tagGroup SexKristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 08

Kristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 08


My repeatedly-fucked cunt ached in wonderful pain, and the bedsheets under my naked ass were still soaking wet. Those were the first two things in my sleepy brain, the moment I suddenly bolted awake. Sitting upright in the near-pitch darkness, only a nightlight on the wall to cast a pale amber glow over Daddy's bedroom. My throat is what woke me up; it was still raw from being violated by a couple of huge adult cocks that evening, fucking so deep they penetrated my neck. My mouth was also try, and the flavor of male sperm, teenage pussyjuice and all sorts of sweat mixed together in my mouth had made a stanky mess of aromas in my nose. I needed a drink, is what I thought.

Lying on his stomach immediately next to me, my naked grown-up boyfriend Jack was in a deep slumber. I watched his tight, hairy ass laying unperturbed right next to my petite, half-Asian teenage body; his broad, muscular flat back rose and fell softly with his slow breaths. On Jack's other side from me, stretched out on over half of my Daddy's bed, was the slender nude figure of my new "best friend" Debi. Her long, golden-blonde hair was in tangles, while her 18 year old body lay on her back but her slenger pale-white legs were stretched open in both directions. She had such a fucking sexy body; her B-cup tits were larger than mine, and her shaved pink cunt was a small slit between her slender hips. That cunt had taken adult cocks tonight, for the first time; seeing how fast asleep she was, I figured she was not going to regret that little speech she gave me earlier in the week, begging to come to the next orgy at our house. She'd heard how good they were, and she wanted some hot grown-up cock for herself.

It's always funny, during these orgies we'd been having about every week at our house, so see who ends up sleeping with whom. I mean, during the sex, everyone fucks everyone. I usually get two or three cocks myself, including Daddy. But I might end up sleeping in bed with Daddy, or with Jack my regular boyfriend, or sometimes with one of the other men Daddy and Jack invite over. Hell, last weekend, I slept with this thirty-something married slut, Robyn, who was cheating like a whore that night, fucking Daddy, Jack, two other men, and a teen girlfriend of mine plus me. Then she held me like a baby while she and I spent the overnight hours together in the guest room. I mean, you never know, it's not planned, you just end up falling asleep at some point with whomever you were last fucking.

Stealthily I slipped down the hallway towards the bathroom, pausing to peer into one of the two guest rooms. I heard Daddy's light snoring on the bed; as I looked more closely, I realized he was asleep with Crystal, my Latina friend with the C-cup breasts and awesome round brown ass. He was cuddled up next to her, his tall, masculine, fit body wrapped against her petite high school frame. She was "spooning" with him, her back and butt against his chest, tummy and dick, his arm around her, his face nuzzling the back of her thin neck through her long, curly brown-black hair. They looked so cute together!

Actually, Daddy looked cute with all of my girl friends from school and me, or the other gals we have over. It's so fucking awesome that my bitchy mother left us, to move in with her fat ugly business partner David. That left Daddy and I alone, and we used our time together very wisely. If we weren't fucking each other, we were having lots of other horny adult men, teen girls and adult sluts come over to fuck all weekend together.

The second guest room and then "my" bedroom (on the nights I don't actually sleep with Daddy) were oddly empty. That left a few perverted guys and gals unaccounted for, and it made me curious. Disdaining the sink in the upstairs bathroom, my sore, naked body slipped down the stairs towards the first floor. I had to grip the railing so I didn't fall over; my knees were fucking weak, from all the fucking I'd done. The orgy started about 5 p.m. that Saturday afternoon, and I figured Jack, Debi and I were all ending the party with a very erotic threesome -- lots of girl/girl fucking besides Jack pounding the shit out of our high school cunts with his amazing adult penis -- until well past midnight. In between all of that, I'd been getting screwed by cocks, tongues, fingers and toys pretty much nonstop. I tell you, these orgies we have are fucking insane. That's why the snotty hot bitches at school like Debi were begging me to invite them; teen boys don't give sex like this, no fucking way.

I went from being the petite,straight-A, half-Thai nerd on the science and math clubs, to the hostess of the hottest fuck-fests in the school. Not a lot of kids knew about these, but the "in" crowd did. Only, few got "in" to our parties. I had to actually like the girls. I have standards.

