tagLoving WivesKristi and Our Spring Chores

Kristi and Our Spring Chores


Kristi and I own what we like to call a mini farm, 30 acres. We really enjoy the privacy, but yet we are close enough to have a great group of neighbors. It provides the perfect mixture of rural living, the suburbs, and close proximity to the city. With any house and especially one with a few acres, there are certain things that have to done prior to each season. We were in the middle of spring and Kristi and I decided to take a few vacation days to work around the farm, mending the fence, opening the pool and generally getting the house ready for the summer weather that was a month or so away. We had planned on getting a lot of the exterior items checked off our list.

On the day of our planned chore day, we woke to morning thunderclaps, and a down pour of rain. We got up, got ready, but it was clear the rain was going nowhere.

Kristi offered up the idea, we should go to a movies; we could be gone for a couple hours and by the time it was over, maybe the rain would have passed. I agreed, and suggested we get to the earliest show, so by the time it was over, it would still be early enough to get some work done, if indeed the rain stopped.

While at the movies we bumped into Chas our neighbor's boy from the next farm over, he was a grad student at the University of Louisville and was in town, home for spring break. Chas was always a friendly kid, his parents just moved to the area a couple years ago, and Chas was always quick to come over hang out by our pool, or lend a helping hand when I needed some help around the farm.

We told Chas that our plans to get some work done around the house were somewhat scrubbed due to the bad weather. Furthermore, we told him if the rain did not let up, and we couldn't get the work done today, we would probably have to wait until next week, at which he quickly offered his help.

A week after Kristi and I went to the movies and bumped into Chas; there was a knock on the door, at 9:00 a.m. and Kristi went to answer it. She opened the door, and there was Chas.

"What brings you by?" she asked.

Chas said, "Well I did promise I would come over and help you with the things you didn't get done last week, and I am still on spring break, a man of my word, where can I help?"

"Chas that is so sweet of you, the help would be greatly appreciated, Nick is out back setting up the ladder to clean out the gutters, I have to run into the office and should be back around lunchtime".

"Great I will go out and meet him."

Chas helped me with the gutters, and mending the fence out back. We had some bundles of hay that had to be but in the barn. All the chores got done, within about four hours. At which time Kristi gave me a call saying we should head back to the house, she had picked up some lunch for us.

The lunch was very good, and as we were sitting around the table as Kristi began cleaning up.

Chas said, "I just wanted to say, I had a great time at the movies last week, it was a lot of fun, don't you think? Thanks for inviting me to sit with y'all. Do you guys go to the movies a lot?"

"Oh no... forget about it, we are not talking about that" She said.

"What are you talking about, what I was asking was..."

"I know what you're asking, and no... we are not going to discuss any of what happen at the movie. That just happened, a one-time thing."

Playing dumb he said, "What was a one-time thing?"

"You know exactly what I am talking about."

Kristi was a bit taken back, by the litany of questions, "And ummmm, yeah... Nick and I have not been to a movie in a long time, and then we go, and the movie turns out to be a big dud, and as I remember you did not want to sit with us at first."

"Well yeah, as you may have suspected, I was kinda ducking from my parents they wanted me to volunteer at this fundraising event, I told them that I had to work and I was worried you might say something to my parents, I sure am glad you didn't mention anything to my folks."

"Hey we were all there once" She said.

"And you, well it looked like you guys were having all the fun, so sitting with you seemed like a much better option. Oh and by the way, the movie was a total dud, but I have never had such a fun time at the movies before, and Mrs. Havencamp wow."

"Chas call me Kristi, Mrs. Havencamp makes me sound so old, and what do mean wow?

"Well I mean... I have had a few dates, and have taken them to the movies... but watching it with you guys wow... that was a whole lot of fun, and a whole new twist to going to the movies."

"Careful baby, going to the movies with Chas you're going to make him fall in love with you."

"Nope, Nope, Nope, not going to talk about it, and Nick stop, I am old enough to be his mother."

"Yeah... well my mom doesn't look like you," he said with a smile. "And I am not the only one that sees it either; all my buddies think you are hot too... Yeah and what about the old man that came back and sat down behind us. Yeah he thought you were hot fo sho, did you guys know him?

"No, I guess he just must have been some guy taking in an afternoon movie."

