tagLoving WivesKristin's Night Out

Kristin's Night Out


Night Out.

It was the kind of night out that Kristin hadn't had in a very long time, maybe ever. "Celebrating" her friend Susan's pending divorce, the girls had all gotten together for a night out on the town. Drinks, dinner, a black car to shuttle them all around. And to cap the night off, the other girls had "surprised" Susan with a table at a club that featured male strippers on that particular evening.

After two glasses of wine at dinner, and then a shot or two of some fruity drink, Kristin had settled into her seat at the table, enjoying the sights in a way that was hard to imagine for a married mother of two.

The other girls in the group were more rambunctious, grabbing at strippers going by, slapping the dancer's bottoms, stuffing dollar bills in g-strings, and generally behaving like the wild girls that they had once been. Kristin was more than happy to sit quietly, share an occasional laugh, and check out the eye candy.

One hour turned into two, and the shots were flowing freely. Even with only a few drinks in her, Kristin was becoming three sheets to the wind. At five feet tall and a little bit more than one hundred pounds, even at her best Kristin couldn't handle more than a few drinks. Usually she stopped drinking before she had the feeling of losing control, but with car service for the evening and a bit of coaxing from her friends, Kristin was quite intoxicated as the evening wore on.

Susan had disappeared into the back for a "private dance" with a muscular dancer whom she had been paying attention to all evening, courtesy of her friends' generosity. "She's going to get lucky tonight!" said Jackie, one of the other friends, to Kristin as Susan followed her chosen suitor into the back.

"You don't really think that will happen, do you?" asked a surprised Kristin in response. "I know it's a "private" dance, but there's no way anything serious will happen, is there?"

Jackie laughed and shrugged her shoulders. "i'm really not sure, but...if it's up to Susan, she'll definitely make sure it does, and I doubt that the dancer would mind." Jackie smiled a bit, coyly, at Kristin. "there's only one way to find out...we should send YOU back there."

Kristin laughed. They both knew, of all of the girls, Kristin was the least likely to do anything like that. Straightlaced, Kristin had married her college sweetheart, and other than grabbing the butt of the stripper at her own bachelorette party, she hadn't even touched another man in nearly fifteen years.

Not that it would have been difficult to do. Kristin had large, beautiful brown eyes, full lips, and a pretty face framed by short, dyed dirty blonde hair that fell down nearly to her shoulders. Her petite frame, while short, had curves in all of the right places. Her hips flared out into a perfect ass, and her slender tummy led up to a lovely sets of tits. Her b-cup breasts were still wonderfully perky, even after two children. She was often referred to as cute owing to her size, or girl-next-door pretty, but there was no question that if Kristin wanted to attract male attention, she'd have no lack of suitors.

"How about him?" Said Jackie drunkenly, pointing to Kristin a tall, attractive dancer with green eyes and light reddish-brown hair. Kristin giggled a bit...the dancer that Jackie had picked was indeed the one that Kristin had been eying most of the evening. Either Jackie had noticed, or she just knew Kristin's type. Red hair, a swimmers body, a nice butt...this was definitely the guy that Kristin would have picked for a dance, but she had no intention of having a dance, in public or private, this evening.

Before she could say anything, though, Jackie was waving her arms, getting the attention of the dancer in question. He smiled and acknowledged her, casually starting over towards their table.

One he was facing them, something else became clear. This dancer was clearly very, very well equipped down below. None of the dancers seemed to be lacking in that department, given their job description, but the huge bulge that this particular performer had was clearly impressive, as if his thong could barely contain it.

He arrived at the girl's table, and was greeted to noisy catcalls from the now very drunk and boisterous group.

He introduced himself to Jackie first, extending a hand. "Hi, I'm Drew," he said over the blaring music. "Are you ladies having fun tonight?"

"Absolutely!" Jackie replied. Motioning towards Kristin, she continued, "My friend here is feeling a bit shy, but she would really enjoy a dance with you." Kristin felt her cheeks go red with embarrassment, and she looked away, a bit perturbed that Jackie was making a spectacle of her like this.

"Sure thing!" Said an enthusiastic Drew. "I always love dancing for the gorgeous ones!" Kristin felt her cheeks burn, but looked up to Drew and attempted a smile. His green eyes stared back at her, as if sizing her up for something, and he spotted a broad grin on his handsome face. As much as the dancers were paid to flirt, Kristin did enjoy the compliment and managed a weak smile and a nod.

