tagLoving WivesKristina's Wild Side

Kristina's Wild Side


*The following is a true story that occurred in 2012 on a group trip I was a part of.*

The hotel pool party was fun, then Vegas was always fun. Ryan was feeling the buzz of alcohol and with all the mid-twenties aged girls scampering around the pool in their string bikinis he was having a hard time keeping his eyes off them. His own wife Kristina and her friends were all outstanding themselves. Olive skin, blond hair, D-cup boobs, and a luscious ass from squats, she made fitness a priority because she said it kept her grounded. She had a body that could pose for Playboy, he knew he had lucked out with his wife. They had gotten married right out of school, a Christian college where it was common to be married by 22. In the four years they had been married things had changed some, the sex had become more regular than spontaneous and exciting when they were first married. This didn't bother him much, like him she also had sex before they started dating but became conservative while dating in college. She was everything he wanted, a sexy athletic body and wonderful heart wrapped up in a woman he knew he was lucky to have.

He was a bit more weary of her friends. Lauren was one who always had the boys' attention. She would giggle and heave up her breasts or make sure she was always standing with one knee slightly bent so her ass would stick out to the side showing its shape. She had even talked Kristina into wearing a more scandalous bikini than either of them were used to seeing her in. A red string bikini that scrunched up in the middle to make sure it hugged the shape of her toned ass.

Lauren was a gogo dancer and it appeared that every bikini she wore was from one of the clubs she promoted, rhinestones and a cut that arched around the tops of her butt before it cut down to half thong. Lauren did have a gorgeous body, a tall blonde with a track athletes legs and ass, A-cup boobs but the light intonations of a her abs made it all work. Coke, that was her secret, Lauren did a lot of blow. In many ways Kristina and Lauren's friendship had been passed down since they were in grade school though the two now were barely similar. Kristina was working on her law degree with the plan of going into public administration. She spent her weekends working with the homeless and still had that childhood dream of saving the world, a view that Ryan hoped she would never lose.

Lauren by comparison was a total opposite. She was at a different pool party each weekend in Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angles, or even some more exotic locations with people Ryan and Kristina assumed were rich and older benefactors though they never asked. It usually went without saying when they would see pictures of her posing on a yacht in a thong and an older man (clearly not her father) in the background.

The two girls grew up on the same street when they were little and never lost that friendship. "You just need to get to know her better." That was what Kristina always said about Lauren. "I know she drinks and parties, but she has a good heart. Don't be so judgmental."

At the pool in Vegas, even Lauren was surprised with the amount of attention Kristina was getting in her new bikini. Her naturally large breasts were showing beautifully out the sides and bottom of the red triangles of the string bikini and she had to continue pulling the material from between the cheeks of her butt.

Ryan didn't want to feel alone, but with the girls all together flirting with the guys at the pool he had no one other than Kristina to talk to, and Kristina was completely engulfed in her friends. He decided to get another drink and walked to the pool bar where he stood in line staring down at silver bikini and the ass of the girl wearing it. She turned around smiling up at him. "Hi, I'm Shannon."

"Good to meet you. They make you wait in line also? I thought all the hot girls got to cut in the front."

"Sheesh, not here. With all the girls out here they treat us all the same." She did a one over looking him up and down. "Are you here with anyone?"

"My wife and her friends." He pointed at his ring.

She gave sigh. "Figures. You know you should actually be careful with that ring here, you don't want to lose it."

Ryan thought about if for a second and then took out his wallet. He slipped his ring in the small flap that was for change. "You are actually correct. I do want to keep this safe."

Shannon smiled then asked. "Hey, can you do me a favor and help me carry these drinks back to my friends?"


"Come on Kristina, just come for a bit it will be fun." Lauren begged her friend. "I really like this guy."

"No, I can't. Ryan would not like me doing that. Besides you don't even know him, you just met these guys." Kristina argued back.

"Why, doesn't Ryan trust you?"

"Of course he trusts me."

"Well then what does it matter? Come on they have a suite. You are always telling me you wish you had some party stories like I have." Lauren was correct. Kristina loved her husband but there was as allure to the fact that she married so quickly after college and never had these kinds of experiences. "Aren't you two trying to get pregnant? When that happens any days of partying are going to be OVER."