"So he was a complete stranger?"

"We thought he may have been an acquaintance of yours, old football coach or something."

"Wow that is hot."

"What was hot?" Kristi asked.

"Wow, no, I did not know him, but here's the thing, the thing I could not believe, he sat behind us and was just staring. I was thinking he was being rather rude. I was going to punch his lights out, but I thought you guys knew him."

"Hear that honey, chivalry is not dead..." Kristi said "...Wait what...you and your buddies think I am hot."

Ohh yeah... you are way hotter than any of the girls on campus. That old man really thought you were hot too, he actually left and then came back, remember?"

"Yes Chas I was there too", she said.

"Some things I just don't get... that old guy..."

Kristin interrupted Chas saying with squinted eyes, "Wait a minute Chas, I thought I said we were not going to talk about the movies, and another thing I don't think he was that old... what late 40's maybe early 50's, how old do you think I am Chas? I am thinking he was just a few years older than Nick and me, the same age as your mom."

"Well you may be my mom's age but you look half her age and way Hotter."

"Oh stop... More... More." She joked, and said with a wink.

"Yeah if you were not married I would ask you to homecoming dance", Chas was laying it on thick.

He continued, "Well anyway, when he started watching you, I was kinda shocked, I could not believe, that the old man would just sit there and stare at you two making out. Then when you didn't get up and leave or say anything to him...I was like whaaaa? They must certainly know each other. "

"No Chas he was a complete stranger...Yeah...Chas that day... yeah... that day things were a little different... maybe we should leave it at that" Kristi said.

"Ok I may have been out of line staring myself, but I never came close to do anything like that old man did. So when the creepy old guy showed up and just watched you and he called you a naughty MILF, not only did you not leave or correct him, with all due respect Mrs Haven... I mean Kristi, it seemed like he put a spell on you or something!"

"Well Chas, ummmm what can I say... it was crappy rainy day and a crappy movie, maybe we should leave it at that."

"Well since a complete stranger watched you well...what if I did those things? What if I just stared at you while you two made out and stuff?"

"Ohh Chas you are being bad. First off you are not a complete stranger."

"Well ok...but the next time I want to go to a movie, you will have to pick the movie for me, cuz that movie turned out to be awesome!!" he said with a smile and a little laugh.

I said to Chas, "Was the movie awesome or was it the company?"

"Well the company fo sho, with the right crowd anything can be great. With the right company, doing chores around your house can be awesome."

"So you like doing chores?"

"Well I like doing chores around your house, doing chores over here I get to hang out with you and in the company of your hot wife, I mean sexy wi... I mean well.. damn, I get to hang out with you guys."

Kristi and I chuckled at his fumbling of words.

"Hear that baby, you're my hot wife, and sounds like Ole Chas here, will be available to helps us out around the house when we need a helping hand."

"Heck yeah, it would be my pleasure... Fo sho."

I got up from my seat and walk up behind Kristi, and wrapped my arms around her, and whispered in her ear, which was not quite a whisper saying, "Turned out to be a great day for a movie, and a crappy movie turned out to be a great one. We should go to the movies more often." Then I kissed her on her neck, softly.

Hearing this Chas said, "When you say we, does that mean I can go too?"

"Well we'll have to see about that, and defiantly not when you have to volunteer at a fundraiser mister" Kristi said.

Still having my arms wrapped around her, I said in a teasing fashion, "Kristi, loves to watch..." she look at me squinting, "...Movies that is"

Then I leaned in kissed her on the neck, and then slid my hands up the sides of her ribs, until I just began to cup her breasts. A slight exhale of air escaped her mouth before she turned her head slightly to the left staring at me, with a shocked look on her face.

She slapped my hand, in an exasperated gesture, "Nope, Nope Nope stop, not going to happen."

I walked over to the fridge to refill my glass of water, from the water dispenser in the door. As I walked back to the kitchen table I sat back down and said, "She loves being the center of attention, don't ya baby?"

"I most certainly do not"

Then I turned to Chas, "Oh yes you do...Chas, ask her if she likes to make movies... I mean... watch movies" I said with a smile and a wink at my wife.

Kristi mouth fell open again at my teasing.

