Kristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 03


If this was his way of rejecting me, I was too horny to stop. "Okay," I mused playfully, out of control.

I leaned backwards and stood up from his lap, and just took two steps backwards to the front edge of his desk. With a little jump I lifted my ass up onto it, and I leaned back one hand behind me arching my small frame to push my little breasts forward. Then lifting both feet, I placed my heels against the handles of drawers on either side of the desk, spreading my slender soft-gold thighs open. The white lacy thong clung to my wet pussy, probably showing the shape of my cuntlips. Daddy was staring at my crotch, his eyes focused like laser beams on the sight of my cunny in my see-through white lacy thong. A sudden chill ran up my spine.

Flirtatiously I moaned like the girl in heat that I was. "Daddy . . . I love you . . . don't you love me too?"

My handsome father sat on the edge of his big chair, nervously it seemed, looking at my crotch for a moment, spread open right in front of him on his desk. Then he kind of eyed my slender thin legs, and my flat tummy, then he looked into my eyes. And in words I'll never remember, he moaned, "Sweetie, you trying to do something to me?"

Trying to do something to you, I thought to myself. Hopefully, I wasn't just trying -- hopefully, I was in fact doing something to you.

"What, me?" I played, giggling, acting all innocent like I had no idea. I put my other hand behind me too, so I was really leaning back a bit. I watched his eyes gaze at my breasts and crotch. "I wouldn't do anything to you, Daddy -- unless, that is, you wanted me to."

He's a smart man, he's an accomplished architect. Women flirt with him all the time. There wasn't much ambiguity about my words. He was definitely attracted, staring at his daughter almost naked in front of him, plainly offering myself to him. He was stalling because he was so torn. "So what's gotten into you?" he asked, almost begging me to make his decision for him.

"Into me?" Hmm, funny choice of words, huh? I laughed, my long black hair falling off my shoulders as my head shook a bit. "Why, who said anything's gotten into me -- yet?"

He stared into my eyes, searching for an explanation. "You can't be serious," he deadpanned, stone-cold.

I was smiling and in a very energized, desperate mood; I wasn't acting very serious, just horny. "Oh I'm serious, Daddy," I muttered softly, "you have gone too long at home with Mom not treating you right -- I think maybe it's time you get what you deserve."

Then, suddenly thinking like a horny slut, I jumped off the desk and dropped to my knees on the floor, right in front of him. I reached to his crotch and started to grab for his belt buckle, while my eyes gazed at the very large bulge in his slacks. The man was hard as a rock, I could see it, I think I could smell it and I definitely knew it. I giggled at his face when I realized he wasn't moving away; I was, indeed, making the move. "Don't you think you deserve this?" I said, lovingly, softly, "tell me it's not what you want?"

"I . . . I . . . ." He stammered for the words, watching me unfasten his belt, then start to unzip his pants. He was leaning back, allowing me to do it. "Kristen, you're so wonderful -- but -- what makes you think -- are you really sure -- I mean, do you really -- you know --" He couldn't finish his sentence.

I had his slacks opened, to see his white underwear stretching precariously around that enormous throbbing bone in his pants. My Daddy really wanted to fuck me, didn't he? "I've wanted this a long time, Daddy," I moaned, now totally serious, so close to what I came for.

I was looking up at his handsome face as I stood on my knees on the floor; he was towering over me, looking into my eyes, seeing a completely different daughter than he'd ever known. You know, two people like that, it's just magic. I can't explain. It just happens; it's like animal instinct. Probably programming we all have from millions of years ago. Our faces were a couple feet apart, then in a flash, they were together. Poof, presty. We kissed, suddenly. It was hard and passionate; my Daddy's mouth mashed into mine, his strong hands grabbed my thin shoulders and held me steady while my father shoved his tongue into my mouth. I opened my jaw and whimpered, allowing him to take me, sucking his warm long manly tongue, gasping air into his sexy breaths. My father sucked the wind from my lungs and shoved his lips so hard against mine that our teeth clashed together. We'd never kissed like that before; fuck, no one had kissed me like that before.

