tagIncest/TabooKristin's Surprise

Kristin's Surprise


***This story was commisioned by Mistress Christine and latterly co-authored by her. I'd like to thank her for her inspiration and incredible ideas. Pilot***

Sara knelt down in her cell, hands tied behind her back, heart pounding. Today was the big day. Today she was going to meet the man that Mistress Kristin had been grooming for her. She knew what she had to do but despite weeks of training, it scared her. Sara didn't know who the man would be, but she knew she had to please him. Please him in order to please Mistress. And pleasing Mistress Kristin had become what made Sara feel happy and fulfilled. Looking back at the barely six months that she had known Mistress Kristin, Sara couldn't believe the change she has gone through. Until that day at the health spa – a birthday gift from her son – she had never been with a woman... she had never even heard much about BDSM. She just knew it was something perverse that some people crave for to fulfil weird sexual fantasies. And now... six months later... here she was, on her knees, dolled up like a cheap slut... waiting to be told to sexually please a man she never met...and why? Just so that she can please a woman she had come to adore, worship and... and yes, obey. Willingly, unconditionally. She shivered and the leather straps that held her arms together rubbed uncomfortably. Sara's hair was tied back into a ponytail. As ordered she had not worn panties, and her full breasts were bared. However the sheer black nylon stockings, lace top as always, and black patent leather high heels that Mistress always insisted on adorned her legs and feet.

With every minute, Sara was becoming more and more nervous. The Mistress had booked a three-room suite at the Dorchester, a legend among London hotels. She had gasped as she was shown in, not having experienced such luxury before in her entire life. What she was told was her 'cell' was actually the adjoining bedroom. It had been designed with families in mind. Sara looked uneasily at the bunk beds. The ladder could easily be used for being tied to. Her head put through one of the rungs, her hands tied above her, her pretty arse in the air while Mistress bruised her with the plastic ruler, a bamboo cane, a leather belt. Or, her Mistress' favourite – the leather riding crop. Sara felt the sweet thrill of desire flow over her as she remembered the SWISH and SMACK on her backside. How she would squirm as Mistress struck her again and again, her bum wiggling and flinching as she cried out... And as the pain gave way to the slow wave of pleasure, the Mistress would make her watch as she slowly attached Her big black strap-on dildo onto Herself. Then She would make Sara beg. Beg to lick. Beg to suck. And the Mistress would not even let her kiss the strap on until She saw tears of desire in Sara's eyes. And then, she would be told "Suck it bitch. Suck cock..." and she would slobber over it, kissing and licking the black rubber dildo until it was all shiny and wet. As she sucked, the Mistress would tell her what position she wanted her in for the finale. For the FUCK. And finally, there it would be... right on the entrance of her pussy, slowly working its way between the folds of her pussy lips.

The Mistress loved the missionary position most. It would enable Her to slap Sara's breasts and pinch her nipples as the dildo started going in. Inch by tantalising inch. Into her wet, warm pussy. Several times, she had been too eager and had squirmed, trying to feed the dildo faster into her pussy and she had been punished cruelly. Taken to the edge, and denied the pleasure of her orgasm. "Slut... you get as much cock as I want, when I want it and in the way I want it, is that clear SLUT?" And so Sara learnt. Learnt to wait, learnt to give her body up completely. To wait until ordered to move and match her Mistress's thrusts. Longing all the time to feel her cunt filled and filled and filled until it could take no more. And then... feel that one hard push of her Mistress' hips that would make the head of the dildo hit her womb... and push her over the edge and into heaven.

And six months ago... she would have laughed if someone asked her if she was bi... if she liked sex with women... if she craved to submit. God... how did it all happen? Sara closed her eyes and remembered the day in the spa. The charming smile, the upper crust accent, the ease with which the elegant blonde walked into the fruit juice bar at the spa. How her eyes were drawn towards the woman as if controlled by a magnet. The skip of her heartbeat as the woman smiled at her and sat right next to her, offering a manicured hand and saying - "Hello, I am Kristin". God... time flew... the woman was a wonderful conversationalist. She spoke about her love for classical music, her passion for reading, she was simply the most exciting person Sara had ever met! And someone said accountants were boring! Well, not this one, not Kristin. How did it happen? WHAT happened? How did she succumb to the charm of this woman within the hour? With hindsight, it started right at the fruit bar, with the fascination by the woman's wit and charm. And it continued by the pool. The high-class gym was almost deserted that Tuesday.

