tagLesbian SexKrissy Answers Angie's Question

Krissy Answers Angie's Question


This is the fourth in Krissy's adventures, based on a pretty much factual events, with a bit of extra kinkiness thrown in for good measure.

Over the next few weeks Krissy had spent less and less time with Jon. She had a feeling that he was now more than a little bisexual in his leanings. Not that she could blame him – she herself had begun a relationship of sorts with Julia, the 23 year old from the foursome that started this new found daring nature.

Julia for her part was wrapped with Krissy. She knew that Krissy was still fucking Jon and guessed that Ryan was getting some too, but she didn't mind. Krissy was quite happy for her young lover to get screwed by others too. A couple of times they had even been out clubbing together, yet gone home separately with a stud each.

More often though, they took the drinks offered, teased the buyers, but then went home together. Krissy was definitely in charge, but Julia was happy with that. She liked to be dominated some, and Krissy judged it to perfection, before ensuring that Julia had her relief too, once she herself was satisfied.

A couple of times, Krissy had been seen around the clubs by her old friends, on the whole themselves thirtysomethings, so obviously intimate with her new younger buddy. They were used to Krissy being tactile with girls – weren't they all? – but this seemed a more absorbing relationship altogether.

Eventually it was Angie, the prettiest but most forthright of Krissy's friends who asked the question. Angie was a thirty year old Air Stewardess, married but was always open to a little frolicking, so long as it was nothing too serious. She had plenty of admirers too. Long dark hair, a slim physique, a permanent tan and great dress sense ensured that.

Like Krissy, she had small tits, but an almost boyish ass. Krissy had seen Angie in her underwear on lots of occasions and even before her new found love of the female form, had admired what she saw. That said, Angie wasn't the sharpest tool in the box. She had that streetwise quality that helped her fight her corner. Also, a broad local accent and the odd dumb blonde comment contradicted her sophisticated look.

Stood together at the bar of the club, Angie and Kris were watching Julia dancing on the small floor not far away, as usual fighting the guys off as she did her thing.

"You seem to be seeing a lot of Julia at the moment" ventured Angie. "What is it with you two then? What do you see in her?"

Krissy had never really thought about this question. There wasn't really the tone that suspected the true nature of her relationship with Julia, more just that of a mate a bit pissed of for not being top of the friend's heap any longer. Krissy felt a devilish urge to shock Angie there and then with a revealing of the truth.

Just about to speak, she stopped herself and let a smile pass across her lips. Angie looked puzzled. Krissy had just seen her friend's beauty again, and an opportunity to see yet more of it in the flesh.

"I'll tell you what Angie, lets clear off out of here, back to my place and you can get to know Julia a bit better in the quiet and over a drink. You'll soon see why I like her so much. What do you say?"

The nodded and smiling response was instant, Angie glad to still feel that Krissy would welcome her into her confidence. They collected Julia from the dancefloor and she willingly came along.

Back at the flat, a beautiful one bedroom apartment, with a huge lounge and sumptuous décor, Angie excused herself for a few minutes while Krissy poured them all stiff drinks. Quickly Krissy took Julia to one side, kissed her passionately and asked her what she thought of Angie.

"She's gorgeous Krissy – you sure have some good looking friends".

"Well just follow my lead and we might have some fun with her tonight!" Krissy said wickedly.

Soon they were all sat on the lounge floor, shoes kicked off, drinks being eased down, the conversation flowing easily. Angie and Krissy were propped up against the huge soft sofa, Julia kneeling in front of them. Krissy began her ploy.

"Angie, I asked Julia what she thought of you earlier on, and she said she thought you were gorgeous. Clearly she has good taste. For your part, you asked me what I saw in Julia – now you have had a chance to get to know her a little, what do you think of her?"

Angie replied without thinking "She seems lovely and gorgeous as well!" She said this without hesitation, a seemingly innocent platitude that Krissy would work for all it was worth.

"So which bit of her do you think is most gorgeous Angie? Tell me and I'll tell you if I agree." Julia was knelt straight and facing Angie directly.

"Well....I'm a bit embarrassed to say really, but Julia has great tits – I so wish mine were like that." She giggled a little mischievously as she gave her answer. Krissy pounced.