"I went off the pill a few months ago but nothing yet. But then we haven't been trying that hard." Kristina gave a small grimace of upset and Lauren saw she had her hook.

"Then come with us. Once you're preggers its game over and after a baby comes getting a weekend away will be impossible. Just for a bit, it will be fun, I promise. These guys are totally nice." Lauren prodded further.

Kristina took another look at the guys Lauren had been begging her to hang out with in their hotel suite. Matt and Shawn, both were in their early thirties, were very fit, and from the show of their bottle service and cabana at the pool were doing well financially. Apparently they ran a venture capital business together out of Los Angeles. They were Lauren's type and Kristina knew it. Shawn had been polite to Kristina and Matt equally respectful of Lauren.

"Why do you want to go back there with them so bad?" Kristina asked.

Lauren bit her lip before she answered. It was her tell that there was something more to this. "They have something in their room."

"Like what?" Kristina was beginning to get curious what her friend was up to.

"I'll tell you but only if you promise you won't get mad?"

"Ok. What is it?"

"They have coke. They offered us some."

"Lauren!" Kristina scolded.

"You promised you wouldn't get mad."

Kristina remembered her promise and quieted her voice. "You can't go do coke with these guys."

"Look, I'm going, and I really want you with me. I don't want to get into trouble. Please." She pleaded with her friend.

Shawn walked over after hearing pieces of the conversation. "It's ok if you just want to come along. I'm not going to do any. I'm just going for the walk."

Kristina looked between the two of them who both waited for her answer. "I can't leave Ryan. He would be so hurt if he saw me leave with these guys."

"Oh yeah?" Lauren asked with interest. "What if Ryan was enjoying himself here? Flirting with girls?"

"Ryan's not like that." Kristina argued back.

"Well what do you call that?" Lauren pointed across the pool where Ryan was sitting with a group of four girls. The alcohol was encouraging the spike of jealousy she felt in her stomach and in her ear she heard Lauren push further. "He even took off his wedding ring."

She knew her husband wasn't going to be cheating on her but seeing him there flirting with these girls hurt. "Kristina, come on. We'll be back soon. Look at him, he's fine. What's the worst that could happen, he sees you're gone and realizes he should have paid more attention to you? We'll be back in twenty minutes, he can sweat for that long."

She looked at the three people there; Lauren, Shawn, and Matt and saw their looks of embarrassment for her as her husband sat across the pool laughing and flirting with some other girls. "Let's go."


Their suite was impressive and made her and Ryan's simple room look rather cheap by comparison. In the center of the room was a glass coffee table and around it a set of low profile black leather furniture. Still in their bikini's Lauren and Kristina stepped into the room.

Shawn was quickly pouring drinks for the girls and Matt disappeared into one of the rooms. Lauren was giddy, smiling, and bouncing around the suite as she explored the space. Kristina looked out the window at the impressive view of the strip.

"Alright. You first." Said Matt.

Kristina turned around to see a small bag of white powder on the coffee table next to a circular mirror on which held eight white lines. Lauren took the straw and did the first line. Matt took the second. They were immediately smiling and laughing like they had been injected with happiness. Shawn came up behind Kristina. "Have you ever tried it?"

She shook her head. "Do you do it often?"

"No." He responded. "I've done it a few times but it's not really my thing."

Drugs had always been very taboo to Kristina. "Wait, so you've done it and you can not do it also? I thought it was like, super addictive?"

Shawn smiled down at her, they were talking very close and he noticed her continually check out his body like he did her's. "It's not like that. It can be if you do it for a long time, like months, get a habit. But for people who try it occasionally it's fine. Did you... want to try it?"


"Yeah I can tell from the two of you. Lauren is the adventurous type and you're the..." He stopped, catching his words the way he had planned.

"The what? What were you going to say?"

He laughed. "Look. I didn't mean anything by it. It's just she's the wild spontaneous one and you're the prim and conservative one."

"I'm spontaneous. Lauren, tell him I'm spontaneous."

Lauren turned around were she sniffed and rubbed her nose to get more of the powder from the edges of her nose. She too laughed. "Kristina, you are prim and conservative. You would never do coke." She paused waiting for the words to sink. "Unless you want to prove us wrong." She smirked at her friend.

