tagIncest/TabooKristen's Revenge

Kristen's Revenge


Kristen covered her head with the pillow. Damn it! They were fucking again. She was really starting to hate her mother. She was married to Kristen's fourth "daddy" and now she was cheating on him again. Poor Alan. He really didn't have a clue. Kristen didn't know what kind of lies her mother had told Alan to get him to marry her four years ago, but he obviously didn't realise that she'd only wanted him for the big house and the fancy cars.

Kristen's real dad had disappeared when Kristen was a toddler. The divorce had been so acrimonious that he'd never been back in touch with his own daughter. After him, Kristen's mother had met Jeff and married. Kristen had been 4. The marriage had lasted just over four years, when Jeff had caught his wife fucking the gardener and he'd throw her and her daughter out of the house. Then she'd met Steve. Kristen was 9 at their wedding. That marriage lasted five years until Steve caught his wife in bed with the window cleaner. By this time Kristen was a bit more aware of what was going on in her mother's life and she knew that the window cleaner was only the most recent in a long line of lovers. The divorce wasn't even final when Alan had come through town on a business trip and he'd fallen for Kristen's mother. They were married within months and Kristen had daddy number 4.

Alan was actually her favourite of the daddies. He'd always treated her like a real human being, mindful of her feelings and keen to do what was best for her. That's why she hated what her mother was doing so much. Alan travelled a lot for his work and whenever he was away there was always another man in her mother's bed. She didn't even try to hide it from Kristen, obviously expecting Kristen to be more loyal to her biological mother than to a stepfather. Kristen particularly hated the current lover. He was much younger than her 42-year old mother. He was probably closer to Kristen in age. This morning he'd come into the kitchen when Kristen was having her breakfast, wearing only his boxers. His eyes had lingered at Kristen's ample chest, she wasn't wearing a bra as she was still in her nightgown, and he'd smiled his creepy smile at her. She'd hurried off to school. She knew that her mother's current marriage wasn't going to last much longer and she was glad that she was now 18 and wouldn't come along when she found her next husband.

She'd though much about what she wanted to do when she grew up. She knew that she didn't want to go to college. She didn't really have the brains for studying, but she wasn't dumb. She didn't want to end up in a dead end job. Alan used to have a PA that travelled with him on business. Kristen liked the sound of that. Alan's PA had recently retired and he didn't have anyone new yet. She had next week off school and she was going to ask him if she could go with him to his conference. It would get her away from her mother and her lover.

When Alan came home a couple of days later Kristen asked him if she could try being his PA. He didn't like the thought of her working during her time off from school, but she was adamant that she wanted to try the job. Alan could see her point. He thought she was a smart girl for wanting to try a job out before she made any decisions, so he soon talked himself into the idea. They left early on the Monday morning and Kristen watched in disgust as Alan kissed her mother goodbye. Didn't he see the glee on his wife's face? That wasn't the look of a wife who'd miss her husband. That was the look of a whore whose lover was parked around the corner, waiting for the husband to leave so that he could come and fuck her all day long.

Kristen toyed with the idea of pretending that she'd forgotten something and making Alan go back and catch her mother in the act. But the more they got talking, the more she realised that she didn't want him to hurt. She had to make her mother hurt.

They had a wonderful drive. Alan kept her entertained with his stories about life on the road and Kristen updated him on everything that had been going on in her life. Well, almost everything. She didn't tell him the reasons for her sleepless nights. She surprised herself by thinking that one of these days she wanted to marry a guy just like Alan. But she'd never cheat on him.

"Alan," she asked. "Why don't you have any children?"

"I've got you, sweetheart."

"I know, but why don't you have any children of your own?"

He sighed. "It's not that I didn't want any. In fact, since I was an orphan, I always dreamt of having a huge family. It just didn't happen."


"Well, I didn't get married until I met your mother. By that time I was 34 and she was 38. She said that one child was enough for her, and by that time she felt that she was too old to have any more children anyway."

"And that was OK with you?"

"Well, I loved her. And it wouldn't be fair to bring a baby into this world if it wasn't wanted by both parents."

"So you don't think you'll ever have children?"

"Your mother's 42. She won't change her mind now. In fact, and don't tell her I told you this, she's really uptight about the fact that you don't want to go to college."


