tagLesbian SexKris and Kelli Ch. 02

Kris and Kelli Ch. 02


The kiss was so passionate, so intense; it lit up senses and sensations that Kelli had never experienced before. But then again, she had never been kissed by a woman in this way before and certainly never been kissed in such a loving, tender, sensual and unhurried way.

Kelli just absorbed the warmth and tenderness of Kris's touch and tongue as both explored her body. This was so different, so unusual, such a different journey for a Friday night. Usually she was out clubbing, sometimes ending up with a one night stand if she didn't have a regular boyfriend at the time. She realised that it had been two months since she and Greg had split up and it was two months since she had had a night of sex, let alone lovemaking. Maybe that was why she had enjoyed feeling the hard on pressing up against her earlier; maybe that was why she was now 'enjoying' the sensations coursing through her body as she embraced Kris.

She knew Kris was about five or six years old than her; she could feel Kris's full figure in her arms as they kissed, and she loved the weight of Kris's breasts pulled tight against her own more modest breasts. Kelli sometimes felt that her 34B breasts were too small, but she had never had any complaints from her boyfriends, and she always dressed in such a way that they were shown off in proportion to the rest of her body. She knew from sitting in meetings that older male colleagues would stare in her direction, probably taking more pleasure in admiring the firmness wrapped in a tight blouse rather the content of the meeting that they should be paying more attention to. Yes, overall Kelli felt good about herself, but now she was feeling something new, something different, something wonderful; she was starting to feel horny for the women that was kissing and caressing her firm lithe body and the feelings that generated inside her. So she started to respond.

Kris was thoroughly enjoying the slow sensual seduction of this younger woman in her arms. Kris wasn't a lesbian, she just enjoyed any form of sex and lovemaking that was available when she fancied it or when an opportunity arose. She had sat in project team meetings and admired Kelli's body and style as much as her male colleagues sat around her. She also knew they stared at her as well, but she made sure they knew that she knew they were doing it and that they had been caught by staring straight back at them. Maybe that's why they looked at Kelli more because she seemed totally oblivious to it.

'What nonsense passes through my mind when I should be focused on enjoying and pleasuring this young woman,' Kris thought as she tongued the warm wet mouth attached to her lips; and her hand roved over Kelli's tight arse. 'Kelli doesn't understand the beauty she has,' Kris thought, 'but she might once I get her clothes off and get between her thighs.'

'Time to move on,' thought Kris as she slid her hand around Kelli's hips to her crotch, where she firmly cupped Kelli so there was no misunderstanding where she wanted to take the rest of the evening. She wanted to be in Kelli's pussy but she didn't want to scare the girl off either. But she could feel the heat emanating from the mound cupped in her hand and she loved what that did to her own feelings and she hoped Kelli was feeling the same way. 'Only one way to find out,' Kris thought as she undid the button at Kelli's waist and eased down her zipper.

'Oh my God!' Kelli thought as she felt Kris cup her mound, 'that feels so good, please don't stop.' Then she felt Kris undo her trouser button and slide down her zipper. 'Oh yes Kris, this feels better than some half pissed bloke on a Friday night.'

Kris slid her fingers into the top of Kelli's panties, and they felt thin, obviously micro mesh, the same as her bra. Then she broke the kiss.

"I want to make love to you," Kris stated plainly.

Kelli wasn't surprised that Kris was so upfront, 'why beat about the bush?' she thought, then she smiled, 'especially when she could be sliding her fingers down into my bush!'

"I would love you to," Kelli whispered in return and then she leant forward to resume kissing this beautiful woman who was now going to do and show her things that she had never experienced before.

With that Kris slid her fingers down inside Kelli's panties to find a thick bush of hair guarding a hot pussy that awaited her travelling fingers as they headed south to the treasures that she had desired for so long.

Kelli nearly swooned as the fingers raked through her bush and found the tight but moist lips of her pussy. She eased her legs apart to give Kris better access to her pussy, whilst her own hand reached down to grip one of Kris's shapely, full womanly buttocks.

Kris could feel the hot smooth skin of Kelli's slit ease apart as she applied slight pressure to the folds, only to be rewarded by the moist inner skin to her pussy entrance. Getting a little of Kelli's juices on her finger tip she lifted her hand up slightly to seek & find Kelli's clit.

