tagIncest/TabooKristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 02

Kristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 02


As he laid his thick, rotund mass over her petite little Thai body, the male's rigid penis drove into my Mom's small frame, stretching her 38 year old pussylips wider, driving so deep until his balls were bouncing off her soft golden asscheeks. I watched her small Asian hands gripping his fat white buttocks, pulling her business partner's erection even deeper into her married twat, while her high-pitched voice shrieked across the room to me, as I was hiding behind the partition near the steps.

"Oh yeah baby," my Mom purred in a lusty, uncontrolled squeal, "do me, fuck me!"

Watching my own mother (whom I hate, no loathe completely) cheat on my father (whom I dearly love unbelievably so) with such a rather unhandsome man should have made me want to puke. I hated seeing it. But I also couldn't pull my eyes away, it was the most ridiculous discovery I could imagine.

And it made me want to fuck my own Daddy even more.

* * * *

I was supposed to be at the Science club meeting after school. I'm a senior now, and the teachers appointed me a co-team captain, although I'm not sure why. I don't have the absolute best grades, and I'm pretty shy in groups. I guess they figured, maybe having an Asian (well, in my case, half-Thai) girl would look good, you know, so we didn't have two white guys as the captains of a mostly Asian and Indian group of students. Whatever.

My ambivalence to the club gave me cause to blow off the meeting. I told a teacher I was not feeling well, and I sort of alluded to the fact I was having that "time of the month." He told me to go home, so I did.

The house was eerily empty, as I took a shortcut through the backyard and walked through the back patio doors. My father -- my awesome Daddy -- usually works out of the basement, in his home office. But that day he was at meetings in his company's downtown offices, and he wouldn't be home until well past dinner. My Mom, I expected, was still at the Mall, working at her lingerie store she owned. Well, she co-owned it with a business partner; she ran the store, he was the money man. It was a Tuesday, and if she wasn't at the Mall, she would be running errands around town. With both of my parents gone, it wasn't surprising that all of the lights were off, and there wasn't any noise.

I put my book bag down and sat at the kitchen table with graham crackers. You might think that's all innocent, a petite, 90-pound half-Asian smarty pants from school having cookies after school, what, before I'd do my homework? Actually, my thoughts were totally elsewhere. My bald, shaved pussy ached; I was just filling my stomach quickly, before I planned to go up to my bedroom and strip nude, and finger-fuck myself to a few orgasms. Yeah, it was happening daily now, it's all I thought about.

I was going to go upstairs and fantasize about my hot, sexy Daddy fucking me. I loved the dream so badly. I loved Daddy, he was the perfect father, such a gentleman to me, treating me like a princess all my life, and he was so hot and sexy too. I had seen the pictures of him fucking my best friend Melanie, and that had driven my fantasies to a whole new level. I wanted to fuck him too, and if he fucked my blonde 18 year old friend, then wouldn't he want to fuck his horny, petite, 18 year old daughter too?

So I quickly downed a couple of layers of the graham crackers, washing them with swigs of flavored water, and I prepared to dash up to my bedroom and take care of the aching in my jeans. Kristen wanted to fuck herself, it's true. I hardly thought about my current boyfriend anymore; he was a geek with a small dick, and he didn't make me cum nearly as much as my own fingers could. I'd just lie there under him and picture other men fucking me anyway, when he and I had sex; I might as well cut him out of the picture and do it better myself, right.

I headed to the middle of the house, about to go upwards to my room, when something caught my attention. A noise. A moan. A thump.

From downstairs.

I froze, wondering if I wasn't home alone. We don't have any pets; that wasn't a machine I heard. That was a person.

My first thought was, Daddy was home in his office. It didn't really excite me, because I would now have to lock my door, and worry that he might barge in and interrupt me fucking myself. I probably shouldn't strip nude, I figured, but just put on a skirt and fuck myself under it. Whatever, I could do that, I did that every day.

Only, it didn't sound like Daddy; it sounded like my Mom. I stood there, silent, intently listening. No, nothing else, maybe my ears were making it up.


There, yes, there it was. A voice; a whisper, a soft, short series of words. It was my mother's voice, definitely. She has a high-pitched voice, still with a slight Thai accent despite living here with my Daddy for about 20 years. I couldn't make out what she was saying, but she sounded cheerful and friendly, and even excited.