"Because she thinks you're going to get married straight out of school and start making her a grandma and she feels far too young to be a grandmother."

All of a sudden Kristen knew how to make her mother pay.

When they arrived at the conference Alan started preparing for his talk and he sent Kristen off to buy some sandwiches at the mall. She passed a lingerie shop and before she knew it she was inside, talking to the shopkeeper and asking for advice.

"I want something sexy, but not slutty," she explained. "It's going to be our first time and I want to surprise him by showing that I'm ready."

"Is this your first time?" the shopkeeper asked.

"Yes, but it's not his and I don't want to look inexperienced. But I don't want to look desperate either."

"Are you sure you're old enough?" the shopkeeper asked.

"Yes, I turned 18 in November. Do you want to see my driver's licence?"

"No, that's OK. You're still very young. I hope you're not letting your boyfriend pressurise you into anything."

"Nothing at all. This is all my idea. He's the kind of guy who respects women."

"You're a lucky girl."

Satisfied that Kristen wasn't going to do anything stupid, the shopkeeper helped her pick out a sheer pink babydoll and matching thongs. Kristen couldn't wait to try it on.

The afternoon seemed to go on forever. Alan's speech went down well and afterwards he had lots of people coming up to talk with him and Kristen faithfully took down everybody's details and promised them that they'd be in touch as soon as possible. They stopped for a burger on the way to their hotel room and by the time they checked in it was already 8. Alan took off his suit jacket, kicked off his shoes and loosened his tie before he sat down in the armchair with a sigh.

"What a day," he exclaimed.

"Is it always like this?" Kristen asked.

"Sometimes, but this is as bad as it gets. Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Yeah, it was great."

"Do you think you'd like to be a PA?"

"Oh definitely."

"Well, let's see how this week goes and then if you still want to do it, maybe I'll hire a temp until you finish school and then I can take you on on a trial basis."

"Would you?" Kristen jumped up and hugged and kissed him.

"I wouldn't want anyone else. I know I'm good at my job, but having such a pretty PA added to my drawing power today."

"Do you really think I'm pretty?"

"I think you're beautiful, darling."

This wasn't how she'd planned it, but things were playing right into Kristen's hands now. She told Alan not to move and ran into the bathroom, snatching her shopping bag on her way. She let her long blonde locks down and changed into her outfit. She could see a faint outline of her nipples through the sheer material and the triangle of blonde hair over her pussy was also visible, as was her dark slit.

She opened the door and walked up to Alan who was reading a report.

"Do you still think I'm beautiful?" she asked throatily.

Alan looked up to reply and was taken aback by what he saw.

"Sweetheart," he stuttered. "You don't have to dress like that to know that I think you're beautiful. In fact, you should probably not dress like that in front of me at all."

Kristen saw that Alan was looking uncomfortable and noticed that her outfit had brought on a visible reaction in his crotch area.

"But do you think I'm beautiful in this?" she insisted.

"Darling, you're beautiful and sexy and when you find the right young man he'll love to see you like that."

"What if I've already found the right man for me?"

"Who is that?"


She leaned forward and caressed his lips with hers. He responded by parting his lips, inviting her tongue to explore. She sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. She could feel his hands on her thighs as they deepened the kiss and devoured each other with fervour. Suddenly Alan pulled himself away and breathed heavily as he held her back. His eyes rested on Kristen's firm C-cup tits and the erect nipples that were fully visible through the flimsy fabric. She was his for the taking and he knew it.

"Kristen, baby," he said with regret in his voice. "We can't do this. I'm married. You're my step daughter. It's wrong in so many ways."

"Don't you love me?"

"I love you more than you'll ever know."

"Then why is it wrong? I love you. I want to be with you. I want you to be my lover. My first lover."

Alan gritted his teeth. "But sweetheart, I'm married. Marriage vows are sacred. Do you want me to hurt your mother?"

"Ha! Hurt my mother? Alan, I don't want to hurt you, but don't you know what kind of woman my mother is? Didn't it ever occur to you why she's been divorced so many times?"

"Honey," he said softly. "She picked the wrong men. Men who didn't love her. Men who beat her and cheated on her. Men who hurt you."

"No, Alan." It killed Kristen to do this, but she had to make him see the truth. "The only one who did any hurting was my mother. I don't remember my dad, but I'm pretty sure she cheated on him the way she's cheated on every husband since. Including you."

