Kristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 08


Daddy watched me cum in Crystal's mouth, and he moaned loudly. "I love you, Kristen," he said, his hands still around Crystal's nude thin hips, his body rocking back and forth shoving his dick in her cunt from behind.

Crystal lifted her head from my pussy, looking back at my father over her soft shoulder. "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!" she whined, her face clenching tight. Her eyes closed, her jaw opened, her nostrils flared out. She was having an orgasm, just from my Daddy's cock inside her. Her little body seemed to contract all at once, tightening, her breaths stopped . . . then she just fucking screamed. "SHIT!" she roared, eyes still closed tight, her face in pain, her hands clutching my legs as her cunt spasmed around my Daddy's penis. He knew she was cumming again, another huge hard orgasm, and he plowed his dick deep into her pussy so she could squeeze it and cum around it, and he felt how fucking tight her young cunt got from the orgasm.

I watched my friend's face contort, as she pushed her body backwards into my father's sexy physique, hearing her gasp and scream through her orgasm. Her hands were squeezing my slender thighs, almost painfully, but it only added to my voyeuristic enjoyment of her cum. My father's eyes were down at her small ass, seeing her body shake while she cummed around his awesome penis. Sweat was dripping on the hairs of his flat chest; he looked amazing, so sexy and handsome.

Leaving Crystal to whimper for a few seconds, Daddy pulled out of her twat, his incredible, long penis still hard as steel, pointing straight out from his body. Now, his dick was iced with the bubbling juicy liquids from Crystal's pussy.

There it was. Daddy's huge, swollen cock . . . having fucked Crystal into orgasmic submission. Hanging there in mid-air, above his bed. Pointing at me. Right at me.

Was now the time, finally? Was my fantasy about to become reality?

I stared at it, then at my father's sexy eyes, then down his hot body to his massive erection again. Shit, it was so big, so beautiful.

Was Daddy's princess finally, after all that fucking this week, going to get what she most wanted?

* * * *

I didn't offer to help, as my petite Mother lugged the large suit case towards the front door. Several boxes of her materials were stacked around the living room and front-entrance foyer, waiting to be carted to the rented truck in the driveway. I should have helped; but I didn't care, I just wanted this day to be over.

She glared at me. I couldn't see her slanted Thai eyes behind her dark sunglasses -- and it was cloudy outside, of course -- but I knew the look she was giving me. Her tone was as cold as her glare.

"You got what you wanted," she spat at me, as if this was all my fault.

How to answer that. She was the one who stopped treating my father like a man, years ago. She got jealous of his love -- pure, unsexual, fatherly love -- for his preteen and young teen daughter. She lost herself in her business, spending all the time at the mall with her precious lingerie store, not coming home to be with her family. She let her fat, ugly business partner fuck her regularly, even in our own house. How the fuck was this my fucking fault?

But she was right. I wanted it. I wanted Daddy to myself. I was going to sleep in his bed now, every night, treating him like he deserved to be treated. He was going to keep fucking me hard, and we didn't have to pull ourselves off of each other when she got home. We wouldn't have to wait anxiously for her to leave the house. We could just be together, anytime we wanted, all the time, having sex and being the adoring father and daughter we were meant to be. And I could invite Crystal over, or maybe Melanie, or even my cousin Riley. Daddy liked fucking all of them, and I did too. We could have some fun orgies.

The lies could stop too. Daddy lying to my Mom where I was, like pretending I was at Crystal's, when in fact I was sleeping over at Jack's condo. Or me lying to her that he had a business meeting downtown, when he was on a date with Crystal or Melanie. Why the fuck did we have to keep lying to my bitchy Mother, when she didn't really deserve to be involved in our lives anyway?

I just left the living room, wandering up to my bedroom while she moved herself out of our house -- and our lives -- for good. Good riddance.

Fucking bitch.

Lying on my bed, bored, in a nervous, perturbed state, I just let time pass. It was a long hour or so, whatever it took, until the truck grumbled to life and drove my Mom's possessions, and my Mom, across town to her new life, one apart from my wonderful Daddy and me.

My fabulous new life. It started five minutes later. My bedroom door burst open, Daddy came sailing into my room, jumping on my bed, kissing me, madly, passionately, pulling my clothing off of me. "Honey," my Daddy purred in my ear, as he pushed his erection into my gaping-wet pussy, "it's just you and me, we can be together now, like we want to be."