A moan escaped my body, fluttering through our sealed mouths into him; and my Daddy reciprocated, moaning too in our kiss, telling me he loved it. I felt his hands on my soft thin shoulders, then sliding down my velvety-smooth 18 year old skin, down my back, past my bra. I reached my hand forward into his crotch as we made out, and my hand found his massive erection in his underwear. Fuck, it was huge and big. So fucking big. My little half-Asian hand grabbed his shaft through the tight fabric of his underwear, holding it, letting him know I wanted it. I felt my Daddy's hands sliding down my slender back, lower still, down the curves of the small of my back, towards my thong. I moaned louder, encouraging him, and then, wonderfully, my father's big strong paws were over my little asscheeks, groping them, squeezing them as I leaned up to suck his tongue and make love to his mouth with mine.

I fondled his penis through his underwear, and he groped his daughter's teenage buttocks, and we made out like new lovers, tongues swirling together, sliding over each other, back and forth.


And now the man in my father took over. Without a warning, suddenly and desperately, his strong arms lifted me to my feet, spun me around, and in a split second I was bent over his desk, ass at him. It was so quick I yelped, but I loved it. I felt so small and frail with him; naked, exposed, I felt comforted by his manly presence. As soon as he had me bent over his desk, my Daddy took one awesomely powerful hand and gripped my thong right above my ass. My father yanked the skimpy thong straight off of my body, stretching it past its limit in a flash, and with a popping noise the thong's straps around my hips snapped apart. He literally was ripping my thong off of me. It hurt for the most brief of moments, kind of digging into my pussy, but I was totally thrilled he was making me nude. I looked back over my small shoulder, my long black hair down my little back, and I found my father staring at my naked ass. Then he lifted one of my knees to his desk, so I was split open and now showing him my gaping wet teen pussy, pointed at him.

My father stood up, pushing his pants down. I looked back at him and cried from my soul.

"Fuck me Daddy!" I roared, demanding what I really wanted.

His penis came out; it was the most wondrous thing I'd ever seen. All over-eight inches of it throbbed in mid-air, pointing at my ass, already leaking precum, so thick and hard it looked like I'd be in pain fucking it. I didn't care; I needed him to shove that big dick into me.

He's almost sixteen inches taller than me, and way more than twice my weight, so with me bent over, I must have looked like a rag doll in front of him. And his cock was probably as big as I was, alone. I couldn't wait to be taken by this fucking awesome beast.

I shuddered, feeling Daddy press his engorged penis against my asscrack -- laying it in there, the fat and hot stiffness of the shaft prying my asscheeks apart, his cockhead jutting into the air above my small back. "Ooh fuck, baby," Daddy purred, gazing down at my butt against his erection, "you're so fucking hot, you have no idea how I adore your little hot body, how badly I want to fuck you."

"Mmm yeah?" I loved hearing it, and I wasn't really surprised. I knew. "Fuck my little hot body, Daddy -- I have a hot little teen pussy that wants your big cock so good!"

He stared down at me, holding my hips, gazing at my ass. He stared more. And more. And didn't move.

"Daddy?" I, too, was having the same feelings.

With his erection still grinding into my small asscrack, he whispered coarsely, "Honey, you know -- you know we can't do this, right?"

He pulled away from me. I couldn't believe it. I turned, sitting on his desk, my legs wide open now, offering my naked cunt to my father's big dick. "Daddy?" I moaned, anxiously, in the tone a woman says to a man that she needs to be fucked like a whore.

Daddy stared at what I was offering, taking a long gaze at my wet cunt with teenage hair mussed around it, but he was a better man than I was a daughter. "Baby," he coughed, "you need to get dressed -- we can't -- I love you so much, we can't."

I put my knees together, awkwardly. "I know," answered his depressed daughter sheepishly, starting to ball like a baby, "I know."

* * * *

Hours later, past midnight, I could only muster an email to the father I met online that afternoon:

"Dear well I don't remember your name. So I have bad news to report. He didn't want to do it. We almost did. He got me naked and his beautiful perfect cock was out about to stick into me then he said 'you know we can't do this' and he left the room like running out. I've been up here in my bedroom fucking crying all night. He came by to bring me dinner and we talked and I guess he's saying I'm just 18 and horny with all these new feelings but we are daddy and daughter and can't be doing that. So that's that. I'm fucking crushed what do I do now huh Mr. knowitall???"

I shouldn't have been so mean to the man; it was, after all, ultimately my decision. But it was easier to blame him than myself.

I still wanted to fuck my Daddy very, very badly. And he wants to fuck me, he told me! Only thing is, we can't, he won't.


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