake.

"I...I...I...don't know you or why you are here," stammered Katrina.

Krampus laughed and the sound echoed through the room, drowning out the giggling of the Belsnickels who had joined in.

"It's my job to punish the naughty and you've done more than enough this year to earn your spot on the list," he said with a grin as he dropped the sack and abandoned the bundle of switches.

Katrina found that she did remember Krampus. He was a mythological creature like Santa Claus. Her grandmother told her about Krampus when she was a child, and that while Santa rewarded good boys and girls with presents, Krampus punished the bad ones.

"Hold on a moment. I'm not a child. You only punish children,' Katrina said, trying to find a loophole. Working at a law firm had taught that there was usually a way out of any situation.

"I am as old as time. All of your kind are children to me," he said with a grin.

Katrina searched her memory for what else she knew about Krampus. He didn't punish children for a first offense, but gave them a year to clean up their act.

"Okay, but you've never visited me before, and from what I've heard, you don't punish anyone on the first visit," she said smugly.

The Krampus had been slowly moving toward the bed, but stopped and growled, his mouth twisting into what Katrina thought was a pout.

"Look, you can beg, plead, or say what you want, but I make the rules. I'll punish you if I want," he said before letting out a powerful huff that caused the Belsnickels to take a step back.

Katrina frantically looked around the room, trying to find a way out. She briefly thought of trying to climb out of the window, but she was on the fifth floor and knew that would end badly.

"Look, why don't you tell me what I did wrong this year and I'll make sure not to do it again? How's that?" she said as Krampus moved to the side of the bed.

"No, no, no. I will punish you in a manner that is appropriate for your naughtiness. Only then will you learn to be better," Krampus said as he reached her side.

Katrina turned, intent on leaping from the other side of the bed, but found the Belsnickels blocking her way. She spun back around and it surprised her to not only find Krampus now by her side, but a new and even more frightening development. The Christmas demons cock was now fully erect and mere inches from her face. She found Krampus alone frightening, but his cock would have been equally scary as a dildo.

"Wait, what are you doing?" she said as the demon climbed onto the bed, grabbing her wrists and pinning her down.

"There will be no more talking. I can smell your naughtiness and it's time for your punishment," he growled, his nostrils flaring as he sniffed the air.

Katrina felt Krampus's knob pressing against her belly and freaked at the thought of him trying to force the huge monster into her pussy. She struggled but couldn't break free and prepared for the worst as she felt him pull back his hips. She expected him to drive his huge cock into her, so it came as a surprise when he started slowly rocking his hips, dragging his huge knob back and forth against her clit. Despite her fear, she felt herself becoming aroused and soon felt a trickle of moisture oozing from between her lips.

Krampus sniffed the air like an animal, smelling her arousal and knowing she was ready for him. He pulled his hips back further, his thick knob dropping and wedging between her now slippery lips. He was just about to push forward when a bright, sparkling light filled the room. The Krampus reared up and muttered what Katrina could only think was a curse.

The light was coming from behind her dresser, and Katrina watched as the piece of mahogany furniture stretched and began changing colors. She couldn't believe her eyes as it changed into a fireplace, with red bricks, a huge stone mantle and even a roaring fire that she could feel. The Belsnickels retreated to the foot of the bed, grumbling and chittering as they peeked out from behind the footboard.

Katrina heard the sound of hooves dancing on the roof, which she thought especially odd since it was a ten-story building and she was on the fifth floor.

"Ho, ho, ho!" Came a voice from up the chimney.

Katrina hadn't believed in Santa Claus since she was a child but she still bounced excitedly on the bed when she saw him pop out of the fireplace. He was dressed as the legends said in his red suit and hat, both trimmed with white fur. He smiled at first, but scowled as he caught sight of Krampus. He huffed and pulled a walkie-talkie from his belt.

"Santa to team, I have a code K. Repeat, I have a code K," he said calmly.

The sound of jingling bells echoed down the chimney, and from the fireplace behind Santa emerged twelve elves. They were all females, dressed in red and green outfits, each holding a candy cane like a weapon. One thrusted her candy cane toward the Belsnickels, but Santa stopped her with a wave of his hand.

"What are you doing here Krampus?" Santa asked in a deep, booming voice.

"I'm doing what I always do. She's naughty and deserves to be punished," snarled Krampus.

"What!" Santa bellowed. From within his belt, he pulled a book larger than the largest encyclopedia. He flipped it open and peered down at the page.

"I have her on my nice list. You are mistaken," Santa said before snapping the book shut and stuffing it back into his belt where it disappeared.

