tagIncest/TabooKristen Found Him Accidentally

Kristen Found Him Accidentally


My or should I say our lives started changing the day my husbands firm was bought up, falling orders and sales were getting worse and they were taken over by a predatory buy out, it was either that or go under, it still meant the same for lots of employees including John my husband.

He along with many others got laid off due to reorganisation, downsizing, and restructuring. And on top of that I had been blown out a month before the axe fell on him. So we went from being fairly well off affluent people, cars etc, to drawing dole money and benefits, that no where near covered our debts and out goings.

Things went even further downhill if that was possible, John started drinking and feeling sorry for himself, he would go to the pub and come home roaring drunk, I didn't mind at first but it started to get boring, he wasn't funny any more. I was out and about job hunting, but he didn't get off his lazy backside, all he did was go to the job centre, sign on, sit through those stupid interviews then go to the pub again, what little money he had was spent on drink.

I tried to keep our heads above water, but after 6 months a letter from the building society brought the house down, literally, no pun intended, we had to sell and sell quick, and cheaper than what it was worth, we were left with a debt of 2000, on top of our other debts. I had got a part time job cleaning and peeling vegetables for school dinners, the pay wasn't good but it was income. We were being pestered by debt collectors, threatened with bailiffs and we were definitely heading for a court appearance, thankfully his dad who is a widower and a lovely man offered us a home with him, and he paid off a lot of our debt which came to about 7000, and we were saved.

So we had a roof over our heads and we, or I was eternally grateful it was an annexe of sorts attached to his home, it had a sitting room, a bathroom, kitchen and bedroom, and we didn't have to pay any utilities. I regarded ourselves to be extremely fortunate to be taken in by him.

But that didn't stop John from drinking, I was beginning to see the real person I had married, I sadly came to realise that he was a weak man, not physically, and he was strikingly good looking, but he was weak inside where it matters. His strength of character in the face of adversity was almost none existent. I was so unhappy with him, and disappointed too that he had failed not only me, but himself as well. I had tried my hardest to support him, cajole him into picking himself up and starting again, but I soon found out I was talking to a wall.

His dad did his best too and he failed miserably, John was so into his own world of sorrow for himself he just would not listen to reason, his dad even threatened to throw him out, but he didn't care, he just went his own sweet way. If his dad didn't fill the larder we would have been reduced to scraps from here and there, I was so grateful, and I think the reason he put up with us was because he could see I was trying to rebuild, difficult though it was.

I know his dad and John's mother had gone through traumatic times in much the same way and had come out the other side and made good, very good. But he seemed to realise too that John wasn't cast in the same mould that he had been. They looked similar in the physical sense, both tall, both good looking, but there it seems the real similarity had ended

Our sex life was none existent now, he wasn't able to, and I didn't want to. Then the s+++ started hitting the fan, one day he came home s+++ faced and in a bad mood, I asked him what was wrong but he refused to tell me, we had a great big row, then he told me had played cards and lost what little money he had. I railed at him, called him a stupid fool, and worse, I called him a fucking loser, that really got his back up and he rushed at me, he got me against the wall, elbow across my throat and fist raised, I was terrified.

Somehow he didn't hit me, if I had been asked to bet on whether he would or wouldn't, I would have bet everything I possessed on it. He took my money from my bag and left, he was even worse when he got home, he could hardly stand, talk about drunk! He went straight to bed with help from me, and I knew it was time for the serious talk we were heading for.

The following morning when he finally got out of bed, I had just come in from my little job and I threw my bag at him, he had to sign on soon so I didn't have much time. But he just threw it back at me and stormed out, I knew when he came back he would be drunk again, he was. But this time there was lipstick on his mouth, and a smell of cheap perfume.

I was stunned to say the least, how could he go with another woman, she must be someone from the pub; I knew it was a dowdy place I had been to see it. So I just assumed she was a drinker there too. I looked at myself in the mirror, how could he choose some one else over me, I know I'm attractive, even better than that, 5ft 4" tall, long fair hair, good body, and I've always felt like a sexy woman of 22, until our world crashed around us. And I've always been there for him until all this. My self esteem took a real knock. How stupid could my husband be? He was 22 just like me and he was behaving like a damn fool.

