tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKristin's Nightmare Ch. 03

Kristin's Nightmare Ch. 03


Kristin rushed out of the store, feeling as if the few remaining employees could all see the remnants of Charlie’s cum plastered on her face no matter how hard she had scrubbed clean in the bathroom. Worse, Charlie had kept her bra, so as she walked her 36-DD bust bounced and swayed freely—her nipples poking through the polyester fabric—with each hurried step. If the others couldn’t see anything in her face it was because they were too busy watching her jugs hop about beneath her tight shirt as she fled the premises. Outside she found Charlie waiting for her. He told her that they could leave her car at the store and he would drive her. She sat silently as he drove, ignoring his comments about how nice it was fucking her giant tits.

They pulled into the driveway of a small, one-level house. Not knowing much about Charlie, she assumed that this was his home and wondered where the 18-year old’s parents would be. Unbeknownst to the pretty, big-chested, redhead this was actually Barry’s home. The 19-year old who had been fired after she had told her manager about catching him assisting his friend, Leo, to steal from the store. Barry rented the place, with help from his parents, while working and going to school part-time. The house was in poor condition but it served well for a 19-year old who enjoyed partying as often as possible.

Charlie led Kristin inside. When she saw Barry and Leo sitting on the couch she began to back away. But Charlie was behind her and had already closed the door.

“What the fuck is going on?” She asked.

Charlie laughed. “Oh, did I forget to tell you. Barry and Leo have watched your tapes and will be joining in on our fun.”

“Fuck you!” She said, turning to leave. But Charlie just pushed her into the room.

“There is no way in hell I’m letting all three of you fuck me!” She insisted.

“Let us or not, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.” Barry said, stepping forward and grabbing her right tit with his hand. Kristin moved to slap him but was easily blocked.

“Come on, Kristin. You’ve already agreed to have sex.” Charlie reminded her.

Kristin blushed. “With you, and for the tapes. I never agreed to a fucking gangbang.”

“Well you’re going to get one.” Leo said.

The three of them grabbed her and began wrestling her out of her clothes. Kristin fought to resist, but soon found herself on the floor with her shirt removed and her pants being pulled off of her. Then her panties were jerked free. As she struggled she could feel the three pair of hands grabbing her all over. She renewed her efforts when someone’s fingers parted her red bush and forced into her snatch.

“This can go easy on you if you just relax.” Barry told her. “All we want is one night of fun, to pay you back for what you did to us. Then we will all be even.”

“Otherwise the tapes get circulated.” Charlie reminded her.

Kristin gave in. “Fine. But you have to use rubbers.” She said.

She was shocked when Leo stood up and grabbed a camcorder. She quickly tried to cover her nakedness with her hands as best she possibly could.

“Oh, don’t worry, Kristin.” Charlie said. “This is just to protect us from you crying rape. Now look at the camera and say that you want us to fuck you as much as we want tonight.”

Kristin didn’t know what to do. Her eyes were as wide as saucers as she watched Leo filming her.

“Spread yourself open and tell us to fuck you.” Barry said.

Kristin caught her breath, then moved her hands, spreading her legs wide. “I want you three to fuck me.” She said to the camera.

Charlie had his pants off and was climbing on her.

“Wear a rubber.” She insisted.

“Fuck rubbers.” He said.

Kristin tried to push him away but he was already shoving his cock into her cunt. Worse, Leo was still filming everything.

“No, stop the camera!” She cried out.

Charlie was humping her fast and furious. Kristin jerked her hips up and down and side to side trying to escape his unprotected prick but was unable to expel him. She had been made to suck his cock, to let him eat her pussy, and to let him tit-fuck her. Now he was going to do something that even her boyfriend wasn’t allowed to do, and that was to cum in her pussy without protection.

Charlie rammed her cunt without mercy, unable to hold on despite having already cum once tonight. “Oh shit!” He cried out as his balls began to spew inside her.

“No, please don’t!” Kristin pleaded once more as she felt Charlie’s orgasm begin. She could feel his seed spilling inside of her and feared the risk of pregnancy.

