tagIncest/TabooKristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 01

Kristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 01


"Daddy!" I screamed, pulling my knees back more and feeling his incredible, throbbing erection stretching my cunt more, pushing in deeper, "fuck me, yeah Daddy, fuck me!"

Actually it was my two fingers -- not my father's actual penis -- doing the deed, pushing into my aching 18 year old vagina, trying to bring my aching cunt closer to a hard orgasm. My hand, arm and legs hurt from masturbating so hard, savagely pushing my fingers into myself while I had my slender legs pulled back to my small breasts. Writhing on my bed in the darkest hours of the night, my teenage lust on overdrive, I pictured what it would feel like if my sexy, handsome, adoring father was actually there -- in my bed, above me, staring down at my soft petite body, burying his massive penis into my tight, half-Asian kitty. It was a fucking awesome dream, so real and so perfect, I couldn't stop screwing myself with my two fingers until I had yet another self-induced orgasm, what would be my fourth in a row.

My room must have smelled like shit, from me finger-fucking myself for over an hour. I felt sweat pouring out every corner of my short, skinny body. I pounded my vagina with my fingers while my brain seized the image of my tall, very fit, pale-skinned daddy leaning over me and giving his teenage daughter's pussy exactly what it wanted -- his incredible erection -- over and over, and over and over, and over and over.

I was now purging all the pain and disappointment about him that had boiled in my belly for a couple of weeks. This late-night fantasy was the turning point, where the reality of what my father had done merged with my long-time urges and fantasies.

I now knew what I wanted to be -- a little slut for my father.

Everything in my life the next couple of weeks competely confirmed it, until I was able to make it happen, and get Daddy to give into his lust for me despite his staunch determination not to have sex with his daughter.

* * * *

There was a specific moment, a couple of weeks ago, two days after my 18th birthday, which set me down this erotic course.

I found myself staring at the very erotic picture on my friend Crystal's cellphone. It was a photo of an unbelievable hot male erection, in the tanned hand of a white female. The cock was way bigger than the couple that I'd seen in person up to that point of my life. I didn't know it at the time I saw the photo, but as I later would discover, that awesome big cock was 8 inches and three-eighths inches long, and it looked supersized in the smallish fist of an 18 year old female. My pussy creamed in my panties the moment I laid eyes on the photo.

"That's fucking hot," I moaned to my pretty Latina friend, as we sat on the edge of my bed after school that day. We were going to celebrate my extremely recent 18th birthday by going to a party with college guys that evening. Daddy had always said I could go to the campus when I was 18; well, I was 18 years and 2 days old that evening, so he only laughed when I informed him I was going with Crystal. My bitchy Mom, of course, as usual, had no clue; she never does, and I hardly talked to her anyway because she always cared more about her precious business than Daddy or me. Trust me, I can't imagine anyone has ever felt more worthless than me, when I had to endure that 38 year old, tiny Asian woman with fake tits screams at me because I supposedly forgot to give her a message that she got some call from a business guy, and she didn't care that I was busy trying to get a band-aid for my Dad when he cut his finger on his drawing board in the basement. "Oh he'll live," my mom screamed at me in her high-pitched Thai voice. Like she was going to die because she didn't know about some shipment of bras or something for her store. Fuck her. Okay, rant finished.

Crystal had told me she got the picture from our mutual friend Melanie, the tall, thick-boned, long-haired blonde I'd known for years. I usually thought of Melanie as my best buddy, but for some reason at the time unknown to me, Melanie shared the photo only with Crystal. Crystal was studying my reaction to the photo, and giggling to herself. "You think that's a hot cock?"

"Yeah!" I mean, who wouldn't think that? It was fat and long, bulging with veins and ridges, and the pointy helmet was fucking glistening with precum. "So that's Melanie's hand?"

My Latina friend with big tits leaned back on my bed, elbows behind herself, so her C-cup looked even larger pushing through her typically tight blouse. "Yeah, it is; the guy sent it to her from his phone." But she had something else on her mind, her big brown eye sparkled with mischief. "You think you'd do a cock like that, if you had the chance?"

