tagIncest/TabooKristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 03

Kristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 03


I wanted my fabulous, sexy, amazing Daddy to fuck my tight, 18 year old, half-Asian pussy. I loved him, I wanted to make him so happy because my cheating Mom was such a fucking bitch to him. Let her go fuck her fat ugly boyfriend. He could take care of her fake big tits and smack around her little Thai body, for all I cared. Daddy was going to be mine!

Only problem was -- how would I make it happen?

* * * *

I panted to another muffled orgasm, staring at the pictures of the pretty, petite brunette spreading open her skinny legs and letting her sexy father drive his dick into her wet pussy. There were about fifty of these pictures, all arranged in a private website gallery displayed on my computer monitor. I had one hand on my computer mouse, clicking between them, while my other hand was busy filling my cunt with two fingers. My shaved pussy was so fucking wet, dripping liquids down my small soft asscheeks and pooling on my seat under my little butt. My eyes were glued to the pictures of 25 year old daughter having incredible, forbidden sex with her handsome daddy. The father was holding the camera in most of the pictures, pointed at his dick fucking his daughter's cock, mouth or ass; but in some pictures, the girl took the photo of her sexy naked father looming above her slender body, stuffing his oversized penis into her cunt.

I was nearing another orgasm, watching the girl and daddy fucking each other. It was like I had been let into a new secret universe, where a girl could let her deepest, most powerful emotions loose and allow her own father to give her the ultimate pleasure. It was taboo and improper and immoral, and all that; but that slender brunette with the perky little breasts and long thin legs was obviously loving the sex with her daddy, screwing him so hard. The pictures were not all taken at the same time, because some were in different rooms, and the girl's black hair was long and flowing in some of them, and in a short bob in others. Then I noticed she even had a wedding ring on her finger, in some of the pictures with her hair short!

Soon I was having my cum from my fingers, as my eyes gazed at the sight of the girl on her fours, bent over, her daddy sticking his dick into her pussy from behind. Her hand was on the pillow near her face; I could see her clenching her eyes, while her big diamond wedding ring sparkled in the light.

Gasping for air, sweating in my tight haltertop, my mouth dry from breathing through it, I let my cum subside for a few seconds. I clicked to more pictures, stopping at a photo of the daddy's huge, swollen dick squirting sperm on the pretty daughter's face. Her hauntingly beautiful big blue eyes were staring up at her daddy and the camera, not looking shy, but lustful, wanting it. Streaks of the white cum were already splattered on her forehead and cheek, more pouring out of the dick at the moment the camera clicked the photo.

My eyes wandered to my cellphone on the desk near me, right where I left it a few minutes earlier. I knew I had a standing invitation to call the daddy back, and I couldn't resist the urge. Sitting back on my computer chair with me knees spread open, my white booty shorts down around my ankles and my wet pussy aching for more attention, I grabbed the cell and dialed the man's number.

He must have been expecting my call, he purred the moment he answered. "Mmm, Kristen, did you see my pictures?"

"Oh yeah," I moaned, my finger returning to my throbbing wet clitoris and soothing it with a soft, gentle caress. "I love them, she's so pretty, so sexy -- and you're so hot too."

"Mmm!" I heard some ruffling on his end of the phone, as the adult male was moving around. "Girls always say they like my cock, do you like my dick, Kristen?"

I didn't have to lie. "Fuck yes, so much, sooooo much, it's so big and sexy, I can see why she loves it, I'd love it too."

He chuckled. "I guess that's one of the reasons Dani likes fucking me. Among others."

So many questions were in my head. The guy was like a resource book for me, a tutor in a way, able to help me answer or confirm all of the emotions that had been filling my head for three weeks. I knew my own father liked to fuck girls my age -- I saw the pictures of him fucking one of my best friends, my blonde friend Melanie. Woman always fawned over my Daddy, he's tall, fit, sexy, handsome. He treats me like a princess, and he deserves the best. Not my bitchy Mom, who was all wrapped up in her lingerie store business and who was fucking her fat, ugly business partner. No, Daddy deserved a princess to fuck him, and I knew I was that princess.

"So you still do it, I mean, are you and her still--" I couldn't really bring myself to say it, although the pictures on my computer screen didn't lie. Then, I found that saying something nasty was kind of sexy. "You and Dani still fuck?"

