tagBDSMKristie Arrives At The Villa

Kristie Arrives At The Villa


The view always took her breath away. Today even more than before. Maybe it was the incredible vastness of the blue sky over the still snowy caps of the mountains. Or the sun that painted a bright shining avenue of light on the lake below.

She stood at the edge of the terrace. She felt the spring breeze lick at the nipples of her exposed breasts. The slope of the mountain fell away steeply before her high-heeled feet. It gave her a dizzying sensation of flying whenever she looked straight up. She spread her arms and closed her eyes.

She tasted the moment.

Of course it wasn't only the perfection of the day that made her heart flutter and her blood pound in her ears. Nor was it the lofty location. It was the sheer excitement of knowing her girl would arrive today.

A slow smile curled her lips. It lit up her face. Just the mere thought of sweet Kristie arriving ran a wave of tingling warmth through her body. Ever since they had met so unexpectedly in far away Florida, the blonde girl had not left her mind. Even during busy days her face was super imposed on everything else. And when night fell, sensuous memories invaded her thoughts. They made her fingers travel her naked body. They sent electrical shivers from wherever she touched.

At the gym she had eaten Kristie. She had made her come at once. Her copious juices gushed into her mouth and painted her face. Then she and the girl had sunk into a tight embrace. They formed the sacred number and brought each other to numerous orgasms. The hall had rung with moans and screams. They thrashed in never ending climax.

Ah, God, the girl was unbelievable. She was sweet and passionate, hungry, insatiable. And she was like putty in her hands, an eager lap dog puppy. She never tired to please her. She never tired to eat her, lick her pussy, suck her nipples. Her eyes shone and sparkled. She drank in all she was taught.

She listened with all her heart. Flowers of crimson reddened her face when images of depraved sexual nature seeped into her mind. But they aroused her deeply. Angique used words the girl would never have dared whisper. Now she heard them fall with careless ease from this woman's lips. She saw visions she must always have considered perverse. Now they seemed natural, delectable. Even desirable.

Angique had taken her to the beach house that she had rented during her stay in Miami. She had extended that stay for another day. They never left the place. And she never left her new found treasure.

Angique knew immediately that Kristie was a natural. She was a wonderful gift, sent to be moulded and shaped into the perfect slut. She was the toy she had longed for forever. Angique had trembled with impatience. She needed to start the thrilling transformation of sweet Kristie into the most delicious creature she ever owned. Angique's creature.

She had asked the girl to join her at the Villa to be trained. Again her heart leapt when she remembered the simple "Yes, Mistress." Today Arnold, the chauffeur, would pick her up at the airport. He would deliver her into sweet slavedom.

Angique opened her eyes. She drank in the blue vastness of her view. Then she stepped back. She turned around and walked to the wicker chairs. They were set back into the shadows of a huge umbrella. The towering heels of her laced up leather boots clicked elegantly on the slabs of white marble. The sun painted liquid curves of light on the leather of her corset and tights. Then she reached the shadows to protect the paleness of her skin.

She sat down. She sipped the chilled white wine from the elegant glass. And waited.

The tall man discreetly scratched at one of the huge glass doors. They gave out onto the terrace. He wore a dark gray uniform and tucked a cap under his arm. He coughed softly. Then he said, with a distinct German accent: "Milady, your property has arrived."

Angique turned towards him. She smiled and thanked the man. She always called him Arnold, just because he reminded her of the Austrian actor Schwarzenegger. She dismissed him with a flick of her wrist. Then she put down the empty glass and rose to her feet.

She went inside.

She passed through the summer room with its elegant art nouveau club chairs. It had chaises longues, deep soft rugs on a marble floor and a dominating sandstone fireplace. The ceilings were high and vaulted. The windows at the terrace's side ran all the way up in arched, deep bays. They let in the glorious sunlight.

She walked from sunny spot to sunny spot. The light played over her body, until she arrived at an imposing double door of polished oak. She lifted the latch. Then she pulled both doors towards her.

They gave out on a large hall. It was flooded with broad and colourful beams of sunlight. Right at the doorstep stood the girl Kristie. She held her head down. But she watched from under her eyebrows. A pretty blush touched her face.

She wore a denim jacket over what seemed to be a white T-shirt. Her legs were wrapped tightly in jeans. At her feet she had a pair of well known pink sneakers. On the floor next to her stood a heavy bag. It no doubt contained her things. Angique chuckled inwardly. How little of them she would need here.

Kristie waited nervously. She leaned from one foot on the other. Angique did not utter a word of welcome. She not even showed a smile. The girl did not know how to behave. She felt herself slip into an embarrassed void of helplessness.

After a minute she looked up. Her eyes opened in wide wonder. Her sweet brow frowned. "I have arrived, Mistress," she whispered.

