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Kristina was an orphan at an early age when her parents died in a car crash, she lived with her grandmother and had just applied for a live in job in Palm Beach Florida. It was 6am when she finished packing her car, hugging her grandmother, she promised to keep in touch and told her not to worry and kissed her good bye. Kristina started her journey from Atlanta Georgia to Jacksonville.

Kristina James was to meet her childhood sweetheart Doug Lenko to marry him that afternoon, before he was shipped out the same day to Iraq for the war. As she pulled into the Hotel Vista she saw Doug and two of his soldier friends at the entrance, he kissed her and told her to hurry and change as everything was ready at the chapel across the road as they only had two hours left or he would be arrested for being Awol. The ship was leaving at five.

Kristina rushed up and slipped a white short skirt with matching blouse, and white thong and white garter belt and nylons. She brushed her shoulder length Blonde hair and put on her makeup and rushed to the elevator, once down, Doug and Kristina and his two friends ran across the road to the chapel, they met the two witnesses and the priest and went into the Chapel the ceremony finished when the priest pronounced them man and wife, they thanked the people and rushed back to the hotel, on arriving at the hotel they saw two military police waiting for them, the soldiers were told to get their belongings and get into the Jeep asp.

Kristina started to cry and Doug held her and said it would not be long before his six months tour would be over and they would be together again, they kissed and the three soldiers got in the Jeep and drove away. Kristina was crying on the way back to the elevator, as she stepped in to the crowed elevator she was pushed to the back right corner of the elevator she felt someone behind her, she was surrounded by people getting in and felt herself being pushed further back till she felt a body touching her, she could not move at all, as the lift went up to her room which was on the forty third floor, she was squashed from the front by five men and four ladies she could hardly move when she felt a hand rubbing the round cheeks of her bum as she was tightly squashed she could not move and was too embarrassed to protest, the hand slipped under her skirt and stroked her inner thighs rising up till it touched her crutch, she felt her sensitive nipples go rock hard pushing against her blouse she felt the finger stroking her cunt lips she was getting wetter the finger slipped into her vagina and slowly finger fucked her vagina .

Her hips started moving on the finger as she was pushed back and forth by a hand on her waist and her orgasm erupted she put her hand in her mouth to muffle her sounds.

Kristina had always been a Squirter when she masturbated at home and her cum would shoot out like a man's cock, the elevator was approaching the twenty eight floor the finger in side her vagina started to play with her clit she was starting to feel her self getting wetter as the fingers slid in and out of her lips as another orgasm was building up when the finger withdrew from her vagina, and the hand moved down and stroked her arsehole slowly circling it, this was all new to Kristina she was a virgin and never had another hand there but her own.

Kristina Jerked forward but the hand pulled her back on to the finger a sudden gasp came from Kristina as it played around her virgin hole, a few quick strokes around the rim then it withdrew, her skirt was pulled down and both cheeks squeezed, she felt the hands on her breasts squeezing and playing with her nipples which were rock hard and were protruding through her blouse, the lift was coming to the forty third floor where she had to get off the hands withdrew.

The lift stopped and four of the people got out followed by Kristina, she turned around she saw a lady in her fifties short stocky build with short blonde hair, looking at her and smiled while licking her fingers.

Kristina was shocked that she was made to cum by a butch lesbian, she felt so guilty and ran to her room crying. Once inside Kristina stripped her clothes of and had a shower, she only wished she had made love to Doug to consummate their marriage, as she was drying her hair she looked in the mirror there was a young wife of twenty one, five feet two inches tall, long blonde hair with a die for figure 34D-24 36 with no pubic hairs she looked like a young school girl her nipples were large sitting in a pair of pink aureoles.

She finished drying and made her way to her bed as she needed a good night sleep. She had to drive to Palm Beach Florida in the morning, to her new apartment and Job as a trainee nurse at the Palm Beach Care home for the elderly. She was surprised she had got the job and the furnished apartment from Mr Ahmed the manager, she was asked to send a full length photo with her CV, she was surprised to be picked out of twenty six applicants as she had no experience .

