tagSci-Fi & FantasyKrystal's Thanks

Krystal's Thanks


"I forgot to thank you... for saving my life." She'd said it so sweetly, almost purring. And of course the whole crew was staring at them as them eyes met, and of course Fox blushed even redder than his fur. And naturally Rob made a big deal about his rise in body temperature.

After that long awkward moment had passed, and Fox had relaxed and sent the others away, he and Krystal stood silently on the command deck, him in full jacket and uniform, blaster at his side, her just in that suggestive loincloth and metal top, looking unarmed and vulnerable.

Of course Fox knew what came next, but somehow he couldn't quite wrap his mind around it. Yes, this was a beautiful vixen in front of him, yes, he'd saved her life, yes, she even seemed to think he was fairly attractive, but still he couldn't quite believe it.

So when she said, "Well, are you going to just stand there, or are we going to you room?" he felt like she'd just disabled his shields with a laser pulse.

He just stood motionless and stuttered for awhile, trying desperately to get out an affirmative noise or even a nod. His cock ended up answering for him, stretching his green flightsuit even tighter into a long cone.

Krystal laughed, and Fox blushed again. "I'll take that as a yes."

Taking him gently by the hand, Krystal saved Fox from his paralysis, and then together they walked to his quarters. Once inside, Krystal looked very impressed; the space was expansive and inviting. The walls were painted a warm pastel blue, and the upholstery was made of fine navy velour. Still, the room gave the distinct sense of loneliness, that Fox had been the only one to sleep there for a very long time.

Krystal leapt onto the couch and spread out, leaning one leg over the side, displaying her soft blue fur and her smooth, gentle curves in a seductive pose. "I almost match!" she said with a grin.

Fox smiled and nodded, and by now he had come enough to terms with the situation that he could almost move and think normally. "Always did like blue, I guess."

Then, pulling mostly from electronic-novel descriptions of romance (to which he'd left many a semen stain on the viewscreen), Fox walked regally to the minibar—just a little awkwardly because of his erection—and took out a bottle of wine.

"Fox! You don't have to do that!" Krystal giggled, leaping off the couch with a bounce in her step.

Continuing, Fox took out two glasses and began to pour them full of Cornerian chardonnay. "What the hell else am I supposed to do with all this?"

By now Krystal was behind him, gently massaging his shoulders, pressing her thumbs into his back. Fox sighed softly, trying to remember how long it had been since he'd had a good massage. When Krystal pulled off his jacket with a snap and pressed her fingers into his neck, he decided he didn't care.

Somehow Krystal knew exactly how to touch him, where to press, how to move. As his muscles began to warm and relax, Fox drifted almost into meditation. Soon, Krystal was taking off his flightsuit, top first, then bottom, revealing his bright orange fur and his soft white boxer shorts.

"Always knew you were a boxer fox," she purred, wrapping her arms around his waist, holding his back to her chest, squeezing his tail against her stomach.

If his erection had softened during the massage, it was back now, sticking out of his fly, at its full length and girth, with its furred sheath rolled completely back. Deciding that the wine seemed fairly redundant, Fox set down the glasses and spun in Krystal's embrace. Now the pair were standing face to face, pressed tightly together, arms around each other, Fox's hard, eager cock, poking through his boxers into Krystal's loincloth.

The obvious next step was a passionate kiss. Fox made the first move, pressing his face towards Krystal's. She responded by opening her lips and wrapping them around his. They kissed up and down each other's snouts, played with each other's lips, and then their tongues began to dance together. By the time it was all done, both foxes had sweat on their foreheads and were aching for more.

Finally willing to be half as daring with his cock as he was with his cockpit, Fox reached for Krystal's back and tore into the straps of her top. As if he had trained for it in the academy he had it off of her in a second flat, dropping the metal cover to the floor to display the welcoming softness of her smooth, round breasts and tight, erect nipples. Wrapping his wide hands around her body, he pressed under her breasts with his thumbs, drawing out a joyful giggle.

Now he slid his hands slowly down her sides, stroking her hips, then slowly, gently unfastening her loincloth. It fell to the floor with a light thud, and her wet and willing pussy was revealed in all its glory.

Fox leaned back to look at her more carefully, studying the shades of blue of her fur, the smoothness of her curves, following the shapes of her breasts and her thighs with his gaze. Then he focused on her crotch, seeing her outer labia already pulled back, showing her inviting pink folds and her red, engorged clit.

Fox put on a grin befitting his vulpinity and slid his hands lower, around the insides of her thighs, caressing her labia briefly and swiftly.

Krystal moaned in affirmation, then jolted her hands to his boxers. With one she pushed his cock back through his fly, gently but firmly; with the other she began to pull them off. Moments later they were both standing fully exposed, displaying themselves for each other.

Krystal licked her lips, and then began walking slowly backward, gesturing for him to follow. She sat lightly on the couch, her butt and tail in the air, spreading her legs for his viewing pleasure.

He ran to her, and just as he stopped, she grabbed his cock and pulled him upward with it. Fox was surprised by this maneuver, but with her warm hands around his bulging shaft he wasn't going to do anything that might make her let go.

Krystal opened her mouth wide, and with a sudden movement, pulled his cock inside. Soon she was sucking him for all she was worth, taking his full length in and out of her mouth. Her tongue played along the ridges and bumps of his shaft, then she sweetly kissed his tip. All the while she fondled his balls in her hands, and he held her neck close to his body.

Fox moaned as Krystal turned to blowing. Gently at first, a whisper into his opening, then harder, faster, until Fox felt like a hurricane had been focused on his penis. Screaming with delight, he reached an incredible climax, spraying cum all over Krystal's face and mouth.

Eagerly she lapped up every drop, then pulled slowly away, standing up from the couch. As she lay down on the bed, she fingered her clit for effect.

An exhausted and overjoyed Fox stood moaning for a moment, then bounded to the bed himself. "That was quite a thank-you," he laughed.

Krystal smiled. "Well, I like it in the morning. So tomorrow, it's your turn."

Accepting the deal, Fox spooned himself around her, nuzzling into her neck, and with a voice command doused the lights.

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