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Kristin & Paul


I am still very new to writing erotica. I appreciate feedback very much, positive or otherwise. Public comments or private ones sent to my email are both fine. Hope you like it!

Paul had been spending more time with Kristin for the last few weeks. They were both now in their mid-20s, and had dated for a two year period during their college years (separate schools). Their split had been pretty much as amicable as it can be for two twenty year olds. After about a six month period of no communication, they slowly became a part of each other's lives again. Calling, texting, emailing a couple times a week, never delving into the past or awkwardly inquiring about the other's current love life. Now that they were working within 10 miles of each other, texting had transformed into lunches and going out to bars with groups of mutual friends.

Paul wasn't sure exactly what he wanted out of this: just a one-time hookup, something casual, or even a serious relationship. All he knew was that enjoyed spending time with her, and she still looked great. He sensed that there was still an attraction on her part as well, but it was always difficult to read Kristin. She could be easy going, but was always immensely career driven. She was flirty at times, but far too proper to ever make the first move. Expressing herself was also most definitely not a strong suit.

On a Wednesday afternoon, Kristin texted Paul to see if he had any plans. Paul responded that he had was going to the gym around 7 o clock, but it was only around 5 now, so come by here for a little if you want. Paul lived with his younger brother Myles, who was a good kid, but unfortunately had a girlfriend that Paul could not bear. Her name was Kelly. She was actually very beautiful, around 5'4'' petite but still with curves; light brown hair, and she was no stranger to the tanning salon. She just carried herself so poorly. Stoned throughout the day, Kelly seemed to sleep through all daylight hours, and had as bad a mouth as any construction worker. The sight of her zonked out on the couch when he returned from work sent waves of anger through Paul every day. Kelly and Myles had actually been together since they were 16, so Kristin and Kelly had met each other a few times when she was dating Paul.

If Paul couldn't stand Kelly, Kristin absolutely loathed her. They seemed to be polar opposites. Physically, Kristin was a 5'8'' blonde who worked out religiously to keep her shape. She was lean, but had ample breasts for sure. Personality wise they were much different also: Kristin didn't smoke, and had only one drink every time she went out. The resentment was mutual. Kristin thought Kelly was "trash", Kelly thought Kristin was stuck up.

So, one of the first things Kristin asked Paul was whether or not Kelly was there. He said she was, but who cares, they were only going to be there for a little while before they left for the gym anyway. Kristin relented, and said she would be there in 15 minutes.

Paul was in the kitchen when he heard the bell. He walked to the hallway, buzzed her up, and opened the apartment's front door. He then went into the living room, turned on Sports Center and waited for her to come up. Kristin ascended the stairs, entered the apartment, and gave Paul a warm hello. There was a love seat next to the couch; Kristin threw her gym bag on it.

"Move over", she playfully demanded. With a mock roll of the eyes, Paul obliged, and Kristin sat down right next to him.

Paul did not consider himself the shrewdest observer of female behavior, but he believed this to be a good sign. Then again, she could just be comfortable with him, but no longer attracted.

They talked for a few minutes about trivial things: who the Red Sox were playing, how the weather was, etc.

"Where's trash-mo?" Kristin inquired, referring to Kelly.

"Who knows? Probably asleep in her bedroom" Paul responded, motioning towards the other end of the apartment.

Their conversation turned to what kind of workout they were going to do, and Kristin playfully grabbed Paul's biceps.

"Unflex it", she asked him.

"That is unflexed", Paul said with a dry tone, even though it was obvious he was trying to make his arm as big as possible.

Kristin laughed "Yeah righttt" Her voice was high pitched, and she was being very goofy. Paul recognized the tone... this was pillow talk!

He then looked down and realized her leg was rubbing against his. This might be on after all, he thought to himself.

She gave him a little smile, and asked "So, what are we going to do, hmm?"

Instinctively, Paul grabbed Kristin's face with both hands and kissed her. To his delight, she immediately, and forcefully, returned the kiss. The kiss instantly became a make out, and one of an intense nature. Paul reached both hands down to Kristin's ass to try to flip her over, but as he was doing so, noticed her legs part. "Fuck it", he thought, and threw his left hand between her thighs, and started violently rubbing her clit through her shorts. A moan escaped Kristin's mouth, and her right hand went instantly to Paul's already rock hard cock. As he continued furiously rubbing her clit, she expertly removed his cock from his jean shorts. Paul lifted his ass off the couch a little, and his shorts and underwear slid to the floor. Kristin stood up, and began removing her tank top.

"You want to go to my..." Paul started, but was cut off.

"No, no. Just fuck me, babe", Kelly said.

