tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKristin Does the Team

Kristin Does the Team


Kristin stretched out on her couch and grabbed the remote. "No more Disney Channel tonight," she thought to herself. She had just got the kids down for the night, and was ready to relax. Taking a long pull from the glass of Chardonnay by her side, Kristin was wishing that her husband would get back onto the day shift soon. Nights alone weren't a lot of fun.

As she put her wine glass back down, her cell phone buzzed- an incoming text message. "What are U doing?" appeared. Another message from Jeremy, the boy next door. Kristin had been carrying on a Facebook chat with Jeremy for several weeks now, and she was pretty sure that the boy had a crush on her. Kristin had sent him a picture of her tits for his eighteenth birthday last month when she was feeling especially flirty.

Having just turned 30, Kristin felt kind of in between... She was young enough to be cool with all the neighborhood kids, but the demands of work and motherhood pulled on her more than she wished they would. Kristin was petite, blonde, and in great shape despite having had two kids in the last four years.

"Just hanging out being lonely," is what Kristin sent back.

A few seconds later, Jeremy replied- "Why don't you come over and party?" Jeremy had Kristin giggled to herself, thinking back about her high school party days... she was a bit of a wild child then. But that was then, and this was now...

"Yeah, right" she sent back.

About five minutes later, Kristin's doorbell rang. It was Jeremy's little sister, Amy. "Miss Kristin, can you come over please? Jeremy cut himself, and my parents are out."

"Amy, you stay here and watch the kids- they're sleeping. I'll go check on Jeremy."

Still in her work clothes, Kristin went next door. The front door was open, and she called inside. "Jeremy?"

"In the kitchen." As Kristin went back to the kitchen, she couldn't help but notice all the beer bottles. Party time, indeed.

Entering the kitchen, Kristin saw Jeremy holding his hand over the sink. "I kinda tore it open when I was trying to open a bottle." There were two of Jeremy's friends in the kitchen with him. One of them was obviously a football player like Jeremy- they were huge.

"Let me see it," Kristin said. As she looked at his hand, the cut turned out to be a small little gash, nothing serious at all. "Where's the band-aids, Jeremy?" Kristin asked. The other boys giggled, and the bigger boys took drinks from their beers.

"There you go, you're all fixed up!" Kristin said as she looked up at Jeremy. Jeremy was almost a foot and a half taller than Kristin was, and weighed 260 pounds according to his Facebook profile.

"You the man, J" said one of Jeremy's friends.

"Shut up, Bobby, "Jeremy responded. "You're just jealous because she didn't send you a titpic for your eighteenth birthday like she did me!"

"You cut yourself just to get her over here so you could see her, J." Jeremy blushed, and was surprisingly cute for being such a hulk.

"Ask her, Ronny, ask her!" said Bobby to the smallest boy. Ronny wasn't that small, probably 5'8" and 160, but he was dwarfed by the other two boys. Kristin knew from chatting with Jeremy that Ronny was a Mormon transfer student who'd spent a year on a mission trip. Even though he was a year older than this two teammates, Ronny seemed much younger in many ways.

"Leave it alone, Bobby," Ronny said to the boy with the varsity letter jacket.

"C'mon man, don't be a wussie," Bobby sneered at. "Ronnie's got a girl problem and needs some advice. We've told him what to do, but Mr. Goody Two Shoes here thinks we're big dumb animals."

Jeremy walked over next to Kristin, and pulled out a chair for her. Kristin didn't really want to sit down, but when Jeremy put his big hand on her shoulder, down she went. "Ronny thinks he's in love with his girlfriend, and that they're going to get married. Short stuff thinks he's got it all worked out. Bobby and I told him that nobody gets married when they're seniors- he should be having fun, not thinking about getting married."

Kristin looked at Ronny. "Do you really care for her, Ronny?"

"I sure do."

"What does she think of you?"

"I'm pretty sure she cares for me too." Kristin could see why- Ronny was a hottie, shoulder length sandy hair, blue eyes...

"Oh, ain't that just sweet, she cares for you..." Bobby mocked his friend.

