tagIncest/TabooKrissy's Bold Plan Ch. 02

Krissy's Bold Plan Ch. 02


Note: This story is entirely fictional. Even so, it depicts a tale concerning two adult-aged individuals. On another note, fantasy roleplay is a healthy form of sexual expression among consenual, unrelated adults -- always over the age of 18.


(Continued from Chapter 1)

Daddy reached for the remote control and pressed the pause button. The image on the screen froze, showing the blonde girl still on her knees in front of her daddy, her head tilted upwards, eyes looking up at him adoringly, large cock an inch in front of her face, a long strand of spit connecting her lips to the tip of his penis. Daddy reached out and took Krissy's arm gently then. It was only at that moment that she realized how badly she was trembling. She bit her lower lip as her Daddy brought her to the edge of his bed and pulled her arm downward so that she would sit. For a moment, she was very conscious of his naked body in front of her, and especially of his erect cock. She looked up into his face and had difficulty reading his thoughts.

He walked a few steps to the towel from his shower which lay on the floor. He sat next to her on the bed, body turned at an angle toward her; the towel in his lap in a lump, covering his hardness.

"Look at me again, Krissy," he said, his voice serious. "I will give you one more chance to back out of this. You've already seen and done too much, frankly, but we can stop here and pretend this never happened. This is serious, grown-up stuff we are dealing with here. Think long and hard..."

She couldn't help it... as nervous as she was, Krissy chuckled, the silly part of her brain reminding her that thinking 'long and hard' was part of how she got into this situation in the first place.

"OUT." Daddy said. "Go." He started to stand up and at the same time push her from the edge of the bed toward the door. She resisted. "You are clearly not even adult enough to have a serious conversation, nevermind..."

"NO, Daddy!" Krissy interrupted. "I'm sorry. Look -- I am kind of nervous, but my mind has not changed. This is what I want. YOU are what I want, Daddy. Really..."

She reached out and put a hand on his knee, her fingers tugging at the corner of the towel, attempting to reveal his lap again. Daddy slapped her hand and looked at her seriously.

"We've played by your rules up until this point, Krissy. If we continue, they are my rules we play by going forward. Understood?"

Krissy felt an odd little twitch between her legs -- a pang of anticipation and pleasure. The way he was looking at her, the way her Daddy was so...in control...made her feel, well, completely fucking aroused. Her mind flashed to the scenes she had watched on the DVD earlier in the day in her bedroom. The way she had touched herself and cum on her fingers... Her pussy was feeling 100% MORE in need of attention now with her Daddy beside her...

"Yes, Daddy -- I understand. Your rules," and she smiled.

"You said you watched this movie earlier today, Krissy?" He looked at her with interest, with burning in his eyes.

"I did, yes..."

"Before anything else, I want you to tell me about that; tell me what you saw and what you liked about that movie, ok?" His voice was a little shaky, as if he was trying very hard to maintain that control that he had... "Can you do that, Krissy?"

She nodded her head and then glanced over at the screen. "I mean, although, you have kind of seen for yourself what is happening there... Can we just watch instead?"

"Whose rules, Krissy?" And she turned back to look at him. One hand had disappeared under the towel and she could see movement. Her Daddy was jacking off right next to her! She stared at his lap and her legs pressed together tightly, a small moan barely audible in her throat. "Tell Daddy what you saw and what you liked." His voice was sounding suddenly low and sort of ... gruff.

Krissy looked down at her hands in her lap, her fingers twisting nervously together. "Well," she started. "There was a lot of, you know, nakedness and moaning and, um, sucking and fucking, I guess..." She looked up into her Daddy's face.

"Details, Krissy. Tell me some specific things that were happening. Now." His hand still moved beneath the towel. This time, her eyes stayed trained there instead of on her fingers. The movement of his hand under the towel was rhythmic and almost hypnotic, somehow.

"Well...she was very good at, um, sucking cock," she started again. "She would kind of lick it up and down and suck it a little -- something like a lollipop, actually -- but then she would almost, well, kind of... this sounds gross, but... well... gag on it a little. Like she was trying to swallow the whole thing. And that is a BIG dick the daddy on the screen has!" she made this last remark rather emphatically and felt some heat rise up in her cheeks. "But, I liked the way it looked, when his whole Daddy cock sort of disappeared in her mouth and her lips were practically up against his body... I never saw anything like that before... Didn't know it was possible..." Her eyes still stared at the towel, rising and falling with the movement of his hand on his hidden pole.