"I love you, Daddy," I panted back in his ear, my small hands reaching down his awesome body, clutching his ass, pulling his huge adult erection into my pussy again, but this time in a very different setting. We weren't pretending or sneaking around. This was our lives, our real lives, not covered by a fake afront we put on for my mother. "I'm your wife now, Daddy!"

Daddy and daughter, a new sort of husband and wife, fucked on my bed until he filled my vagina with two loads of his hot sperm; then we saunted off into sleep, finally relaxing, the stress gone from our lives.

* * * *

What's the fucking integral of "e" to the one-over-"x" squared?

That was the question -- or something of equally ponderous value -- rolling around my head, as I looked up from the kitchen table, seeing my nude father wandering into the kitchen with a sheepish look on his face. Okay, he wasn't completely naked, he had a towel wrapped around his waist, somewhat covering his rigid boner. He was dripping with sweat -- not water -- the perspiration beaded on his hairy chest, under his powerful arms, down his firm, square temples. He looked at me with a blushing guilty face, trying to pick out the words.

"I'm sorry, honey," he moaned softly, stopping near the table, seeing me spread out with my homework all over it. Then he glanced to the clock on the stove; it registered something like "7:10" in the evening. "Look, I . . . Kristen, I really feel aweful, I mean, she came over, and it just kind of started without you--"

I waived off his concern with a small hand, and I giggled at his reaction. "Seriously, Daddy, whatever!" I shot him a toothy grin to let him know his daughter really wasn't upset. "I've been home like 45 minutes, I just thought you two were really going at it good, and I didn't want to interrupt your fun!"

He seemed to concentrate on the thought, that I left him alone up there having sex. His head slowly shook. "Baby, you never interrupt -- I didn't want, I mean, I thought we were going to wait for you, like usual -- but, it just kind of started, I mean, I'm so sorry -- it won't happen again--"

"Daddy!" I pushed my chair back, but remained sitting on it, reaching a hand out to pull my almost-nude father next to me. "Really, it's fine -- I mean, I'm glad you're having fun, that's all that's important to me!" Then, with a wry smile, I cocked my head at him and snickered. "So, did you two have fun?"

My perverted father chuckled, nodding knowingly. "Oh, yes, yes, lots."

I heard a thud at the bottom of the steps, down the hallway, and the petite figure of my friend wandered into the kitchen, looking for my father. She was nude too, wearing just Daddy's dress shirt like a robe -- but not buttoning it, just using an arm across her petite tummy to keep it closed over her breasts and pussy.

Crystal smiled meekly at me, perhaps nervous that I was disapproving. She and I had threesomes with my Daddy, now, five times after school in the last couple of weeks. This was the first time she fucked him by herself. "Hey, hun," my Latina friend softly whispered, testing the waters, "I thought you were coming right home from school today?"

"Naw," I shrugged, seeing how messy her hair was, "I stayed for 4H club -- they have this project they wanted my help on." I gave her a big grin, too. "Looks like my Daddy and you didn't exactly need me, thought, huh?"

Crystal didn't stop walking forward, moving towards me, turning to sit sideways on my lap. She's a bit taller and heavier than me, but it wasn't that uncomfortable, with her arm behind my back, her knees together at one side. As I glanced down, I saw her big naked breast, with my Daddy's shirt opening a bit. She kissed my cheek warmly, very amicably, and purred, "You're the best," then she followed up the thought with a very hot, passionate kiss on my lips. Girl to girl making-out, in front of my father. She had told a couple of guys at school that she was gay now, my girlfriend, to get them to stop asking her on dates. It was sort of true, we were in a lot of ways a couple, going places a lot, fucking each other, and sharing things -- like my Daddy.

My Daddy watched us kiss softly, smiling to himself. When we finally moved apart to take a deep breath, he spoke in a calm tone. "I was thinking about making dinner," he said softly, "unless you two want me to take you both out?"

"Or," said his perverted, slutty daughter, no longer interested in doing homework, but instead I was pushing the shirt off of Crystal's shoulder to make her nude on my lap, "maybe Daddy can watch, while Crystal and I get a little nookie goin' now?"

This probably explained why my straight-A average was, well, dipping. Into B's and C's.

A little whilte later, as I gushed yet another orgasm into Crystal's mouth, my father's huge penis in between my lips at that moment, I really didn't care about homework.

