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Kristin's Fall


She could tell he was a big guy: muscular, tall and strong. Yet he was aged well into his mid 40s, and ugly. A big middle aged ugly guy with money, someone who would treat women as some sort of his fuck toy, Kristin thought. He was not a good guy for sure, Kristin could instinctively sense. And she felt as though she met him before somewhere. His face was somewhat, vaguely familiar. There was no way she would have known him previously though. So Kristin dismissed the thought. Yet when she first met the couple her husband brought home as dinner guests she could sense there was something immoral and pervert air about them. She still greeted them with smile and welcoming gesture. Her initial instinct can rest for now, she thought. They were Bob's important guests, and she will do her best to accommodate them while their visit. They were Bob's new boss after all. Ron and Laura were their names when introduced.

Ron, however, from the very first moment of their initial eye contact was emanating a naked desire of lust on Kristin as if he was literally stripping her dress off on the spot. It was a base yet quite a bold and, to a degree, steamy gesture. 'What a fucking pervert,' as Kristin led them to the living room she could not help the thought ... but with a blush.

She knew his type of guys from her college years and on. Beastly and strong, especially in bed. Her mind flashed back to her college dorm room scene instantly where her old roommate Natalie brought this big guy from a club she went out to that night. Kristin could not understand what possessed Natalie who was already dating someone like Sean, who was a handsome smart guy, to bring over to the her room this big ugly guy. But they were completely blinded and overtaken by their lust. And he fucked her ... god, he really fucked her. Even though Kristin acted as though she was fast asleep, she was paying attention on every bit of what was going on over at Natalie's side. That forceful wet pounding noise, that unbelievably infuriating pace of ins and outs, and Natalie's sluttish moans and screams, which lasted over 3 hours straight. That night, Kristin touched herself to orgasm, as well.

As the flash images from the past swept through her mind, she realized that her thong was instantly getting wet. Her body was saying something entirely different than what she was thinking. Her body just like that night in a dorm room was enjoying this. It startled her. As soon as she set them down, she excused herself to her bedroom, got herself a new pair of thong, and took the wet pair off. As she was pulling them down, she saw how wet the bottom portion of her thong was. And as she attempted to wipe down her labia lips, her fingers discovered how drenching her pussy initially had gotten ... and her finger's gentle touch was already sending out thrill all over her body, making her pussy getting even wetter. Averted by her body's own reaction, she hurriedly wiped down as much as she could, put on her new pair of thong and came out to the living room.

The only set of eyes looking at Kristin was again the guest husband's as if he knew exactly what happened in her bedroom. Bob and the guest wife was actively engaged in a conversation. The wife momentarily looked at Kristin and her husband and resumed back her attention to Bob. Kristin for some weird reasons could sense a slight grin on her face. Something definitely was not right. But she dismissed it promptly as she walked toward the kitchen for the dinner preparation.

Kristin was one of those young, model housewife. 27 year old, pretty face with a slender physique, natural long blond hair, intelligent yet obedient and supportive for Bob, her husband of 3 years. Loyal to her husband, not even eyeing on anybody around, and also religious by attending regular church services weekly. The only thing missing from this happy house of a perfect wife was a child. But that has been a choice of Kristin and Bob. They wanted to settle and prepare the best for their kids. So Kristin has been taking contraceptive pills consistently. Growing up in a conservative family background, this was very unlike her that she would take pills to prevent pregnancy. But since Bob never liked using condom, and neither wanted to go through a permanent surgery as of yet, taking pills was the only choice left for Kristin. But she thought it was agreeable yield. She would be all right yielding this little bit. And every thing after that seemed just going along fine.