"The same as me then! You want to see them in the flesh, they are awesome!" Still Angie didn't make the connection. "Go on Julia, show Angie what you've got" Krissy's command not only left no room for disagreement, but gave Angie no chance to slow things down.

Displaying her tits was going to involve quite a step for Julia as she was wearing a little dress that evening. However, with Krissy's words from earlier still ringing in her ears, Julia played along and simply peeled her dress over her head.

Angie was sat open mouthed, still unaware of the game she was part of. Julia then engaged Angie's gaze, much in the same way she had with Krissy that first night. Filled with confidence, she reached behind her back and unclipped the white lacy bra, tossed it to one side and allowed both the other girls to stare at her chest. Her nipples were hardening slowly, but when Krissy reached over and stroked Julia's right breast, the nipples shot to attention and a low, quiet moan escaped from her mouth.

"Go on Angie, have a feel, they are amazing." Angie slowly reached up, her eyes not moving from Julia's tits. It was like she was spellbound. She tentatively ran a hand over the skin, then a slight playful squeeze told Julia that they had grabbed Angie's attention for sure.

Meanwhile Krissy had opened her shirt up to reveal her tiny braless tits, her nipples like tiny bullets with the electricity of the situation. "Look how small mine are next to Julia's" with which she sat up and quickly hugged herself to Julia so that their nipples pressed against each other. Almost as quickly she pulled away.

"Come on Angie, let's see what a middle size looks like!" Krissy cajoled. She dropped back next to Angie and began to undo her friend's blouse. Initially a little shocked, Angie went along with the girly game and slipped her shirt off. Krissy had moved behind her and instantly popped Angie's bra off to reveal a beautiful pair of tanned brown B cups.

This was a first even for her gaze. They were perfect, no tan lines and bullet hard dark brown nipples. Before Angie's guard came up again, she quickly and in a playful manner, reached around her friend and squeezed her breasts, before adding, "God Julia, Angie has got a gorgeous pair hidden away too – come and feel."

Instantly Julia was there. Angie was taken aback by this over familiarity, but hey, she had touched Julia so it was only fair she thought. But the next comment from Krissy really shook things up. "You asked what I see in Julia – you are about to find out". Angie realised now that Krissy's hug, initially just deemed friendly, was now tighter and restraining.

The three of them were pressed together in a kind of group hug. Krissy leant forward and kissed Julia, right in front of Angie's face, a proper full blooded lover's kiss. Swiftly, Julia moved across and did the same to Angie. At the same time she was squeezing the brunette's tits. Angie resisted initially but then began to wilt.

Krissy was watching the kiss with a huge smile on her face -"As you have probably guessed by now Angie, Julia and I are sleeping together. It is amazing to have a body like this to play with – and she will do anything I ask her, won't you Julia?" "I'll show you now. Play with yourself for us Julia – make yourself cum" Julia pulled back and lay back on the carpet, propped up on her elbows. She slowly pulled her thong off, showing everything to the shocked girl in front of her.

The young girl's fingers began to lewdly rub her soaking slit. The show that she proceeded to give to Angie was pure porn. Krissy smiled to herself as she saw how absorbed Angie was. Her own idle playing with Angie's tits seemed unnoticed such was the power of Julia's display. For her own part, Angie's breathing had become shallow, the fine hairs on her neck stood upright and her gaze was unblinking.

Suddenly Krissy told Julia to stop. She gently pressed Angie's head forward for a perfect view of the sodden pussy in front of them both. Julia leant forward and offered a finger to Krissy, then one to Angie. She took it just like Krissy and sucked it dry. This was her first taste of another woman. She did so almost unconsciously.

"Come on then Angie, tell her what you want to do next – anything you want" urged Krissy.

By now Angie was starting to find a little of her strength of character and wanted to push Julia a little. "Suck your own tits – they are big enough you tart, then do the same to Krissy. I think she deserves a little attention."

Julia did just as she asked. Angie had never seen a girl suck her own tits before. She had often tried herself, but beyond an unsatisfactory lick, could not manage it. After bringing both her nipples to a bright red hardness, Julia sat up to Krissy and Angie, who were kneeling in front of the sofa side by side.