The horny pervert on the phone sighed in delight. "Yes, seven years and still going strong. I fucked her when she was 18, and we used to do it almost every day. Now she's married and living in New York, but I see her about ten times a year, maybe more, and pretty much every time we have sex." He paused, and I could hear the passion in his voice. "She's just so sweet and awesome, I love her like I never knew I could love a woman. She's gorgeous and sexy and funny, she looks great in lingerie. And," he giggled playfully, "she can suck a cock like no one can."

My pussy was getting more anxious for sex, hearing his sexy voice talk to me. "Wow, so, does her husband know?"

The father's voice dropped. "Oh hell no -- don't go telling him, okay?" We shared a laugh and he explained. "It's just between Dani and me, no one else. She doesn't care if anyone finds out, but, it's not like we go telling people we know."

"But you told me," I said smartly, acting like the know-it-all that a straight-A student might say.

He didn't disagree. "Oh well, I've shown those pictures to a few girls your age, 18 to young 20s. A couple of them liked them so much, I got to go on dates with them. I mean, I'm just a man -- I like attractive, sexy younger women."

Listening to him talk to me about fucking his daughter and, apparently, other girls too, my fingertips found the wet hole to my cunt, and I began to slide my fingers inside, slowly. I really wanted to fuck my Daddy so bad, and it was making it worse knowing Daddy was downstairs in the basement of the house at that very minute, working in his home office, while I was horny up in my second-floor bedroom dreaming of him. If only he knew my thoughts. Mom was at work, as she always was, and would be there until 11 or 11:30 that night I was sure. Like every night. Daddy could just come up, it was not even dinner time yet, we could fuck for hours, have amazing sex, I could make him cum so hard in my petite little body -- I'm only 90 pounds, if that -- and I would tell him how much I love him, as he squirts his seed into my wet teenage cunt.

I shuddered and moaned, feeling my pussy so wet and tight around my fingers, and the father on the phone heard it. "So Kristen," he asked in a sultry, smooth tone, "did you do what we talked about earlier this afternoon, did you dress in something slutty and go see if your father checked you out?"

"Yeah!" I proudly answered, nodding hard even though he couldn't see me. "Yeah, I still have on the halter top and the booty shorts I wore for him, I went down to his office to ask if he wanted something to drink, then I went back down with a sode and some cookies for him."

"Mmm!" The father on the phone knew what I had been wearing; he and I were on the phone about forty five minutes earlier, he helped me select what to wear and he listened to me while I stripped nude and put it on. He was so helpful, trying to soothe my nerves and give me the courage to go through with this. "I'm sure those little shorts looked awesome on your tiny ass -- did your pussylips show in the fabric, honey? Could you see them?"

I thought about the image of myself in my mirror on my closet door, as I stared at myself wearing the shorts. "Yeah, sort of -- they were really tight on my ass, too, I mean, you could really see how little my fanny is, like, the clefts on the sides."

"Oh fuck that's hot," muttered the aroused man, "so hot, I'm stroking my big penis thinking about you showing off your hot ass to your father. And your tits -- did your nipples stick through the halter, like we wanted them too?"

"Oh yeah!" I told him, fingering my pussy faster, picturing him jerking that awesome adult cock, as I stared at a photograph of it in his daughter's mouth. "They're so fucking hard, they make these big bumps, my tits are small, but my nipples are so hard."

I heard the guy groan as he jerked his meat talking to me. Our friendship was barely two hours old, or even less than that probably. It was Monday, I'd just gotten home from school so fucking horny. Ever since I spied on my Mom fucking her business partner down in our basement about a week earlier, I had been ravenously horny nonstop every day. It made me really hate my Mom, but it made me want to fuck about every hot guy I saw on the street or TV. But I really wanted to fuck Daddy, and I had been masturbating to that fantasy several times a day. Then I discovered this website with lots of stories of daughters and daddies having sex, and there was one story in particular where a daddy described his actual first time with his daughter. I was so hot I emailed "feedback" that said I loved the story, I was 18 and wished my daddy could fuck me like that. Seriously, maybe five minutes later, he emailed me in response and we started to IM. I was so fucking horny, I actually called him on my cellphone, can you believe that. But he's sweet and sexy, and he really wants me to fuck my Daddy too.

He understands, of course. He's been fucking his daughter for seven years. Lucky Dani!

"So tell me, honey," asked the horny man nicely over the phone, "did your father check you out, did you see him staring at your ass and tits?"