To their otherwise normal life, however, a change has occurred unexpectedly. Bob was laid out from his work one Monday morning when he showed up as usual and unaware. He was a part of the mid-management of this medium size advertising firm. There was a project he was leading with his team for this particular client, aiming to expand its turf in this particular market. It was not quite a smooth sail from the very beginning. There were some major timing errors and insufficient database research, and it led to a significant shortcoming on the 1st quarter goal insisted by the client. But everyone including Bob in the team thought it would be manageable and remained hopeful for the next quarter. And that Monday was the very first day for that new quarter. What happened the Friday before was the president of Bob's firm received a unilateral notification from the president of Bob's client that he would drop the whole deal. No conditions. And during the weekend, an emergency executive meeting by the top managers of Bob's firm decided that they would let Bob and his entire team go. An easy fiscal financial and spreadsheet management. Drop inefficient workers, and their salaries, benefits and compensations would be added to the book. And the firm's accounting book would still manage a good look before its investors even after a major deal like this fell out. So Bob must go. And this was a major hit to Bob who was returning to his office after spending a usual happy weekend, uneventful weekend with Kristin at home. And a degrading one, as well. He was literally escorted to his desk, being watched while he was putting his personal belongings in his cardboard box, and escorted out to the front door by the security desk. That night as listening to Bob's story of the day, Kristin did her best to assuage her pride sacked and dispirited husband's ego by verbally encouraging him and loyally sucking his cock, kneeling in front of him. He wanted to cum in her mouth, but that Kristin would not allow. Instead she allowed something she hasn't allowed until then: Kristin let Bob cum on her chest. It was a small yield, but for the time, Bob was happy, and she was happy to see him happy.

Sexually, Kristin was very healthy and active in bed with her husband. But that's about it. Their sex life was just usual. The same routine, and the same pattern. Kristin found herself discreetly getting curious about some other options... but she was not brave enough even to maintain the thought to herself without blushing, and Bob was not sensitive, creative or assertive enough to introduce something new to their bed. Bob would from time to time suggest something, but as soon as Kristin shows any sign of reluctance or initial refusal (though they were coming from her conservative background and shyness she possess about sexuality), he just took her word as a final verdict and never would bring it back again. To a degree, it was quite disappointing to Kristin that her husband could be so not manly. So whenever Bob reached his peak, squirt his pee amount of cum in her pussy, and fall asleep, Kristin had to take the matter to her hand and her imagination. It was a discreet thing. But eventually, Kristin found herself looking through erotic sites on the Internet and stocking herself a good collection of erotic movies, not porn... but any movie that contains a passionate lovemaking scene in it. One day, she finally, and very discreetly, mail-ordered vibrating dildo with sets of rotating rings attached around its long, dark shaft. And that afternoon, for the first time in her life, she was reaching multiple layers of orgasm, making noises she never knew she could create, escaping through her tensioned tilted throat and ecstatically opened mouth. And ever since that afternoon, Bob was not at all satisfactory for her. She was merely accommodating Bob's needs. But that was all. And it has been going on for over two years as Kristin faithfully went back to her hidden toy every afternoon while sitting in front of the computer screen with erotic stories and pictures.

The most recent activity Kristin was getting into was a chatting over the internet. There was a chatting room in one of the erotic sites she was frequent, and after a while her curiosity finally moved her finger to click on one of the rooms. And then one on one conversation with a faceless random guy... about sex. It was an outrageous thing to do for her. But again, she was getting accustomed to it very quickly. When the man she has been talking dirty with finally suggested cyber sex, and mentioned the details, except for responding and following a certain set of acts demanded by him, using her toy and climaxing at the pictures and explicit description of what he would be doing to her was not that different than her solo act. In fact, it was even better. From that day on, she became quite enamored with this man and the chat. Eventually, she posted her picture, a small one. Not quite recognizable if anyone would see her outside. And put a brief profile of herself on site at the man's request. He was masterful in his words and imaginations. And he was very controlling ... it just clicked with what Kristin was being deprived of at the time, and brought her over to ecstasy every time. Soon, a request of her wearing something very sexy, and then showing her private parts through webcam came through. She hesitated and denied it for a while. But the man was insistent. Very unlike Bob. He told her to shave her pussy completely and get on cam. One afternoon, she finally obeyed it. She called him on the phone punching in codes to block her number and got on the cam at the same time, wearing nothing but a skimpy thong and a pair of thigh highs she was told to put on by the man and her toy by her side. She tilted the camera down angle, lifted her legs to plant her feet spread on each side of computer screen, her thong pulled down to her knees, and at the man's order began ravaging her pussy with the toy, while her eyes fixated on a huge size of this man's cock, erect, hard, amazingly long and thick...and his big hand running up and down the vein protruded shaft. It felt like a cheating. But it was a cyber ... she didn't 'actually' do anything with him. Again, it seemed harmless. It was harmless. That night Bob didn't even notice that she was shaven down there. Kristin didn't bother of it either. She was content. And she would resume her pleasure with the man again. It was after all only the internet.