"She's been cheating on me?" Alan looked devastated.

Kristen nodded, not wanting to look into his eyes to see the hurt.

"And you knew?"

Kristen nodded again, tears falling down her cheeks. "I didn't know how to tell you. I hate her for hurting you. You deserved to know, but I was afraid that you'd hate me if I told you."

"Let me get this straight. My wife has been cheating on me in front of my stepdaughter, making you keep secrets from me, hurting our relationship. Is that right?"

Kristen nodded, afraid of what was to come.

"My poor baby," Alan wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head. "She's an evil woman."

Kristen lifted her head and her lips met Alan's again. They kissed each other hungrily for a few minutes before Kristen ended their lip lock.

"I meant what I said," she said and looked him in the eye. "I want you to be my lover."

"Oh sweetheart. You're so sexy. I've looked at you lately and been ashamed of my feelings for you. I'm 20 years older than you. I'm still married, even though she's a lying and cheating whore."

"Then get your revenge on her. Fuck her daughter."

"I wouldn't do that to you, baby."

"But I want you to."

"Of course I want to. You're young, beautiful and sexy. Every single man I know would love to bury his cock inside you. But can't you see that it'd be wrong? I'd be taking advantage of you."

"No Alan. If anyone's taking advantage it's me. I love you. I've been attracted to you for a long time, but I didn't realise just how much I wanted you until today. And I hate my mother for what she's done to you."

"Hating your mother isn't a good reason to fuck me."

"No. I want to fuck you because I can't think of any man I'd rather be with. Getting revenge on my mother would just be a bonus."

"You really want to be with me?" Alan sounded unsure.

"Feel me," Kristen said and took his hand. She parted her legs and pulled her thong to the side. Alan caressed her slit and felt that she was dripping wet. He slid a finger inside and she dripped pussy juice into his hand.

"Oh my God, Kristen," he panted. "You're so tight and wet."

"Please fuck me, Alan," she begged him. "Make me a woman."

"Are you still a virgin, baby?" he asked and pulled her breast free and caressed her nipple.

"Technically yes, but I've already popped my cherry."

"Can you please explain?"

"Well, Linda and I like to experiment. Just before Christmas we bought a dildo and we've been using it on each other."

"You and Linda have been fucking each other with a dildo?" Alan smiled wickedly at his stepdaughter's revelation.

"Well, yeah. And kissing, and eating pussy and stuff..."

"Are you lesbians?"

"I think Linda might be. But I'm not. I've enjoyed experimenting with her, but for me it's only been to prepare me for my first time with a man."

"So if I fuck you now, my cock will be the first one to take your cunt?"


"Oh baby," he wrapped his lips around her nipple and sucked her hard. "What are we waiting for?"

He stood up with Kristen in his arms and placed her on the bed. He then pulled off her soaking thong, followed by her babydoll. He slowly discarded his own clothes until he stood in front of her with a raging hard on. Kristen got on her knees and wrapped her hand around her stepdad's thick 6 inches of meat. He wrapped his arms around her, squashing her tits against his chest and kissing her deeply.

"There'll be plenty of time for you to play with my cock, but first I need a release. I'm going to lie down on the bed and I want you to straddle me, baby."

She did as she was told and he held his erection against her wet slit. She lowered her hips and soon felt his cockhead pop inside her wet cunt. They both moaned with pleasure. He placed his hands on her hips and guided her down until he was buried balls deep inside her tight, hot space. He cupped her tits and sucked on her nipples as she started sliding up and down the length of his shaft. She loved how he filled her and his hot shaft was so much better than the rubber dildo had ever been. He moved his hips to speed up the rhythm with which she rode him. His finger reached for her engorged nub and started rubbing it as they fucked. Neither was able to say anything, but they both panted heavily as the wet smacks when their bodies came together grew louder and louder.

Then she came. She'd cum before, with Linda eating her and dildo fucking her, but that was nothing compared with her first real cock orgasm. Her body convulsed with pleasure and she squealed with delight as her cunt gripped Alan's cock hard. He couldn't go on after that. Kristen's orgasm spread to his body and soon he found himself pumping his seed into her young womb.

She collapsed into his arm and he kissed her lovingly.

