tagIncest/TabooKristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 07

Kristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 07


I could see why my Daddy's eyes were glued in Crystal's direction. As I looked over, my shaved bald cunt in my thong and jeans definitely tingled a little, as I stared at the contours of the parallel ridges of my pretty Latina friend's teenage pussylips in her ultra-tight, faded jean shorts. The shape of her pussy was as obvious as the two stiff nipples on her C-cup tits, stretching out little bumps on her sleeveless t-shirt.

For the first time ever, I saw one of my best friends from school not just as a pretty, playful 18 year old who I liked to hang out with; I understood how her short, curvy body with her round butt, ample chest and big "cocksucking" lips were a fucking turn-on to adult men. No wonder Daddy had a rigid hard-on in his pants, which he was pathetically trying to disguise by leaving his t-shirt hanging over his crotch. The shirt wasn't long enough; there was no doubt that Daddy's cock was raging, it was fully erect from the sight of my female friend's high school body on display in front of him.

And don't think Crystal was oblivious to my sexy, handsome Daddy's attention. I'd always thought Crystal had a thing for Daddy. Then three weeks ago Crystal excitedly showed me the two pictures of Daddy fucking our 18 year old blonde friend Melanie, and I had the feeling Crystal was jealous of Melanie. So when Crystal found out my cheating excuse for a mother would be out of town all weekend at a convention in New York -- boning her fat, ugly business partner David, no doubt -- Crystal sort of invited herself over to my house for all day Saturday, which Crystal repeatedly suggested turn into a sleepover. I mean, I'm 18, I haven't had a friend of mine sleep over in, like, what, two years?

Crystal was using our day together as an excuse to parade her hot Latina body to my horny, wonderful father. She undoubtedly wanted him to give to her exactly what Daddy gave Melanie -- some long-lasting, body-wrenching, deep-pussy fucking from his awesome, over-eight-inch, super-fat penis.

Just like my intense visualization of Daddy fucking Melanie, the image of my sexy father's body crawling over naked Crystal, his stiff fabulous erection pushing into her 18 year old Latina punta, made me extremely horny. I found myself closing my eyes, picturing her incredibly round tits bouncing on her slender chest, her pretty face contorted in pain as she felt her tight teen cunt being stretched open and violated by Daddy's sensational, long, fat penis, driving deeper into her wet twat.

My eyes continued to gazed at the outlines of Crystal's pussy in her tight jeans, as she lounged back on the white wicker chair in our backyard patio, and I had new thoughts swirling around in my head. The photos on Daddy's cellphone, of my cousin Riley having sex with her friend Courtney. The hot adult stranger Thom, who fucked me two nights earlier, asking if I'd want to have a threesome with him and some married woman who lives near me. The porn videos my Daddy gave me just last night, which included lots of scenes (or entire disks) of girls having sex with each other.

Okay, I thought to myself, I could see why a girl would want to get naked with another hot, sexy female. Crystal is cute and funny, and she has a dynamite body. Fuck, was I turning into a lesbian? No, I realized; I was just a horny slut all along, and only now finding out about it.

So you'd have thought my reactions to my friend would be more amorous. They weren't.

"What the fuck," I spat at her a half-hour later, as the two of us were in the bathroom washing up for a pizza dinner with my Daddy, "you trying to hit on my Daddy, girl?"

My round-faced Latina friend, with her huge brown eyes and waves and waves of curly, brown-black hair, laughed at my petite half-Asian frame in big mirror in front of us. She was only a couple of inches taller than me, but I'm so think -- smallish 30A chest, tiny waist -- and she's nicely curvy, making her look larger than me. She couldn't have been 20 pounds heavier, but a nice set of C-cup tits and a full head of curly hair -- unlike my straight, jet-black hair -- made the difference.

Her eyes looked at me quizzically, her face betrayed confusion as to how to respond. I think she was surprised I was mad about it; I hadn't expressed any anger that our friend Melanie had gotten to have sex with Daddy, so I think Crystal thought Daddy was fair game. I was the daughter, not the girlfriend; why would I care who my Daddy stuck his dick into? "Now why would I hit on a married man?" my friend finally answered in her throaty voice, giving me a shrug of her rounded shoulders. "You know I've got a man."

No, she had a boy -- not a man. Crystal's boyfriend was a high school senior, like the two of us. That's not a man. "I dunno," I mused to her, not looking into her eyes in the mirror but down at my hands as I washed them. "Maybe 'cause Mel told you he fucked the shit out of her, and your teenie boy 'man' can't give it to you like a real man can."