So that made no sense, right. She and Daddy didn't get along much; it was why she was hardly ever home, burying herself in her work at the lingerie store at the Mall. Daddy worked at home, so, she made herself scarce. But, the point is, even when they are both home, they were hardly laughing with each other. It was a polite arrangement they had; they slept in the same bed, they ate together, they acted friendly to each other, but they didn't laugh and get along like mates. They were sort of roommates. How sad, too, because my father is such a sexy, loving guy. Women fawn over him; he's a great, successful architect; he treats me like the only person on earth who matters to him. Why my Mom was so turned off by him? No idea.

I had to investigate, something was weird. Call it women's intuition. I kicked my sneakers off, leaving me in socks that wouldn't make noise as I stealthily snuck down the stairs to the basement. I listend more, hearing soft voices -- Mom's, and someone else's, a male. A chill went down my slender spine, I knew something wasn't right. I kept in the shadows of the stairwell, walking deftly on the carpeted steps, then stopped halfway down.

The steps to the basement have a ninety-degree turn, halfway down; the last fourth of the steps are pretty much exposed to the basement, but there's a partition wall hiding the top three-quarters. Like some small kid spying on Santa, I went down right to the edge of the wall, crouched down, then carefully poked my head around the edge to look into the basement recreation room (our "rec room").

And my jaw dropped.

My mother was sitting on the lap of her business partner, David, on our leather sofa. Mom's back was to me; I couldn't see his face, her big hair and back were blocking the view, but I knew it was him. He's not a skinny guy -- I mean, not grotesquely massively fat, but, he could stand to lose 50 pounds. He's about Daddy's age, only time hasn't been nearly as good to him. He's balding, not in shape, and not married. He runs a bunch of lingerie stores and other small operations, so while I always thought he thinks of himself as some kind of business tycoon, he's mostly just a barnacle on the economy.

He's a jerk and a pervert, too. Last summer, he fucking hit on me at his house, while my Mom and Daddy took me there for a pool party. He was checking me out, then started asking if I'd do some modeling for their lingerie store -- well, more like, if I'd be interested, he'd let me come back to his house and he'd see if I would be a good model. The way he was looking at me, I pretty much knew, he wasn't looking to hire a model. I mean, I'm smart enough to realize, the store doesn't have its own models -- they just sell stuff from big companies that have real models. How stupid did he think I was? So I politely declined, and basically haven't really talked to him since.

Mom had her blouse on, but it was clear to me -- even though I couldn't see the front of it -- that it wasn't totally closed. David had his big fucking hands on her fake tits, while my Mom sat in her skirt on his lap, looking down towards him. She's even shorter than I am, she's like 4 foot 9 or something -- I mean, really short -- but before I was born she got a pair of silicon tits that are now completely disproportionate to her small frame. I'm sure her real tits were like mine, meaning, small. But Mom had like D cups now, this big circular, fake breasts. I never wanted to look like that.

Instantly, I was fuming. I mean, fucking pissed. This woman basically stopped taking care of my Daddy, letting herself fall into her little business world. Now I could see why she wasn't doting on Daddy anymore; she had basically replaced him, hadn't she?

"Ooh honey," I heard my Mom moan, in a lusty, throaty tone I'd never heard from her before, "that's so good."

She shifted on his lap, moving forward, her hands on the sofa around his head as she rubbed her chest into his face and simultaneously ground her crotch on his pants. I was disgusted to see my mother making it with another man -- but, like a trainwreck, I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

I was already horny when I got home; now, in my jeans, I was like twice as wet.

David stirred, as if looking away or something, and my Mom chuckled, sitting upright. "Really," my mother's high-pitched, heavily accented voice purred, "she won't be home for hours, and I have the chime on the front door so we'll hear it open."

Now I got a lump in my throat; she was talking about me -- ME!

Mom stood up, climbing off of his lap. As she turned around, I pulled back behind the wall, making sure she didn't see me. I thought about darting up the stairs to my room, or even leaving the house and coming around to the front door so the chime alarm would go off, but my legs weren't moving. My hungry libido wanted to see what would happen.