"No, you can't really go into the jacuzzi in your swimming suit! Come on... off with it!" Kristin's voice had been low as she issued what Sara now knew was her first command to Sara. It took her ages to understand that. She was about to protest... to say she wasn't used to baring her breasts in public... but Kristin's fingers were quicker. One swift move and the clip on her bikini top was open. God, was that woman a smooth operator. Talking all the time, explaining, soothing, calming... even as her fingers slid into the bikini pants and slide them down... all the way. Standing up, Kristin then removed her own top, revealing her 38d breasts with deep pink nipples. Erect. Sara could not help herself, her eyes zoomed in on the nipples and she felt strange waves of different emotions going through her as Kristin continued the chit chat. Relaxing her, soothing her... Sara did not even realise that out of modesty, she had covered up her own breasts with her hands until Kristin laughed – "Come on, bare those beauties, there is nothing to be ashamed of!"

The leather straps - damn why couldn't she touch herself? Waiting for her Mistress always made her so aroused and normally, Mistress Kristin would allow her touch. Not to cum of course, just to touch herself, to make her more "needy". Her Mistress loved her needy. She loved to make her wait for the sexual release. Patience she told herself. Soon there would be a tongue on her pussy, maybe even a cock inside her. Oh God, this was so frightening and so exciting. Although Sara had been serving Mistress Kristin for six months since that day at the spa, they had only played in one-on-one situations. Well, a few times the Mistress had taken her online and made her do things with other women and men, but this was the first time She would be introducing someone for real! And what a journey those six months had been!

In her forties Sara had discovered that she had a deep desire to be dominated. And, an equally strong desire to have sex with women. Well, so far, one woman only. Until the day in the spa, Sara had been a fairly conservative single mother who didn't really appreciate, or indeed have sex all that often. She'd spent most of her adult life raising her son, Mark, but now that he was 19 and virtually independent, she had much more free time. Since that day, she had been seeing Mistress Kristin at least twice a week and had discovered and done things she had dreamt or even heard about. Kneeling in the 'cell' she blushed as she remembered the elegant restaurant she had been made to masturbate in. "Now my little slut, let us give the waiter and that table over there a nice little show shall we? Remember, you have to cum right when the waiter pours the wine into your glass. And... he HAS to see your hand moving under your skirt... go ahead slut, start!" Managing to keep her excursions secret from her son, Sara had gone further and further down the line with Mistress until she agreed to play with a third person. Sara remembered the smile Kristin gave when she'd agreed. A huge grin. And it all started oh so innocently!

Kristin offered Her hand to steady her as Sara walked into the huge jacuzzi, but – strangely enough, thought Sara at the time – did not let go of it as she slid her body into the warm. Bubbling water. Her fingers were so skilful, the chit chat so intoxicating that it wasn't until Kristin's hand was half way up her thigh that Sara even became aware of it.

Initially, she was too embarrassed and confused to protest or say anything, but then she just froze as she realised that she was feeling something else as well. Something she hadn't felt in a long, long time. Sheer sexual thrill. Passion. Excitement. But by time her brain started to protest against this invasion by another woman's hand, Kristin had gone much further. Her hand was brazenly cupping Sara's pussy. Just holding it as she continued to talk sweet little nothings. As if nothing at all was happening as Her middle finger detached itself from the others and slid right between Sara's pussy lips. Her first orgasm hit her before she even realised it. She simply collapsed and if it weren't for Kristin's arms, she would have slid under water. "That's it my pet, just relax there... I know, I understand... it was sooooo unexpected, and so strong, wasn't it Sara?" She remembered how Kristin caressed her hair with her left hand as the right one still cupped her pussy. The tremors inside had taken a long time to subside and as they did, Kristin's skilled fingers started moving again. It was only much later, as she lay in her bed that evening that Sara was able to piece together the full details of the day. That she became aware that someone could have walked in on the two of them as Kristin brought her off to the second and third orgasm... the two following each other in quick succession and still in the spa's Jacuzzi. She remembered how soothing Kristin's voice sounded as she held her in her arms and explained that this was all natural, it was good... and that there would be much more to come. She did not even remember giving Kristin her phone number.. the aftermath of the orgasms was a blur in her mind. She did not remember herself dressing or leaving the spa... but she had obviously given the number because tomorrow morning, shortly after Mark left home, the phone rang and she heard that voice again. She remembered how her body responded to the voice immediately... the deep stir inside her. Deep inside her. She didn't understand how and in what way... but that voice had her sliding a hand inside her panties within ten minutes. And having an orgasm in twenty.