Crystal exclaimed a loud huff, pretending to be shocked. "Babygirl, that's your Daddy you're talkin' about!" She tugged her hairbrush though her thick cascading hair, studying me in the mirror. "If your Daddy can't take his eyes off of my hot titties and booty, that's his fuckin' problem." She paused, adding a dig -- "I mean, your Daddy obviously has a thing for girls our age, it's not my fault I got what he wants."

She's such a tease, and she knew it. Proud of it. I admired that about Crystal. Just not at that moment.

Before I could say anything, she worked to ameliorate my feelings. I felt her arm reach behind me and hug my sleight frame, as she put her cheek to my forehead and waited for me to look at her face in the mirror. "They all want what we got," she purred happily, "that's why girls rule, ya know."

I smiled and nodded, but I was thinking -- yes, true, however, they got what we want, too. Those big, awesome cocks, that fit so nicely into our tight teenage pussies.

It still drove me crazy, throughout dinner and then cleaning up afterwards, that my handsome, loving Daddy's deep-set eyes were constantly focused on Crystal's awesome round little buttcheeks and ample orbs on her chest. Drove me fuckin' nuts.

It sucks when you lust to fuck your hot father, and he's off fucking and staring at your best friends. Really sucks.

* * * *

Three hours later, around 9:30 p.m. Crystal and I were in my bedroom, the door closed, both of us relaxing after a busy day. The mall, a movie, dinner with Daddy, a walk around the lake. I was really tired from a long week, which included fucking Mom's fat ugly business partner David on Tuesday, then fucking a stranger Thom in his hotel room on Thursday, then fucking myself with a hairbrush while Daddy videotaped it just last night, Friday. The sex with adult men was wearing me down, my petite 18 year old body wasn't used to that kind of athletic endeavor. Still, i figured we'd be up for hours, watching movies or whatever. So I was conserving my energy, relaxing while sitting back on my bed, just chatting with her.

Crystal seemed to have a bit more in her tank. "What the fuck is this?" my cute friend exclaimed with a burst, standing over a pile of junk next to my desk. Her bewildered, excited exclamation made my drop my iPod, which I was reprogramming while sitting on my bed. With a sudden twist, Crystal turned around and made my jaw drop. In her hands was the box of my father's porn DVDs. She was smiling ear to ear, grinning like she just discovered gold.

Daddy had given those to me just last night, so his horny daughter could have something to pleasure my constantly-aching vagina, and I wouldn't be trying to get naked with him, and make him commit some incestuous taboo act that he really did want to do but couldn't bring himself to do. Something like that, at least.

I was going to lie, but, I didn't. I mean, the titles were written in Daddy's penmanship across each of the disks -- "Girls Who Fuck Girls"; "Big Cocks, Little Cunts"; "Don't Tell Daddy, No. 16"; "Slutfest"; "Amber And Her Sisters"; "Asian Sluts No. 10 -- Big White Meat"; "Don't Tell Daddy, No. 5"; "Young, Stupid And Horny, Just Like We Like Blondes"; "Asian Lesbian Whores Who Fuck Cocks Too." It's not like I could say anything to disguise what the disks contained. "That's, um, porn," I blushed, quietly, not looking at her. But then the stupidity of my answer made me cackle, and looking up, she was laughing too. I turned my guilt into an attack. "Are you that stupid, girl, Crystal, look at the fucking titles!"

"Mmm!" She held up a DVD, reading the handwritten title through the clear case. "Young Asian Cocksucking Sluts . . . gee, I didn't know you were a porn star, Kristen."

Probably I should have felt guilty that she discovered it, but she and I shared a lot of secrets so I wasn't going to hide what she already figured out anyway. Still, I had to lie a little. "That's my Dad's -- I, um, kind of discovered them, and I was going to put them back before he found it missing -- I hope he hasn't gone looking for it, but with you here --"

My friend was already diving into the couple of dozen titles, jumping onto my bed and sitting on her ankles near me while reading each and every one. Most of the titles made her laugh, but she paused at the one that was called "Huge Fucking Throbbing Cocks For Utterly Slutty Girls." She stopped her search and put down the box, excitedly showing me the video. "You seen this one? Sounds like fun," she cackled, studying the otherwise blank disk in the clear plastic sleeve.