Now my pussy creamed around my fingers, I grew extremely aroused as I slipped two fingers into my vagina. "Oh fuck!" I wanted to cum so badly, the emotions and memories were so powerful. I couldn't describe my feelings, really. "Yeah, yeah -- I know he was, I was, like, totally showing off, he couldn't keep his eyes off of me, he was like, fucking blushing -- but, he didn't say anything, he, he, he stared at me, he was so quiet -- like, I know, I know he was staring at my tits too, my nipples."

I heard a groan and deeper, long moan on the phone, as the man was visualizing my report. "Awesome, so good, I'm so glad you went down there, didn't I tell you it would be okay? I think I know what your father is thinking . . . he loves you, you're so precious and beautiful, but you're a woman now, you're 18 and he's looking at you now like a woman, like a gorgeous, sexy creature that can give him the best sex ever."

A cum about burst as I heard that, I wanted it to be so true. But how would I know for sure, without risking losing everything? "I don't know," I cried, feeling a tear down my high cheek, "I don't know, I don't know. How do I know? He might . . . I don't want him to hate me, he could get mad . . . ."

The overly-aroused male, busy stroking himself, actually cared about me. He stopped beating his cock, and he talked to me more directly, like a friend, a smart experienced one. "He loves you, there's nothing you can do that will change that. You see the news, when someone is, like, does something horribly bad, so wrong? Who always loves them? Their mom or dad, and, a dad will never, ever hate his daughter. You literally can blow up a school, and he'll still love you. So no way he'll be mad. Maybe, who knows, he might feel guilty or ashamed, but . . . but he won't hate you, you're only 18, he will always love you, he'll understand."

All of it seemed so right to me, his words. I agreed with all of them, and in my supremely excited state with my fingers in my pussy, I could only think that someday Daddy would fuck me.

"Do it," moaned the man over the phone, "go on, he wants you . . . you know it . . . go down and seduce him, Kristen, go down and show your Daddy you want him to fuck you . . . you know you want it."

I knew I did. I really, really did. I just needed to be pushed into action.

"Here," he said to me with a commanding tone, "put on something else -- do you ever wear a robe or a towel, like to take a shower? Go down and tell him you're going to shower, wearing something that almost makes you naked. Or," he thought on the fly, "some lingerie, do you have anything really fucking sexy? Not just the booty shorts, but something that says, cumfuckme sexy?"

I started picturing how that would happen. I had some lingerie from Mom's store, like a white lacy set of bra and thong. I could put that on, it was really hot on me, I wore it once for my teenage boyfriend -- he was so undeserving, the dweeb with the small cock -- and the first look of him at me in it told me, I looked hot. My own eyes knew that much, it just seemed better that a male had that reaction. Now, I wouldn't normally wear that around the house; okay, I never have. But I have a pink, terry-cloth robe that I usually wear late at night, after I shower, or in the morning sometimes before school.

After telling the male on the phone what I pictured wearing, he ran with the idea. "That's it, Kristen -- go on, put them on now, let me hear you -- do it, baby, you know you want it."

Yes, I wanted it. I stood up, weak-kneed, and strolled to my dresser. I found the lingerie set, tossing it onto my bed. The guy on the phone wanted to hear everything, so I told him. "Okay, well . . . I'm pulling my shorts off, fuck, they're wet . . . okay, now I'm untying my haltertop behind me, there, it's off, I'm naked . . . and now I'm sliding the white thong up my legs, okay, there . . . and, wait, I have to put the phone down to put the bra on." I placed the phone on my bed, quickly wrapped the little bra around me, and picked up the phone again. "There."

Standing in front of my closet mirror, I knew I looked hot. The thong dug into my asscrack; my small light-golden skin on my tight ass was almost completely exposed. Through the white lacy fabric of the thong, you could kind of see my shaved pussy inside. Above it, my brown nipples showed through the lacy fabric of the 30A bra, the smallest they had. I have such a small frame and not exactly large tits, but I'm always told a petite Asian (or half-Thai, in my case) is really hot to a lot of white and black guys. The guy on the phone wanted me to describe it to him, so I did. "Mmm, well, you can see my ass, mostly -- it's small, tight, I know guys like it. I have slim legs, really soft thighs, I'm short but they look long because I'm so thin in the hips. My tits aren't big, like, 30-A, but, you can see the nipples through the lace, it looks sexy."