Angique's hand flew towards the girl's chin and grabbed it hard. She pulled her closer until the face was within inches.

"Slut!" she said with a harsh edge to her voice. "First lesson: at this Villa never speak unless spoken to!" She pushed the face away and left the girl stand in obvious embarrassment.

A new uneasy silence followed. The woman in black leather took her time. She looked the blonde girl over from head to toe.

"You look awful, girl," she then said. "Get naked."

It took Kristie a few seconds to let the command sink in. Then she slowly shrugged out of her denim jacket. The T-shirt was tight and showed lovely bumps on the tips of her breasts. Ah, she must be very excited, Angique thought. The girl started to kick her sneakers out. She unbuckled her pretty pink belt.

The jeans slid down her tanned thighs. They hung around her calves. She stepped out of them. Then she pulled the T-shirt over her head. The bra was sheer and in a lovely powder blue. It allowed the shadows of her areole to shine through. The thong was a matching colour, except for the centre. There the blue was at least a shade deeper from her seeping moisture.

"Stop!" Angique said. The girl froze immediately.

The woman in black stepped forward. She cupped both breasts with the palms of her warm hands. They forced a slight moan from Kristie's throat.

Then Angique let one hand sink to her crotch, right where the darker spot was. She rubbed it softly. Then she smelled at her fingers.

"Kristie is a real slut, isn't she? Oh yes, she is. She is already wet." Angique smiled a cruel smile at the girl. Kristie's face turned a dark shade of red.

"Get out of your panties, girl," Angique said. "And give them to me."

Kristie hastened to obey now. She stepped daintily out of the thong and handed it over. Angique smelled the flimsy fabric, inhaling deeply. Then she said: "Open your mouth, girl".

Kristie looked surprised and the surprise made her slow. Angique slapped her face with the damp panties. "Open, slut! Don't make me wait!" At last the blonde girl opened her mouth. She felt the thong being pushed between her teeth. It slid back down her tongue. She almost gagged on it.

"Get rid of the bra, girl. In Villa all my girls are naked. All the time."

Just like that glorious first time in the gym Kristie's tits spilled from her bra when she opened the little clasp. Angique took a step back. She admired her new and lovely girl. The golden hair, the healthy tan, the sleek athlete's body. She admired the tits that lay on her arm like playful puppies. The nipples were swollen and alert.

"You look so much better now, pretty slut," Angique complimented. At last she let a warm smile touch the corners of her mouth.

"You may kiss me."

Kristie did one, then two confused steps. Her mouth was still filled with the nylon thong. Angique took her in her arms. She made her tits kiss the blonde's, pressing them together. She pried Kristie's mouth open and took the panties out. Even before the girl could gasp for air she closed her mouth with hers. She dashed her tongue inside. It ran all along the rows of teeth before sliding down the curl of Kristie's tongue. She almost reached the entrance of her throat.

Angique felt the girl slump in her arms. Then she responded to the kissing. Ah, God, such a passionate kisser she was. For minutes their fat tongues danced inside Kristie's moist velvet cave. They strangled each other outside their wide open mouths, then sank into Angique's. The wet sounds echoed in the vaulted hall. They were punctured by high gasps and muffled groans.

Their bodies were glued together by now. The slick black leather rubbed Kristie's glowing skin. Arms flew up and down. Busy fingers caressed every curve.

Angique's hand had found Kristie's sticky mound. She cupped it. Then she pressed her palm and heel hard into the flesh. The girl spread her thighs eagerly to meet the probing hand. Without ever interrupting the passionate kiss, she started to hump against the intruder of her most intimate niche.

Kristie moaned. Her chest rose with ever increasing speed. She gyrated her hips and fucked the fingers that slid inside her.

All the way to this mystic place in far away Europe hot images had been jumping and rolling inside her mind like fluffy, furry animals. They aroused her so much, the lovely stewardess on the plane must have noticed.

The tall chauffeur who picked her up at Milan airport had done nothing to ease her agitated state of mind. And when she at last stood in front of the big oaken doors, her heart almost leapt out of her body. It dropped back in with a thud when Mistress opened the door and treated her like dirt.

Oh God, did she feel stupid. Standing there, her eyes had one moment brimmed with the incredible vision of her destiny. The other moment she had sunk into the darkest, coldest dungeons of despair.

And yet, her body had known, as always.

Hot dizzying flashes had made her skin ripple at every degrading gaze. Every sentence from the mouth of this sweet, cruel woman had humiliated her. The command to undress, the slaps in her face, the fragrant panties gagging her throat had scared her immensely. But they seemed only to push her body deeper into an unknown realm of weird, consummating lust. Slow trickles of juice started running down her inner thighs. Her breasts' nipples became harder than she had ever felt. Hot blushes rose from her chest and almost choked her. They made her feel as if her head floated on a halo of flames.