'OH MY GOD,' Kelli's senses screamed to her brain, 'we want more of this.' Kelli instinctively reached up to grip one of Kris's full breasts in her hand through the furry Angora sweater.

Kelli broke the kiss, "Please don't tease me, I want and need you now," Kelli almost begged Kris.

To make sure, Kris slid her finger back down to Kelli's pussy lips and eased them apart.

Kelli thought she would pass out as she felt Kris's long slender finger penetrate her hot wet snatch. "GOD YES," she praised.

Kris knew that the seduction was complete and total. She had this beauty dancing on the end of her finger and it was time to make the next move. Looking up she saw the edge of the huge board room table was just a few feet away so she carefully eased Kelli backwards while still keeping her finger buried deep in Kelli's snatch; and Kelli kept a firm hold on her breast which was tormenting Kris to hell and back. Kris just wanted to get Kelli's clothes off, eat her out and then explore the rest of her body.

The sensation of being walked backwards by a finger buried deep inside almost made Kelli pass out. She nearly orgasmed on the penetrating finger and probably would have done if she haven't been so focused on staying upright. Then she felt her bum bump against the edge of the table and she looked into Kris's eyes to see them full of desire and passion. Then suddenly those eyes were gone as Kris sank to her knees in front of Kelli.

As Kris's face drew level with Kelli's crotch she could easily smell the musky aroma of hot female pussy and she wanted it now. She could understand why men rushed at a woman, especially once they got the scent of a woman in heat; ready to be fucked or even made love to. Kris ran her hand up the back of Kelli's calves through her trousers; they were slimmer than her own, but they felt good. Then she was onto the back of her thighs and finally she cupped Kelli's tight buttocks through her trousers.

"Time for these to go," she instructed Kelli as she gripped the waistband and slowly, very slowly pulled them down over Kelli's hips.

"What beautiful panties," Kris praised as the micro mesh came into full view, "and what a fine looking pussy you have Kelli," as the trousers started to drop below her crotch.

Suddenly Kelli felt Kris's hot wet lips on the cool flesh of her inner thigh as she felt her trousers finish their journey across her calves and down onto her ankles. Kelli stepped out of them so she could ease her legs further apart to give her new lover access to her crotch and hopefully the orgasm she craved.

"You are so beautiful Kelli, spread your legs a little wider for me please," Kris encouraged and was pleased to see Kelli respond immediately.

"What a fantastic pussy," Kris whispered to herself as she licked slowly up the inside of Kelli's thigh before moving across on to the fine mesh of Kelli's panties that were the last defence before her tongue would sink into the damp pussy in front of her face. Then Kris extended her tongue further and licked vertically all the way up the full length of her pussy lips, over her clit and into her bush; all through the fine texture of her panties.

"OH MY GOD, that is so beautiful." Kelli crooned as she grabbed handfuls of red ringlets and pulled Kris's face tight onto her pussy; and waves of pleasure surged through her pussy.

Kris reached around to grip the lower curves of Kelli's buttocks rested against the edge of the table as she decided to bring Kellie to an easy orgasm. Two quick hard licks pushed the material into the fold of Kelli's pussy lips, helped by pushing her fingers into the crack of Kelli's arse to pull the gusset taut between her legs.

Kelli felt her legs go weak at this new form of pleasure that was so gentle, so feminine, and so stimulating. The feel of the material sinking into her pussy turned her on even more than she have previously imagined. The mesh rubbing inside her pussy lips made the juices flow inside her as they cascaded down onto Kris's now invading tongue. She had read in women's magazines that 'lesbian sex' meant to heighten your feelings more than with a man, but now she finally knew it was true. But then the tongue headed up, pushed harder and finally rubbed hard across her clit. It was like someone had pushed the plunger on a detonator in a cowboy film as her pussy exploded in a river of juices. She sagged back against the edge of the table as the orgasm absorbed her energy and radiated new sensations throughout her body. It wasn't as if she had never experienced an orgasm before, either by her boyfriends or even her own fingers; but she had never experienced an orgasm on the end of a woman's tongue before. It felt more wonderful, more powerful, more tender; and more intense all at the same time. She just pulled Kris's face harder against her crotch as she screamed out loud, "Aaargh, Kris ....... YES .......Yes ........ Please don't stop ...... Please don't stop ....... Please I need more ...... Please Kris!"