"Shut up!" Ronny fired back.

Jeremy said, "So ask her, and then you'll know Bobby and I were right."

"Ask me what?" said Kristin. Ronny put his head down and took a swig of beer.

Jeremy spoke for him. "Ronny wants to know if he should try to do her. He wants to, but he's worried that she'll leave him if he does. Bobby and I told him that if he doesn't, she'll think he's gay and leave him for sure. Hell, all girls want it, and if he doesn't fuck her, someone else will."

"Jeremy, you're an asshole," Ronny told his friend who had now moved right next to Kristin, towering over her.

Jeremy leaned forward pushing his crotch against Kristin's shoulder when he set his beer down. "Yeah, I may be an asshole, but I'm right, aren't, I Miss Kristin?"

This put Kristin on the spot. She didn't want to embarrass Ronny in front of Bobby and Jeremy, but she knew what she knew. "Ronny, I think Jeremy's right. It'll show her that you're really interested in her, and she'll say no if you go too far."

Ronny looked at her and asked, "How old were you when you did it for the first time?"

Kristin flushed at this question. Jeremy leaned over her, again pushing his crotch up against her. "I was a sophomore."

Bobby and Jeremy started laughing, and Jeremy said, "See, I told you, bro. She just told you that all girls want some dick." Bobby was howling, and high-fived Jeremy.

"Jeremy, that is NOT what I said." Kristin retorted, somewhat stunned at Jeremy's language in front of her.

"Yeah, but that's what you meant, isn't it? See Bobby, I told you she was hot."

"You ain't lying- she's fine!"

Kristin stuttered, "Jeremy, I, uh, meant..."

"I know what you meant, I heard you say it. You've been flirting with me for weeks now, and now I know why. Just 'cause you're a little older doesn't mean that you're not a girl who wants some dick." Jeremy put his hands on the back of Kristin's chair, and turned it so Kristin was facing him.

"Jeremy, ..."

"Hush up- Bobby, get over here." Bobby got out of his chair and stood behind Kristin. "Bobby, didn't you just hear her say that all women want some dick?"

"That's what I heard, J."

"Then maybe I should give her some, huh?"

Kristin tried to stand up, but Bobby pushed her back down on the chair. "Jeremy, I'm a married woman."

"Yeah, one who sends text messages to teenage boys. I think I know what you're about, Miss Kristin. And it's time I found out for sure." Jeremy untucked his shirt, reached down, and unbuttoned his pants. "We're about to see if I'm right about you. "He unzipped, and pulled out his cock. Jeremy was huge, almost twice as large as Kristin's husband. Bobby pinned Kristin's arms back, and she was helpless.

"Let's see how you like dick- open up." Kristin shook her head and struggled, but there was no getting up. Jeremy grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. "I said OPEN UP!!" Kristin opened, and Jeremy put the big potato head of his dick in her mouth. "That's right, suck it!" Kristin tried to get away, and the dick popped out of her mouth.

"Hold her good, Bobby. You're next. Ronny, you get to go after Bobby."

Kristin said "No, no..." but her voice wasn't very loud. Jeremy pushed himself against her lips, and this time she opened without being told what to do.

"That's right, baby... Suck that dick." Jeremy held the back of her head while he began pushing himself deeper into Kristin's mouth. Kristin had long fantasized about being held down, and this was turning her on. She stopped struggling and started to work the big cock in her mouth.

"See guys, I told you she'd love it. You do love it, don't you?" Jeremy's words were getting Kristin hotter and hotter- she was a submissive who loved to be told what to do.

"Uh huh," she grunted, working on Jeremy's ever-growing member.

"Let her go Bobby, she ain't goin' nowhere." Bobby released her arms. "Now you can take care of me like you know you want to, "Jeremy hissed.

Kristin couldn't believe it. Here she was in her neighbor's kitchen, sucking off the boy next door in front of two other teenagers.

"My god, you're huge, Jeremy!" Kristin had both of her little hands on Jeremy's shaft, and there was still four inches of cock left for her mouth. He was so big she could barely wrap her fingers around him with both hands. Kristen hungrily sucked him, and felt some hands on her breasts.