I went on to say, "I must say, she is my beautiful baby, I don't mind when people stare at her, hell if she was not my wife, I know I would stare and if I was your age and she was not married, I would definitely ask her to your homecoming."

"Baby, back in college you were a homecoming queen right?"

Kristi said with a smile, "Maaaybe...Nick you are be awful... behave".

Chas chimed in, "Do you?"

"Do I what?"

"Do you like to watch?"

"Yes I love watching movies" Kristi replied.

"You may like to watch movies, but do you like to watch?"

"Chassss that is none of your damn business, you need to behave too or I will tell your mother"

I continued to press her a bit, "Hey baby, what if we were watching another crapping movie, would you like to watch or would you like being watched?"

"Nick I swear...stawwwp... you both are being bad, and you both need to behave" She said with blushing cheeks.

I looked in Chas' direction and said, "Well look at poor Chas over there, the way he is looking at you, he is either stunned by your beauty, or he is reenacting seeing that crappy movie. So if we were at the movies, and if the movie completely sucked, and you noticed that the guy sitting next to you is checking you out, do you watch, or want to be watched."

"Oh Nick stop, I don't know what you two are up too, but he is not stunned by my beauty."

Chas chimed in, "Oh YES I AM, you defiantly are super-hot Mrs. Havencamp, and I wouldn't mind if we saw all the crappy movies ever created" he said with a sheepish smile.

"What's the matter babe, don't you like being the center of attention?"

"Nick..." she said.

"Well, you didn't answer the question" Chas pipe in.

"And what question was that?" she asked with suspecting smile.

"If the movie is crap do you like watching or do you like being watched."

"Not that it is any of your business, but I guess that would depend on the movie and who I was watching it with, or better yet who was watching me".

"Well maybe we should find another crappy movie to watch," he said as he continued to stare at my wife. "Would you ... could we... go to the movies again, a really crappy one, so all I would be doing is watching you Mrs. H."

"Well that all depends Chas...and Chas you are cracking me up, you want to pay to go see a movie, a crappy movie at that, just so you can stare at me. Seems to me you are staring at me now. I may have to charge you admission," she said with a smile and a wink.

"Gladly," Chas said as he reached in his pocket fishing for some money, and pulled out tens dollars, and put it on the table.

"Here I have my admission money right here," Chas placed ten dollars on the table, "So let's say we were at the movies, and I was the one watching you, would you like me watching you?"

"These are all good questions Chas, but I might like you watching me," she said with a wink.

"I am sorry Mrs. Havencamp, I don't mean to stare, but damn, and I don't mean to be disrespectful Nick but Mrs. H you are super sexy."

"Every woman does not have to be the center of attention, but every woman certainly likes to be appreciated."

"Well I certainly like appreciating you."

"Do you like him 'appreciating' you baby?" I asked.

"Nick I swear, don't you boys have more work to do?"

"Look at him baby, you have put a spell on the poor kid."

Kristi stole a look over to Chas.

Chas began to shift in his seat spread his legs and slouch a bit, and continued to stare at my wife.

"Now baby, if someone was staring at you like Chas is doing now, would you tease him or ignore him?"

Kristi stole a glance at what he was doing, and then look away.

"I swear Nick, where do you come up with these questions? You are asking your wife if a complete stranger was staring at her would she tease him or ignore him..."

"Well in fairness babe, Chas here is not a complete stranger, and baby you did say you might like Chas staring at you, the poor kid got his money out for a ticket; he must really want to go to the movies."

"Nick I swear"... then she shifted her weight to one hip and squinted, her stare shifted from me back to Chas and then she said, "Hmmm maybe...Well you did say u like showing me off."

"I do baby, Chas look at her, have you ever seen a sexier woman? Hey..., and Chas I understand she put a spell on me 10 years ago."

Kristi smiled ear to ear, possibly a sense of satisfaction that after 10 years she still turned her husband on.

"So if some cute guy like Chas here was watching me, and knowing you like to show me off, I might try to flirt and tease him just a bit, cuz very girl likes to know she is appreciated."

"Oh yeah...Well... what would you do?" I pressed.

"Nick, I can't believe we are discussing this, if front of our 25 year old neighbor nonetheless"

But then her hand slowly moved up over her left breast, and then moved away. She glanced over at Chas to see if he was still focused on her.

