tagGroup SexKrissy Gets Nasty With The Guys

Krissy Gets Nasty With The Guys


Krissy went upstairs to find Ryan in the bedroom laying on the bed, his flaccid cock still large and full. She knew she had to have more of that. Ryan was a good fuck, confident and with a dirty grin that clearly worked with the younger girls he seemed to pull so easily.

Jon was exiting the shower, clean now after fucking her arse earlier. He too was still aroused, not hard, but still big. Like his friend, he would soon be ready for some more of that action that Krissy promised.

"Did you enjoy that, seeing me and Jon fuck your little girlie so hard, making her do all those things?" asked Krissy, teasing Ryan.

"Of course, but don't try and make me jealous Krissy, there are plenty more where she came from" was his confident reply.

"But there are few like me I reckon" was Krissy's repost, "and I have not finished yet. Listen, that was fun, and from now on I am not Jon's girlfriend, just his fuck buddy. So if you want to go for it again, that's fine by me. Only one condition..." she glanced over to Jon standing just behind her, listening intently "...if you want to fuck, you do it my way. I'll make you glad you did. Ok?"

After the night's adventures, there was little to think about. She knew it. To seal the deal she reached down to the bed and grabbed his cock. It reeked of girl juices, but without hesitation she swallowed it, her expert action bringing him straight to hardness again. One cum out of the way, he would last much longer now.

Jon stepped closer and Krissy obliged by reaching out and grabbing his rapidly growing tool. Satisfied that Ryan was hard and staying that way, she dished out the same favours to Jon. Ryan sat up and sucked her tiny tits to hardness. They were incredibly responsive to his attention, and as his fingers crept down to her crotch, her arousal was obvious.

Krissy loved sucking cock. It sounds clichéd, but she loved nothing more than to give out an early morning blow job before leaving the bed in the morning. Her ex had loved it, and no wonder he was always back home as early as possible for more early evening fucking. She often thought it was a miracle he got any work done, he must have been so horny all the time.

She ushered Jon onto the bed next to Ryan. This way she could kneel between them, swapping her mouth from cock to cock, fisting them both at the same time. Their comments and breathing told her she was doing just fine. Momentarily she lifted up and told Jon to come round behind her.

She then swung herself across Ryan's hips, allowing his cock to nudge at her opening.

"So are you going to do what I say Jon, or have you finished fucking me forever?" she enquired firmly.

He nodded without thinking.

"And you Ryan?"

He was in no position to refuse, desperate to enter her at that moment. "Yes" he grunted.

"Ok then. Jon, grab his cock and stick it in my cunt". She knew Jon would be shocked at this request, but hey, they had agreed. Ryan was pinned and could not care less how he got into her. Unthinkingly Jon did what he was told, an easy task.

"Now lie there and watch Ryan's big cock fuck me the way I like". She rode him hard, but insisted he did not cum. She knew her next move, but needed to warm them up a bit more first.

As she fucked him, she talked to Jon, asking if he could see how much his flatmate was stretching her, asking if he could imagine that same cock deep in her arse, telling him to keep himself hard by wanking his cock.

Suddenly she lifted up, spun round and sat on Ryan's face, his cock bobbing in front of hers soaked in her juices. She gave it a playful lick and suck, holding its base like a banana. She then offered it to Jon, his face only a foot away from the hard cock. Her eyes told him this offer was not to be refused. A hand on the back of his head guided him towards an act he never had even considered before.

Silently, he acquiesced. At least it tasted like a girl. Unaware of the turn in events, Ryan groaned his approval of the warm sleeve that covered him. He was engrossed in licking Krissy's soaking slit, not knowing why she was almost pouring with juice.

This was turning her on so much, bringing back a documentary on gay porn auditions she had seen, which was really just a TV cock fest. She had frigged herself silly that night watching the guys fellate and touch each other. She imagined herself on the bed with them all arousing each other to the point of no return, and then showering her with all of their loads, so that she was soaked from head to toe.

As Jon sucked, she wanked Ryan into his mouth. Soon Ryan stopped his licking and began to tense. She went for the kill, pulling hard on his cock, with Ryan soon erupting into Jon's mouth. Jon was taken aback, but Krissy held his head down. As soon as he came up for air, she kissed him hard, taking the cum from his mouth, before turning and passing it to Ryan.

"A present from Jon" she smiled after he had swallowed. The look on Ryan's face was pure theatre. "I said anything..." she reiterated.

"Now fuck me Jon –hard. Ryan, get behind him and finger his arse, I want you to get two fingers up there before he comes. I do it and he loves it."

The guys looked at each other. This was new territory and they weren't sure. But she was good and they wanted more of her, so just did as they were told. Who would know outside this room anyway?

Jon was pounding Krissy, laid on her back, legs spread lewdly. This way she could reach up behind him and check the digit count in his arse. She added one of her own for good measure, having first lubed it up with her own juices. Jon moaned at being stretched so wide open and at the same time feeling Krissy's sloppy warm cunt all around him.

She could see that Ryan was hard again and said "Do you want to fuck my ass then? You like ass fucking Ryan? Jon, you said you wanted to see him fuck my arse didn't you?"

They both agreed instantly. "Well this is with a little twist. You can fuck an arse, but it has to be Jon's – I want you to fuck me thru him!"

This was to be the final humiliation for Jon and Ryan, both totally under her spell. Jon's expression begged her to reconsider. "Just fuck him Ryan, get on with it" she demanded "He is plenty ready".

"Ok Krissy – let's do it man. You've sucked my cock, you might as well get fucked by it as well!"

He offered his tool up to his friends brown hole, already red from the heavy fingering it had received. Krissy noticed she had a near perfect view in the mirrored wardrobes alongside the bed. A ghastly piece of furniture, but with its use she thought. This was hot for her.

Ryan pushed, then stopped then pushed again. A low moan left his friend's throat. Then he began to push. In turn, Jon started fucking Krissy again, she in turn noticing that the extra pressure hit her just in the right way. A slow deliberate rhythm followed as all three edged towards their climax.

Krissy was first, was it one long one or two shorter ones, she couldn't tell. Jon came next, more powerfully aroused than at any time in his life. This would not be the last time he would have a cock in his arse he vowed. Seconds later, Jon's clenched ass squeezed Ryan to one more load, deep in Jon's bowels.

They rolled apart, one guy on either side of Krissy, all hands wandering across bodies. Cum leaked from her well fucked cunt. Jon was gently rubbing a finger round his sodden asshole, still disbelieving of what had just gone on.

"Just the housekeeping to do now" whispered Krissy, "Get between my legs and clean that cum out of me Jon, you queer bastard. I know you love it. And as for you Ryan, it seems only fair you clean Jon's cock. With your mouth of course..."

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