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Krista Cums


Krista always had an affinity for her doctor, but never thought about breeching that patient/doctor confidence, until she recently divorced and learned that her family physician had also gone through a divorce. However, that line of "properness" between doctor and patient had essentially disintegrated when Krista masturbated. She found herself thinking of Dr. Stein...Kevin...before she even started to undress to expose herself for self-play. Thoughts of Kevin always made her aroused and very, very wet, and today was no different.

On her drive home, the music selection sucked and there were more commercials than music, so she turned off the annoying radio and began to focus on de-stressing once she got home. To Krista, de-stressing usually involved some combination of self-gratification, which always ended in a very rewarding orgasm.

During her commute, Krista began to think about her last annual examination with Dr. Stein. She was nearly certain that Kevin was as aroused as she was; under his lab coat Krista caught a glimpse of a very defined erection and it was obvious that Kevin's penis was quite substantial.

As she mindless made her way home, Krista reflected back on how Kevin teased her clit when he was doing the digital exam. She felt her pussy and nipples tingle with that thought. Krista felt her panties getting damp.

It wasn't long before Krista arrived home and she quickly undressed so she could continue exploring thoughts of Kevin while she fingered herself. Something she often did was close the bedroom window blinds, but today, she decided to leave them open. Krista's neighbor was mowing the lawn and she was in a bit of an exhibitionist-sort of mood, not even sure if the neighbor could see into the bedroom from their backyard.

Krista removed all of her work clothes and propped herself up comfortably with pillows on the bed. She positioned herself so that if the neighbor could see in, he would have a fine view of Krista's legs spread and full view of her engorged and glistening pussy.

With thoughts of Kevin -- how well-endowed he clearly is -- Krista began to smear around the wetness that had been oozing from her cunt, all the while, she was aggressively teasing her nipples with her other hand. She recalled how Kevin spread her pussy lips with his hands during the examination. Sure, this is all part of the annual exam to ensure healthy "lady parts", but Kevin tested the waters a bit. Krista thought back over the years how other doctors flat-out skipped this step while fondly remembering how Kevin essentially played with her clitoris. It felt like as he was examining her that he almost tugged on her clit before he began to encircle it with his gloved fingers. Krista noted that Kevin had used his left hand to keep her pussy lips spread while he carefully played with her clit. She certainly didn't mind -- in fact, Krista let her knees fall open a bit more than usual at that point -- inviting Kevin to notice her demeanor and would feel encouraged to touch her in a non-patient manner.

All the while, Kevin was asking Krista about her sexual health -- if she was having intercourse, how regularly, with one or multiple partners, if she masturbates -- and how regularly, etc. All questions were very normal to ensure her sexual health. The slightly odd thing about it all was that the questions and conversation all took place as he extensively fingered her.

Krista opened her eyes long enough to see John, the neighbor, slowly push the mower up over the yard while straining vigorously to catch a glimpse of Krista masturbating! THAT really heightened Krista's arousal and decided to walk over to the window and really give John a show. What John didn't realize is that Krista was fantasizing about her last annual exam with her physician.

While Krista plunged her fingers deep into her cunt, she would tug and pinch her nipple simultaneously. Occasionally, Krista would remove her fingers from her pussy and slowly lick them for John's pleasure, which she would then return her fingers to her clit and rub it in short, hard circles trying to keep herself at the edge of orgasm.

As she entertained her neighbor, Krista continued to think back to Kevin and her exam. She liked the breast exam, but it was all-in-all unremarkable. It was when Kevin started to examine her cunt is when he blurred the line between doctor and patient.

When Krista was enjoying the exam, she noticed the very familiar sensations of arousal filling her pussy. Kevin had to have noticed, but she sensed that further encouraged him. They knew one another well after nearly 15 years of doctor/patient relationship, and there was always a little sensual tension between them. The nurse was not at all interested in what phase of the exam they were in, so Kevin and Krista played off of one another's energy as the examination began to take longer than usual.

Kevin eventually got around to the Pap smear, which was a bit of a mood killer, but he found a way to build back into a bit of a sensual environment. After he extracted the speculum, he re-applied some lubricant and told Krista that he was going to examine her anus, which he had never done during the many previous years of doing her annual exam. Initially, Krista was a bit nervous over that, but once Kevin swiftly and with a bit of authority inserted his middle finger deep into her ass, she realized that it felt rather good.

He told Krista to take a few deep breaths and let them out, which she did. The next thing she felt was Kevin inserting a couple of fingers back into her cunt. She began to feel Kevin press directly onto her g-spot while the pressure in her ass enhanced the experience until she was trying very hard not to cum.

Krista realized that her tits were exposed as the gown that opens in the front had fallen open, and Kevin was clearly enjoying fingering her while watching her very hard nipples become even more aroused. Initially, Krista felt extremely exposed but quickly got over her inhibitions with every stroke of his finger in her ass.

With her breathing becoming more shallow and rigid, Kevin decided to slowly remove his finger from her ass and then the couple of fingers from her pussy.

As nonchalant as ever, Kevin went over to make a few notes in her chart as the nurse seemed to snap back to "nurse mode" and handed her several paper towels so she could clean herself up before getting dressed.

Krista sat up on the table and loosely covered her tits as Kevin confirmed that she would be getting the results of her pap in the near future, and thanked her for coming in as he was exiting the exam room with the nurse close on his heels.

Suffice to say, Krista was extremely excited to return for this year's annual examination!

Krista realized that "neighbor John" had stopped mowing and had found some new lawn activity to engage in that would allow for an uninterrupted view of Krista's climax. Her excitement had her cunt on fire and allowed herself to come when she inserted her fingers deep into her pussy.

Once she came, Krista positioned herself back on the bed and felt all of the tension from the day drain from her body.

She began to contemplate that the dynamics between her and the neighbor would be forever different...

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