Chas sat there not saying a word just staring at my beautiful wife.

"Kristi the poor guy is clearly smitten with you, you sexy ass bitch."

"Oh my... such language you brut."

Then she went on to say, "Well I guess if some young fella like ole Chas here was staring at me, like he is right now, I might do something, maybe just maybe like this," Kristi returned Chas' stare and brought her hand up to the top button of her dress "and I might unbutton a button, like this one, and then I would check to see if he was still watching and if I continued to capture his attention."

"You like him watching dontcha baby? You like being a hot mama, don't you?" No word was said she just continued to fiddle with the button.

Chas shifted in his chair, attempting to adjust the growing tension in his sweat pants. This was not lost on Kristi, "And if he was a cute stranger like young Chas here, Well I might do this", and Kristi worked on another button.

Then Kristi asked, "You like to watch?" she said this while staring at Chas, but the statement could have been directed to either of us.

Chas continued to stare, dumb struck, at my wife, slowly nodded his head and then said, "Yessss... I like watching you".

The Kristi said, "Yes Chas, I like you watching and yes I like that my husband likes to show me off."

"Well I like that you like me watching, I think you can see how much I like watching you."

"Well Chas I don't see anything."

"I can certainly show you."

"What are you going to show me?"

"This," Chas cupped his hand under on the outline of his swollen dick.

I was watching the action in front of me and asked, "Hey Chas, you think that old man was right?"

"Right about what?" Chas said.

"Right about what he called her?"

"AWWW" suddenly Chas understood where I was going.

"Hey baby, I think Chas has a question he wants to ask you."

"Oh yeah, and what question would that be? Chas, is there something you would like to ask me?

"Ummmm, was that old man right?"

"Right about what?"

"Mrs. Havencamp, are you a naughty MILF?"

An "OHHHHH," escaped Kristi's mouth.

"Mrs. Havencamp was that old man right, do you like teasing strangers. Do you like getting strangers dicks hard?"

"Why Chas, is your dick hard?"

Chas adjust in his seat, "Awww well ... ummm yeah it is Mrs. Havencamp."

"Your dick got hard over little ole me? Well knowing that I may do this..."

Kristi began to unfasten another button.

Chas began to shift in his seat, trying to adjust the lump that was forming in his sweat pants.

"Are you?" He asked again. "Are you a naughty MILF like that old man said? Damn Mrs. H, you've got my dick real hard."

"Oh may ...Chas such language, what would your mother say"

"My mother would probably ask the same question."

"What your mom thinks I am a MILF?"

"I think my mom is jealous of you, and how all the men try to steal looks at you."

"Hmmmm...I got your dick hard did I, well I don't see anything, and if I was some naughty MILF, like that old man said I was, I would probably want to see it, and I am not seeing anything."

"You want to see it? Mmmm you naughty MILF... I mean sexy ass woman"

A gasp escaped Kristi's mouth when she heard the word MILF. "OOOH my"

"You want to see my cock do ya?"

"Well you claim it is hard, I can say I don't see anything."

Kristi then turned around with her ass facing Chas she bent slightly at the waist and looked over her shoulder and said, "Knowing that... than I might do something like this to tease the stranger even more." With that she began to lift the sides of her dress sliding it up over her thighs until her thong covered ass came into view.

She began rocking her hips from side to side, and then looking over her shoulder said, "I still don't see anything."

Chas hooked his thumbs in the waist band of this sweat pants and lifted his ass of the kitchen seat. He then began to slide his sweat pants down over this inflated cock. Suddenly this cock was free from the confines of his pants as he pushed them down to his knees, before sliding his right hand around this hard cock.

Kristi commented "WOW lil ole me did that?"

Chas head slowly nodded up and down as he began stroking his cock staring at my wife.

Letting her dress fall back over her ass, Kristi turned and began walking toward him, and then stopped standing in front of him, said with a smile, "Where is your admission money?"

Chas stared wide eyed as he looked up at my wife. Chas released the grip on his cock and reached for the 10 dollar bill and handed it to Kristi.

Continuing to stand between his legs Kristi reached down took the 10 dollars and said with a smile, "Thank ya sir, enjoy the show."

Staring at Chas and Chas staring at her she released another button on her dress, pulled her bra to the side as her full titty came into view.

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