Kristina walked over to the table and sat down in front of the mirror. Shawn sat on the top of the couch behind her. Lauren extended the straw to her and Kristina stared at it for a long moment before taking it into her hand. She felt the rush of anticipation hit her as she bent over the coffee table to the white lines on the mirror. The men all watched her large breasts heave up between her elbows as she positioned the straw with her nose. Matt nodded at Shawn and the two smiled at each other as she bent over making her bikini ride up even further like a thong.

She snorted the line of powder, one line, then a second.

She whipped her head up making the globes of her boobs bounce as she felt the electric energy of the bump. The group all laughed and Shawn, sitting behind her ran his big hands over Kristina's exposed shoulders. "That's right, feel good?" Shawn's voice seemed to change.

"Woah." Kristina exclaimed and then laughed. "I can't believe I just did that." She turned, gave him crooked smile and leaned back against his leg as his hands massaged her shoulders. "We do need to get back soon." She sniffed again rubbing her nose.

"There's no rush." Lauren argued from the chair adjacent to the couch where she sat on Matt's lap watching the view of Kristina. As Lauren said it she made sure Kristina could see her massaging Matt's crotch. "Besides we still have more blow."

Kristina was enjoying the hands over her shoulders. There is no rush. The previous feelings of being uncomfortable in the strange suite disappeared and she reached her hand up caressing it over the top of Shawn's hand. What was the harm? Lauren was right, she was trying to get pregnant with her husband and once that happened there would be no new experiences. She wasn't doing anything wrong and Lauren was the one who was going to hook up with this guy.

Shawn slid down the couch and scooted close putting his arm around her. "So why did you get married so young?"

"Ryan and I met in college and we hit it off and everything was great after that. You really would like my husband." Kristina's mind shot back to the Ryan at the pool talking to those girls and she didn't seem so mad anymore. Being here, yes, that made it alright.

"But being married so young, don't you ever feel like you missed out?" As he said it he pointed. Lauren's hand was up the leg of Matt's shorts stroking his shaft, the length and size becoming visible under the stretched material. Matt's hand rested over Lauren's bikini line where his fingers reached her vagina. Her body was responding as she leaned back further and pushed her hips out giving him better access to her pussy.

Kristina realized she was getting wet watching Lauren and Matt and it gave her the quick feeling of discomfort. She took the straw from the table and snorted another line of coke which made everyone laugh. "Get it girl." Lauren exclaimed.

Kristina leaned back into Shawn who ran his hand down inside her bikini top cupping her D breast. Normally her nipples needed more of a warm up but not now. The guilt was still there but the rush of the attention and chemicals kept it at bay. Her D cup breasts were already spilling out the side of her triangle top bikini and Shawn's big hand fit around it. She knew she should stop him, it was wrong letting him feel her up but it wasn't that big a deal, it's just skin right and if she made a scene Lauren would be upset. So Kristina rolled her head back and gripped the material on Shawn's shorts.

At that moment there was laughter and then Matt picked up Lauren and carried her to one of the bedrooms. Shawn was more than nonchalant about the occurrence where Kristina was in shock that she was watching one of her friends act out one of the wild stories she always heard about, and it turned her on. She could feel herself getting wet.

"Good Christian girls like you never watch porn do they?" Shawn asked Kristina.

"No, I certainly don't." Kristina replied laughing.

"Curious?" He gave her a coy smile.

Kristina thought about it then responded. "A bit, I guess."

"Take a look." Shawn nodded behind them to the bedroom where Matt had clearly left the door open.

Kristina's jaw dropped as she saw Lauren on her knees sucking Matt's cock at warp speed. Her hands swirling around the shaft as her mouth worked the length. Lauren was smiling as she did it. All of it was it was feeling good. Shawn's hands running over her skin watching her friend suck this guy's cock. But the coke had nothing to do with this she told herself. Definitely not. As she twisted her body back from the view she again felt the wetness between her legs. Her breathing had become labored and Shawn added the other hand and pulled her into him while massaging both her grapefruit sized breasts. She began gyrating her hips. There was a clearly bulge in Shawn's shorts.