Kris drank the nectar flowing through the mesh as her face was rammed tight against Kelli's pussy and she continued to lap up and down the mesh; licking up the juices and then lapping across the now erect clit; before heading down again for some more nectar. Kris was amazed at the strength of Kelli's first orgasm, 'Maybe she has never been with a woman before,' Kris wondered.

Kris knew she wanted more of this beauty dancing on her tongue, and she needed these panties out of the way ..... fast!

Kelli felt Kris's hands grab the waist band of her sodden panties and she eased off the edge of the table briefly to allow her panties to be tugged out of her pussy and quickly down her spread thighs. She had to pull her weakened jelly like legs together to allow Kris to get them down all the way and then stepped out of them. But she felt Kris would have probably ripped them off anyway as she felt Kris wanted more of her as well.

As soon as the panties had been discarded Kris instructed "Lie back on the table, I want to eat you out!" and to emphasise that fact she grabbed the back of Kelli's warm thighs and started to lift them so Kelli fell backwards onto the board room table.

Kelli tipped backwards until her head reached the table top and felt her legs being lifted high and wide by Kris who was as eager as Kelli for more female sex. Kelli looked down to see Kris holding her legs high and wide apart, with a lustful grin on her face and traces of her pussy juices smeared around her lips. Kelli thought Kris looked extremely sexy and wanted Kris to continue what she had been doing. Kelli reached between her legs with both hands and peeled her sodden pussy lips wide apart with her fingers in open invitation to Kris.

"Kelli you are so beautiful and I want you," praised Kris as she started to bend at the waist and lowered her lips to Kelli's spread lips. Kris licked her own lips in anticipation of the treasure in front of her and admired Kelli's exposed clit as the jewel in the crown.

Slowly Kris's lips came into contact with Kelli's wide open sex, and both of them sighed out loud in pleasure as they were so caught up in this special moment as Kelli experienced female love for the first time.

Kris admired the pink sodden pussy as her lips sealed against it and she instinctively plunged her tongue as far into the depths of Kelli as she could.

"Aaargh ..... Oh my god ...... Oh my god Kris ....oh Kris," Kelli groaned out loud.

Kris was intent to ensure that Kelli's introduction to female love was the best that she could make it, and in the process obtain pleasure for herself as well.

Kris's head bobbed up and down as she withdrew her tongue from the sodden depths to begin long lapping licks up the full length of Kelli's still spread pussy. Her tongue spreading Kelli's juices up and down the smooth spread flesh, all the time heightening the nerve ends in Kelli's flesh.

"You are so wet and so fresh," Kris slurped out loud as she continued to lap the sweet nectar spilling from Kelli's pussy.

"Eat me out, please bring me off ..... please don't stop," Kelli begged from the table top.

Kris gently eased Kelli's legs closer together and laid them either side of her head onto her shoulders, and Kelli released her pussy lips and started to run her fingers through Kris's ringlets.

As Kris continued to eat out the nectar that flowed down her throat, helped on its way by her lapping tongue, Kelli's hips started to gyrate and hump on the table, meshing her pussy hard into Kris's hungry mouth.

Now Kris wanted to bring Kelli off in style so she gripped the top of Kelli's thighs to pull her legs to ninety degrees which gave her better penetration of Kelli's juicy depths; and it also brought Kelli's breasts within reach for the first time. As Kris continued to eat Kelli's pussy for all she was worth, her hand travelled up over Kelli's slim stomach to reach the smooth under slope of her encased 34B breasts. Gently her fingertips stretched up the firm flesh to search out the hardened erect nipple she was sure she would find. She wasn't disappointed.

Kelli shivered as she felt Kris's hands run over her flat stomach and continue to the underside of her heaving flesh. Each nerve end in her breasts lit up to feel the most intimate of womanly touches, the same as a woman responds to the touch of her child with the basic need to suckle. As the soft fingertips ran over her pliant flesh through her t-shit and bra Kelli experienced new, unknown sensations that were triggering a state of arousal that she had never experienced before; and her juices flowed accordingly.

And Kris fully appreciated this fact as she continued to lap at such a fresh, succulent and free flowing pussy.

Finally her fingertips ran over Kelli's bullet hard nipple; groans issued forth from both women in pleasure and anticipation for new pleasures still to be enjoyed. Kelli's back arched off the table in appreciation.