"She's got nice titties, J", Bobby said as he felt her up. "I got to see these." Kristin stopped working on Jeremy long enough for Bobby to pull her sweater up over her head. "Wooooweee, look at this!!" Bobby said, eyeing Kristin's uplifted breasts inside her Victoria's Secret push up bra. Bobby clumsily worked on the clasp as Jeremy pushed himself back into Kristin's waiting lips.

Bobby knelt down next to Kristin and began working with her tits. His huge hands covered them up, even though Kristin was a well endowed 36C. Bobby started to pinch her nipples, pulling on them while Jeremy fucked her mouth. "Damn, this lady's hot!!"

"Stand up," Jeremy commanded her. Kristin stood. "Take off your pants slowly so we can enjoy the view." Kristin couldn't believe herself, but she did as she was told.

"Jesus..." Both Bobby and Jeremy exclaimed at the same time. Kristin weighed about 135 on her five-foot frame, and the little weight she had was all in the right places- her tits and her nice round ass.

As she shimmied out of her pants, the boys marveled at her thong. "My momma don't wear undies like that!" Bobby said.

"Put the heels back on." Jeremy ordered. Kristin obliged, and asked, "Do you like what you see, boys?"

Bobby said, "Oh hell, yeah." Jeremy grabbed Kristin and effortlessly picked her up and sat her on top of the kitchen table. "You suck dick great, Ms. Kristin, but now I want to fuck you." Kristin hadn't been touched yet, but her pussy was soaking wet. She couldn't believe how turned on she was by this.

"Show me what you've got, schoolboy."

Jeremy reached down and snapped off her panties. "I been waiting for this for a long time." He pulled her legs to the edge of the table, spread her knees, and stepped between them. Jeremy held Kristin behind her neck with one hand, and his massive cock in the other. He rubbed his cockhead up against her dripping cunt, and got the end all wet.

"Give it to her good, J." Bobby encouraged his buddy. Jeremy didn't have the patience that comes with age, but he had the force that comes with youth. He slammed his cock into Kristin, and she yelped.

"Oh, my God, be careful!!" Jeremy was giving her long, fast strokes, his ten-inch cock going deep into places that hadn't been touched before.

"I'll do whatever I fuckin' want to do, slut."

As Jeremy fucked Kristin hard on the table, Bobby pulled off his shirt and pants. He had a huge bulge in his boxers, and he walked towards the table. "C'mon and share some of that with me."

Jeremy looked into Kristin's eyes and asked, "You want some more cock?"

Kristin responded, "Give it to me..." Jeremy shoved his dick so deep in her that Kristin thought she could taste it. He put his hands under her ass, lifted her up off the table, and with his cock still inside her, walked her to the living room. He lifted her off his member.

"Get on the coffee table on all fours." Kristin did what she was told. Jeremy got behind her, lifted up her ass to just the right angle, and started doggy-fucking her pussy.

"Put it in her mouth, Bob, she's great." Bobby walked in front of Kristin, and she pulled his dick out of his boxers. Bobby wasn't as huge as Jeremy was, but neither were most farm animals. Bobby's dick was uncut, and Kristin pulled his foreskin back to expose his cockhead.

"Now suck me," Bobby told her. Kristin put him in her mouth and began working on him, all the while fucking Jeremy's gigantic rod like a bitch in heat.

"Oh yeah, that's fine..." Bobby said. "Ronny, come here and watch your buddy get a blow job. This is what your girl will do for you, Ronny." Kristin didn't know what Ronnie's girl would do, but she was loving this... One cock in her pussy, another in her mouth. Jeremy's balls were slapping against her thighs as he slam-fucked her.

Jeremy said, "I know what I want now. Get your dick out of her mouth for a minute, Bob. Lie down on the couch, and she'll sit on you."

Bobby lay down, and Kristin said, "Jeremy, I want you to cum for me." Jeremy lifted Kristin up, still keeping his dick inside her, supporting her with his hands on her tits.