Paul did not need a second offer. He leaned forward, ripped her shorts and panties to the floor, and shoved to fingers up Kelly's soaking pussy, flicking them back and forth inside her. Kristin was immobilized for a second, and already on the verge of cumming. The sight of Paul's dick made her remove his fingers, though. She always had fond sexual memories with Paul. His body wasn't exceptional, but he did have great biceps, which were her favorite male body part, anyway. His dick was about 7" and a little above average in thickness, not a "monster". But he had great stamina, and was very selfless in bed; he always wanted to get her off first.

Kristin stepped forward, pushed Paul back against the couch, and straddled him. She then slowly lowered herself onto the head of his dick. Paul could not believe how good she looked. Kristin really was in phenomenal shape, had a great tan, and was the fact that only piece of clothing she had on was a snow white bra definitely helped. On top of this, she was dripping wet, and saying how much she wanted him.

After easing in the first couple inches, Kristin dropped her body down, and took most of Paul's cock into her pussy. They both moaned.

"Paul, you don't know how bad I've wanted this" she breathed as she began to ride him up and down at an increased pace"

Paul laughed a little. "Well, you got it for as long as you want it now".

Kristin stopped going up and down on his dick, but instead stayed at the bottom, with his cock fully immersed in her. She then started rocking her hips back and forth; slowly at first, but with ever increasing urgency. Paul knew she did this when she was about to cum.

"That's it baby, keep going until you cum all over my dick", he whispered to her as he slapped both hands on her ass, and helped her rock body. Kristin's moans were growing louder and louder... The thought of telling her to keep it down entered his mind for about 2 seconds; then he decided this pussy was too good, and to just do with it.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!" Kristin was screaming in pleasure now, and with one big scream squirted a large amount of fluid. Her body had been leaned to the back, so the direction of the spray was pointed towards Paul. A little got on his face, but his chest and abs were soaked.

Kristin lifted her body off Paul's cock. Paul sat back in delight as he watched her tall, lean frame extend until she was standing fully upright, both feet on the couch. Her legs were trembling; her things glistening with juices.

"Ha, just give me a sec, babe that was intense", Kristin said.

"Take your time, K", Paul answered with a wide grin.

Paul then leaned forward, wrapped both hands around Kristin's waist, and pulled her body close to him. With the way she was positioned, her midsection was just about even with Paul's head. He then slowly and very softly began kissing her belly. Kristin let out a shriek of a laugh.

"That tickles, babe!"

The pair was absolutely lost in their fooling around, completely unaware of the commotion they were causing.

Paul's kisses began creeping toward Kristin's pubic line; he put two fingers into her drenched pussy, and began slowly but forcefully fingering her. Kristin's head arched back, and she let out a loud moan.

"Just relax, beautiful, I'm gonna make you cum again, ok?"

"Hmm, okayyy", Kristin purred in her girliest voice.

Paul smiled, and began massaging her insides with his fingers, and was about to start licking her clit, when he sensed a figure to his left.

Standing about 10 feet from the couch, with her mouth agape, was Kelly! Paul was frozen, all types of emotions running through him. He looked up to K, who had a devilish look on her face; one Paul had never seen despite the amount of times they had been together.

Kristin bent at the waist, placing both hands on Paul's shoulders. She leaned close to his ear.

"You want to taste it?" she whispered.

He didn't have time to answer. Kristin pushed him back, and lifted her right leg to the back of the couch, where it met the wall. Using this as a brace, she then leaned her body forward, lowering her pussy towards Paul's mouth.

Instinct took over for Paul, he grabbed Kristin's ass firmly with both hands, and yanked her body towards him. He sucked on the lips of her pussy, and flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue. After a few moments, he then plunged his tongue all the way into her hole, and began to really go to work.

It was clear that Kristin was very aroused by the situation. One orgasm in, her she was putting on a performance in front of a girl she disdained. Additionally, she always harbored the belief that Kelly had a thing for Paul, always making little comments about how much of a "catch" he was. Nothing over the top, but those comments always stuck with Kristin. With all these thoughts going through her mind, she rocked her hips back and forth above Paul's face.

"Damn", she thought, "I forgot how good at eating pussy Paul is."

Paul, for his part, was really into it as well. The excitement of having sex in front of someone was apparent to him immediately. He did feel a twinge of guilt for having his dick out in front of his younger brother's girlfriend, but Kristin was in such a lustful state, there was no way he was stopping.

"Baby!" Kristin shrieked, jolting him back to the present state "just keep doing that!"

Paul feverishly lapped inside her pussy, and also began stroking his dick, the hardness of which had not subsided one bit.

Kristin stopped moaning and shrieking. She just breathed "I'm gonna cum". And immediately, she did just that.