"What else." He said in the same gravelly voice.

"There were... a few things, Daddy, that were kind of surprising," she continued. "Like the way he used his cock to kind of...slap her face. I mean, how hard is it really? Wouldn't that hurt? And the way he pinched her titties, and pulled on them kind of hard..." Her hands reached up as she was saying this to her own tits, her fingers caressing over them as she spoke.

"Show Daddy," he said.

Her eyes raised to his face, locking there, and her fingers played with her tits through the thin cotton of the shirt.

"Take it off, Krissy. Let Daddy see those beautiful breasts of yours..."

She hesitated for only a moment and then reached down, pulling the shirt up and then over her head. Her natural C-cups bounced a little as the material pulled away from them. Krissy's chin lowered to her chest and her forefingers and thumbs came together at her tits and teased her already stiff nipples before tugging on them and pulling them away from her body gently.

"Is that how the daddy in the movie did it, Krissy?" His eyes were set on her chest, taking in the pale flesh, the light color of the skin surrounding the nipple, and her erect tits themselves, the size of pencil erasers. He licked his lips and his eyes moved back to her face.

Krissy bit her lower lip. "He did it...harder, Daddy. I guess it looked a little more like...this," and she both squeezed the nipple so it flattened noticeably between her finger and thumb, pulled it from her so that the weight of her breast elongated, and twisted her fingers, causing her to gasp and let go.

"How did that feel?" Daddy asked, still stroking slowly, the towel starting to slide from his lap.

"It...hurt, when I twisted it a little like that, but..." Krissy looked a little embarrassed. "That's all..."

"Tell me, Krissy..."

She looked up at him. "It also felt...good. And... it also made me feel good..." she lifted a hand and pointed between her legs, "down there."

Daddy groaned softly. "You know, that may be the case with alot of things, Krissy." He looked thoughtful for a moment. "Sometimes there might be a little discomfort, but a good slut knows how to deal with that and also learns to enjoy it. Does that make sense to you?"

Krissy didn't hesitate, "Isn't being a slut a bad thing, Daddy?"

He paused for a moment. "With other guys, yes. Daddy does not want you to go become the town whore. BUT, think about it, Krissy..." He leaned toward her, and then past her so that his cheek was against hers, his mouth at her ear, and he must have pressed play on the remote at the same time. The sounds of the movie played in the background, that daddy encouraging his girl to suck, which she did...noisily. "Don't you think, Krissy, that stealing Daddy's credit card to purchase hardcore porn...then taking that to your room and touching yourself, while fantasizing about your Daddy...and then setting all this up so that you would be here, right now, next to me... Don't you think that is a little slutty, Krissy?"

She shuddered and without even realizing it, she reached down and pressed her fingers between her legs on her clitty, and made a small sound that stuck in her throat. Daddy sat up straight beside her again. "Yes," he said. "I think you will rather enjoy being a good slut for Daddy...You have shown such promise already..."

"Daddy," she said. "I want to do that to your cock." She gestured toward the screen. "Can I, Daddy? Please?" And then she thought a minute, and leaned toward him. "Won't you let your little girl slut show you what a good cocksucker she wants to be for her Daddy?"

Everything about the way he looked assured her that was exactly what he wanted. She reached again for the towel. Again, Daddy slapped her hand away. "FIRST," he said, "first I want my girl completely naked. I want to see all of you, Krissy. Stand up for Daddy and take everything off..."

As she got up and stood in front of him, he faced forward and parted his knees, the towel falling to the floor at his feet. She was mesmerized by his cock and the way it looked as he slowly moved his hand along the pole. Her eyes stayed there as she hooked her thumbs in her nightie shorts and the panties underneath and pulled them down to her knees where they slid the rest of the way on their own, down her calves and to the floor. She stepped out of them.

Daddy looked his girl up and down, seeming to take her in fully for the first time -- her soft brown hair, her fair, freckled skin, pausing on her full titties and again between her legs at the small patch of manicured hair on her pubic mound. "Mmmm... Did you shave your pussy like that just for Daddy, sweetie? Come closer..."

Krissy nodded and took a few steps toward Daddy. "I saw it on the movie and thought...it might be a good idea..."