Charlie was finished and off of her quickly. Then she found Barry, already undressed, getting down between her legs. Barry’s cock was about an inch shorter than Charlie’s seven-inches. But was thicker. It reminded her more of her boyfriend’s.

She wanted to resist but found Barry upon her too quickly. The camera rolled on catching every moment of her second fuck tonight.

“Oh, this is great.” Barry told her. “It was worth getting fired to be able to fuck you.”

Kristin lay still as Barry pounded his meat into her. He was slower and steadier than Charlie had been. And she almost found herself enjoying the skill of his fucking. Had it not been for the fact that she was being blackmailed into this she might have found Barry an enjoyable fuck under other circumstances. But she could not allow the others to see that thought.

Barry could feel his balls getting tighter as he skewered Kristin. He lowered his head and began sucking on her left nipple while squeezing that orb with his right hand. The shock of his tongue on her nipple sent a wave of unwanted pleasure from her tit to her clit, where Barry’s thick pole was rubbing with each stroke. Kristin had already climaxed once tonight when Charlie had gone down on her. She was afraid that she was about to do so again. Kristin bit her lip, trying to prevent her body from enjoying what was happening to her. She was coming close to the edge when Barry grunted and coated her insides with his juice.

Barry withdrew from Kristin and stood up. As he walked away she watched as Leo dropped his jeans and boxer shorts. Her eyes widened at the sight of his fully erect dick. It was thicker than Barry's and she guessed that it was at least nine-inches. Easily larger than any of the other men she had been with.

Kristin didn't want Leo to fuck her, but the sight of his member, and her being on the very edge of an orgasm, had her spreading her legs without thinking.

Leo got down onto the floor with Kristin. But instead of climbing onto her he rolled the redhead onto her hands and knees. Kristin knew that this would fill her even more deeply than had he simply jumped atop her.

Leo thrust his rod into Kristin's pussy. She grunted loudly as he rammed inside. His cockhead slammed into her cervix, causing her to cry out. Kristin could not believe how stuffed Leo's cock made her feel. As Leo began fucking her Kristin was suddenly caught up in the throws of orgasm.

Leo enjoyed feeling Kristin's pussy spasm around his shaft. Kristin wanted to hide from the eyes, and camera, that was watching her climax as Leo fucked her. Then, as her orgasm neared its peak, Leo pulled out of her completely. Kristin caught herself shoving her hips back trying to find the pole that was bringing her pleasure.

When she next felt Leo's cock it wasn't in her pussy. It was pressing between the cheeks of her slightly plump ass. At first she thought that he was just misdirected. But as Leo began pushing forward she realized his intent.

"Oh no you don't!" She said, trying to pull forward.

But Leo had a firm hold on her hips and was holding her still. "You cost me by having me busted, bitch." He said. "Now I'm gonna bust your ass."

Kristin began to panic. She had been fingered in her ass once, and disliked it so much that she had never permitted it again. Now she was about to be fucked in her tightest of holes. And not just by any cock, but by Leo's massive one.

"Please, no!" She cried out.

Leo laughed as his shoved his slickened pole into Kristin's virgin ass. The girl screamed in both pain and rage as his cock tore into her. Each forward thrust gained more depth, sending more pain through her entire body. Leo was not satisfied until his entire length was buried inside her chute. Once fully inserted he began fucking her ass without mercy.

"Ohhhhhh nooooooo!" She cried out as Leo pounded her ass. He enjoyed listening to her cries as he fucked her harder and harder, feeling his own orgasm closing in.

"Oh yes!" Leo proclaimed as his seed began pouring into Kristin's ass.

Once finished, Leo jerked free of Kristin's asshole. The girl pulled back, crying in surprise as the pressure of his exit overtook her. She was shaking and fell onto the floor, praying that the three men were finished with her.

Seeing his chance for another way to fuck her, Charlie got behind her and thrust his cock into her ass. Being much thinner she was able to accommodate him better, although it still hurt somewhat.