The question made me snort in surprise at first. Crystal was pretty much a slut, from what I could tell, having had several intense boyfriends at school since I've known her -- but she almost never wanted to talk about sex or men with me. Melanie did all the time, but not Crystal. So I didn't understand why she was asking me. "Sure, I mean, duh -- I'm jealous that's her boyfriend." I tried to think whom Melanie was dating; I thought it was one of the football team players, but I would be surprised any of them had a dick quite that big. But what did I know, my current and previous boyfriends had dicks only half that size, I think. "But it's not like I've been able to date anyone with a cock like that."

Now my Latina friend cuckled, brushing her flowing curly black hair over her shoulders. "Oh, what, Chuckie doesn't have a man-size cock like that?" She always belittled my boyfriend, to which I had grown accustomed, and perhaps it was one of the reasons I had begun to see him as not worthy of me. For a half-Asian bookworm like me with a tiny small body, getting boyfriends at school was not coming easily.

Crystal knew I'd been pretty unsuccessful in enjoying my naked relationship with Chuckie -- but, as I told myself during those dates, beggars can't be choosers. "So, who is it?" The picture of Melanie's boyfriend with the mammoth hotrod was now intriguing me desperately.

The teasing grin on Crystal's face grew wider. She'd been smiling all afternoon at me like she knew something I didn't, but didn't want to tell me. I'd yelled "WHAT?" at her a couple of times, to no avail, she acted like there was nothing. But I've known her a couple of years and she wears her emotions all over her face. She's about my height -- which, for the record, is really short -- so I didn't have a problem clubbing her with my pillow a couple of times, knowing I wasn't putting myself in jeopardy. She didn't try to fight back much, which was further proof that she was not telling me something and I was justified in getting playfully mad.

Finally she'd shown me this picture, and now the mystery was coming to its denoument. Whatever she was hiding from me, whatever was making her giggle and grin all day, had to do with the big cock in the photo. I had no idea why my blonde friend Melanie's boyfriend was some kind of devilish secret, but I was dying to know.

Her know-it-all grin doubled when she pressed the button on her cellphone to advance to the next picture. It was another close-up photo, this time of that big glorious cock sunk halfway into a very pink wet vagina. I'd only recently been introduced to porn, so the graphic details of sex took my breath away for a second. And it's not like I recognized Melanie's pussy; I'd seen her naked in showers at school, but not with a huge erection stuffed inside her.

"Fuck," I muttered, wanting to rub my aching clitty but not doing so in front of my school friend. My curiosity was now boiling close to rage. "So who the fuck is it? Just fucking tell me!"

"Okay," my high school senior classmate finally agreed, staying leaning back on my bed next to me, "but you gotta fucking promise, you won't be killing the messenger, right? Your promise? You asked, right?"

All these terms and conditions seemed to unnecessary. "Yes, right, whatever. Just tell me who it fucking is?"

She wasn't done. "'Cause Mel made me fucking promise not to show anyone -- especially you."

Now I was definitely mad. Why did my best friend single me out from knowing all this? "Fucking tell me, dummy!" I cursed at her. I wasn't good at insulting people.

Crystal was willing to make peace with her reservations only if the deal was set in stone. "So you better swear you won't get mad at me -- promise promise promise?"

What else would I say? "Yes!" I shrieked, laughing, clueless of the truth.

Then in the most relaxed, subdued, casual voice, my pretty Latina friend related the news that changed my world. "Well, 'cause that's your Dad's cock -- Melanie got him to fuck her when he drove her home from your pool party before school started."

Like -- WOW.

Did I say -- um -- WOW.


My Daddy's huge, fat erection buried in Melanie's tight, 18-year-old pussy. Melanie pulling her legs back, arching her body, showing off her huge round tits, her blonde hair spilling around her face. My Daddy staring at her big breasts and her long hair, feeling her tight cunt milk his dick. He wanted her so badly; he was cheating on my Mom, even though she was a bitch, so he could fuck my hot friend.

That's, like, all I could think about. For days; and days; and days. Every day, constantly. I'd see him in the morning before school, and I'd think to myself, he fucked Melanie. I'd see Melanie at school, and I'd think, she fucked Daddy. I'd get home and get horny, masturbating as I usually do, but I would get all uncomfortable because my dreams started to veer into the images of Daddy fucking Melanie. I'd avoid Daddy at night, having difficulty facing him, because all I could think about was, he stuck his big awesome cock in Melanie's cunt. Then I'd go to bed and be all upset, because, the Daddy I loved so much had fucked Melanie.