In response, Drew turned his attention away from Jackie and, facing Kristin, extended his hand again. "Hi, I'm Drew. What's your name, brown eyes?" The familiarity with which he spoke to her was actually calming, a bit. She felt her cheeks cool a bit, and extended her small hand towards him. He pulled it towards him, and his huge hand enveloped hers.

The warmth of his grasp surprised her. "I'm Kristin," she stated nervously, looking up at him apprehensively. His green eyes sparkly as he smiled back warmly at her. A lump caught in her throat, and she smiled back, swallowing hard.

"Well, Kristin, your friend tells me that you'd like a dance." He stood very close to her, and she caught his smell, a clean, soapy smell. His hips thrust out just a hint, slowly. She realized how close her face was to Drew's generous package, and started to get a bit unnerved.

She leaned back, away from him, and looked up. "I'm sorry if my friends gave you the wrong idea, I'm really not looking for that tonight." Kristin found herself laughing nervously as he said it.

Drew kept at it, though. "Oh, c'mon...you wouldn't want to hurt my feelings, would you?" He gave a fake wounded look.

Kristin giggled drunkenly. "You don't want to dance for me, I'm no fun - I'm married!" She waived him off half-heartedly, but clearly enjoying the attention.

"A pretty lady like you, married? What are you doing in a place like this? Your husband is crazy to let you out of his sight!" Drew picked up her left hand, running his long fingers over her wedding band. "You're lucky that you found me...there are some men in here who wouldn't be as polite as me if they knew you were taken," he continued, then His voice dropped into a husky whisper. "I'll take good care of you, protect you from that element." Kristin giggled, and let his hand continue to linger on hers. In response, he placed his hand around her wrist, pulling her hand up and placing it on his flat, muscled stomach. She didn't stop him, or pull her hand away. Instead she blushed, running her hand up and down his chiseled abs. Her heart fluttered.

"Go ahead, Kristin, have some fun for once!" Her friend Jenny called from the end of the table. Kristin gladed at her for a moment, and then smiled a mischievious grin.

"I'm not getting a lap dance in front of everyone!" She retorted, her hand still lingering on his chest. Her friends howled with laughter.

"Then we'll get you a private dance!" Cried Jackie. "Drew, how much to send you in the back with this girl and make her smile?" She pulled out her purse. "She should be free, you know, she needs to learn to have fun!"

Drew smiled down towards Kristin, and placing his hand over hers, pulled his head down and gave her hand a lingering kiss. "I agree, I wouldn't dream of charging this treasure, the pleasure would be all mine. But the house still needs $100 for a half hour, minimum. What do you say, ladies? Help Kristin here relax a little?" Kristin could hardly believe her eyes as her friends started shoving money towards him. They were clearly drunk, though the fact that she was even a part of this meant that she probably was as well. Oh well, she thought to herself, it's just a little harmless flirting...

Drew allowed the girls to place the money in his g-string near his hip, and then he grabbed Kristin firmly but gently by the arm. She allowed herself to be pulled up, and found herself wobbling next to him, blushing like crazy and definitely drunk.

Drew took her hand in his and started to lead her away from the table. Her friends began to applaud and catcall her as she turned away from them, following Drew. He turned around once more, with a final grin to the table. "Don't worry, ladies, I'll bring her back safely before you know it!" Kristin heard their howls of laughter as she allowed herself to be led away, towards what appeared to be a private area in the back.

Am I really doing this? She thought to herself as she followed this stranger with the green eyes down a dimly lit hallway. He turned to her and said, "relax, it's really harmless fun, if you want it to be. The customer sets the limits, and we make sure everything is on the up-and-up." He pulled her closer to him, and they stopped in the hallway. He placed his arm gently around her waist, pulling her in a bit. His other hand brushed her hair away from her face, behind her ear. He is gorgeous, she thought to herself, as he leaned in a bit. "I'm really glad you came back here...most of the girls I have to dance for aren't the type I'm attracted to."

Kristin continued to blush, but liked where the conversation was going; his compliments seemed genuine. "And what am I?" She asked, her response tinged with a bit of sass. If she was going to have fun, she thought, might as well enjoy the role for the evening and get a few compliments.