She leant forward and hugged Krissy towards her mouth, taking the tiny breasts of her lover alternatively into her mouth, having first gently licked and teased them with her tongue. Krissy was moaning a little, breathing faster and whispering encouragement to Julia. This was true pleasure, both intimate and exciting at the same time.

Angie had turned slightly to face the couple, her left arm wrapped around Krissy's back. Her breasts were perfectly in line with her friends, so when she uttered almost unintentionally "Now me...", Julia had only to turn her head a tiny bit to be faced with Angie's pert chest. She gave Angie the same gorgeous treatment that Krissy had received moments earlier.

Angie's eyes closed in ecstasy as the pleasure rose. Julia had moved onto the left tit when she felt another hot breath on her body. Krissy was taking her chance to add to the pleasure given to Angie and had attached herself to the other beautiful breast.

"Oh my God! That's fantastic..." gasped Angie "So good". Krissy's hands were not idle either. Her right was reaching round behind and underneath Angie, stroking her arse, a fingertip teasing inside the tiny elastic thread of her thong. Her left was wedged under Julia, her middle finger jammed inside the young girls soaking pussy.

It was soon joined by another exploratory one from Angie. They glimpsed at each other as they realised that they had both had the same idea, then went back to enjoying what they were doing to Julia. Angie was close to cumming but would struggle to a satisfactory completion in this position. It was time to change. Krissy's next suggestion was a welcome one. "Angie, lets really put her through her paces. Lie back on the sofa a minute".

As Angie did as she was told, Krissy took hold of her friends tiny denim skirt and thong and pulled them off. Krissy's own face was now just a couple of feet from the most gorgeous looking pussy Krissy had yet to see. A small triangle of soft dark hair nestled above her clit, the rest so smooth it was like she had known it was going to be licked that night. Better still it glistened with the evidence that Angie was as turned on as the other two.

"Let's have a closer look Angie" uttered Krissy, gently easing the legs in front of her apart. Krissy wanted first go at the prize in front of her. She bent forward, ran a fingertip down the slit to open it a little, before using her tongue to swipe skilfully up and down, making Angie tighten and groan instantaneously.

Angie was out of control now, her path to orgasm now set in stone. "She is gorgeous Julia and so ready, make her cum good" demanded Krissy. She stood up and removed her last fragments of clothing before dropping onto the sofa next to Angie. She watched as Julia went down on the brunette, inserting a couple of twisting fingers as she did so, as well as half a finger wriggled into Angie's back passage for extra stimulation.

Krissy turned and began to kiss Angie full on the lips, the first time she had enjoyed this pleasure. Any scrap of self consciousness had long since disappeared from Angie and she returned the kiss with interest, ultimately almost just hanging onto Krissy as her orgasm mounted. Krissy could sense through the kiss and the movements of Angie's body that Julia was hitting all the right spots. She added to Angie's helplessness by taking her breasts in her hand and alternatively teasing them, then squeezing them hard.

In no time Angie was tipping over the edge, her body shaking with the violence of the release she had was enjoying. The orgasm seemed to go on and on, Julia and Krissy's combined efforts keeping her right on the top of her plateau.

Eventually, Julia and Krissy slowly brought her down as they now knew how. Angie flaked out on the sofa, her hair run through with sweat, her body glistening and her pussy dripping with her juices and Julia's saliva, bright red with the flow of blood.

The next part of the tryst would have been abhorrent to Angie only an hour earlier, but now she was wholeheartedly part of this scene. Krissy was quite forcibly wrestling her off the sofa "On your knees in front of us Angie, it is your turn to return the favour" said the blonde. To add to the certainty of the request, Krissy was lying back with her legs wide apart rubbing her own soaking pussy, her other hand entwined in Angie's hair. With this she pulled her friend into her pussy.

Angie simply let herself go and eased forward, her mouth making first contact with Krissy's smooth pussy. She knew what to do having just been left in no doubts by Julia's sensational demonstration. Julia was lying back next to Krissy watching with an evil smile as Angie's seduction was completed.

Or was it?

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