Kelli needed more and reached down to tug up her t-shirt; and then hauled up on the underside of her bra to expose her young firm breasts to Kris's exploring fingertips. Bringing her thumb and forefinger together around the upright nipple gave pleasure both ways; so Kris brought up her other hand as well to tease and tantalise the other nipple at the same time.

"Please don't stop Kris .......... please, it feels unbelievable," Kelli groaned, her back still arched high between the two areas of stimulation.

In response Kris pulled on her nipples before pressing them back into the warm flesh of

Kelli's breasts.

"Ohhh Yyeeess," Kelli sighed in pleasure.

Kris massaged the tender breasts continually as her mouth moved up to cover Kelli's clit; and then she sucked down hard on Kelli's erect sensitive bud causing Kelli to arch further and scream out load.

Two minutes of this was all Kelli could stand before her body surrendered totally and orgasmed. Her legs clamped instinctively around Kris's head as she creamed a flood of juices from her pussy; her back stayed airborne and her nipples ached like never before.

"Baby ..... Baby ..... Oh God, Kris.!!!"

Then she nearly passed out as her pussy lips spasmed in the most sensational and powerful orgasm she had ever experienced in her young life. Her brain just couldn't handle the overload of sensations being received from the heightened nerve endings throughout her body. She just tripped on a wave of pleasure, stimulation, joy, love, wetness, ....... all rolled into one.

Kris struggled to breathe between Kelli's thighs as she enjoyed tormenting Kelli through such a prolonged orgasm. But it was too much for her as well as she too orgasmed to soak her panty gusset inside her tailored tight striped trousers. Her pussy throbbing and creaming, desperate for some personal attention.

Finally Kris eased off and allowed Kelli to settle flat on the table as the clenched thighs finally released their grip on her head.

Kris stood up with Kelli's juices dripping from her lips and chin; and offered Kelli her hand to pull her upright on the edge of the table.

They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed gently at first as the orgasms ebbed in their bodies. They hugged each other tight to support each other and to declare their new found love for what was happening between them this evening. Kelli had never known feelings & yearnings like this before; Kris had and she enjoyed the returning feelings like a drug addict getting their first fix in a month. Kelli's breasts were squashed tight against the woollen sweater and the feeling made her nipples even harder as she felt the warmth of Kris's breast through the wool. But she now needed to feel Kris naked against her, she wanted to return the love and tenderness that she was being shown ...... she wanted Kris in a way that she had never wanted anyone before ...... and she wanted her now.

As the passion increased in their kiss and Kelli enjoyed the taste of her own juices on Kris's tongue; Kelli started to ease up the bottom of Kris's sweater. Slowly it rose until it's snugness met the under side of Kris's heaving bra, filled with firm 34D tits. Kris broke the kiss and stood back to make it easier for Kelli to pull the sweater over her tits and off over her head.

Kelli swooned as she watched Kris's long ringlets fall out of the now departing sweater and cascade over the smooth skin of Kris's bare shoulders and tumble down onto the upper slope of her breasts.

"My God, Kris you are so beautiful," Kelli sighed in open appreciation of the woman's full body stood in front of her. Kelli's hands instinctively reached up to cup and support Kris's weighty breasts through her bra. Kris reached behind to release her bra as she wanted Kelli to explore her breasts unhindered. Kris eased the straps off her shoulders and then watched as Kelli slowly peeled the bra away with wonder in her eyes like a kid unwrapping a parcel on Christmas morning. Then Kris was stood there in all of her womanly glory in front of Kelli. Kelli's eyes were wide open and starry as she openly admired the beauty of Kris. But then her hand discarded the bra; and reached forward to cup and support the firm breasts hanging proudly in front of her.

Both women sighed long and loud as Kelli's fingers wrapped themselves around the two mounds of hot pliant flesh. They leaned towards each other and kissed as their warm naked flesh met as their breasts pressed together.

Their mouths were hot and their tongues danced an intimate dance together; but Kris had light the fires of womanly passion inside Kelli; and Kelli wanted more. Reluctantly Kelli broke the kiss and tilted her head down to kiss Kris's neck. Kris sighed in hot appreciation, she loved her lovers attending to her body and she was looking forward to Kelli taking care of her needs right now.

Kelli slid off the edge of the table and bent her knees slightly and kissed Kris's bare shoulders before starting downwards onto the gentle upper slope of Kris's breasts which she still held in her hands. Slowly her lips kissed across the curving flesh until she trailed into the magnificent cleavage that was before her.

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