"I'm gonna cum for you, but not just yet. Get on him and ride his cock." Jeremy pulled out of Kristen, and set her on top of Bobby.

"Put me in you- I want to fuck that hot pussy," Bobby said. Kristin mounted him, and grunted as she slid all the way down on his cock. Kristin threw her hair back with her hands, and Bobby grabbed her breasts as she rode him.

"You feel so good inside me," Kristin said.

"Let's see how you like this inside you, "said Jeremy as he climbed on the couch behind Kristin. "Pull her head towards you, B"

Bobby grabbed Kristin behind the neck, and pulled her head down into his chest. She began licking and sucking his nipples. "Oh, my god, she's so fucking hot!!" Bobby said.

"Hold on for a second." Jeremy used his big hands to spread Kristin's white ass cheeks. As he spread her open, he spit on her pink asshole. "This is what I want to cum in, right here." Kristin shuddered at the thought of Jeremy's huge prick in her ass.

"You are really going to have to be careful or you're going to hurt me." Kristin pleaded.

"Just be quiet for a second." Jeremy spit again, and began to work himself into her ass.

"Give it to her, J" Bobby said. Jeremy worked some more, and finally got the tip of himself right at the door of her asshole. He pushed himself in her, trying to get the angles just right.

Jeremy finally got situated just right, and began to push deeper inside Kristin's butthole. Feeling Jeremy penetrate her ass while she was riding Bobby's big cock pushed her over the edge, and Kristin came hard. "WOW, did you feel that, J? She just squeezed the shit out of my cock."

"You like having two dicks in you at the same time, Miss Kristin? You do, don't you? I'm going to fuck your hot little ass and shoot my load inside you." Jeremy pushed harder, and even more of his dick stretched Kristin out.

"Oh, my god, please fuck me some more. I love it, one in my pussy, one in my ass."

Jeremy did what any teenage boy would do- he fucked her some more. Jeremy and Bobby got a rhythm down, and their cocks alternated fucking Kristin deeper than she'd ever been done before. Feeling two dicks inside her was setting her off, and she pushed back against their cocks, wanting more. Jeremy was all the way in her now, and she felt a fullness that made her cum again.

"Oh god, she's doing it again- she's amazing, J"

"I told you she'd be wild," said Jeremy. "Ronnie, get over here and help us out. I'm betting she wants even more cock." Ronnie came over, pulled off his pants, and sat on the armrest of the couch.

"Feed it to her, Ron, you know she wants it. You need to get some of this," Bobby said.

Kristin hungrily slurped Ronnie's cock in her mouth. He was nowhere near as big as the other two, but he had hot abs and was neatly shaved. This got Kristin even hotter still, and she deep throated the boy, all the while getting pounded by the two football players in both her other holes.

"Damn, I can't believe this shit," said Ronny.

"Believe it and enjoy it, bro." Ronny began throat-fucking Kristin, and this set her off again. She came for the third time, her hot pussy spasming on Bobby cock, her ass filled with Jeremy's dick, and with Ronny in her mouth. Kristin couldn't believe how much she loved being a slut, fucking these boys. It was so decadent, so hot, so naughty... and she came AGAIN.

This was too much for Bobby, and he cried, "Oh shit, I'm cumming, I'm cumming." His cock pulsed seven, eight, nine, ten times inside her, and she felt his hot load running out of her.

Hearing Bobby come was too much for Ronny, and he shot his wad in Kristin's mouth. Kristin swallowed it all, savoring the bittersweet juice from the young man. Jeremy was really giving it to her now, pumping her ass furiously as he worked himself to a climax.

Finally, Jeremy pulled out of her ass, grabbed Kristin, and lay her down on the floor on her back. He stroked himself, and shot a bucket load of cum on her face. Kristin watched Jeremy shoot his load, her hot ass stretched and satisfied like never before.

"You guys can never tell anyone about this, you know that, right?" Kristin said as she wiped the jism off her face.

"We won't tell as long as we can do it again next week..." said Jeremy, smiling at the woman he'd lusted after for over a year.

"That was just a beginner's class, boys. I'll get you ready for finals."

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