Later that night, Daddy was downstairs working in his office; Crystal was at home; and my bitchy Mom, just back from work, was eating a snack on the kitchen table next to me. The last couple of weeks with her had been the worst of all the bad times recently. Since the weekend Crystal slept over, and Mom was in New York, things had changed for Daddy and me. Crystal too, but that's beside the point. I didn't like talking to my Mom, she was just a total inconvenience. I got this empty pit in my stomach when she came home at night; and on weekends, I just wanted her to leave for her store, to leave Daddy and me alone.

I finally finished my math homework, looking up the answer. I don't remember what the integral to "e" to the one-over-"x"-squared is. But whatever it was, I recall writing it down in my notebook, trying to avoid my Mom's cold stare, while I was thinking at that moment: Fuck my pussy is wet. I wish I could go downstairs and have my Daddy fuck me again.

That's the life I wanted.

* * * *

Jack came out of his bathroom, crawling onto his bed next to me. I had not moved, still sitting upright against the headboard, watching the big TV on his wall across from it. I was just killing time; I turned it off, rotating my face to his, and accepting his kiss on my lips. My boyfriend and I moaned, his tongue sliding into my mouth, his hand reaching out to caress my naked little teenage breast.

My petite hand reached out too, to his lap, feeling his awesome penis between his muscular thighs. It was mostly limp, but it didn't take much stroking and fondling to get it rock-hard again, all 7 and a half inches long of the fat, hard man-meat, sticking out of his lap again, ready to resume fucking me some more.

He rose over me, as I lay back pulling my teenage knees apart, my small hands on the sides of his muscled chest. His smelled so sexy and hot; his cock was incredibly stiff again, wanting to fuck my young pussy some more. And my shaved slit was wet and waiting for him to do exactly that.

We moaned, panting, and had sex for the third time that evening. Once before dinner; once when we got back from the downtown play; and now, this, after lounging around naked in his bed. It was about 1 a.m., that Friday night (or Saturday morning, really); but I still felt fresh, I was hungry to fuck my hot adult boyfriend. He made me feel so good, holding my hand and kissing me in public, he's so handsome and sexy, it makes other girls my age all jealous seeing me wrapped around the arm of such a stud. When I'm in public with Daddy, I mean, he's my Daddy, I feel like any daughter should. But he loves me from knowing me my entire life. Jack, here, had only known me a month or so, and he had already broken up with his lawyer girlfriend to date me. Me! A petite, nerdy half-Asian teenager still in high school. I felt so amazed, spending time with this hot, sexy adult man.

"Whew, fuck," I panted, totally sweaty, pussy sore as I lay back on Jack's bed, just as he crawled off of me and laid on his side next to me. I felt his sperm dripping out of my tight vagina; my body was tingling, covered in sweat in his messy bedsheets, which were damp from the perspiration and my leaking pussyjuices. I smiled up at my horny boyfriend, my hand and his still wrapped tightly together, not letting go even after the sex ended. "Wow, you stud, that was a hot fuck."

He snorted, sort of agreeing, catching his breath. "Hah, yeah," he admitted a few moments later, brushing sweat off of his brow. "Someday you'll honestly tell me if you like fucking me more than your Dad -- but in the meantime, I keep trying!"

"Oh, stop that!" I squeezed his big strong hand in my small teenage fist, as if to punish him for the thought. It wasn't the first time he'd joked with me about that; and he knew my standard answer would be, he's my Daddy, there's no comparison, it's just different. I was so glad he understood, and he wasn't jealous that I fucked my Daddy all the time. That didn't mean I didn't love being his girlfriend. I rose up, kissing his hot lips, tasting his manly breaths. It was a passionate kiss.

He leaned over and clicked off the lamp, rolling back to take me in his arms in the darkness, as we prepared for sleep. "You think your Dad and Amber are still going at it?" he laughed -- and I felt his finger brushing my teenage pussy. "You gonna be able to say, we fucked later than those two did?"

"Mmm," I purred at the attention he was caressing into my still-sore, but soaking-wet, vaginal lips. I leaned back under his arms, spreading my legs, so tired but so aroused. I pictured Daddy at home, in his (well, our) bed, naked with my school friend Amber. Unlike my other friends from school Crystal and Melanie, and my cousin Riley, Amber was strictly a one-man girl, she was put off if another girl was naked with her and Daddy. He had more fun with her if they were alone at home. It was convenient, in a way, because I got to go on overnight dates with Jack, while he entertained Amber at our house. Then Daddy and I would meet up tomorrow and share our private time without anyone else.