"Whoa there, Shawn." Even though she had thoughts of regret she but was quickly pushing them out of her mind. "Her hand reached out and rested on the top of the bulge. It was rock hard and only increased her curiosity.

"You want me to take it out?" He asked her while her hand stroked over it. She bit her lip and nodded. Shawn complied and undid the tie of his shorts and pulled them down enough to allow his cock to spring erect. Immediately her hand was on it, squeezing it, rubbing its length. "Go ahead." Shawn encouraged. "I know you want to."

And she did want it. She looked at and considered what she was about to do, but having it standing so straight in her hand, it called to her. Like it needed to be in her mouth she could feel herself salivating. Shawn pulled her on top of him. From where she straddled him she could see into the bedroom where Matt now had Lauren on all fours. "Fuck me! So good. Keep doing that." Lauren was begging from the next room as Kristina watched Matt's butt keep thrusting forward into her friend.

"Take a look at this view." Said Shawn.

She twisted around and looked at the full length mirror behind her. Her red bikini was completely wedged between the perfect globes of her ass where underneath she could see her hand pulling on Shawn's cock. He penis was slowly making its way toward her pussy and she was seemingly helping pulling it there. No. A semblance of rationality came over her. "I can't fuck you. I'm married."

"You are going to leave me like this? Please. You need to help me out."

"I can't. This is wrong." Her hand was still stroking him when he reached down between her legs and pulled her bikini bottoms to the side. She took a deep breath wondering if he was going to put it in. Instead he just rubbed the head down her wet slit, teasing her with each stroke. She wanted to feel it, she needed it inside her filling her up. But again the thoughts of regret returned, her not being on the pill, her fucking another man while her husband was looking for her somewhere. Then she had an idea. She needed his hard-on to go away. If he wasn't hard then her temptation would go away. This made sense.

Kristina slinked down his body until she was on her knees in front of him. She was stroking his cock up and down with her hand. "Feel good?" He nodded back. "You like seeing me like this? On my knees about to suck you off?" He nodded again. She ran her tongue up the shaft. The deviance made her feel alive as she ran her tongue around the head teasing him until she couldn't wait any longer.

She opened her mouth and swallowed his cock into her throat. She loved feeling his hard member in her throat. Kristina couldn't believe she was doing this.

From the other room she could hear the moans of Lauren getting pounded by Matt. "Slap my ass. Do it. Fuck my slutty pussy!"

It made Kristina speed up as she worked her mouth over Shawn's cock. Taking a break every so often she held her mouth around the head and swirled her tongue around the head while her hand pumped away. Shawn was in heaven. She knew he could see her in the mirror on all fours in front of the couch slurping on his cock. Her boobs swayed with the motion and her bikini bottoms were getting wet. This blowjob started out to appease his needs but the more she did it, hearing him moan under the efforts of her mouth turned her on.

More coke. She needed more coke.

She took a break from his cock and turned to the coffee table.

"No, no, girl." He stopped her. "You gotta work for it." He took the small mirror and placed it on the carpet. "Let's see that ass." She bent over on all fours showing him her ass as splayed her legs and arched her back toward him. He pulled the strings on the sides of the bikini bottoms and pulled it off. She was too occupied with the cocaine in front of her to pay much attention or care, she sniffed another line of coke.

That was when she felt it again. The shaft of his penis bumping into to her gooey vagina aching to be fucked. He toyed with her. Running the head of his cock up and down the tight inward folds of her pussy. She wiggled her ass back and fourth as if playing with him and debating if she should let him. Her crooked smile looked back at him. "You want to fuck me?"

He lined his cock up at the entrance to her vagina and Kristina did the work shoving her hips back. First it was just an inch as the lips wrapped around the head of his cock. He pulled it back making her mew in displeasure before pushing it forward gaining another inch. He did this a third time and she met him half way, she wiggled her hips invitingly and pushed back allowing the round head to cleave inside the lips of her warm pussy that tightly engulfed his cock. She wanted to scream in pleasure right then. Immediately she was working her hips on his cock, small motions at first to get it covered in her wetness until he grabbed her ripe round ass and began pumping into her.

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