tagInterracial LoveKristen Gets Blacked... Ch. 01

Kristen Gets Blacked... Ch. 01


Kristen Gets Blacked But Good Ch. 01

Kristen Richardson was the prettiest girl in her high school. Blonde, 5’6”, and an incredible 36D-24-35 body. She was the best looking cheerleader the school had ever had.

One day as beautiful Kristen was walking down the hallway she had an experience that changed her life. You see Kristen didn’t realize that she was about to suck the biggest, filthiest, fattest black cock a beautiful little cheerleader could imagine!

A big, black cock that would eventually turn her into a sex starved, blackcock sucking slut...just what she was really born to be.

As Kristen walked down the hall she noticed she was being eyed by Leroy, the 63 year old , black-as-coal janitor.

“I’ll give this nasty old man a thrill” Kristen thought. So she thrust her big breasts out and walked by, letting Leroy have his look.

But suddenly--as the salacious old, black janitor looked on--Kristen noticed something funny happen...her nipples began to get hard and protrude under the gaze of the bugging eyes of the old black man. Her pussy lips began to fill and swell in her panties.

“Lookin’ goo’, girl,” he said. Now her mouth was dry and she realized the tables were slowly being turned!!!

As Kristen got to her locker, Leroy followed. The girl tried to focus on retrieving some books and leaving for the day but the old black would have none of it. He stood directly behind the big titted beauty and began rubbing his 10” dick through his pants.

In her locker mirror Kristen could see him stroking the monstrosity just a few feet behind her. As she knelt down to put some of her books back in the bottom of her locker, the old black man stepped up right behind her. She stopped and could hardly breathe as a long silent pause took place between them.

Then she felt the old man’s hand on her hair. He began stoking her long golden tresses. He began wrapping her long hair around his hand and then moved it back again to his cock. Hand and hair began stroking his horse dick thru his pants. Kristen now felt she would faint from fear—and excitement!

After a minute of this stroking the old man stopped again. Kristen heard the zipper as he pulled it all the way down. On her knees now she turned to look up at the old black. She saw him looking down at her, lust in his eyes. She brought her eyes down to stare directly, inches in front of her, into the cavern of Leroy’s open fly. Out flopped the old man’s oversized organ, causing the girl to jump, as it then smacked Kristen’s lips.

The poor beautiful girl stared for a long minute at it in dead silence...realizing what was about to happen. Looking back up into the old man’s eyes with a pleading look she whispered, “Please don’t...”.

Leroy snarled back, “Suck it! Suck it you white trash, teasin’ whore!!!!”

After a long pause, realizing her pleading request had fallen on deaf ears, it happened!!!!!

The class beauty, Kristen Richardson, leaned forward closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and took in the black drooling cock head.

Leroy smiled, unable to imagine his great fortune to have happening what was, unbelievably, happening. But here she was, Kristen Richarson, the most gorgeous girl, perhaps, ever to attend the high school, slowly starting to bob her head back and forth on his uncircumsized dick.

As moments passed Leroy started grunting and his dick proceeded to drool its contents of precum heavily into the teary eyed, blonde’s mouth. Kristen’s sucking and slurping sounds grew louder. Her hand now came up to encircle the base of the old man’s fat black dick. She began shucking it...pumping it...

“My god! The little whore is loving it!” Leroy thought, amazed at the blonde’s horniness. “Doesn’t seem like she’s sucked too many either,” he thought as he watched her sloppily suck, slurp and drool all over his dick, her chin and even her blouse. The class beauty was slowly becoming a mess with an old, black man’s cum juice.

Kristen was in heat and out of control now. She sucked and tongued the old, uncut cock. Pulled her head off of it and kissed it loudly with a smacking sound. Then wiped the nasty, foul smelling thing all over her face.

“The balls!” the janitor exclaimed. “Lick my sweaty balls, slut!” he demanded. And Kristen obeyed: stretching her mouth as wide as it could go to mouth first one and then the other of Leroy’s tennis ball sized testicles. She was soon lapping them like a kitten in love.

“God,” the girl thought in her delirium, “he must carry so much semen in these things!” “So much bigger than Tommy’s!” Her boyfriend was becoming more and more a distant memory to the over excited white girl.

For a full fifteen minutes the Reverend Richardson’s pride and joy sucked and pulled, stroked and kissed, the giant ebony organ--physically pleading with it to spend itself into her wanton mouth. As one hand tugged on the cock, the other kneaded and fingered his big cannonball sized testes.

Then it happened! The big dick began shooting burst after burst of thick jism into the blondes hungry mouth. She coughed and choked as each volley shot down her throat. But she took it and swallowed the molasses-like, baby sauce greedily.

It over flowed and, at first seeped, then began pouring from her mouth. Her full lips struggled to keep it in, but it soon coated those lips in a white, gooey ooze...until finally the 63 year old, black stallion was done.

He smiled and watched as Kristen kept squeezing out more. Sucking it out and slurping it into her mouth. Licking her fingers of the gooey, black pudding that Leroy was treating her to.

Finally she was done. She looked up in dazed disbelief at the smirking old black janitor. A long thick, rope of jizz hung from her chin. Her hand still holding the now flaccid, 10” dick.

“What chu got to say now, ho?” Leroy said.

“Please...could we get together like this again sometime?” pleaded the black-conquered, blonde.

As he grabbed a handful of her golden, blonde hair and began using it to wipe off his slimey, black dick, Leroy answered:

“We’ll see, we’ll see.”

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