And so it started... An innocent cup of coffee at the Leicester Square Starbucks... a dinner at a nearby Sushi restaurant in the heart of Chinatown... the rush back home so that Mark would not miss her and the kiss before they parted. And then the meetings in various hotels... sometimes as plush as the Dorchester... sometimes, and probably on purpose, in rundown, cheap bed and breakfast places... Soon, the word "slut" appeared on Kristin's lips. Usually, as She would pound the strap on dildo into Sara's pussy, making her wait for the orgasm. And then, the day when She calmly and casually said: "You're not just a slut Sara. You are MY slut. I own you. I am your Mistress."

And then the sub/Domme games started... bondage... spankings, bossing her around... slowly but surely making Sara submit to Her every whim. She blushed as she remembered how Mistress Kristin loved to make her phone someone she knew... once even her own son Mark... and make her talk for what seemed like hours... as She slowly pounded her pussy with the strap on.


Sara woke up from her daydreams and memories and tensed up. That was the sound of the door to the main room being opened. The Mistress and Her friend were here.

"Not one word from you, boy, just do the things you were requested."

Mark nodded. He knew better than to disobey the Mistress, especially when she had given him such specific instructions. Turning around, Mark checked that the door was indeed locked, the DO NOT DISTRUB sign on the other side and only then faced his Mistress.

Kristin was dressed in a long black leather coat, elegant but clearly designed to hide something. Sitting in the large armchair, She looked at him and slowly crossed her legs. The SWISHHHHH of nylon rubbing against nylon, as always, sent a shiver down Mark's spine. He shrugged off his black coat and carefully placed it on a hanger and into the closet. He then turned to face Mistress Kristin again and watching Her eyes all the time removed his shirt, one button at a time. She remained impassive, Her eyes watching coldly and following every move of his fingers. He pulled the shirt off and let it fall to the floor. As he was trained to do, he continued to look right into Her face as he took off his shoes and socks, kicking them under the bed. Before too long, he would be on his knees, collecting his clothes and laying them down neatly onto a chair. But first, he had to be naked. Off went the belt and then his trousers. Mistress had instructed him not to have any underwear and so Mark's young cock bobbed eager and ready out in front of him as his trousers fell to the floor. He then looked at his Mistress, awaiting Her first command.

She smiled. "Once."

Mark grabbed the base of his penis and grasping it firmly, moved his fingers so that his foreskin slid over the bulbous tip and then back again once. His hand then dropped to his side.


Mark repeated the action, his eyes on Mistress Kristin all the time. Already, little droplets of pre-cum had formed on the tip of his cock. The fingers moving on his hard young cock felt good... but even better was the thrill of doing as commanded. Being told what to do and what not to do... hell that was the untold pleasure that he had discovered over the past 6 months. It started innocently enough... with an e mail inviting him to install Yahoo Messenger and chat with a sexy woman... and within days, he was a willing slave to Her will. Masturbating as he was told, when he was told, in a way he was told. And cumming only when told. It was an amazing experience! He had always known that he was attracted to older women... hell... he even fantasised about his own mother! And he knew that he liked strong willed women, but it was only when he started his online sessions with Mistress Kristin that Mark fully understood his own sexuality and the depth of his desires to submit. Within two months, the cyber sessions turned into real time sessions and he was now completely committed to serving Mistress Kristin and doing whatever She told him to do.

Standing up, Mistress Kristin undid the buttons on her coat and beckoned Mark over. Making sure his hands were clean he took it off her and placed it on a hanger and into the closet. Only then did he dare look back at his Mistress, wondering what She would be wearing.