Barry was not before her, his cock hard once more as well. He pulled her up by her hair and thrust his pecker into her face. Instinctively Kristin opened her mouth and began sucking him. She took Charlie's anal pounding as she sucked on Barry's rod. It wasn't long before Barry was filling her mouth with his salty fluid. As he pulled out she could feel Charlie climaxing in her ass.

As soon as the men stepped aside Leo came to her again.

"Suck my dick." He insisted.

Kristin wasn't sure that she could fit him into her mouth. She also had no desire to do so after taking his cock in her ass. But Leo offered her no chance to resist. He grabbed her head by both sides and pressed her face into his crotch until she opened her mouth. Once his prick had gained entrance Leo began to face-fuck her. Doing his best to force his cock as deep into her throat as possible. Kristin choked as his pecker filled her throat. She gagged several times but Leo continued making her deep throat his massive tool until he shot his seed into her.

As Leo pulled free Kristin fell to the floor and passed out. When she awoke she found Leo straddling her chest fucking her tits. By the cum dripping down her neck, and seeing Barry standing over her with the only limp dick in the room, she guessed that he had just completed doing the same.

Leo's cock banged into her chin each time he thrust forward. Kristin saw Charlie standing a couple feet away with the camera focused on her latest encounter. His cock standing ready for another turn at her.

Leo's cock began spurting between her tits. Then he stood up, proudly pointing out his semen to the camera.

Then Charlie got down and began fucking her tits again. Kristin hated the way the three of them continued their focus on her large breast. But there was nothing she could do about it now. Like before, Charlie mauled her boobs as he thrust his cock between them until he unleashed his cum once more.

Leo grabbed the redhead and pulled her over to him. His 9-inch cock was ready to go again. This time he made her sit on his shaft. Kristin began riding his prick, now welcoming its fullness inside her. Then she felt Barry climbing behind her.

"My turn in that asshole." He told her.

Kristin wanted to resist. But her will to do so was gone. She grimaced as his cock pressed into her ass. Combined with Leo's massive rod already inside her she began to shake violently. No sooner had she begun riding the two cocks did she find Charlie beside her. He had placed the camera onto the table aimed in her direction and now guided her head onto his cock.

Kristin was now working three pricks at once. Charlie and Leo fondled her tits as the three men plugged her holes. Without warning Kristin began jerking back and forth, her body wracked with a mighty orgasm. She increased the pace of her fucking and found herself going through multiple orgasms as the three men took her. She could not believe how good it was feeling. She cursed herself for enjoying it but was unable to stop the pleasure that was filling her body.

This went on for several more minutes and she found herself climaxing twice more before Charlie spewed his load into her mouth. As he pulled free she began having yet another orgasm. The twin cocks ramming her from below were all she could think of.

"Oh god, yes!" She called out as her orgasm took control of her. She screamed in delight as she continued to climax on their poles. Both men came inside her but she was still going strong. Finally her orgasm subsided and she was permitted to climb off of their cocks.

With shaking legs and weak knees, Kristin made her way to the couch where she fell exhausted.

The three of them were finished with her. Kristin was allowed to dress and Charlie drove her back to the store so she could get her car and go home. She soaked herself in the tub before going to bed. The next day she did little more than sleep. Unsure of just how she felt about what had happened the night before. Sure, she was forced to have sex. But she had ended up enjoying it in the end.

The next day her boyfriend came home for the weekend. Kristin was anxious to see him, but when she arrived at his parent's home she went upstairs to his room. She opened the door and saw him sitting on the bed watching TV. The sound immediately let her know that he was watching porn.

She was about to say something to him when she heard her own voice on the screen Kristin's face went pale as she looked at the screen; For there she was being fucked by Charlie, Barry and Leo. The tape was edited well enough that Kristin looked every bit the willing participant in the action going on. Her boyfriend looked at her, his eyes telling her all she needed to hear.

Kristin ran out of the house knowing that the boys had completed their revenge on her. Her relationship was over. She drove home wondering if this was the end of everything. Or if they were intent on humiliating her further.

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