Her morning call at 7-30 am by the desk clerk bought her back to reality of the events of yesterday, she phoned the desk to have her luggage taken down, she had a quick shower and slipped on a thong and a pair of denim shorts which only just covered her bum cheeks and a tee shirt as she did not like wearing a bra, she slipped a pair of trainers on and started to walk to the elevator.

As the lift doors opened Kristina got in and went down to the breakfast area, it was a self service buffet, she was picking her food and did not notice a pair of eyes looking at her body from head to toe up and down the eyes were drooling at the young housewife and the thought she had of having her naked on a bed made her go wet in her pants, she had a feeling that the young housewife was a submissive and knew she was alone, and she was going to take full advantage of her.

Kristina spotted a table in the corner next to the woman who was drooling over her. Kristina did not take notice of any one while she drank her coffee, all of a sudden she felt a hand stroke her arm she felt her body tingle causing her nipples to go rock hard, her nipples protruded into her tee shirt showing the intruder them, she looked up and was shocked to see the woman who had finger fucked her in the lift the day before.

Kristina was about to say something when the woman pulled a chair close to her and sat down, she told Kristina not to say anything till she spoke to her, she introduced herself as Miss Bradley she told Kristina how grateful she was from the day before in the lift, and how nice she tasted when she finger fucked her, Kristina was going red in her face and her body started tingling and she felt herself going wet in her thong she was trembling as Miss Bradley took her hand and stroked it Miss Bradley was a predator and this beautiful ripe young housewife was ready to be plucked.

She put a card in her tee shirt brushing her nipple which sent shivers through Kristina's body and told Kristina to ring her when she wanted to continue in full what happened in the Lift. Kristina got up and headed to the restroom to get away from this vile woman, she went to the end cubicle the first door was a baby changing area she went through towards the second door and sat on the toilet, she was hot and flustered.

She slipped her shorts and thong down her legs and stepped out of them, as they crumpled to the floor she realized how wet she was, her hand went to her vagina and started to finger herself, this was all strange to her being seduced by a butch lesbian and propositioned by her in the breakfast room in her confused state Kristina had not closed the door, her eyes were closed thinking of Doug and imagined it was Doug who fingered her in the lift.

She was concentrating so hard with her eyes closed and her legs wide open she did not hear a person come into the cubicle with her, a hand stroked her ankles and worked its way up to her inner thigh, till it touched her hand, her hand was gently removed and she felt a wet warm object lapping at her clit, she woke with a shock from her dream and saw a head with blonde hair moving to and fro along her cunt lips between her wide spread legs, she tried to get up but felt a strong pair of hands holding her hips down, still licking her engorged clit she started to get excited and wetter she saw the head look up at her and she nearly had a heart attack it was Miss Bradley that was drinking from her fountain, she tried to pull away and stand up Miss Bradley took her in her arms and deep throated her mouth with her tongue, her wet fingers were darting in and out of Kristina's hairless pussy.

Kristina managed to stand up her legs straddled either side of the toilet leaving her cunt wide open to Miss Bradley fingers which was still fucking her, she was in an aroused state when her right leg was lifted and put on the toilet seat leaving her balanced on one leg Miss Bradley Knelt down and put her right hand on the cheeks of her bum and pulled her cunt to her mouth with her cunt in Miss Bradley's mouth she felt her pre cum being swallowed by that greedy mouth, a hand slipped under her tee shirt and touched her right breast and gently tweaked and rolled her nipple her body shuddered she was completely lost in lust, Miss Bradley knew this young ripe submissive housewife belonged to her now and she was going to suck her fountain dry.

Still sucking her clit she inserted her two fingers on her right hand and fingered her cunt Kristina breathing got heavy when Miss Bradley guided her very wet fingers between the cheeks of her arse, till they found her arsehole she played around the rim and gently pushed them into her puckered hole and started finger fucking her.

Kristina gasped as she felt the pain course through her arsehole she never had anything in her virgin hole before, Miss Bradley started sucking faster while her fingers fucked her arsehole, the pain in her arse softened as the fingers stretched her hole, and she moved her hips to the rhythm of the fingers and tongue and with an almighty gasp her body shuddered till her cum spurted in Miss Bradley's mouth. Miss Bradley swallowed the thick virgin white cum as it squirted down her greedy mouth which she so expertly extracted from this virgin cunt, she started sucking every drop till Kristina had none left to give her, her fountain was dry.