In the meantime, Bob's quest for new job was not going well. As each day passed by, and a month and into the second month, things were getting expensive. Kristin had to ask her parents for a significant amount of money to compensate what Bob could not bring in, their saving of three months emergency fund was depleting to the bottom, yet all the payments remained the same. It was about time he had to get something done. His frustration was reaching a dangerously high level, and Bob began to pour that out on Kristin. For the first time in 3 years of their marriage, Bob and Kristin got into a huge argument. They slept in a separate room. Bob in the bedroom... Kristin chose to stay up in the study, using the computer, getting on the internet ... and eventually the site again. It was her first time logging into that site in late night. She was surprised to see so many people on it, and the site bustling with busy activities. And soon after she signed on, she received a message from the man. As they talked, Kristin expressed her frustration and began telling the man what had happened that evening between Bob and her. The man was a sympathetic listener. He waited until Kristin completely vented herself out, asking a few harmless questions ... about where she lives, what Bob is looking for, etc. All in the context of her issue of the night, everything seemed quite natural. Then the man asked whether she was alone. When Kristin replied that she was in the room, he asked her to lock the door. A weird feeling was overcoming Kristin instantly. She knew what he was asking for. Normally she would not do this. Normally she would not even be on this site at this time of night. But tonight was not normal night... and she gave herself a little excuse: it's Bob's fault. She asked the man to hold on a second, tiptoed to her bedroom to check Bob was sleeping. He was fast asleep, snoring. He had a long day looking for job, was worn out completely.

Kristin closed the door, walked back to the study, locked the study door, came back to the computer, turned the cam on and dialed the man's number. Everything was done smoothly as if she planned it ahead. The man told her to show her face. It was the first time... but she braved herself. The man's face was not quite visible due to his lighting, but he seemed very attractive and manly by the figure. He complemented Kristin's beauty excessively... Kristin never received such an elaborate compliment on her physical beauty before. She was flattered and her mood was getting better. She was wearing a beige color negligee ... but soon she was completely naked in front of the man. He told her to turn around and get on the chair, expose her ass toward him. Again, it was Kristin's first time doing that to a man. Her pussy was literally oozing juice out and dripping. As her mouth muffling on the upper edge of leather chair she was on, barely able to breathe properly into the phone, listening to the man's lustful orders, her other hand was between her legs... rubbing and fingering her dripping wet pussy, she was panting hours on the phone in a complete orgasmic ecstasy until she could not rub no more.

It was absolutely a mind-blowing cybersex joined with a phone sex. Never before was she exposed that completely, that nakedly and that lustfully. Never before was she told, ordered and controlled by any man, and never before was she whispered in her ears the contents so provocative, lustful, erotic, even to the level of nasty and dirty. Her imaginations were entirely captivated by this man's words and voice, and her body was instinctively responding to his lead for it knew it would reach an ultimate pleasure at the end. There was a moral issue in her mind, she was struggling with at every initial stage of talking to him. But her body so powerfully betrayed her mind's guilt at an undeniably attractive price it offered, Kristin within less than 30 minutes became a slave of her body's pursuit of pleasure, and being lost in the storms of seemingly never ending orgasms in her mind. He made her talk dirty, spitting out some of the words she never even dreamed of putting on her lips. He even went further to make her talk down on her husband in comparison to the man himself. Kristin hesitated a moment. But the evening's argument surfaced in her mind, and she soon complied to the man's demands. She began to demean the size of Bob's penis, Bob's stamina, Bob's sexual skill... even Bob's manliness. As those unlikely confessions were escaping out of her mouth, confessing the man's superiority over her husband to pleasure and satisfy her body's insatiable needs, Kristin all of the sudden entered into a whole new realm of lust. It was a pleasure zone she could reach only when she was committing something forbidden. It was a different kind of pleasure. A guilt-trodden, heart-pounding, adrenalin-rushing, criminally-insane lustful pleasure. A pleasure of cheating housewife, swingers, and one night stand with complete strangers. She could hear her hoarse moaning herself, being lacily fashioned in a sluttish and whorish manner, her nipples were achingly erect, her belly creating a crazy sensation, her face heated up red, her back was completely arched, exposing the raw naked ness of her shaven pussy and tight ass, her fingers were shoving two of her slender fingers vigorously in her pussy, and again her voice was getting louder and louder, forgetting momentarily that her husband is asleep not too far away. But for now, Kristin was not too concerned of Bob. The pleasure she was just introduced through her body was so powerfully tremendous she could quite careless even if Bob himself walked into the room to witness her in such a degrading state. The most base and dirty type of pleasure had completely overtaken her body, senses, and judgment. And she just loved it. Kristin knew she no longer was the same person, and that nothing would be ever the same again.