Maybe I was mad. I'd had sexual thoughts about my father a while ago. I never acted on them, I felt guilty and frankly sick. Like a psychiatrist would lock me up for being disturbed. But as I became aware of sexuality and started having sexual thoughts about men, I mean, it didn't escape my attention that my father is very handsome, and keeps himself very fit, and that lots of women seem to like his attention.

So from time to time -- sort of coming in waves, a few weeks every few months -- I might have been a little too infatuated with my father, in ways daughters might not normally be. I don't know, I'm not anyone else's daughter. I'd find myself lying in bed, either after school or late at night or really early in the morning, my panties dripping wet, my hand rubbing my tight vagina through the panties or -- if I was really horny -- digging inside the panties, directly contacting my throbbing clitoris and pussylips. My eyes would be closed, I'd picture my awesome, sexy father naked with me, his brutally big cock jutting out of his flat abdomen, his white skin contrasting to my light-tanned color. He's be fucking my mouth or pussy, telling me how much he loved me, making me feel like a woman. I'd purr that I loved him more than any daughter could -- because I do -- and my body would tense and orgasm from the deep sex my father's big bone was driving into me. The orgasms from my fantasies were so different from my fantasies about just about anyone or anything else; they were improper and disgusting dreams, but they made me cum so hard. I learned to enjoy my fantasies about my father, then after a couple of days of them, I'd get over them, and move on, and not let them affect my world, until they reoccurred a few weeks or months later.

But now my fantasies of fucking my hot Daddy were displaced by the reality he was fucking Melanie. It perturbed my entire sexual world; I couldn't masturbate about anything else, because when I tried, I'd just think about Daddy having sex with Melanie, and I'd get depressed but remain horny. The orgasms were so hard to manufacture now. It was really aweful, for the two weeks following the night I saw those two pictures.

I made sure I wasn't mad at Daddy. Mom is a fucking bitch and treats him all wrong. I've always thought Mom was maybe having an affair with her business partner, who loaned her the money for her lingerie store and always seems to be hanging around the place. She just seems to light up around the jerk a little too often. I mean, he's a creep. He once asked me to model lingerie for him -- at his house. I mean, um, no thanks? And, she's hardly ever around at home. Daddy has needs, Mom. You should be taking care of them.

And Melanie, well, it's no surprise Daddy was attracted to her. She's on the softball and volleyball teams, she's pretty tall and has very long blonde hair and a big fucking chest. She's not a skinny girl, she's kind of thick, so she's not the most popular girl at school. She's really funny, though, I love being around her. She has had some long-time steady relationships with other athletes at the school, although never the super-hot ones. I guess if she offered her young 18 year old body to my very handsome and lonely father, I can definitely see why he'd be "up" for that.

So with my sexual fantasies a mess, I was pretty irritable every day. I was avoiding Daddy for reasons I couldn't articulate, and so I found myself in bitching sessions with my Mom just about every day, if not every hour. It was really bad there. And I was avoiding Melanie a lot, too, at school.

Something needed to give me relief, from the jumble of emotions churning in my heart and the building lust in my cunt.

It really, really sucked.


Melanie's back arched, her huge tits jiggling around and her stiff nipples pointing at the ceiling. As she pulled her thick thighs open, my Daddy leaned into her more, his fabulous ass clenching and pumping his hips forward, shoving all of his over-8 inches of manly bone into her dripping wet teenage vagina. Melanie screams, "Yes fuck me Daddy!" reaching out to him and pulling his hips into her, harder, working more of his wonderful meat into her slutty pussy.

The image was incredibly vivid. My eyes were awake, as I lay in bed. It was like two weeks after Crystal showed me the pictures, and the weekend before my Mom was supposed to be out of town for a convention. Maybe it was Friday or Saturday night, I don't recall. It was definitely late, like 2 a.m. or something. My room was, as usual, in near-darkness. I was wearing only panties, nothing else, the room was a bit too warm for my liking. Maybe that's why I couldn't sleep, or was sleeping badly.

