Kristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 01


And Daddy loved it. She's young, pretty, with big tits and very tanned skin. He hadn't fucked a girl that age in -- well, I assume, a long time. Her tight velvet cunt felt wonderful; the fact a girl wanted him to fuck her, was such a satisfying feeling, given how my Mom treats him. He came so hard in Melanie's pussy.

I have no idea if this is how Daddy actually fucked Melanie, when those pictures were taken. But, it made total sense that it could have happened like that, just as I described.

But, unlike every day for the last two weeks, instead of frustrating me and making my cry, a wonderful, amazing thing happened. I was so turned on, imagining Daddy and Melanie having sex. My father fucked my friend! It was an insanely sexy thought; I loved him, and her too, and they pleasured each other and fucked madly. My stupid Mom deserved it, she wouldn't take care of him so Melanie would. Yes, Daddy deserved Melanie, he needed to have her blonde cunt take his big throbbing dick. My Daddy deserved to be happy.

Now, this fantasy was an incredible turn-on to me. With my legs hurting, bound together by the sopping-wet panties, I gathered my strength and pushed my wet panties down my legs, off of them. Now freed of the bondage, I laid back and pulled my slender legs wide, wide open, fingering my vagina furiously. I pictured Daddy screwing my blonde friend for hours, in every position, bending her over and taking her doggy-style, then having her athletic body sit on top of him and ride him like a cowgirl. Her face would be contorted in pain; she loved the orgasms he gave her.

Yes, Daddy! I cried to myself, picturing him fucking Melanie. I wanted him to; he loved fucking her, didn't he?

Then, suddenly -- it was a blessing from Heaven -- I had a cum. A big, fucking, huge orgasm. My legs stiffened, I couldn't breathe, my stomach twisted in knots and my pussy grabbed my fingers. I let out a huge moan, which I tried to keep muffled so my parents down the hall wouldn't hear, and I allowed a savagely powerful orgasm to rip through my body as I pictured Daddy cumming in Melanie's hot teen vagina.

It wasn't the only orgasm. My cunt was on fire, demanding full attention. Despite my arms, hand, and legs hurting painfully, the relief from the orgasm -- and all the lust still blazing in my pussy -- kept me going. I continued to dream about Daddy fucking Melanie. I kept thrusting my fingers into my cunt, arching them, rubbing my G-spot, until I had a second then a third orgasm. With my fingers and hand so soaking wet, I gave my cunt a few minutes' relief and slipped my finger down to my tight little asshole. My boyfriends never touched it; but I loved the feeling, I guess I was just a real fucking pervert. I slid my drenched finger into my own butthole, pretending it was a cock or a guy's tongue entering me, and I gasped and moaned. Meanwhile, I imagined Daddy fucking -- no, licking Melanie's hot round ass. She would laugh and moan from the feeling of his manly tongue inside her hot ass.

My cunt needed another good fucking, and I pounded my fingers into it again, drawing out another orgasm, then another. It was fucking miraculous.

It was my epiphany. I had come to terms with Daddy fucking Melanie, and, I didn't care -- in fact, I think I liked knowing about it. I was happy for him, and for her.

The surprising thing was -- I was happy for myself. Because, as I fucked my own vagina with my stiff and sore fingers, I told myself what I needed. It was all clear to me now.

I needed to get my Daddy's massive cock into my pussy. I loved him and it's what he and I needed to do. We needed to fuck.

Now, I dreamed again of my Daddy fucking me. I'd done it many times in the past, feeling guilty about it, but cumming hard. Not so that night. It was a different dream, because it seemed real. Daddy cheated on Mom. If he fucked Melanie, he'd fuck me, right. Right? It could happen. If I wanted it to, I bet Daddy would fuck me!

"Daddy," I screamed in my dreams, staring at his handsome, square face, his blue eyes and manly jaw, "fuck me!" His broad, well-formed shoulders towered above me, his hairy, strong chest pumping gracefully back and forth. Down my slender, half-Asian body, with my thighs spread open, my Daddy's awesome cock was penetrating his daughter, fucking me hard and deep. I clutched his strong arms, arching my back to show off my smallish teen boobies, and the hard nipples sticking out of them. Daddy stared at my slender body, loving it. He fucked me with passion, wanting me to feel so satisfied and fulfilled, giving me his love in thrusts from his cock over, and over, and over. And over some more.

One last orgasm shattered my body, causing me to ball up in pain as it roared through my limbs, leaving me a huddled, panting mess on my bed, with my bedsheets under my nude body soaking wet. Oh shit, oh fucking shit, I moaned to myself, catching my breath. My nose was filled with mucus, my eyes tearing; I had been breathing through my mouth, it was all dried now. I had to lick my lips, blow out my nose, wipe my face of sweat and saliva. My hand fucking hurt; my pussy and hand were drenched. It was probably a disgusting sight, but, I felt wonderful.

With the fantasies subsided after the last orgasm died down, I was left with a lingering, powerful thought. It wasn't going away. I didn't want it to, either.

Yes, I wanted to fuck my Daddy. If I came that hard from masturbating about it, just think how awesome the orgasms would be when it actually happened!

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