"You, Kristin, are the type of girl I want to dance for in private, and impress. I love petite beautiful blondes with lovely figures. And I am a sucker for brown eyes." He paused, and pointed towards a wooden door next to him. "This is my private 'dance studio' for the evening. Would you care to see it?" Kristin simply nodded. "Whew," he said, grinning, "I was worried that you were going to let me down gently." He opened the door, and Kristin, curious to find out what would happen next, walked in. Drew grabbed another dancer walking by, and whispered something to him

"What was that about?" Kristin asked, her interest piqued. "Trying to get him to join us, don't think you're enough for me?" She giggled - she didn't even feel like herself, this wasn't her talking.

Drew grinned, "I was just letting him know to tell the manager I won't be back on the floor for a while. As for if I'm enough for you...I'll let you decide."

Kristin traced her eyes up and down his body, lingering on the bulge in his crotch, unable to look away, transfixed. "I think you might be too much for me..." She tentatively whispered.

Drew pulled his arm around her, and eased her towards the room entrance. "I promise that it's just the right amount for you." he muttered into her ear as she passed by. Kristin had a chill go down her spine. What was this man expecting to happen? What, she thought to herself, did she expect to happen?

The room was dimly lit, with a pole and a small day bed next to it. The sight alarmed her a bit. "Ummm...I don't know if this is a great idea..." said Kristin, worried a bit about what the bed meant.

Drew rushed to reassure her, standing behind her and rubbing her shoulders and neck. "No, the bed is just because it's more comfortable and taller than a couch," he assured her. "Most of the dancers are quite tall, this lets the customer be at the right level, is all." He escorted her over to the bed, "here, sit down, and I'll dance a little to give you your monies worth. Remember, you set the limits, so if you're ever uncomfortable, we can stop."

"I should probably go," she said hesitantly, "I really shouldn't be here, or do this..." Kristin looked up at Drew, innocently, but made no move. She was clearly drunk, and he knew, willing to be convinced otherwise.

"Don't be silly," he replied reassuringly, and he placed both of his hands on her shoulders, and, guiding her gently, sat her down on the side of the bed. Kristin slumped down on the bed, and, his hands still on her shoulders, turned to the side to allow him to sit beside her. He sat next to her, only the outsides of their legs pressing against one another.

Kristin tried to relax, rolling her head to try to get her bearings, shake some sense into herself. She closed her eyes to try to keep her drunk mind from swimming away. All of the alcohol had finally sunk in, and she was drunk, and getting drunker from the feel of it.

Drew's hands began to kneed her shoulders to her neck, and Kristin simply melted into him. Within seconds she was leaning back into the source of this bliss, as if she had been waiting for this backrub for eternity.

His hands were warm, and strong, and he massaged her shoulders, down to her arms, and then back up, to her back. She was lost in the moment when she felt his hand slip under the back of her shirt, and she murmured, "Hey, mister...I'm a married woman...". But she offered no resistance nor moved in the slightest. His hands traveled past her bra back up to her shoulders, and Kristin felt a contented sigh escape her lips.

Without a word, his fingers slid under the skimpy shoulder straps of her bra, and pushed them down onto her arms. Kristin remained quiet, though pushing her arms out to aid him as he slid them down her arms. She was becoming a silent, yet willing, accomplice, she knew.

His hands moved in circles around her upper back, then moving down to her lower back, tracing her bra strap for the briefest of moments with his long fingers. He pressed expertly into her lower back, and Kristin groaned at the unexpected release of tension. His hands moved slowly, deliberately out to the side, as soon stopped. He was pressed into her, she back into him, and she could feel his short breaths on her neck. The massage had stopped, briefly, and he was simply behind her, holding her tenderly, erotically. She yielded to his touch, leaning back further.

"Is this okay?" He asked in a hoarse voice. His hands ran up her sides, slowly, pausing just under the fabric of her bra. Kristin nodded her approval.