The father on the phone took me to the next level. He had me brush out my long, jet-black hair, then he had me apply some bright red lipstick to my thin lips, plus eyeliner, blush, and a pink bow on a barrett on top of my head to top off the package.

Wrapping myself in my pink robe, I looked like I was getting ready for a hot fuck date. I loved how I looked; and I hoped my Daddy would appreciate it too.

The husky male voice on the phone didn't wait. "You ready to go down and fuck your Daddy, sweetie?"

I knew what I wanted; I'd been dreaming about it for a month, relentlessly, ever since I saw the pictures of Daddy fucking Melanie. "Yes," said, without emotion.

"Good." He gave me my final instructions. "Go down, play coy with him, get him to look at you -- tell him you were going to take a shower, but, you're feeling, I don't know -- say, you're feeling frisky, and you wanted some attention -- then, take off the robe, sit on his lap -- and tell him you love him."

Fuck! That sounded so hot.

I didn't know if I could do it, but . . . I wanted it so badly. I needed it to happen.

"And email me back or call me later, whatever happens," he moaned, hanging up on me.

I stood there, horny and anxious, nervous, but determined.

Time to go fuck my Daddy.

* * * *

My knees were wobbly with nerves, as I went down to the basement. There was my hot Daddy, sitting at his computer with the oversized monitor in his home office, back to the doorway. I gathered a breath, and went in.

He was surprised to see me so early, and wearing my robe. I was really nervous, but I was so horny -- my sizzling clitoris and painfully empty vagina pushed me forward. "Daddy, I was going to take a shower, but--" I forced myself to stay on script, although I noticeably paused as I walked up to his desk. "I don't really want a shower, I just . . . I think I just want, you know, some of your attention."

Wow, I was nervous saying it, but I was determined to get what I wanted, and what he needed.

My handsome father pushed back from his desk. He is over six foot, with a square jaw, short-cropped dark hair graying on the temples, and deepset steely gray eyes. His chest is broad but fit, he works out constantly, he's not muscular but there isn't any real fat or flab on him. In his dress shirt and slacks, he looked dreamy, so sexy and wonderful. He's an angel, he treats me perfectly and makes sure I'm so happy, and he's a great, fun guy to be with. I wouldn't change a thing about him.

Plus, you know, he had a big cock -- I saw the pictures of it. It's awesome. Way, way bigger and fatter than the fat fuck who screwed my cheating Mom.

"Attention, sweetie?" He gave me a cocked head, but not really doubting what I said. "You have a bad day, or something, at school? Something with your boyfriend?"

"No, none of that, Daddy," I answered, moving right to his lap, spreading my slim legs and squatting on his lap. I remained near his knees, not getting close to him, but my chest and face were right in front of him. His chest looked so awesome in his shirt; his strong upper body made manly bulges in the fabric, I just wanted to rip it off and lick his body. "Can't a girl just tell her Daddy that she loves him so, so, so much?"

I think, Daddy didn't know what to do with his hands. For a second they waivered, not wanting to touch my thighs, but not really having anywhere else to go to rest. They hovered in mid-air, then a moment later, he let them rest on my hips, holding me through my thick robe.

He gave me a warm, loving smile. "Oh, you can get that kind of attention anytime you want, baby," he purred happily, staring right into my eyes.

It was the moment, and I knew what I had to do, but I froze up, my nerves and fears gripping me for a second. What would happen? Was this really a horrible thing to do?

"No, Daddy," I said quietly, in a hush but with conviction, "I really want to show you I love you -- really really love you."

And I loosened my robe, and let it fall off my shoulders, explosing my slender body in my see-through bra to my father. Gravity took over, pulling the robe to the floor, leaving me in the thong and bra in front of him, my soft teenage skin on display for him.

His eyes locked onto my chest, riveted at the sight of my painfully hard nipples sticking out of my see-through white bra. He was gazing at the brown circles of my areolae inside, I knew it. His eyes flickered down to my flat tummy, and the crotch of my tight thong. It was damp; my wet pussy had already soiled it with my juices. Then his eyes came up again, past my titties, to my small face, where my brown eyes met his and we stared at each other.

The thing his eyes told me was, his brain was furiously processing this new development. I saw him thinking, hard, quickly. He was sorting though sudden emotions. Then, he slowly responded in a low, equivocating tone, "Here, honey let's not have you sit on me," and he softly, somewhat hesitantly, started to push me off of his lap.

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