The idea I'd been having all week started to rattle around my brain again, lying in the darkness with my sweaty, hunky adult boyfriend, feeling him touch me. It was so vivid and real, and seemed to exciting, I decided to share it.

"Do you think," I muttered to him, almost laughing at the thought, "that we should have a party at my house -- like, Daddy, you, me, but also, Crystal, Melanie, Riley? You could meet Riley, and I know you wouldn't be mad playing with Crystal or Melanie again."

"Party?" Jack chuckled, his finger at that moment brushing my wet clitoris around, smearing juices and his cum over it. "You mean, like an orgy -- your Dad and me fucking you four sluts?"

I moaned, feeling my clit stroked like that, but also thinking about an orgy. Yes, an orgy. I pushed my hips harder into his finger, wanting that to continue, and I reached both hands out to pull him on top of me. Right where he had been a few moments earlier; but I wanted him again. Immediately, with his erection brushing my teen pussy, I realized he wanted me again too. We weren't done fucking, were we?

"Yeah, baby," grunted the teen slut under him, starting to work my hips in circles, feeling his dick enter me yet again, slowly, pushing inside. "Would you like that, fucking the four of us, going back and forth? I'd be so fucking horny -- shit, it would be so fucking good!"

I think my boyfriend could hardly believe that his 18 year old girlfriend wanted him to fuck other teenagers and her twenty-somthing year old cousin too. How many men have a girlfriend like that?

As he shot his cum deep in my vagina a little while later, he moaned in my ear, "I'm going to cum so hard in your friends and make you lick it all out!"

I was cumming too, at that moment. "Oh, shit, yes! Promise?" I panted, begging for it to be true. "Promise, baby?"

Jack's nasty, slutty girlfriend loved all this sex. I couldn't help it, I just wanted as much as I could have. All the time, with my friends, Daddy, my boyfriend, other men, anyone hot and sexy.

Aren't I the perfect girlfriend and daughter?

* * * *

Daddy was fucking my cousin Riley, hard, lying on top of her, her long slender legs wrapped around his sturdy naked frame. His sister's daughter first fucked him like six years ago when she was a freshman in college nearby. Now that Daddy and I lived alone, she could come spend nights or weekends, sharing him with me like she used to do with her friend Courtney years ago. I always liked playing with Riley when I was a little girl; now, we played together, but totally differently -- nude, fucking each other's tight pussies, taking turns making my father have orgasms.

I sat up on the bed, feeling it shaking as the uncle and niece screwed each other right behind me. Evening was descending on the horizon out of the window, and we hadn't turned any lamps on yet in the bedroom. I could see my cellphone only from its internal glow, providing a small sphere of light around my palm as I held it near my face.

Checking the flurry of text messages that I'd received the last hour while fucking Daddy and Riley, the latest message was from the blonde bitch Debi, a total whore for teenage boys who had no clue about adult men. Well, she had a clue, which is why she kept sending me messages.

This last message, however, proved that she was for real. "My hot friend Alexis will cum too," the email said, "so can I cum to your next party? Alexis is 18 too and very pretty and will fuck everyone."

Hmm, I thought, that would be fun -- two new girls to an orgy, in addition to some guy Daddy found on the Internet. It would be the best orgy yet.

I quickly shot off a response -- "She sounds hot, okay it's at 5 Saturday, see you here," and I snapped my cellphone closed. The sounds and shaking of Daddy pumping his dick into my brunette cousin behind me was begging my attention.

The feeling at that moment was so powerful. It was awesome finally getting my Daddy to fuck me -- although I needed Crystal's help to do it. I loved having Jack for a boyfriend, it really made me feel amazing with a successful, rich adult stud introducing me as his girlfriend. I loved feeling like a feminine slut, meeting hot strangers and fucking their big dicks just for the fun of it. But now, a bitch in the "in" crowd at school had come to me, begging to join one of our orgies, so she could fuck multiple adult dicks too. I'll be your best friend, you can come to my secret parties too, Debi kept promising me. It all sounded phony, until I told her, if you want to come, bring a girlfriend with you. I didn't think she'd do it. But she did, she wanted to badly, she brought me a gift. Who was in the "in" crowd now?

"Daddy," I giggled, turning around to watch my father thrusting his penis into my cousin's vagina, "guess what, at the orgy on Saturday, that girl Debi is going to come -- and she's bringing a girl friend, some other hot blonde."

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