tagLoving WivesKris the College Mate

Kris the College Mate


Jessica bumped into Kris at a departmental store where she had gone to pick up a few things. He looked a changed guy as far as appearance went, so much so that she was doubtful whether it was her college mate but he recognized her immediately.

"Hi Jessy, you haven't changed a bit. You look the same after, what 5 years?" he asked.

"Yes Kris, five years it must be since we left college. I am married and I live nearby. Have you moved here?" she asked.

"No, I came to visit my friend. I am not married. Had a girlfriend for two years and it didn't work out well. I had no good job and I thought she would be a burden and left her," he said.

"Oh! I know you well enough so I won't say sorry. You were always like that, avoiding relationship," Jessica said.

"No, Jessy. I can't afford to be tied to a woman. Well, do you live nearby?"

"Yes, why don't you come home and have something to drink, for old times sake," Jessica offered.

"Yeah baby, would love that," Kris said and they walked towards her house.

During college days, Kris and she had gone to movies, partied and had had sex once in a while. There were four other guys with whom she had occasional sex, but Kris was the best. The erotic moments she had with him came back to her when her husband listlessly entered her and poked around. Once inside the house, Kris touched Jessica's hand and she hugged him and they kissed.

"I thought marriage would have changed you," Kris said.

"No. I am still the same fun-loving girl ... who has forgotten what fun is," she said and kissed his mouth.

He fondled her breasts, squeezed and pinched her buttocks.

"Is your husband away?" He inquired.

"Ya, he is coming back tonight," she said.

"How is life with him?" he asked still caressing her ass.

"Boring, to say the least. He has a good job, but is away most of the time. He was good in bed once, but nowadays he is mechanical. We never do anything new, it is just a dull ritual," she said and they kissed again.

Just then her phone rang and she answered it. Her face became blanched and she switched it off.

"He is on his way home from airport. His job got over sooner than expected," she said.

They stood in silence. Jessica had thought she could spend some time with Kris and chat about old times and maybe have sex with him. That would inject some liveliness to her otherwise dull and humdrum life.

"I thought we could have some fun, just like our college days," Kris said.

"Will you be here with your friend for sometime?" she asked.

"No, I have to leave tonight," Kris said with a sullen face.

"Hmm, I have an idea. You stay put in the guest room. My husband hardly comes there and when he leaves for work, we can have a ball," she said and her face brightened up.

Jessica took him to the guest room and asked him to wait there and went to the living room to wait for her husband who would arrive anytime. Soon he came and they spoke for a while and she made coffee for him. He sat down on the sofa to read the newspaper, sipping the coffee as Jessica began cutting vegetables in the kitchen. The kitchen faced the living room and the guest room was on the right side of the kitchen. She kept up the conservation with her husband, fearing any noise from the guest room could draw his attention to Kris. But Kris had other ideas. He crawled unseen from the guest room to the kitchen and Jessica saw him and got a jolt but did not react as she was already at a heightened sense of alertness. Kris came under her legs and pushed his face into her skirt and pulled down her panties. He parted her ass and began teasing her tight asshole with his tongue and then sucked her bushy cunt. Jessica had to keep a straight face and hope that her husband would not hear the hungry, slurping noises Kris was making between her thighs. Her husband was too immersed in the newspaper to notice anything at all. Kris ran amok between her thighs, opening her vaginal lips, biting her clitoris and licking her rear bud. Jessica's juice was rolling down her thighs but she kept on cutting the vegetables. Suddenly her husband stood up and said he wanted to take a bath and would leave for work after breakfast. Jessica feared he would step into the kitchen and find Kris' face up her skirt. But her husband hardly came to the kitchen or the guest room which never existed on his map. Oblivious to what was happening, Kris was lost in the lascivious world between Jessica's thighs and kept eating her uninterrupted.

When her husband went to their bedroom, Jessica spread her thighs wider and Kris' crazy tongue brought on her orgasm, an explosive pleasure which she had not enjoyed even when her husband penetrated her. She picked up her panties which Kris had peeled off and asked him to go to the guest room and followed him.

"You bastard! You have not changed a bit. You made me cum like a faucet," she hugged and they kissed and she could taste her pussy on his lips.