I hadn't seen any of them; I'd only had them 24 hours. I had a chance to watch them last night but my mind was elsewhere -- specifically, thinking about my Daddy's awesome eight-plus-inch, super-thick cock. Instead, looking at Crystal holding one of the disks, my mind recalled the first porn I watched, with one of my boyfriends; it really opened my eyes that people would record that shit, but it turned me on so much and the orgasm he gave me was way better than when it was just his dick without porn to stimulate me. Unfortunately no cock was in the room to take care of me, so I wasn't really thinking about using it. "I haven't seen that one," I said, using a calm soft tone to show I wasn't a porn addict, "actually, I haven't seen any of them, I just found the box, is all."

"Oh you fucking lie," my curly-haired Latina friend snickered, looking around my room then spying my laptop on my desk. "So, c'mon, let's see what's on it! I love movies of big cocks, like the inhumanly-big ones."

"But--!" I reached out to stop her, as if to keep her away from my bed, but that wasn't going to happen. She was already returning from my desk with the laptop, trailed by the power cord stretching across the room. Crawling onto the bed she plopped the computer between us, sitting with her back against the headrest and wall on the other side of the queen-size bed from me, the computer basically between our knees. Opening the drive to drop the DVD into the computer she ordered me with a hush, "Go lock the door." Obviously, we were going to watch porn together now.

Seeing porn with a female friend -- and me being a girl who never, ever had any sexual experience with my female friends -- seemed pretty innocuous. If Crystal wanted to watch, that was fine with me. It would kill a little time and be relaxing, and hopefully it wouldn't want me to go down and fuck my father.

Returning to my bed after doing as Crystal asked, I sat next to her leaning against the backboard. We were both still dressed from the day -- she had on her skin-tight Capri jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt; I was wearing black booty shorts and a pink babydoll. A couple of feet of empty space separated us, it wasn't like we were hooking up to watch porn. By contrast, when I had watched porn with my boyfriend, we had both been naked and were fondling each other's genitalia from the outset.

"Daddy," I moaned, pulling my knees back farther, giving him more space to lie on top of me, pushing his incredible erection deeper into my cunny. His fit, sweaty body pumped above me, I was watching his flat abdomen ripple in waves as he thrust forward and stuffed his penis farther up my teenage cunt. As he moved forward I could feel the pressure deep in my aching vagina, and against my soft buttocks his balls brushed me to show me how deep he was. His eyes were ravaging my small breasts, staring at his horny daughter as he fucked me faster and faster. He'd been fucking me for an hour this way, not stopping, pumping his loving erection into me thousands of times by now, giving me dozens of orgasms that kept flowing out of my erotically-overcharged cunt, feeling so in love with my handsome and sweet and sexy father. "Fuck me harder, Daddy," came my cries as tears dripped out of my slanted large brown eyes, staring up at the man I adored as he fucked me the way I wanted it.

Watching the porn video with Crystal, that fantasy about my Daddy was about all I could think about. Adult men shoving their spectacular large erections into lusty young girls, most of whom seemed to be about our age, like 18 to 20. The guys were pretty much all handsome, muscular adult men in their 30s; their cocks were enormous, and the girls screamed in delight as they got fucked. It reminded me a lot of grownups David and Thom fucking my petite body that week, only, my thoughts weren't about the sex I'd had -- they were focused on the sex I wanted to have.

We'd been watching for about 20 minutes or so, and now we were on the fourth scene of the movie; Crystal would fast-forward some of the "boring" stuff, as she called it, like blowjobs. She got into seeing the enormous, adult pricks shoving into tight shaved pussies, making the girls arch their backs and stick their fake balloon breasts into the air. I was so fucking wet too, at the sight of the hot girls, but the images of those monstrous adult pricks made me think of only one thing -- my Daddy. Crystal re-ran the ends of the scenes, when the guys would haul out their fat cocks and squirt hot white semen on the girls' faces or big fake tits.

"Oh shit yeah," Crystal moaned, as the fifth scene in the movie started to play out. Her small Latina ass was softly gyrating as she sat next to me on her butt, her back against my headboard, her thighs pressed together. Seriously, by now I could smell the sharp, fish-like odor of her wet pussy coming from inside her jeans. It didn't bother me, because I was just as horny from the movie as she was. Looking over at her, I saw her cute face from the side, with her eye glued to the computer laying on the bed between our legs. She has a small, ski-sloped nose, and wide temples above a small triangular chin. It kind of looks like her face is pushed in, you know, that way. And her tons and tons of brown-black curly hair fell around her shoulders, making her small face even more tiny. Her lips were thick, and their naturally pink color. With her broad smile showing dazzling white teen, Crystal really was pretty.