I lay on top of my sheets, my small 30A-cup titties beaded with sweat, cooled by the soft breeze from the air conditioner in the window. I had my panties pushed down in a bunch halfway between my crotch and knees, forcing my legs to be more straight than parted. The panties were sopping wet, all bound up tightly, it would take too much effort to move them down my legs more, so I left them there. My hand was busy on my pussy, working myself over. My soft cuntlips were drenched, so silky and smooth, I loved their feeling against my fingers. I shaved my cunt all the time, I discovered that it felt better to finger-fuck myself when my kitty was bald. Besides, I think I looked better with a bald slit; that's what my boyfriend told me, anyway. I guess my short, slender body, 90 pounds when soaking wet, had a more clean, pristine look without hair around my cunt. I think white guys want Asian girls (or half-Asian girls, like me) to be their China dolls, like delicate soft toys for their big red-hot cocks. At least, that's how I perceive myself in their eyes. (And I guess I'd be a half-Thai doll, not Chinese doll, but, whatever.) Having hair around my pussy sort of ruined that image I have of myself, so I kept it shaved off.

As I toyed with my aching vagina, I frowned, frustrated at what I expected would happen. This was going on every night, all the time. I wanted so badly to have a big, hard orgasm. Daily I'd work on my pussy, thrusting fingers into it, licking juices off of my hand, pinching my nipples -- even taking my asshole, sliding a finger into it. But, lying in bed that fateful early morning, I figured I'd just have the same results as I did every day. The thoughts of Daddy and Melanie having sex would interrupt everything, would make me more horny yet more unable to cum, and I'd start to cry or have a pathetic, bad little orgasm, and remain a ball of nerves.

Driven by the fear of how the masturbation would end, I forced myself to think about the most depraved, erotic fantasies that usually would drive me over the edge several times per session. I wanted to be a slut; yes, I admit it. A fucking little slut. I'd imagine myself in a roomful of hung adult white men, or even black men, all horny to fuck the sexy little half-Asian bitch. I didn't care they didn't know my name; I'd let them bend me over or spread my legs, and shove their huge throbbing pricks into my tight teenage cunt, and fuck me all night and fill me or cover me in their seed. Yes, I wanted to be treated like a slut, I wanted them to call me "bitch" and "cunt" and "whore" instead of Kristen. I wanted to be used like a fucking toy, their cumbag, a little Asian cunt to be fucked all night until they didn't have a drop of sperm left on their big fat balls.

I added some of the spicier elements of my past dreams. Maybe four -- no, five -- no, six married men naked in a cheap motel room with me; maybe I met them all over the Internet. They were there getting their big hard cocks off on me, taking turns to fuck me on the small bed, or in groups of two and three filling my cunt, asshole and mouth with their awesome erections. Maybe one or two of them brought their adult wives or girlfriends to watch, women who wanted to see a young teenager -- a senior in high school -- get gang-banged all night into the next morning. I would show them what a good fuck I was, taking all those dicks over and over, my small petite body getting covered in sperm. The men would pull out and shoot their wads all over me, covering my face and small breasts, or filling my pussy with their hot cream in multiple loads. I'd be a fucking sweaty, cummy mess, the men would love what a little slut I was, the women would be so amazed I could fuck all those dicks.

The dreams of being a sex toy for all those adult men -- cherished by them, and their women -- was making me so fucking horny. My little 18 year old cunt was hurting for attention, I wanted it so badly. My two fingers squeezed inside, digging as far as I could, pressing in hard. My arm was bent, my wrist too, to shove my fingers up into me. It made my hand and wrist hurt; my upper arm hurt; even my small legs hurt as I bent them wide open, to fuck myself. Fuck me, I'd scream to the men, looking around the room, seeing their rockhard pricks ready to give me what I wanted, fuck me! I dreamt of that fucking while my fingers furiously dug into my cunt, pumping savagely.

And, as usual, I couldn't keep the forbidden images away. Daddy giving Melanie the best fucking sex of her young life. She was adoring his penis, it was the most amazing machine she could have possibly dreamed. First she sucked it, kneeling on the floor nude and gazing up my father's rock-firm stomach and chest. His huge penis pointed at her blonde face; he was throbbing, horny for her. She felt it, stroked it, sucked it. He made her cunt so wet. (My fingers felt how wet my cunt was, and I knew, she was at least that wet for my Daddy.) Then Daddy took her to the bed, spread her legs open, and drove his mammoth erection into her 18 year old pussy. It was so long it filled the deepest parts of her cunt; and Daddy is so thick, he stretched her out almost painfully, almost like ripping her slit even larger. His body and fitness could ram that cock into her pussy for hours, way way longer than any teen boy could do, so Melanie had multiple orgasms and screamed his name in delight. "Rick! Rick! Daddy fuck me! Oh fuck me!"

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