The first floor of our darkened house was completely empty, leaving the basement as the likely location of the remaining party guests. I slipped down there next, walking into the recreation room immediately at the foot of the steps. There, on the leather sofa and the thick carpeting, I found the rest of the party. On the sofa, the meaty, burly naked hulk of one of my Daddy's friends, Rocco, was sleeping on his back, cuddled up with my blonde friend Melanie in his arms. On the carpet were the other three -- Jimmy, a thirty-something married stud with the most amazingly hot body ever whom Daddy found on the Internet, sound asleep on his back with his arms on both sides of his fantastic frame filled with my naked brunette cousin Riley (she's in her twenties), and another first-time orgy participant, Debi's slutty blonde pal from another school, Alexis. Daddy really had a hard-on for Alexis; just the way the girl swayed her small butt, with ultra-long, ultra-curly golden hair halfway down her butt and big C-cup tits on display in a teddie as the party started, made him jump her from the outset. For the record, she didn't resist. I was surprised he wound up sleeping with Crystal, whom he fucked regularly at these things and other nights during the week.

My thirsty mouth beckoned for a solution. I quietly made my way past the sleeping masses on the floor, into the bathroom, closing the door most of the way and clicking on the light. I stared at a mess in the mirror. My long, straight, jet-black hair was tangled, totally disheveled from being yanked by Jack and Debi during our final sex session. I saw the dried cum and juices on my smallish tits and slender thighs. Let's see, I had fucked Rocco, Jack, and Jimmy (twice), plus Crystal, Riley and Debi. Oh, and Melanie and I were eating each other at some point, when the whole orgy was in the basement on the floor. Sometimes, you just don't know who's cock or pussy is in your mouth, you know what I mean?

Swishing water to clear my nasty throat and mouth, then drinking some to relieve a tiny nausea in my stomach, I paused to catch my breath standing naked in front of the sink. I must have been half-asleep; I was snapped back to reality when the bathroom door opened slowly, and I saw in the mirror that I was being joined.

Alexis was walking in, her thin face blushing. Her hair was fucking amazing; long, long locks of super-curly, golden strands. Those big round tits looked perfect below her slightly-bony shoulder, and she had a stretched, long frame even though she was only a couple of inches taller than me. Her cunt wasn't totally bald, she left a "landing strip" of trimmed blonde hair right above it.

Seeing I wasn't on the potty, she stepped into the bathroom and closed the door behind her, staring at my nude body in the mirror. I didn't have the figure that she had, I'm barely 90 pounds and my chest is small, like my hips and ass. But men love my body, they prove it to me all the time, so I don't feel ashamed about it at all.

I'd never met Alexis before tonight, and we had barely spoken all evening. "This was amazing," she purred to me with a soft, girlish tone, moving to stand next to me at the sink as we looked at each other in the mirror, "I've never had so much fun."

Checking out her big round, pale-white tits in the mirror, with her very pink hard nipples standing at attention, I tingled with an excitement of being naked with a nearly complete stranger -- and a sexy blonde one at that. "Yeah? I'm glad. My Daddy is sure glad you came."

"Hah! Oh yeah!" Alexis snickered, wrinkling her eyebrows and little turned-up nose at me, sharing the thought. "Yeah, he was like, totally onto me for a while -- he was, like, 'It's my house, you gotta be nice to me,' all funny like that -- but, shit, can he fuck." Suddenly she realized who I was and she put her hand on my shoulder, as if to apologize. "Oh, shit, sorry, I mean, your Daddy, I mean--"

Apparently, she didn't know, or was pretending not to know. "What? Of course he's a great fuck -- why do you think I let him fuck me just about every night?"

She did know, but hearing it come from a daughter that she fucked her father all the time still made her laugh. "Oh yeah, I see why, hmm, you're lucky." Then, having her moment with me, her voice dropped a bit. "So, can you tell me -- Debi said you wouldn't let her come, unless she brought me with her."

There was no reason to lie. "Well, Debi isn't, I mean, she isn't exactly my best friend ever. She can be a bit superficial. So I figured, if she wanted to come this week so badly, I might as well make her, you know, work for it, prove she really wanted to come."

"Yeah?" Alexis turned to look at me face to face, not through the mirror, standing inches in front of me. It's a small bathroom we have in the basement. "So, like, I saw you and Debi, and that other guy, going upstairs -- did you, like, you three, you know, get all friendly up in a bed?"