And then there was this sudden kiss. The urgent tongue. The probing hand. Within minutes she exploded into a series of unstoppable orgasms. Her body spasmed against the firm hold of the woman. The fingers kept fucking her. They rubbed her screaming clit.

She kept coming until her knees gave out. She sank to the cool, cool marble floor.

When she came to, it took a long time for her to focus. A nice warmth wrapped her skin. She realized slowly that it must be the sweet rays of the Italian sun. She tried to lift her head. But she wasn't able to move it even an inch. Neither could she move her arms and legs or even her hips. Only her hands could make futile clawing motions. Her toes could wriggle.

She seemed to lie on a smooth, slanting surface. The only thing her eyes saw was a patch of blue sky through high arched windows. She was stretched out. Her legs were spread wide. She felt perfectly vulnerable. From somewhere came lovely, sinuous music...sweet violins played vaguely familiar music.

Then the blue vision was blotted out by a sweep of black, silky hair. It caressed her face. In the middle of it were green, smiling eyes. A cloud of perfume invaded her nose. She tasted the sweetness of lipstick. Her mouth was sealed with a kiss.

"Hello, sweet little pussy," Angique whispered after her mouth was released again. "I am going to close your eyes."

The cool silk of a blindfold sank over her eyes. It left her in utter darkness. Her heart started to race. She gasped with rising panic and pulled at her bindings. But the soothing voice dripped honey into her ears. She immediately relaxed.

"Ssssssh, sweet pet...don't worry now. Mistress is with you." A soft, gloved hand ran the length of her stretched body. It touched every inch of her skin.

When the hand reached her mound and pussy, it paused. The sweet angelic voice sang: "To be my girl, darling, I'll have to clear away these nasty little curls. I'll give you the sweetest of baby bare cunts. Wouldn't that please you, sweet slut, to give your Mistress this lovely present?"

Kristie didn't know what to say. Mistress, the woman had said. Who was she to disagree with this woman called Mistress? She was proud of her neatly trimmed bush of golden curls. All boys and girls she had been with had loved it. They had complimented her on it. She tried to find words of protest or whatever words of comment. Her lips worked fruitlessly.

Angique made the room ring with a peal of silver laughter. "Don't say a thing, darling. You'll love it."

Kristie heard heels walk away on the stone floor. They returned shortly, accompanied by the tinkling sounds of glass and metal. Now that she was blindfolded, every sound seemed louder, more precise. She heard the gurgling of water. She knew at once that it came from a piece of cloth being wrung out. The excess water ran back into a metal bowl.

Then she felt the hot, damp cloth wrap her mound and her slightly spread cunt. The suddenness made her jump. Then the lovely warmth of the water permeated her skin. It made her sigh. The cloth was rubbed over her mound and cunt lips and between her thighs. The touch made recent sensations return. Her nipples responded. She could not suppress a sweet, contented sigh.

"Yes, my child", the silver voice said. "This is what you love, isn't it? To have your pretty cunt wrapped in moist heat. You want to feel the nice fricture against your angel's wings and awakening clitty."

Next, a hot cream sank onto her crotch's skin. She felt busy fingers rubbing it in. It was a lather, she knew. Deep inside her a remnant of anxiety returned. But the hands just massaged it out of her system. She felt her limbs relax. Her will evaporated.

"Lie still now, sweetheart," her Mistress whispered.

She felt something scratch ever so lightly over her skin. Long slow strokes slid over and around her slit. They were applied with ease and expertise. Not an inch was left unattended to. The insides of her thighs were carefully shaven. Even the patch of skin towards her ass hole was not forgotten. As was the skin between her cheeks and around her rosebud.

At last the heat of the cloth returned. It wafted a sweet perfume into her keen nose, a scent of roses. Her golden curls had gone, she knew. And yes, a pang of loss touched her heart. But the hands kept massaging her. Sweet warm oil now dripped on her skin. And an entirely different feeling replaced the sorrow. The hands massaged her thighs. More oil spread on her tanned skin. She started to glow wherever the hands rubbed it in. A lazy feeling spread from her belly to her chest, then to her sweet breasts and throat. A low moan escaped her lips.

"Oh, you look so marvellous now, lil baby girl," Angique's voice lilted from the darkness. "I shall undo your straps, darling. I'll let you have a glimpse of your new self."

Kristie felt her straps loosen one by one. Then Angique's hands took her shoulders. She pulled her to a sitting position. The darkness lifted. Kristie had to blink into the fierce light.

"Look at your new pussy, Kristie darling," the voice said. She stared into a mirror that her Mistress held between her spread legs. She swallowed a lump in her throat. She watched the totally bare reflection of her puffy cunt and mound. It was a little girl's crotch, the naked, slick lips of a baby. It took her a moment to realize it was hers.

A tear dripped on the mirror.

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