'How dare you come home with lipstick on you and smelling of cheap perfume you rotten bastard?' I shouted at him.

'Don't you swear at me, I'm your husband, show me some respect, or else!' He shouted back, I knew his dad would be able to hear the exchange, and he wasn't daft either, he knew what John was doing and didn't have a lot of patience with him now, but he was his son so he tried not to interfere.

'Show you some respect?' I hollered at him, 'you don't deserve any you fucking tosser.'

John rounded on me, I knew I was in for it now, it was written all over his face, pure hatred. He threw me to the floor, he was in such a rage, he dived on me and was kneeling on me, I thought he was going to kill me, I got a hard slap on my face, then on the side of my head, I screamed out in fear.

I heard in between my cries the door crashing open, he dad raced in and literally threw him off me.

'What the bloody hell do you think you are you doing you stupid drunken idiot!' He bawled at him lying on the floor and trying to get up.

'It's her dad,' he blustered, 'she's taking the piss out of me, and I am not having that,' he muttered. If he thought his dad was going to defend him, he was going to be sorely disappointed.

'Taking the piss out of you, now I wonder why,' his dad bellowed, 'do you know I just can't imagine, do you think it's because she is worried or because you are the fucking tosser I just heard Kirstin call you!'

It dawned on him straight away that his bluff had been called. 'But dad, all this isn't my fault, I am trying here.' He bleated. 'There's only one person who's trying here John, and we all know it's not you don't we? He said quietly.

'You had better get to bed John, and get yourself sorted out, because one day,' and he looked at me, 'Kristen isn't going to be here any more, she'll have gone and left you, okay?' I smiled my gratitude to him, he put his hand on my shoulder, and said, 'let me know if you have any more problems Kristen,' he told me.

'I, I, I, I will dad, thank you,' I stammered, still not over the shock of being slapped the way I had, and he left.

John glared at me with nothing but venom in his eyes, I couldn't believe he was blaming me, but there again, he was drunk! He staggered off to bed and I sat down, his dad had just mentioned one of the things I was going to have out with John, either he picks himself up or I may leave him.

I took stock of where we had been and where we were now and it wasn't pretty, but we were far more fortunate than a lot of people in our position. His dad had taken us in, or we might have ended up on the streets.

I cried then, huge tears of sadness and to be honest, self pity too, 'why has this happened to me, to us, we didn't look or ask for this, then why?' I sobbed. I looked at the clock, it was 9 in the evening, 'another sad and lonely night for you on the couch again, you have spent quite a few on there lately Kristen,' I said to me.

A shadow passed over me and I looked up expecting John to see charging at me, but it was his dad looking through the window, 'probably checking I'm okay,' I thought. I waved to him with a flick of my hand; he had to have seen me crying. He paused at the window and beckoned me with his forefinger. I got up and walked to the door.

'Are you alright Kristen? He asked, with concern written all over his face.

'Yes dad, I'm fine,' I lied, with the tears falling down my cheeks.

'Come on, come with me,' he told me, and ushered me out, closed the door behind me, and he walked me into his part of the house. It's a lovely home, and it still bore the marks of his deceased wife, she had died 8 years ago leaving him with John on his hands, until the day came that I took his son from him.

We went into his sitting room and he poured two glasses of wine, I do like white wine, and this one was delicious. I told him it's a terrific vintage, and he smiled. Then I wept again.

'Oh dear Kristen, come on, you'll be okay,' he whispered to me, I hurriedly sat down and lowered my head. Tears dripped off me into my lap, he offered me his handkerchief, and I sobbed more.

He knelt before me, took my hands in his, and told me, 'Kristen, I think it's about time you have to decide what's good and what isn't.'

I knew what he meant, and said, 'I have been dad, and at the moment there isn't a lot of good to look at I'm afraid?'

'Well maybe you are right, maybe not,' he said, 'but I will support you in whatever you decide, I won't blame you for anything, I despise what he's become, and I don't know why either, but I have to confess, I always thought he was made of sterner stuff?'