"Mmm hmm." My slanted brown eyes were gazing at the girl's perfect breasts, round and slightly upturned, those stiff pink nipples pointing at me. Her scent was divine; her perfume still rose above the stank of the sex she'd done that night, and I could tell her pussy was aroused, she had that aroma about her. My pussy was tingling too. These orgies had made me so used to being nude with girls my age, it wasn't even necessarily sexual to be here with Alexis, naked in the bathroom. But she sure was pretty, and she made my Daddy very happy earlier that evening. The fact that she and I hadn't fucked together that night -- or, at least, I didn't think so -- was making me turned on. It was like 4 a.m., but there's no time like the present. "Yeah, Debi and me, we had a good time with my boyfriend -- I think he owes me dinner and a movie this week, I let him cum in Debi about like two times."

"No way?" If the girl wasn't interested in me sexually, she was acting strangely, moving a bit towards me, her hot breath tickling my upper chest as she stared down at my slender, light-bronze naked body. "Did you fuck Debi too?"

"Mmm hmm," I answered in my humm again, my eyes glued to the blonde's awesome tits. "She's a little bi slut, isn't she -- you know anything about that?"

Debi's friend nodded, her fingers sliding up and down my upper arm now, as her blue eyes gazed over my petite chest and slender hips. "Oooh, I might, I mean, Debi brought me here for a reason, when you told her she'd better bring someone who likes pussy as well as big cocks."

I was going to make out with this girl, I wanted it so bad. I'm that kind of horny slut. I didn't have to step forward, I just had to look up a little at her smiling face and lean forward. "No," I moaned softly, my hand on her naked hip to keep her steady, as my lips zoomed towards her mouth, "I told her, she better find someone who likes eating teen pussy as much as fucking adult cocks."

Alexis and I kissed, hard on the lips, tongues together, and I felt her hand slip down my body to touch my bald vagina. I spread my slender thighs immediately, letting her two fingers rub my sizzling clitoris, while at the same time I grabbed for her hot butt and squeezed it in my small petite hand. Like I said, the bathroom isn't big, but with the two of us pressed together, standing there kissing, it didn't need to be.

We sucked tongues and moaned against each other, groping asses and tits and fingering each other's wet cunts, for a few minutes until she pulled back, breathless and alive. "Mmm, your Daddy invited me to spend a night this week, with you and him," she informed me with a snicker, "he said I'd really like you -- and I do."

My pussy was on fire, despite having fucked so much that evening, and I knew what I wanted. "That's sweet, baby -- you think you like me enough to spread open and let me eat your hot cunt for a while?"

She was going to sit back on the closed toilet lid and pull her knees back for me, but it wasn't going to be comfortable. I took her hand and the two of us horny teen sluts silently climbed the stairs to the second floor, going into my bedroom, where my empty bed awaited us. It was the site of my first girl/girl sex, when I fucked my Latina friend Crystal about three months ago. Since then, I'd fucked a few girls and a few good men there too. We climbed onto my bed in the near-darkness, making out, finger-fucking each other, until we turned around into a "69" position -- me on top -- and screwed both of our cunts to several wet orgasms apiece.

Like I said, you can't predict with whom you end up sleeping at these orgies. Alexis and I drifted asleep in each other's arms on my bed.

The next morning, Sunday, she woke me up with bright light streaming into my room from the early rising sun. "Come on," she urged, tugging my hand, "you got to join us."

A minute later I was on my Daddy's bed, watching my sexy boyfriend Jack boning blonde Debi's 18 year old pussy doggy-style. He was so hard for her, pounding her little body, making her asscheeks and thighs ripple as he shoved his muscular body forward to stuff his hard cock into her cunt. Alexis and I watched her friend have sex with my boyfriend, until Alexis joined the party by moving over to start kissing and making out with the hot adult pervert. Soon Alexis was on her back, taking Jack's amazing penis into her pink wet kitty, with Debi squatting on Alexis's mouth to get licked to orgasms -- leaving Debi free to make out with Jack now.

I just like sex, I don't care that my boyfriend was fucking two girls he only met the night before. I brought him to the party to have fun; I brought Debi to the party, with a friend no less, to fuck Jack and the other men. It doesn't mean he doesn't love me, or that he would rather be with Debi and Alexis than me. But they are both pretty and sexy, and they were there, available for him to fuck them; he would fuck me later that day, and in future days.