"And you spread your holes like a whore," he hissed happily.

"Wait here till my husband goes to office," she said and left to prepare sandwiches for her husband.

Kris always was a great cunt-licker she had ever come across. This was his technique: he would cover the entire cunt with his mouth and press his upper lip on the clitoris, and pressure it, while running his tongue up and down and then sideways in her slit. That got her going and got her off like nothing else.

Her husband emerged from the bedroom dressed for work and she gave him his breakfast and he was on his way soon. She went to Kris who was waiting in the guestroom and she removed her skirt and stood nude before him.

"Oh baby, you don't shave, do you?" Kris asked.

"No, he would think I am a whore," she pouted.

"You are that, whether you are bald or bushy. Why the hell did you marry this nerd?" he asked.

"Money, what else? he has a good job and we enjoy a high lifestyle," she said.

He grabbed her and pinned her down on the bed and kissed her lips and worked his way down to her vagina. As he was licking, her phone rang and she answered it, saying yes often as Kris slurped away at her soggy slippery slit.

"It was my husband. We are going to a party in the evening," she said and pulled Kris up by his hair and pushed him down and began sucking his erection. Jessica then sat on his rod and bobbed up and down and then lay down on him.

"You wanted my cock even after marriage, didn't you?" Kris asked as he heaved himself up into her.

"Yes, I thought of how you shaved my bush," she said grinding her pussy on his hard cock.

"I shaved you as you lay on the table, shaved and ate you too," he said and grabbed her ass and parted it and inserted a finger into her rear hole.

"Yes, you bastard, you dog, you cunt-eater," she whispered in his ear.

"Your cunt tastes the same. Your husband's semen has not changed your cunt smell," he whispered back as they rocked their private parts together.

"Cunt smell won't change, you horny dick," she muttered and came with the combined stimulation of both her holes. Her oozing juice and the tightening of her cunt muscles made him ejaculate his load into her.

"Hmm, you have not had a pussy for some time, that is a lot of jizz up my cunt," she sighed and let her body go limp. They kissed for sometime and lay side by side.

"I love this house, we have another one where we can spend holidays. I can go to lots of parties and buy dresses. I don't mind how boring he is etc. You know I have to have money," Jessica said.

"I don't blame you. I don't have money and that's why I didn't marry. All that crap about love and understanding each other is shit I don't know. Anyway, I am happy you lead a comfortable life." Kris said.

They chatted for half an hour about their friends and their lives.

"We can be together till 5. Then I have to get ready for the party," Jessica said.

She lay on her stomach and he opened her ass and fingered her rear entrance. Bending down he bit her beautiful bum, licked her asshole and inserted two fingers inside her tight opening. She raised her ass and he entered her cunt from behind and began to gyrate and rock as he held her boobs with his hands. She pushed back, taking him in deeper to where her husband had never been. He withdrew slowly and raised her ass with his hands and licked both her holes again and again as she moaned. Then he plunged into her crevice again and rode her faster and faster till he shot his white sauce into her pulsating pussy. He lay on her ass till he slipped out, all the while kissing her cheeks and neck.

The rest of the day was spent in cuddling, kissing and chatting and love-making. They sat in the bathtub facing each other and he had his erection inside her and they listened to music and talked of their college days as he explored all her erogenous zones inside her twitching cunt, making her cum again and again. When he shot his load inside her, she clenched her cunt muscles and groaned that she felt like keeping him trapped inside her for ever.

Getting up, Jessica said she had to dress for the party and Kris prepared to leave.

"So, when do we meet again?" Jessica asked.

"We can stay in touch, and when your man is away, I will visit you. That would be a fine arrangement, right?" he asked.

She nodded and they kissed one last time before Kris left. For a few minutes she stared at the door as it closed behind him and went to her bedroom to dress.

Though her husband's friends flirted with her, she could never have an affair with anyone for fear of getting caught. Kris was safe, she thought. She would sail through the routine parties, the mindless banter and sex with her husband, thinking of Kris and his amazing tongue and the climaxes that had rocked her. And wait for her husband to go away for a few days...


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