Paul could feel the juices rush into his mouth; this orgasm definitely originated from the depths of Kristin's body. He always wondered if there was some urine in squirt, but she was so goddamn sexy, he didn't care if there was.

"Ho-ly shit" was all Kristin could muster. She picked herself off of Paul's face and went back to a standing position.

She then looked down, and noticed Paul stroking his still hard cock. He had just given her two amazing orgasms, and she felt bad for ignoring his needs. She decided to fix that.

Kristin was going to get down, and give Paul her absolute best blow job because her pussy was spent. But just then, she looked over at Kelly with the intentions of giving her a dirty look.

To her shock and infinite excitement, Kelly had a hand in her shorts, and was clearly fingering herself! Despite the two orgasms in about seven minutes, Kristin's lust was renewed, and she lowered herself onto Paul's cock, which slid right in because of the ample lubrication.

Paul let out a huge moan, and Kristin smiled with delight at making him feel good. She scooted both feet up near his hips, and placed both hands on his abs. Then then began to slowly rise and lower her pussy on the entire length of Paul's dick. She had remembered from when they used to date how much he enjoyed this technique. He loved watching her pussy envelop his cock in this fashion.

Kristin then began picking up the pace, and Paul couldn't stay still anymore. He began jackhammering K's pussy, with both hands on her hips. Kristin, fully aware of the audience, was moaning in her sexiest tone.

"You're fucking me so good, baby, don't stop"

Paul knocked the soles of Kristin's feet to the floor, threw both of her arms around his neck, and stood up.

He then scooped her legs up, and Kristin instinctively wrapped them around his waist. Paul grabbed her ass cheeks, lifted her up, and thrust his dick into her.

Kristin's theatrics turned into the real thing, as she was genuinely screaming in pleasure now. Paul walked over to the wall, about five feet from Kelly, dick still in Kristin. He slammed her back against the wall, and began fucking her as hard as he could.

"Paul! Paul! Pauuul!" she screamed out as she orgasmed again.

Paul did not slow down one bit; he was intent on getting his own climax now. Kristin sensed it too, and felt that he was getting close.

"Baby, I'm not taking anything" she whispered to Paul, referencing birth control. Paul did not slow down one bit.

Kristin then leaned directly into Paul's ear. "I want you to cum in my mouth, right next to her" she purred as she licked his ear.

At that moment, Paul probably would have sold his soul to the devil to be able to do that; he thought it was the sexiest thing he ever heard.

Paul continued to pump his cock into her, then all of a sudden, pulled K off the wall, spun around, and dropped her on the ground right next to Kelly.

Kristin had that mischievous look back as she was on her knees, getting herself into position. Paul looked at Kelly, wanting to make eye contact, but the younger girl was in a trance, her eyes transfixed on his dick, which Kristin was stroking. Kelly was still fingering herself, a bit faster now, and Paul swore he could smell her pussy.

Kristin jerked Paul's dick for about ten seconds, then threw her mouth on his prick. She couldn't take the entire thing in, but she was pretty damn close. Kristin began bobbing her head, up and down that dick.

"Get ready, baby!" Paul warned, and all Kristin could muster was a moan through a mouthful of cock.

The first spurt was so violent that Paul thought he ripped the hole of his penis. Kristin's mouth tightened on him, and a second shot followed, with almost as much semen. Paul let out a monstrous groan. His dick spasmed again and again; he lost count of how many times he spurted.

Kristin, somehow or another, managed to swallow every bit, and she continued sucking until Paul had to ask her to stop because the head of his dick was just so sensitive.

Paul leaned down, and kissed the top of her head.

"That was a lot babe!" Kristin said in what Paul though was the cutest voice of all time.

"Ha, I know. You were just being so sexy". Paul felt awkward saying this, and the reality of the situation began to snap into focus. It's amazing what an imminent nut can do to a person, Paul thought to himself.

He lifted K off the ground by the hand, and turned his back to Kelly. They walked a few feet back to where all their clothes were discarded, and began to dress. After about a minute, they were all cleaned up. Paul was too embarrassed to glance over to where Kelly had been standing.

"That was soo good" Kristin stated, "I have to get going, though. Is that okay?"

"Yeah, yeah no problem, do your thing", he responded, then added with a chuckle, "That was definitely fun."

"I can't believe we did that! I am never coming over here again!"

Kristin gave him a kiss on the cheek; she had just swallowed a copious amount of his semen, after all, and headed for the door. The thought of staying in the apartment alone with Kelly seemed ridiculous at the time, so Paul followed her.

"Let me at least walk you down to your car" Paul said.

"Oh, thank you sir" K responded playfully.

Paul just smiled, closed the door behind him, and wondered if the Chinese place across the street was open: he was starving.


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