He smiled hungrily up at her... "You ARE a good slut in the making. How's that sweet pussy feeling, Krissy?" Daddy reached out and put a hand between her thighs, encouraging her to part her legs. He took his fingers gently and touched her pussy lips, caressing her clit, parting her lips like petals. She was suddenly very aware of the sounds on the TV again, hearing her moan on screen and scream loudly while cumming. She shuddered as she felt her Daddy run a finger between her lips, sliding smoothly between them -- she was soaked... "Oh, Krissy sweetie... look at this... All this talk about being a good slut for Daddy... Fuuuuck..." He took his finger to his face, bringing it under his nose, breathing in deeply, and then sucking on his own finger lustily. Without hesitation, he took his finger and ran it between her full lips again, this time bringing his finger to Krissy's lips. "Taste," he said. She opened her lips and Daddy put his finger into her mouth, on her tongue, and she sucked.

"Kind of sweet, Daddy... Do you like the way it tastes? The way...I... taste, Daddy?"

With that, Daddy stood up, turned her swiftly and pushed her on the bed, legs hanging over the side. He dropped to his knees between her legs and roughly pushed her knees apart, pulling her so that her cunt was poised at the edge of the bed. Krissy hardly had time to absorb what was happening, but she leaned up on her elbows to see her Daddy's face studying her pussy.

"You have such a sexy, beautiful pussy, sweetie... fuck..." He leaned in and extended his tongue, taking one long lap at her lips. She squealed at the sudden shock of his tongue, hot, velvety against her. "Your pussy lips...mmm..." She watched him lean in and deftly pull one of her lips into his mouth sucking on it, tugging on it with his lips. She moaned again as he pulled his lips away and did the same on the other side. His eyes met her as he reached out one more time and lapped at the little nub of her clit. Krissy threw her head back -- she didn't know anything could feel that good! He stopped and she lifted her head again. Show Daddy how you were touching yourself earlier today when you were watching the movie, Krissy."

She reached down and placed her fingers on her clit, starting to rub it in small circles, then side-to-side, up and down... Finding the way it felt best... Her fingers were immediately coated in her juices as she toyed with her own clitty. As she did this, her Daddy took his hand and brought it between her legs, taking one finger and poking at her hole. She could feel the tiny bit of pressure of his finger there as he pushed it inside of her. "Ohhhh..." she exclaimed softly...

"Tell Daddy what is happening, baby," Daddy said. "Describe it to me."

She could not bring herself to speak for a moment, lost in the feelings of pleasure. Suddenly, she felt a sharp sting and heard the sound of a slap as her Daddy smacked her ass cheek! She gasped and said, "owww! Daddy!" even though it didn't REALLY hurt. It was more the shock of it.

"Do you know what just happened when Daddy smacked your bottom like that, Krissy? Do you fucking know what happened?" He was looking at her intently, his gaze being returned by a confused look from his girl. "Your cunt, your sweet pussy grabbed so tightly around my finger and then... fuck... you got wetter. You little fucking slut, enjoying the sting of a smack on your ass. On MY ass..." He slapped the other cheek, and this time she was more aware and felt her pussy clench more tightly around his finger.

"Oooo, Daddy... I felt it that time..."

"Daddy thinks his girl may need a good old fashioned spanking at some point, but right now, TELL ME what is happening. A good slut needs to be comfortable doing and saying all of these things..."

As he was saying this, Krissy felt the pressure between her legs increase. She moaned... "Daddy... Did you just put another finger inside of me? Ooo...it feels tighter, but so good... Describe what is happening...let's see... My Daddy is teaching me to be a good slut for him... There are ... mmm... two fingers inside of my tight pussy and I am playing with my clitty at the same time. And FUCK, it feels good..." Her head fell back on the bed. "Daddy... Did you know that earlier today was the first time I ever came? I mean...I touched myself before and stuff, but... it was the first time. And it was because I was thinking about this. And you..."

"Mmm... Good girl, Krissy." He nudged her hand away from her clitty. "Play with your nipples Krissy. I want you to tug on them... Do it...Now..." As she reached up and took her tits in her fingers, Daddy closed his mouth over her clit, completely enveloping her with its heat. She felt his tongue move from side to side over it, the pressure as he sucked her, the vibrations as he hummed on her. Her body was rocking against her Daddy's face now -- she has one foot on the edge of the bed and the other on his shoulder. He was sliding his fingers in and out, matching the rhythm of her body movement. She heard the movie again in the background, the voice of the two on screen and what they were saying... She decided to chime in.