"Kristen, baby," he whispered. "I want you to slowly get off my cock and straddle my face so that I can taste our union."

She did as he asked and soon she found herself collapsing with pleasure as his tongue penetrated her cunt. He licked up their love juices and she let her tits descend on his belly as she took his shiny, semi-limp cock into her mouth. She recognised the taste of her pussy on his rapidly hardening shaft. Then she tasted something salty as well. That must be his pre-cum. Just as she wrapped her hand hard around the base of the cock in her mouth, his tongue brought her to another orgasm.

She cried out around his cock that by now was raging hard in her mouth. He kept licking and sucking her as she tried the tricks that she'd only ever practised on a rubber cock before. She could tell by his moans that he was enjoying it. Then he pulled her off him. He made her kneel on the bed and he knelt behind her, pulling her back up against his chest, kissing her neck and kneading her tits.

He manoeuvred them forward against the bed head. He pushed her front against the bed head and wall and then he entered her from behind. As he started fucking her with long, deliberate and hard strokes he once again started manhandling her tits and kissing her neck.

"Play with your clit, baby," he whispered in her ear. "If you'll play with your clit it'll feel even better."

She did as she was told and came almost immediately. He just kept fucking. He'd cum once and now had long staying power before he had to let go again. Her legs were shaking as he kept pounding her wet cunt. When she finally came again he pulled out and let her onto her back. He parted her legs, viewing her wet and flushed sex while he pulled her legs up high, opening her tight hole for him. Then he buried himself completely inside her, thrusting his pubic bone against her battered clit. By the time he finally shot his second load of the night Kristen had lost count of how many orgasms she'd had.

He lay down next to her and pulled her into his arms. With a finger he scooped up his semen that was leaking between her thighs and let her taste it.

"Do you like my cum?" he asked as she licked his finger.

"Very much."

"Then maybe one day you'll let me cum in your mouth."

"I was hoping we could do that tonight."

"No, tonight I wanted to fill your wonderful little cunt with my seed. Speaking of which, when was your last period, baby?"

"Two weeks ago," Kristen smiled at him as he did the maths.

"That's why you're so unbelievably wet today..."

"Well, apart from being really horny for you, it's one of the most fertile days of my cycle."

"And I didn't use a condom."

"I know. Do you mind? I love you Alan, and I'd love to have your children."

"Your mother would be furious."

"Even better. But I wouldn't risk pregnancy just to spite my mother if I didn't know that what I want is you."

"So you're saying that you'll marry me when I get divorced?"

"I will if you ask me."

"I'll keep that in mind. In the meantime, let's work on a grandchild for your mother again."

This time he fucked her slowly, taking time to discover her body with his tongue and letting her to the same with him. It was past midnight when they finally fell asleep.

The rest of the week was bliss. They fucked in the shower every morning, snuck up to their hotel room to fuck at lunch, once interrupted by the cleaner. And every joyous night was spent learning all about each other's body and bringing pleasure to each other.

When they arrived home on the Friday they pretended as though nothing had happened. Kristen's mother was happy to see them, but Alan made an excuse not to fuck her that night. It wasn't a complete lie. He was exhausted, but not from the conference. He'd fucked Kristen so much that he could do with an early night.

The next few weeks were difficult. Kristen had to go to school so she couldn't come along on Alan's trips. She stayed away from home as much as she could, staying over at friends' houses and when Alan came back from his trips they checked into hotels for the night, loving each other from dusk till dawn. Kristen had two periods and was very disappointed but Alan comforted her, knowing that these things take time and she still had to finish school.

Then, a month before the formal end of her education, she got up one morning and instead of bleeding she was throwing up. She got straight on the phone with Alan who was away on another trip. He was even happier than her. They now knew that they were joined forever. His seed had finally taken root in her womb and the fruit of their love was growing inside her. It was time to move to the next step of their plan.

The following Saturday Kristen's mother had to run an errand. Kristen and Alan knew that she was going over to her lover's house for a quick fuck. They knew that she'd started suspecting that Alan was having a mistress since he never asked to fuck her anymore. But they knew that she didn't suspect that it was Kristen. They changed the sheets in the marital bed and undressed each other. Alan was amazed to see the subtle, but obvious to his eye, changes in Kristen's body. Her breasts were fuller and there was a glow about her. He took her in his arms and kissed her tenderly.

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