The fifth scene was different, because we found ourselves looking at two young girls and a hot guy, all sitting around an outdoor backyard pool in the hot sun. The other scenes had all had only one girl, each with one or two guys. So this was the first "FFM" threeway. The girls were in the shallow part of the pool with the naked guy standing up between them, his penis just a few inches above water level, and the girls were taking turns stroking and sucking his 9 inch erection. The guy was a fucking stud, with huge muscular shoulders and arms, and a ripped six-pack on his tummy that I just wanted to lick. The two girls were blonde white girls, sporting very dark tans, their hot little asses sticking above the water as she bent over to suck the guy's dick.

"That girl looks like Debi," snickered my Latina friend, referring to a stuck-up blonde girl in our class who was always flirting with the stud jocks at school. Crystal and I weren't nearly in Debi's circle. That was now alright to me, because I'd let Debi hit on the teenage boys while I had discovered that the real good sex was with experienced adult men.

Watching the two blonde girls on the computer monitor sucking the man's awesome penis, I heard Crystal sigh deeply, her brown eyese focusing like me on the big penis. For a brief moment her hand darted between her thighs, sliding over her crotch of her jeans, just quickly. I could tell she was suffering, her pussy wanted attention but she didn't dare fondle herself sitting next to me.

She fast-forwarded the movie a bit, stopping when one of the girls was nude sitting on the pool deck, legs spread, the second girl down between her legs eating her pussy. I'd seen girls eating pussies in these porn movies before, it doesn't turn me off. The hot stud was behind the second girl giving her cunt his wonderful cock. The camera spent most of the time focused on the first girl getting her pussy licked by the second girl; the first girl was moaning down at her, rubbing her own big breasts, having orgasms in the other girl's mouth.

My cunt was demanding attention too, and like Crystal, squeezing thighs together helps for a little bit but not much after a while. In fact, it was making things worse; I spread my legs open, letting my pussy just soak inside my booty shorts as we watched the movie. The smell of Crystal's wet cunt near me was not helping either.

Our eyes met, for a brief second; she was smiling watching the movie, while I must have had a pretty serious look on my face. When her eyes rolled for a split second towards me, catching me looking at her face and the roundness of her breasts in her sleeveless t-shirt, I suddenly couldn't resist a new temptation I had never before imagined.

I asked her in a playful, giggly, wishful voice, "You think that's hot?"

My friend bit her lower lip, turning again and this time staring at me now, not looking away like she did a moment ago, and she blushed. Her already-big brown eyes grew even larger, and she snickered in her high-pitched voice. "Stanky hot!" she exclaimed, which for her meant, about as sexually hot as it can get.

The floodgates opened; my impulses took over, like they had been doing all week.

I swear, I wasn't myself. Or, maybe, I was finally being my true self -- a stanky slut.

I launched my small half-Asian frame onto my horny Latina friend, my hand darting directly for the crotch of her jeans at the same time my mouth and face moved over her ample chest. My eyes were staring at the big rounded orb of her breast in her t-shirt; Crystal's slender shoulders and ribcage looked particularly unsuited for her fleshy C-cup breasts that dominated her torso. Inside her tight shirt, the tits stretched out the thin fabric, making an absolutely scrumptious vision of teenage breasts for anyone horny enough to take them. I'd never been attracted to a girl's boobs before, but there was one right in front of me -- a girl's boob -- and, in my sexually-energized state, I wanted that tit. My mouth hungered for it; I wanted her to feel attention to her sizzling-hard nipple. So, without any hesitation, my hand at that moment groping her crotch of her jeans, I drove my head for her chest and dropped my open mouth over the top of her boob, instantly mouthing her shape to tease her nipple inside the shirt and her bra beneath it. My lips and tongue, both sopping wet, tasted the dry flavor of her t-shirt, instantly saturating it in my saliva.

No idea what overcame me, I thought to myself, but, I was going with the moment.

Crystal squealed, letting out a hushed but anxious tone of shock and amazement. "Oh, SHIT!"

Three of my fingers, pressed together, furiously ground into Crystal's crotch through her jeans, pressing hard against where her clitoris was; and since she was already very aroused from the porn movie, her hips instantly started rotating wildly in circles under my hand. Her electrified moan grew longer, as she arched her back, pushing her big boob into my mouth. Right away, I could tell, she wanted this too. She wasn't moving away or pushing me off of her. My Latina girl friend rotated a bit to the side so her breast rose up higher, letting me fill more of it in my mouth, while she allowed me to rub satisfaction into her clitoris through her thick jeans. "Oh fuck, oh yeah baby," my friend squealed in her high-pitched Latina voice, those big brown eyes staring at me.

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