Same way with Daddy. He and I fuck all the time, but he fucks my girl friends constantly. He really likes Crystal, and he's been "dating" this other girl from school -- Amber -- who came to our first orgy but now just wants my Daddy to fuck her a couple times a week. I love Daddy, he'll always be my Daddy. And I'll always be his princess daughter. What we share, no one can ever take from us. So I don't care that he sticks his awesome cock into other sluts, like he doesn't care I get off fucking hung adult pricks -- and, well, those sluts too.

All this from a man who refused to fuck me, despite wanting to, despite having his naked over-eight-inch cock against my nude ass, moments from screwing me. And from videotaping me masturbating with a hairbrush handle, making a video for Jack, when I really wanted Daddy to stuff his dick into my cunt. Daddy loved me, he loved my body, he was horny for me -- but he was my Daddy, he didn't want to live with knowing he fucked his own daughter.

It's amazing, what a few hours can do to completely change around his view. Those few hours changed my life and I couldn't possibly be happier.

"Oh baby," I moaned, pulling Jack's huge adult penis out of Alexis's tight teenage pussy and sucking the juices off of it, tasting her vagina, then letting him slide it back inside the slut. "Baby, cum inside her, pump your cum in her, let me lick it out of her!"

I looked up my boyfriend's sexy fit body, seeing he was still busy kissing Debi, fondling her big teenage tits. It was really fucking sexy.

Suddenly, as I leaned over watching, I felt someone behind me -- crawling onto the bed, grabbing my nude hips. My head snapped around, and I gazed at the delicious sight of my naked father, crawling behind me, his stiff penis ready to fuck his perverted slutty daughter.

"You all are having fun again, huh," he moaned, seeing his friend Jack screwing the two blonde girls, then his eyes gazing down at my small sexy butt. "Mind if I slip in?"

"Oh yeah Daddy!" I purred, raising my ass to him and spreading my knees, getting ready for my loving father to shove his meat into my teenage pussy, "fuck me, Daddy, I'm so wet!"

Father and daughter started having sexy, doggy-style, while on the bed in front of us Jack was taking turns hammering his huge adult cock into Alexis's and Debi's two tight blonde pussies. The smell of the room that early Sunday morning was intense and exotic; then when Crystal joined us twenty minutes later, we had two adult men and four horny teenage girls all nude on the big bed, fucking wildly.

Yes, those few hours three months ago were pretty much the best night of my life, because they made all of this possible.

* * * *

My Daddy peered at Crystal and me, extremely confused, bearing the look of a surprised and interrupted man. My pretty Latina friend and I stood at the foot of his bed facing him, as he sat upright against the headboard, his handsome, fit naked upper body on display to us, only his jogging shorts covering his hips and crotch. He's been checking out Crystal's booty, crotch and titties all day, when he had been with her and me in the late afternoon and early evening at our house. But now, my slender, busty friend and I must have made quite a pair, with the two of us wearing just robes -- both mine, of course -- tightly around our 18-year-old bodies.

I was handing him his camcorder, not so much as a request but reaching across his bed until he crawled towards me to take it. "Here," I directed to him, "we need your help, Daddy."

His playful brown eyes glanced over Crystal next to me; he could see her giggling and blushing, and see her full breasts making large round shapes in my thick, red terricloth robe she was wearing. I had on a satiny, thin knee-length light pink one, with a sort of floral arrangement; it was older and I didn't wear it much anymore, but it clung to my thin hips and little chest nicely. Daddy held up his TV remote and turned off the flat screen on the wall behind us two teenagers, then he tossed the remote aside. His thin, handsome lips turned up with a welcoming smile.

"Help?" he inquired, his thick eyebrow raised innocently, staring at his own digital videocamera I was pushing at him.

I'm sure I had a sense of the ideas swimming in his mind. The very night before, the Friday night, he used that camera to record me masturbating on his bed, as I showed off my body then fucked myself with fingers and a hairbrush to make a video message for Jack. Daddy had set me up with Jack two nights previous to that, and Daddy obviously wanted me to fuck Jack -- so I could stop chasing Daddy's cock. I made the video to beg Jack to fuck me, but really, I wanted Daddy to fuck me. He didn't; he just jerked off in front of me when I was done.

So now, a night later, I'm standing there in robes with Crystal, handing him the same camera. In fact, the tape inside it was undoubtedly still the one from the night before, with me fucking myself. As I'm pushing the device at my father, I was sure he assumed it had something to do with the sex tape he'd made of his nude, horny daughter.

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