tagLoving WivesKruti A Friends Wife Day 02

Kruti A Friends Wife Day 02


Day two of Kruti,

Well I was up at 6am, feeling good about last night. I was looking forward to hearing from Kruti. At 8:59 my phone rang. Kruti said she was on her way. I asked her what she was wearing in detail. She said she wearing a short jean skirt, red g-string and a nice tight shirt and no bra as she had been told to wear from now on. I asked if she was ready for today and willing. Kruti said yes. At about 30 min's later she pulled up in front of the house. She came into the house wearing what she had said. I told her to talk off her top off and with saying a word she pulled it up and off. Her nipples were standing hard. I walked up to her and pinch her left and then right, I asked if one hurt more than the other. She said yes the left one hurt like hell. That will be the one we get done. Kruti just looked at me and said yes sir. I asked what Jatin had to say about last night. Kruti told him to mind his own shit and leave her alone. At that point I pinched her nipples again and she let out a moan.

I said it was time to go get her nipple done. She put her shirt back on and we head out to the car to go to tattoo shop. When we got there we went in and I said hey to a friend of mine who does my tat's. Kevin was a cool dude, stands about 6 ft, 260lbs a big guy. I told Kruti to take her shirt of and she did. Kevin looks at her and asked which nipple he was doing. Kruti look at him and said the left one. I was up behind her and undone her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Kevin eyes almost popped out of his head. I pick up her clothes and we head to one of the room. Kruti sat down in chair and relaxed. Kevin started rubbing her nipple get it as hard as it could. I could smell her sweet smell as her pussy was getting very wet. Kevin took out a clamp from the stand next to the chair and locked it on her nipple, her eye opened wide. In one move Kevin pushed the needle thru her nipple and then pushed it all the way thru with dumb bar. Then he released the clamp and she let out a very deep moan.

I told Kruti to get of the chair and drop her panties to the floor and bend over. She looked up at me with a sly smile. She pulled down her panties and turns around and put her head into the chair. I told Kevin to have a little fun with her and handed him some lube. I walked over to the other chair and sat down to watch what was about to happen to my new play thing. Kevin started to undress and the look on Kruti face when she seen the size of Kevin cock. It kind of looks like he's the son of John Homes. Kevin walks around Kruti and tell her to suck his cock, and she move down to the floor and slowly reaches up and grabs his still soft cock. She pulls it up to her mouth and licks the head. She opens her mouth and starts to run her tongue around and around the head before she push about 3 inches into her mouth. Kevin looks over at me says she got the skills at sucking cock. As I sat and watch, this was giving me a hard on from hell. Kruti was work more and more of Kevin cock into her mouth.

About 20 min's into her sucking his cock she was down to hair. She had his whole cock in mouth and her throat was enlarged. And then she would pull it cock out and then back down. Finally Kevin had to stop her be he cumed in her mouth. He was really wanted to play with her pussy. Kevin lay down on the floor and told her to sit on his cock and he wanted her to put in herself in one stroke. With a sec she was on top of him she took hold of his cock and lined it up with tight little pussy. She rubs the head of his cock to her slit and then in one move she drove the whole thing into her. Slowly she started moving up and down keep just the head in and then dropping back down. Kevin looked up at me and smile and said she was the one he knows that could do that. I look down at them fucking and said what the hell, I got up and undressed then walked over to Kruti and put my cock in her face and she took it into her throat in one move. After a few min's I pulled it out and move behind her. I took the bottle of lube and start rubbing into her tight little ass. Kruti looked up at me and said please, don't that would be too much for her to take. I told her to bend over more so I could get in easier.

Kruti leaned over more and I started to work a couple of fingers into her ass. When I thought she was ready, I lined up the head of cock and started to work it in. Kruti stop moved, Kevin started thrusting his hip to keep fucking tight pussy. The head of my cock entered her ass and a little force, but I got it in. Once I got about half my cock in she started moved again taken both cocks in now. Now Kevin was close to cum, he looked up at Kruti and told her he was close to cumin. Kruti look down at him and begged him to fuck her hard till he cumed in her pussy. I was work working my cock in and out of her ass and I could feel her getting ready to cum herself. Her ass was starting to tighten down on my cock; I started ramming her as hard as I could.

Soon Kevin started to cum in her pussy and that pushed Kruti over the edge and she started to cum. It only took me a couple more strokes before I dump a load of cum in her ass. I pulled my cock from her ass and she slowly started to get up off Kevin and his cock start to come out of her pussy with a pop. Kruti stood the unable to close her legs all the way and nipple was really starting to hurt. Kevin was getting dress when he come over and asked if she had any friend who was like her. Kruti looked up at me and I said not yet. But I was going to have her find some other Indian girls to play with us.

I told Kruti to put her skirt and shirt on and to sign her panties and give them Kevin. I asked Kevin what I owe him; he said not a damn thing.

As Kruti and I left the shop and drive over to a friend of her house, she asked me to drive because she could not close her legs and her pussy was hurting. I said sure I would drive but she has to masturbate the whole way to her friends house.

But that is other story.

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