Miss Bradley turned Kristina around and withdrew her fingers out of Kristina arsehole, she spread her cheeks apart and started tongue fucking her arsehole while taking her clit and rolling it between her fingers. Kristina started to feel her juices wetting her puffy lips and soaking Miss Bradley's hand, unbeknown to Kristina. Miss Bradley dropped her Jeans and her 8" strap on dildo fell out, she took Kristina lovely pair of tits and squeezed and played with the nipples which was hard and protruding Kristina was in lust mode. Miss Bradley guided the dildo to her wet cunt and pushed making Kristina gasp as it pushed its way into her tight little cunt, the only thing she had in her cunt before was her fingers she was a virgin the day she married, the feelings she felt as the large cock slid in and out filling her completely was sending her towards her second climax, all of a sudden the cock withdrew from her cunt and she felt it slip down towards her arsehole.

She tried to turn, but Miss Bradley held her hips tight and pushed till the knob went in to her arse. Tears of pain came to Kristina eyes as she was impaled on the cock. Miss Bradley started to push in and out, and Kristina felt the pain slowly ease as the dildo ploughed into her arse, Miss Bradley continued to fuck her till she was sure Kristina virgin hole was well and truly fucked and her virginity belonged to her.

She pulled it out and rammed it back into her cunt frigging her clit while increasing the speed till she heard Kristina moan and started to jerk and shudder on the cock, into a mind blowing orgasm her thick white cum poured down the shaft of the cock as Miss Bradley pulled it out. She then took the dildo off and put it in her mouth and sucked the thick white juices of it.

Kristina was exhausted and was pushed down to the toilet seat, Miss Bradley stepped out of her Jeans and put a leg on Kristina shoulder and pulled Kristina head to her bushy wet cunt Kristina face was wet from her juices and Miss Bradley started fucking Kristina mouth and face with her cunt lips Kristina nose split the lips apart and Miss Bradley moved her hips and started squirting her cum in Kristina mouth screaming 'Your mine bitch you belong to me ahhhhhh keep sucking bitch". She kept rubbing her juices till Kristina face and hair and tits was saturated in cum.

Miss Bradley started to get dressed and put her dildo in her bag, stood Kristina up and slipped her tongue into her mouth kissed her, and then lifted her tee shirt up and sucked both her nipples although drained and exhausted. Kristina body started to respond. Miss Bradley continued breast feeding on Kristina nipples and then took her mouth away leaving Kristina frustrated and randy she pulled her tee shirt down, took her face in her hand and spoke to Kristina telling her that she was now her cunt slut and she gave her virginity to her and not her husband, who she had seen drive away leaving Kristina to Miss Bradley's seduction, she told Kristina she was a submissive and needed to be controlled sexually, she took another card out and rolled it up and put it into Kristina cunt saying ring me if you want to be my slut bitch, she pulled her nipples and saw the expression on her face as Kristina breast responded to her fingers, I am only in Miami with that she opened the door and left.

Kristina sat there sobbing thinking in the last twenty four hours she was a virgin and got married to her childhood sweetheart, but was completely controlled and taken in every hole by a mad hungry lesbian dyke. She got dressed and went out and looked in the mirror her face was covered in cum her hair was matted she started washing her face and combed her hair and put it back into pigtails, when the door opened and a woman in her late fifties about 5 - 8" tall large build with short grey hair, stood next to her and eyed her full body running her tongue across her lips.

Kristina looked at her and thought "am I only good to be a lesbian cunt slut as Miss Bradley said", the woman's hand touched her thighs and slowly moved her hand over her rounded bum cheeks squeezing the cheeks sending shiver through her body, she said to Kristina I saw you and that woman having a conversation in the breakfast room, and you running off and her following you, I am Miss Cortez the maintenance Manager in this hotel. I followed you both and saw you both go into the rest room, I waited a while and walked in and saw the door of the end cubicle closed, I listened outside and I heard the sounds of moaning and I knew you were being fucked by her.

I went into the next cubicle and waited, when she had finished using you and left. I opened the cupboard and took an 'out of order' sign. And i put it outside the door and phoned my deputy manager not to let any one in the ladies till I said so.