Krampus growled at one of the brave elves who had inched her way toward the bed.

"No, it's your book that's wrong. I don't need such things. I can smell her naughtiness," he snarled.

Santa Claus scoffed at the mere thought that his book was wrong.

"I know all about Katrina, and that's why I'm here to bring her a special present," he explained.

Santa's certainty angered Krampus. He climbed off the bed to stand in front of the Jolly old elf.

"Over the last year she has fornicated her way to two promotions at her job, and tonight alone used her carnal skills to obtain wealth. That...is...naughty," growled Krampus, punctuating his last three words by poking Santa in the chest with one of his talon tipped fingers.

Santa fixed Krampus with an angry gaze and drew in a deep breath.

"A few deeds don't make you naughty. Besides, she's done more than enough to make up for any indiscretions she may have made. I know that her time with each of those men provided them with great joy. In fact, her actions tonight may have helped save Carl Harris's life. He was feeling incredibly depressed, but not anymore. She's used her increased salary to help her parents, and have purchased them lovely Christmas presents to show them her love. That puts her on the 'Nice' list. Now move out of the way so I can give her my gift," Santa explained, taking the opportunity to tap his finger against Krampus's chest.

Santa waved his hand and Katrina gasped as she watched his pants and boots disappear. He wasn't in the same shape as Krampus, but he was sporting an erection as large and erect as the demons. He stepped around his adversary and headed towards the bed, but Krampus proved the faster of the two. He leaped over the bed, landed on the other side and grabbed hold of one of Katrina's arms.

"No, I got here first, she's mine to punish," he growled.

Santa wasn't ready to concede, and proved his own quickness as he grabbed Katrina's other arm.

"No, she is not naughty enough for you. Now let go so I can give her my gift," Santa growled.

The two mythological figures pulled her back and forth until her arms started to ache. They continued arguing, each laying claim to her until she couldn't take anymore.

"Wait!" she yelled, her outburst surprising them both.

"What is it Katrina?' asked Santa in a fatherly tone.

"Let me get this right. He wants to fuck me as a punishment, and you want to fuck me as a present?" she asked, looking back and forth between the two.

Santa and Krampus glared at each other, neither relaxing their hold on Katrina.

"Yes," they said simultaneously.

"However, my gift is genuine, while he is using his position for his own gain," Santa added.

"Oh don't give me that lump of coal. You just want her to believe that your gift isn't more for you than it is for her," snickered Krampus.

Katrina didn't know what to do, and was trying to think her way out of the stalemate when one of the elves stepped forward. She was pulling a frightened looking Belsnickel by the hand.

"Santa, Santa! This...creature said something that might help. Tell him," she said, pushing the timid Belsnickel forward.

"W...well, couldn't you both take turns. I mean...she might not be completely naughty, but maybe she still needs a little punishing to keep her on the right track. You know..., a little preventative action?" he said, cowering as Krampus fixed him with a withering gaze.

Santa Claus looked at the two diminutive helpers, thought about it, and then turned his attention back to Krampus.

"I think that might be appropriate in this case. I can share in the spirit of Christmas," he said with a jolly smile.

Krampus pondered the offer to make sure that Santa wasn't trying to trick him. After a few seconds, he smiled too, his white teeth almost glowing against his dark lips.

"I agree, and will share. In the name of Christmas of course," said Krampus.

Things had went from strange, to bad and finally worse for Katrina. She had went from fending off a big-dicked demon who would surely wreck her pussy, to contending with two monster cocks that not even the most experienced porn star could handle. She whipped her head from side to side and struggled to get free.

"No way, you'll tear me in half!" she cried.

"Ho, ho, ho! Don't worry dear. Our holiday magic will make sure that you come to no harm. In fact, I think this will be a Christmas Eve that you'll never forget," laughed Santa as he released her arm.

"But you will be punished," added Krampus with a wag of his finger.

Santa Claus nodded in agreement, but smiled down at Katrina.

"I love your choice of clothing, but I think you'll find it more comfortable if we remove some of it," he said, and with a wave of his hand made her dress disappear.

Krampus now smiled as well, but Katrina didn't find his comforting as she did Santa's warm grin. She shivered as the demons eyes roamed over her body. She figured that with the conflict solved, he would demand to be the first to fuck her, but that wasn't the case. Krampus surprised Katrina when he climbed onto the bed, moved down her body and settled between her legs. He pushed her thighs back, leaned forward and sniffed her wet pussy, licking his lips with his long red tongue.

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