Letting just my one eye peek into the corner where the wall met the ceiling halfway up the stairs, I spied on my Mom quickly standing to take her thick black belt off of herself. Mom has an hourglass figure; she started, I'm sure, with a rail-thin body like mine, but the huge balloon tits on top combined with an ass padded from her love of chocolates, so now she was a distinctly short but curvy woman. She definitely isn't fat, but she's not a slender Thai like her daughter.

She was going to fuck him, I muttered to myself, I can't believe my Mom is cheating on the most wonderful, loving man in the world!

"Besides," snickered my Mom in her high, whiny voice, "if she came home, I'm sure you'd probably be turned on, you'd ask her to join us, wouldn't you?"


The rotund white male laughed. Sitting on OUR family sofa, he was unbuttoning his dress shirt, revealing a mostly hairless, pale-white, flabby tummy and chest. The man almost had man-boobs, I mean, double yuck! "If she's half the horny slut you are, Malee, she'd probably want to join us." As he insulted my mother -- and me, I think -- he unzipped his slacks, revealing the bulge in his white underwear inside.

Mom was reaching back to unzip her skirt, pulling it down, revealing her black lacy thong. Mom loved to wear the stuff from her lingerie store. Her round, plump golden-tanned asscheeks were still smooth, and her thick thighs slimmed down to very tight, sexy calves. She found David's insulting comment to be hysterical, and her little body let out a hearty chuckle. "You think apple didn't fall far from tree, huh?" said the 38 year old Thai, not policing her lack of English. My Mom speaks perfectly good English, when she wants to; but usually she dropped the "the's" and stuff in her day to day conversations. "Mmm, I bet Mr. David would love to get his big handsome cock up Kristen's tight little pussy, no?"

Hearing my Mom talking about me fucking that guy who was helping her cheat on Daddy -- well, my face cringed. But as she said it, she was pulling her blouse off and reaching behind herself to unfasten her black bra. Right at that moment too, David was pushing his pants and underwear down his legs, and his hard erection suddenly pointed out of his meaty lap. I hadn't seen a grown man's erection before, not in person I mean, and my eyes were glued to it. He was a little longer than my current 18 year old boyfriend, but his adult cock was way, way thicker. I didn't know if that was due to age or what, I mean, do male cocks get bigger over the years? David's penis was shocking, I mean, here was this man helping my Mom cheat on my awesome Daddy, and he was exposing himself on OUR family sofa, in OUR rec room in OUR house.

But as angry as my heart and head were, my pussy had another reaction. I felt myself moistening in my panties; the sight of the adult erection, with a fat bulbous head and rigid shaft, made my 18 year old cunt ache for it. David wasn't very good looking, his body was flabby and pale, and he was a jerk -- but, damn, his cock made my mouth water and my cunt feel empty. Yeah, the mere sight of his dick made me want to fuck it.

Mom bent over and peeled her thong off, standing now so she was completely nude. I had been naked with her in the past, but obviously, never anything like this. Mom dropped to her knees in front of the sofa, leaning forward. I was barely breathing, my hands firmly against the wall so I wouldn't fall over, and my eye continued to peer out of the corner on the steps so I could watch the action. Her full head of curly black hair fell around David's lap, so I couldn't directly see my Mom sucking David's cock -- but there was no doubt that was what she was going. David leaned back, staring down at his lap, his hand pushing her ample hair off of her face. He moaned, his eyes rolling, and Mom's head and shoulders bobbed up and down. As she leaned forward I saw her shaved pussy between her creamy-golden thighs, and my Mom's fingers -- one with her wedding ring! -- reached back to massage her pussy and clitty, briefly. I heard my Mom's high voice moan too, sort of like, "Mmmm hmmm," as she had something big in between her lips.

I couldn't stand it, I had to reach down to my crotch and rub my pussy too, I was so turned on watching my Mom with this not-so-sexy adult man, cheating on my fantastic Daddy. I didn't feel guilty for spying; it was like, I had a right to know. Plus, it turned me on so fucking much.

David watched my Mom suck his dick a couple of minutes, but then he whispered loud enough for me to hear. "You know, I don't think we came to your house, Malee, just so that you could suck my dick."

My horny Mom giggled, sitting her naked round ass back on her heels, her hand still reaching out to his lap and stroking his cock -- which, as she leaned to one side, I could see. Her small hand looked really tiny compared to David's hard erection. "Oh is that right," purred my slutty mother, acting all innocent, "so you tell, Mr. David, why we come here?"