Now Momma wants to taste some of your goodies to, she then went to the end cubicle and called out. "Come to Momma", Kristina looked at the woman and her body shudder she knew if she went to her she would be used and degraded like a whore the way Miss Bradley did, the woman called again in a firmer voice 'Momma said to come now bitch'.

Kristina's submissive nature took over, she lowered her head and walked towards Miss Cortez, the woman pulled her inside and shut the door, pulling Kristina to her saying she can moan and scream as no one will disturb us. The woman's tongue entered her lips fucking her mouth with her tongue after a few minutes kissing those luscious lips, she withdrew her tongue and pushed Kristina against the wall she undid her shorts and pulled her tong and shorts of making her step out of them.

She told her to spread her legs, the woman took her tee shirt of and stood back to drink in the beauty of this beautiful ripe young wife, licking her lips at the beautiful firm breasts with the large protruding nipples and the shaved cunt and the puffy lips she was drooling, she told Kristina to turn around and spread her legs wide and put her hands on the wall above her head Kristina did what this woman told her to do, she felt scared but knew she would be dominated by this powerful woman which sent shivers down to her feet.

She felt a hand caressing her thighs slowly moving up to her crutch, a finger slid over her cunt lips and she moaned aloud, the woman realized she had the power to dominate this submissive young wife, her left hand went to the front of Kristina's thighs rubbing her thighs and put her hand over her hairless crutch and her fingers slipped straight into her cunt, as the fingers worked her slit her right hand was caressing her bum cheeks all of a sudden Kristina felt her arse sting with pain as the woman started spanking her hard Kristina arse moved back and forward trying to avoid the spanking but the woman's fingers were deep in her cunt and as her arse moved she was fucking herself on the woman's fingers.

The woman's thumb stroked her clit, Kristina cunt was dripping as the spanking continued, the woman sensed that Kristina orgasm was coming she stopped the spanking and stuck a finger in Kristina arsehole now with both her holes filled Kristina felt the woman's tongue go into her mouth to stifle he screams as she exploded into an almighty climax

Kristina body shuddered, then the fingers were pulled out, the women got down on her knees and took the whole of her cunt lips into her mouth and sucked every drop of juice out of her, she turned her around again and spread her cheeks and tongued fucked her arsehole. Kristina was so exhausted and her body drained, the woman kept up the pressure, the woman took her skirt and panties of and guided Kristina to the toilet.

she made her sit on the floor with the back of her head resting on the toilet she straddled Kristina's face and lowered herself on to her mouth her fat stomach enveloping Kristina's head. Kristina felt the aroma and the juices soak her face from the woman's bushy cunt as she started riding Kristina face Screaming 'Momma is going to give her little girl a lovely surprise' the woman's breathing started getting heavy as she screamed as her climax erupted flooding Kristina mouth with her cum she continued to ride her mouth, Kristina mouth started filling with a watery substance as she was trying to swallow the liquid down her throat before she choked, the woman smiled as her urine saturated Kristina face and hair and down her throat.

when she had finished she got of Kristina and looked at the young housewife lying on the floor with her face breast and hair covered with her cum and urine she started putting her clothes back on and said to Kristina that 'Momma was very pleased with her little girl you have the makings of a good whore' she blew her a kiss and left.


Kristina sat there for a long time on the cold floor her body drained and totally exhausted from her two seductions, thinking how she came to be in this situation if only Doug had not left her and gone away leaving her alone and vulnerable to the clutches of these strong dominating lesbian dykes, the tears rolled down her eyes and mixed with the cum and urine on her face.

Kristina heard a noise outside which brought her back to reality at first she thought the woman came back she knew she could not take anymore she heard the door bang and got up to see if it was clear, she used the toilet paper to wipe her face and hair she tided herself as best she could, and went to the foyer picked up her suitcase and headed to the changing room.

She stripped of and entered the shower and washed the mornings activities of her body, she looked at herself in the mirror and saw the bruising around her breasts and nipples and the red marks on her arse cheeks, she took another tee shirt and a pair of white short shorts dressed and slipped her trainers on and headed to the car park.

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