"Yes..." She whispered, "this feels so good..." His hands paused for a moment longer, then, began soft circles on her sides, under her arms. Kristin relaxed her arms, allowing him easier access, subtly willing him to continue his slow, deliberate movement towards the forbidden. His index fingers moved further up, and towards the front, and began to brush against the underside of her bra. With each slow circle, he became bolder, and the fingers that were first simply stroking the sides of her bra, were now full hands running over her breasts. Kristin had been murmuring softly as the tease began, but was now frozen in place as she wondered how far she could let this go before it was over the line. After all, her passive response, along with the multiple drinks in her system, assuaged any guilt she might have had. She dismissed her involvement as simply being along for the ride. Really, she was just here because her friends had coerced her into it.

But now...a dance from a handsome stranger had turned into a shoulder rub, which was turning into a very erotic massage. She felt as excited and nervous as she had in high school, and then...the light touches on her bra turned into squeezing, gentle at first but firmer, so that her bra-covered tits were being firmly held by this strangers hands. Then she felt Drew's very soft, very warm lips on her shoulder, pressing down and lingering. Kristin could feel her nipples harden in response to the attention that he paid her breasts. Involuntarily, she moaned, the overwhelming sensations and danger of the evening finally breaking through her prim exterior.

Drew took the signal and went with it. His hands stopped squeezing her breasts and, unceremoniously, lifted her bra from below, freeing her perfect, perky breasts. His hands ran gently over her aroused nipples, pinching them gently cupping her breasts underneath. Kristin whimpered, softly, as his lips pressed down on her shoulders, then to the back of her neck. His strong arms had fully encircled her, and she was yielding to him, fully.

His lips were now at her jawline, and Kristin realized that her lips would soon be on his at this rate, and what choice did she have, really? Clearly this man knew how to push buttons that she didn't know that she had, and her friends had pressured her into this situation. She rationalized all of this as she fell deeper into her erotic trance, and became actually aware of how very damp she was between her legs. Kristin knew that her more primal instincts were taking over, and that the slippery slope that she was on could get much, much steeper.

As if on cue, one of Drew's warm hands released her right breast, and began to slide down her soft, tight stomach towards her waist. His lips pressed hard into her neck, almost possessively, and his fingers found their way under the waistband of her skirt. He pressed her labia through her soaking cotton panties, and an "mmmm..." Escaped his lips as he acknowledged her clearly aroused state. Kristin swallowed hard, becoming nervous for the first time, yet incredibly aroused. He was seducing her, successfully, she knew. An expert, he was priming this innocent wife to be fucked, and she was failing every test of willpower. His right hand rubbed her pussy through her undies, and she whimpered, because she knew she was soon going to lose the battle of wills that she desperately had to win. His fingers pushed under the elastic of her underwear, and began to slide down towards the prize that he sought from her.

She moaned, in frustration, but tried valiantly to save her purity. Her hand reached across and grabbed his. "Drew...baby...I can't. I'm married. You can't touch me there." Drew relented, pulling his hand out and dropping his other hand from her breast. He wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her neck, repeatedly. Kristin wanted to cry in frustration, she was so aroused. "I'm so sorry..." she whispered, trying to turn towards him. In her drunken state, she was actually feeling more guilty about leading him on than anything else.

"Okay, darling...whatever you want." He kissed her neck softly, lingering. "Can I dance for you, please?"

Kristin nodded her head, as this would stop the physical contact between them which was set to put her over the edge. It would also, she thought, give her a chance to see his rock-hard body a bit more, and was clearly a safer option than the path that they had just been traveling down.

Kristin adjusted her bra, covering her perfect, still-aroused b-cup breasts again, and sat back a bit on the bed as Drew stood up.

His hands on his hips, Drew began to slowly grind his pelvis in front of her. She stared admiringly at the muscled body in front of her, and was clearly enjoying the show. Drew took one of her hands, and then the other, placing both of them on his hips. He moved in a bit more, and then, still dancing, slowly slid her hands with his towards his rear. I am definitely too drunk, Kristin thought to herself as she squeezed his tight bottom with her hands. "If I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying to take advantage of me in my drunken state!" She said, trying to lighten the mood. She ran her hands up and down his tight bottom, lifting his cheeks with a gentle squeeze, as if to emphasize her point.

Drew murmured appreciatively. "I hope you like what you see," he said, "you can touch anywhere you'd like, that you're comfortable with. I'll let you know if it's not okay. But...", and he paused for effect. "Anywhere you touch is okay with me."

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