The jerk leaned forward and he had the audacity to put his mouth on my Mom's lips, kissing my Mom where only my Daddy should! "Because," muttered the asshole as he leaned back from the kiss, "you told me it had been a week since we fucked, and your tight cunt needed a good, deep fucking."

His words made my vagina ache even more; I was really getting turned on watching them.

Mom rose up now, crawling on to his lap. His big white hands reached around and cupped her rounded gold buttocks, positioning her small curvy body over his thick legs. As he leaned back she straddled him, knees on the sofa, moving her butt and cunt to his dick sticking out of his lap. My eyes were glued to the sight. Mom reached a hand down and grabbed his dick, holding him as she moved her cunt, then she must have put her hole on David's cockhead. She grunted and pushed down, and he moaned, and the jerk was now fucking my married Mom -- right on OUR sofa!

"Yes David!" squealed my slutty married mother, her head back as she pushed herself down to take more of his shaft into her cunt, "fuck me baby!"

David's hands moved from her ass to her chest, groping her big fake tits I'm sure, and he moved his head so I think he began sucking her tits while fucking her. Mom was really fucking horny, her ass moving in big circles, sliding up and down his pole. I already now could smell their nudity, as the aroma of their exposed genitals had diffused throughout the basement now. The scent made me more horny, too. Mom had her hands on the sofa, pumping her little body up and down, and I could see David's fat hairy balls and the base of his thick shaft as her cunt lowered down on his penis. Mom was fucking him, and I had a direct view of it, as she leaned forward riding him.

Why wasn't she fucking Daddy, I thought as a tear welled in my eye, why was she fucking a man who was so not worthy of replacing my Daddy in her life?

Instantly, my thoughts and fantasies about my Daddy flooded my head. For the last two and a half weeks, ever since I saw the photos of my Daddy fucking one of my best friends, I had been having fantasies of Daddy having sex. I'd always fantasized about him fucking me from time to time, but now, that fantasy was so much more intense, so real. For the last couple of days I had been thinking, I should have sex with Daddy. I love him like no other woman does; I'm 18 now -- almost 18 and a month -- and I'm no virgin. I would cherish him, and not treat him like Mom does, the bitch.

I mean, in a lot of ways, I've kind of replaced Mom in his lfe. On top of my high school senior-year classes -- including a few advanced placement courses -- and then my chess and science clubs, the debate team, and the 4H club, I had to add "making Daddy happy" to my list of daily chores started a couple years ago, when Mom opened her fucking lingerie store. He likes coffee to be made in the morning when he gets out of the shower, because Mom used to do that. Now, she didn't have time for it, so he'd sigh as he made it in the morning. I never liked hearing my Dad sound disappointed about anything, so even though he never asked -- and tells me everyday I don't have to do it -- I always make sure his favorite coffee is brewed and waiting before he gets out of the bathroom. Or, I always knew he liked the kitchen cleaned before the late evening news comes on, because if it's not, we usually get a few ants in the morning. Mom used to take care of all of it, but now of course, she doesn't get home until well past closing -- usually 11 or 11:30 at night. Even after a long day of work, my dad took it upon himself to clean it, telling me my homework was more important. I just couldn't stand that, so I always make sure to clean the kitchen myself, usually before he noticed. Sometimes it's a race between us to do it; I love that he doesn't want the burden to fall on me. But I can't have him do it either! I guess these are little, stupid things. Making sure Mom remembers its his birthday or father's day, buying cards and a gift for him on those days for her to sign so it looks like she remembered -- I do it because it puts a smile on my Dad's face, really, no other reason.

Now, Mom was abandoning him, and Daddy needed a woman in his life. Someone who lived under his roof with him, and would show him what a real man he was.

Watching Mom fucking David, I just knew in my heart, my Daddy needed me to fuck him. It was just meant to be!

Mom had her hand reached down to her pussy, rubbing her clit or spreading her lips or something, as she humped David's dick. She had her other arm straight out in front of her, the hand on the wall behind the sofa, keeping her torso upright while she smashed her big fake tits into his mouth. I could hear David moaning and licking her tits, probably sucking her hard nipples, while my Mom's cunt rode his hard adult erection. The two of them were energetic, moaning loudly and gyrating together in unison on the leather sofa, feeling the tightness of her pussy surrounding his throbbing big dick.

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