'Me too dad,' I answered, 'me too,' Then I did something that nearly made me die in surprise, I put my glass down, leaned forward and kissed him, and it was full on the lips. It wasn't a full kiss, just a kiss. I put my hand to my mouth and spluttered, 'oh dad, I'm so sorry, I don't know why I just did that?'

He licked his lips, and said, 'do you know that's the first time I've had a kiss in over eight years, it was lovely, thank you.'

I was beet red, I blush very easily and I could feel my face burning with embarrassment.

I managed to say something like, 'it's okay dad, the pleasure was all mine,' and I gave him a very weak smile.

'Well,' he said, 'if the pleasure was all yours, can I have another one so I can have it all instead?' and he laughed. He was inches from my face, I cupped his chin in my hands and kissed him, and it turned into what can only be described as a proper full on kiss. His hand found my shoulders and the kiss was returned ten fold. I suddenly felt very alive; the desperate need to be touched and held by someone was happening, the only problem was, it was my husbands dad, my father in law who was kissing me and holding me, I slid off the sofa to my own knees and kissed him back.

We were knee to knee, hip to hip, and chest to chest, lips to lips, and now tongues were entering the fray, my arms went around his neck and I trapped him tight in them, his went around my waist and held me just as tight. Then we broke, his mouth went to my neck, mine went to his, and then there it was, the lump in his trousers, that unmistakable bulge sticking into me, right on my explosive button, I was up the rigging in moments!

I breathed heavily into his mouth, and said, 'Oh dad, oh dad please?' And then my hands were tearing at his shirt, buttons came undone, some popped off, but I got my hands in and raked his chest before going round the back to rake him some more. We rejoined the kiss, and I felt the unmistakeable action of the zip coming down on my dress.

Tremors ran through me, the very badness of what we were doing, the naughtiness, the sexual innuendo, the tightness that grabs my heart, the very excitement tipped me over the edge of reasoned argument. I wanted this, I couldn't deny it, my body wanted this, I had a ripple of orgasmic bliss run through me, I dropped my arms briefly to allow my dress to slide of my shoulders and down to my hips where he pushed it all the way down to my knees. I got his shirt off his body the same way, but I didn't stop until I had it right off him.

The kiss continued both our seductions, both of us were fully aware, and yet seemingly totally ignorant of what was about to happen, I was going to make love with my father in law, my husband's dad, and nothing was going to stop me, or us. The thing that sealed my or our fate was when I reached down for and felt then took control of his prick, it leapt in my hand as I grasped it through the material of his pants, and boy, was it hard and nicely big!

I leaned forward into the kiss pushing him backwards, he had to let go of me and put his hands behind him as I pushed more, I wanted him on his back under me. He had no option but to lower himself down, and free his legs, I quickly stood up and shook off and kicked my dress away. I yanked off my thong, telling him while I was doing it to undo his pants, and 'to get them off sharpish,' I ordered, he did so and I lowered myself down over him, taking hold of his impressive prick and guiding it to me heated aching pussy.

I pushed down and in he went, I shut my eyes with the sheer enjoyment of my pussy being filled for the first time in a along time. I put my hands on his shoulders and just looked down at him, he was smiling with love and lust. I rested and took in the savoury feeling of a fucking about to commence, I began to rise and fall on him, I knew I wouldn't belong before I came all over him, he took my nipples in his fingers and bang! Over I went into total bliss, I felt him jerk under me and he had come in me, full tilt, I felt him rocket his spunk right into me, I went with him into another cum, it was heaven.

I lay down on him then with thankfulness in my heart for having found someone to care for me, the fact that it was my father in law seemed to make it even better. I looked into his eyes and shook my head, it was a shake of wonder at what we had just done, but also at the fabulous intense orgasm I had just had, and I knew he had blown his rocks off too, I could feel it all the way up me.

I kissed him then, long and languid, soft and hard, tenderly, lovingly and passionately. 'Are you alright dad?' I asked him reverently.

'Kristen, I can honestly say I don't think I have ever felt better, certainly not since Carol passed away eight years ago.' My heart broke for him, he had been alone all those years with his sadness, I could see it in his eyes now, oh how I wanted to love him better.

'Dad,' I said, ' I know that what we have just done was and is wrong probably in the eyes of the whole world, but I don't care, because I need someone to love and care about me, and you just have, and I want to give the same love and care back to you, does that make sense?' I requested.