When that lustful storm of her mind and body was finally eased down, and her better senses returned to her, she hurriedly said good bye to the man, and put her nightie back up. She unlocked the study door noiselessly and walked as fast as she could without making any noise on the floor. Then she peaked through the crack of the door as she opened her bedroom door ever so carefully. A sigh of relief. Bob was still gone ... fast. He completely took over the bed, laying diagonally with one of his hairy legs exposed out of the sheet. Kristin sneered at it. You have no idea, she thought as she closed the door behind. This time she was not walking carefully. She did not care if Bob could hear her footsteps. Kristin was just tired. She wanted to sleep.

The next morning, when she woke up, Bob was already gone, she could sense. She overslept. It was already 10:30. But it was a good sleep. She felt refreshed. And as her body was awakening, she realized her pussy was already tingling. Kristin began squirming a little... and then started to rub against the fine linen between her legs. The sensations and images from the night before were returning back to her mind, and her body began responding to them. The slightly coarse sensation of clean fabric of linen began creating a wonderful sense of friction on her shaven clit, and in no time, Kristin was moaning, again, like a slut whore. Kristin realized that once she learned there was no other way of moaning and screaming except like a slut. A slut. That she had become. A woman whose actions and judgments are dictated by her body's lustful desires and pleasures no matter how immoral, forbidden, untraditional, nasty and dirty they are.

She walked out of the guest room into the kitchen to grab something to eat. There was a little note on the table from Bob, saying, I am sorry. She felt bad instantly. Except for sex, Bob was a wonderful husband and her best friend. They could talk forever on any subject, and being with him is always a pleasant experience for her. For the last 3 years, he never disappointed her in anything else. His performance in bed was normal and she could forgive and tolerate his lack of sensitivity and skills. No one was perfect. As Kristin was eating her toast sitting down by the kitchen table, she was thinking hard how to resolve the current dilemma. She knew Bob would not be happy until he found a good job again. The whole argument last night was about it. Kristin even suggested that she would go out and get herself a job. Bob was adamantly against it. He wanted Kristin to stay home and take care of house chores. He wanted his wife to be a good housewife even at this difficult circumstance. So be it, then, Kristin thought to herself. There is nothing I could at this point except for wishing a luck for Bob.

Around 2 p.m. while Kristin was busying herself cleaning the house, she received a call from Bob. His voice was excited and vibrant with energy. Kristin hasn't heard this sort of Bob's voice for the last 2 months. She knew something good happened. Bob said he coincidentally ran into this man while he was waiting for an interview at a certain advertising firm in the city. They talked, and the man liked Bob. He offered a position in his firm which was a better one on the other side of the city even nearer home to commute. And the man also suggested whether he could come and visit Bob's because he and his wife like to get to know Bob and his wife. So Bob was asking whether Kristin could prepare for a dinner for 4. Kristin welcomed the news happily though a little bit puzzled. It sounded somewhat overly kind. She sensed there could be something else in this... but after 2 months of running down their money without income, Kristin was not in a position to be too picky, she thought. And then the whole afternoon until 6 o'clock dinner time, she busied herself, doing a quick shopping to get some grocery, preparing, cooking, decorating, etc. So when Bob and his guests showed up at the door, everything was ready to go. After all, Kristin still was a good housewife, and she knew her job and role very well.

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