Kristin was wearing black leather boots with stiletto heels that ended just above Her knee. Above he could see Her expensive, black stocking tops, attached to Her tight black corset that pushed Her breasts up and together. The view was gorgeous... a generous expanse of creamy flesh bordered by the black lace of the corset cups. Mark allowed himself the luxury of remembering the rare occasions that Mistress allowed him to suckle on those 38D breasts, to nourish himself as Mistress caressed his hair and repeated "that's a good boy, suck... suck mommy's breasts". She would usually allow him to suck Her nipples as She wiped away his tears following a particularly brutal session. Pulling out a hair slide, Mistress Kristin shook Her blonde hair out and motioned towards her black bag. Her hands were covered with very fine black leather gloves going all the way up to above her elbows.

Mark rushed to the bag an pulled out three items - a blindfold, a dog collar and leash. Kristin took the blindfold from him and placed it on the desk. She was unusually quiet... and the mysterious smile on Her face showed him nothing. Taking the collar and the leash, pointed to the floor right in front of Her and Mark swiftly knelt to accept his dog collar and the leash. "Stand up boy!" Facing Her slave, Kristin put one gloved hand around the base of his cock, the other one gripped the leash. As She spoke She slooooowly moved her hand up and down his throbbing penis. The sensation was ever so exquisite... thin leather, Mistress' skilled fingers...

"Now, boy, let us keep this simple. You know what you have to do. I've selected and prepared a good slave for you to play with, but remember the rules - one: You obey everything I tell you to do. When I say it, exactly as I say it and without any comments." Mark heard Her chuckle as She picked up some duct table from the coffee table and closed his mouth with it. "Well, that will ensure you do not make any comments. Two: you don't say anything unless I tell you to, in other words, don't even think about removing the duct tape until and unless I tell you so. And three... you will love this..." Mistress Kristin blew Mark a kiss, attached the leash to the bedpost, picked up the blindfold and walked away from the boy as he stood naked, his cock still erect.

Sara heard the familiar sound of her Mistress's high heels coming closer and she knelt up like an excited puppy. Kristin walked in quickly shutting the door behind her. Sara didn't even have a chance to glance into the other room and see her soon to be new sexual partner.

"Hello my little slut." Kristin stood straight in front Sara and the middle-aged woman immediately leaned forward, pushing her face into her Mistress's crotch, sticking out her tongue and lapping hungrily. Kristin smiled, caressing Her slave's hair with her gloved fingers and thinking of what lay ahead. She enjoyed the eagerness that Sara always displayed and the speed with which she always went for Her pussy. Sara just loved to get to her Mistress's quim before anything else, it was a sure sign of her willing to please and to submit. Indeed, Sara had even developed a sense of pride about this. Well, we musn't let her become to comfy with this... Kristin chuckled and roughly pushed Sara's head away from her pussy. "We are keen, aren't we? Well there's plenty of time for that my slut. But first, before we get to the phase of licking my pussy and making me cum, I want to savour a bit of watching. I want some voyeuristic pleasure! I have chosen such a good boy for you to service. Remember, by pleasing him, you will be pleasing ME! So, when you feel his cock in your mouth, remember that I am watching everything, making notes and that I will be severely disappointed if you do not make that boy happy. Got it?"

Sara trembled with excitement as she nodded and meekly said "Yes Mistress Kristin, I will do my very best to please that boy you have prepared for me. I will make You proud of Your cock sucking slut"

"Oh, I am sure you will, I am sure you will... But first you must be blindfolded."

Sara looked a little crestfallen and couldn't hide it. On the one hand, she knew from experience that the blindfold would enhance her other senses, but she wanted to see things also. Above everything, she wanted to see who was this mysterious "boy" as the Mistress called him. But, as she felt the regret that she wouldn't see a powerful throbbing cock in front of her... she also felt a surge of excitement that the mystery would continue... hopefully not through the whole session, thought Sara.

"You won't wear it for too long," Kristin reassured Sara. "Only as long as it pleases me!" The Mistress leaned forward and covered her slave's eyes with the blindfold. The butterflies in Sara's stomach began to multiply as Kristin helped caressed her hair once again and then helped her stand up. "We will leave the leather straps binding your arms for now. Ready?"

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