'Yes Kristen, it makes perfect sense to me, but can you and I live with it?'

I gave him the only answer I could; I dropped my full lips onto his and kissed him my answer. When I pulled away, I said, 'what does that say to you dad, daddy?'

He was breathless; he mumbled softly as he pulled me to him, 'That was a very concise answering Kristen, but maybe you should just reconfirm it?' and laughed quietly.

I did, and this time my confirmation went of for minutes on end, we held, loved, touched and caressed our way to the conclusion we had arrived at. That yes, we were both could live with it very easily. John was in trouble!

The love trust and care he had shown both me and my husband had been wasted on John, but not on me and I had accidently found a way to thank him, simply by kissing him without thinking about what I was doing and certainly not about the consequences of such a kiss leading to our mutual seduction.

I checked my watch, it was 10pm, I said to John's dad, 'he'll be asleep until the morning Robert,' it was the first time I had ever used his name, I had always called him dad.

'Dad Kristen, call me dad or daddy okay honey?' he told me.

I beamed at him, 'yes daddy, I will,' and kissed him once more.

We got up from the floor and made our selves presentable just in case, but he didn't put his unders back on, and I never either, I was naked under my dress, I made sure he had all the access he wanted, and his flies never got fastened either. We spent the next four hours on his long sofa where we could get at each other.

He told me in between all the loving, kissing and nibbling that, 'this is his first time since...?' and his face clouded over. He was referring to his late wife; I held him tight and shushed him, saying it was alright to feel the way he did, and that I understood. I must have done something right because there it was again, I felt his prick pressing on my leg, I looked at him hopefully and smiled a knowing smile, and indicating with my eyes flicking downwards.

He returned my smile and said happily, 'you want to go again Kristen?'

I jumped up, turned and got on my knees, hitched my dress up, and head down ass up, I said over my shoulder, 'ready when you are daddy!'

He got behind me and bang he was in up to his balls first time, he rammed into me, I was moaning with each thrust, my head soon got jammed into the corner of the sofa so that stopped me from sliding away from him, and that's when he really did hammer me, it was wonderful.

His hands were on my hips as he battered at me, god it was so horrendously and painfully beautiful, my orgasms seemed to clip there way through me with every thump of his gorgeous prick. He was a while before he came giving me all the time I needed to attain the pinnacle of climaxing under him.

Then he just about folded me in two with his last thrusting thudding bang when he shot his second load into my superbly pulsating pussy. I bellowed into the cushion as it beat its way around my withering body. Slowly I felt him pulling out, I pouted to him, 'oh no daddy don't, not yet, leave it in for a while, please?'

Thank the Lord he did, the wonderful feeling his lingering cock in my pussy gave me as much pleasure as cumming does sometimes, before letting it slowly deflate until it fell out under it's own weight.

I had been as gloriously fucked as I ever had, I knew I was only 22 but this was new territory, I didn't have time to compare but I don't think I had ever been better fucked or made love to, even me making love to him on our first time a mere few hours ago seemed to hit new heights with me. I turned again to him and fell into his arms, and there we stayed for the next two hours, we snoozed and loved until about 5 am when he nudged me and said, 'Kristen I think sadly it's about time you went, but we have to talk honey, we really do?'

'Yes Daddy, I know, maybe later hey? And don't even think of us not carrying on, so think on that too.' I told him lovingly.

I went back to our part of the house and lay on the sofa, John was still snoring away, I fell asleep safe in the knowledge that 'my secret' was safe. I woke at 10 that morning, got up and looked in on my husband, he was still with the fairies. I took a shower, made myself presentable for the day, did my hair, a little make up and looked in on him again, still asleep. That's when I got daring, I left and went back to the main house and slid upstairs, John's dad was still asleep too.

I dropped my dress to the floor; it was all I had on! And I slipped into his bed with him. I got my left arm under him and my right arm around him. I cupped his balls, and took his cock and began his slow awakening, he soon got hard and that woke him up. He obviously didn't know just what was happening and tried to turn to me, I bumped my shoulder into him and said, 'stay right where you are daddy.' He obeyed me thankfully.

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