"God, Daddy, that feels so good... Fuuuck... I can't believe I am laying here on your bed being..." she wanted to use the right words... "... being finger fucked by my Daddy." The words had at least as great of an affect on her, her cunt clamping down on her Daddy's fingers. "And your mouth.... so fucking hot... How does it feel, Daddy, to have your head buried in your girls sopping cunt?" She was pleased with herself when Daddy reacted by groaning and pressing harder in between her legs. She felt pressure again, this time it was just a little hard to accommodate, and Daddy pressed THREE fingers inside of her. Her fingers gripped her nipples even tighter, the pleasure helping to relieve some of the pressure below. But it was only a few strokes before three fingers were able to slide in relative comfort. She could feel him twisting his fingers as he pushed in and twisting them the other way as he pulled out. Suddenly, the reality hit her as she saw her Daddy's graying head working on her pussy.

"Oh fuck, Daddy... Fuck my pussy hard with your fingers... I am going to cum... Daddy, your girl slut is going to cum on your fingers.." Her body rocked and writhed on the bed, his fingers moving too fast to try and match his rhythm... Without even realizing it, one hand reached down to her Daddy's head, pressing it to her pussy, and the other hand balled up the bedspread in her fist. She felt the feeling build inside of her, that same wave of energy and pleasure and emotion. "Don't stop, Daddy! Don't fucking stop!" Her back arched up off the bed, her fingers tightened in her Daddy's hair, and ... "FUUUCKKK!" Wave after wave of pleasure washed over her, her Daddy's fingers and mouth seeming to know exactly how to respond as she came, pulsating against him, her hand still holding him to her. She gasped for air, panting softly, the strength of her orgasm overwhelming... "Wow," she said. "Wow..."

Krissy felt Daddy take his fingers slowly from her and slid his face down to her hole, licking, lapping, feeding from between her legs on her pussy juices, noisily seeming to collect every bit in his mouth. She could feel the pulsating of her pussy calming, the smaller waves of pleasure arriving with every touch of his tongue to her hole, her lips, her clit... He finished with a series of small kisses on her engorged pussy and then pulled himself up between her legs and pulled her to a sitting position. He leaned down, put one hand behind her head and kissed her, deeply, his tongue snaking into her mouth and moving in circles around her tongue. She could taste her pussy in his mouth, feel the heat of his tongue... The sensations made her feel weak...

He pulled away. "You ok, Krissy?" he asked.

"Oh my God... that was fucking amazing..." Her eyes moved to Daddy's still hard cock... the tip was glistening now. A look of confusion and dispapointment crossed Krissy's face. "Daddy... did you cum, too?"

He laughed... "No sweetie... That is just pre-cum. Happens when Daddy gets...very excited."

Her face took on an affected pout. "You know, Daddy... You stole my turn. I wanted to get to suck on you and to have your Daddy cock in my mouth first."

"Your turn. HA!" Daddy looked amused. And then thoughtful. And then serious. "You know, Baby... Daddy might be a little different once I have my girl's sexy mouth around my cock. I will love you always, and every moment, even... but, it might be hard for Daddy to control how he is feeling and reacting and what he is saying. And sometimes, little girl sluts need to be treated in a certain way. Frankly, I think you might enjoy being treated a certain way. I don't want to scare you, but your Daddy has needs and wants and fantasies and desires, too. I just want you to be aware that we are still playing by my rules..."

Krissy felt that pang in the pit of her abdomen again; a strange sensation of curiosity, interest, hesitation, pleasure, the unknown... She nodded.

"Now, it is your turn to be on your knees for Daddy. Get on your knees in front of me on the floor. Now." He looked at her, still serious. His eyes transfixed.

She got up from the bed, quickly, and dropped to her knees in front of Daddy, kneeling upright. "Like this, Daddy?" she asked.

"Take your hands and put them on your calves, and sit back on them."

Krissy did so.

Daddy took a few steps forward so that his foot brushed her knee on the floor. His cock was so close to her face, and she studied it... the fat, purple cockhead...the long pole, smooth and veiny looking...his tight balls.

"I like the way it looks, Daddy... Can I..."

"No," Daddy interrupted. "I will tell you what to do."

She looked up at him, the way he stood over her, looking so tall, so in control, her Daddy... She felt her pussy throb at the reality of it all.

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