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K's Tenth Playground


Disclaimer: This story, entitled K's Tenth Playground, and the people, places, and events depicted in it is an original work of fiction, hereafter referred to as THE STORY. Any resemblance of people, places, or events in THE STORY to actual people, places, or events is coincidental. Any resemblance of people, places, or events in THE STORY to people, places, or events in another work of fiction is coincidental. The author of THE STORY has done some research of real techniques, theories, and methods in order to craft THE STORY with details that may help suspend disbelief for any person or persons voluntarily viewing or accessing the content of THE STORY in part or in whole, hereafter referred to as THE READERS. These details are solely for storytelling purposes. THE STORY and the events depicted in it should not under any circumstances be construed as support or encouragement by the author or any other person or persons of any action or actions by any person or persons anywhere or at any time.

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The next chapter in my story inspired by Kate's Playground, by MyJimmy. In it Krissy and her father explore their new arrangement together, getting a little dangerous. Yada, yada, yada, don't try this at home. Enjoy!

Chapter 2

But it could be chapter 10, if you know what I mean...

The next few days passed relatively uneventfully. I returned to work and Krissy continued to enjoy her summer with her friends.

I posted the point of view pics to the website and, as I had predicted, it created quite a surge in traffic. Krissy was well on her way to making her five grand.

A couple of times I tried to engage Susan in some frisky fun. My heart wasn't fully in it since I knew it would mean the end of my 'agreement' with Krissy, but I figured I owed it to Krissy to make a real effort. But Susan was like an icebox and I got nowhere. I decided to step up my game.

It was Friday. I had cooked a candlelight dinner for me and Susan, which got me a big kiss on the cheek from Krissy as she headed out for the evening.

"You are the sweetest man in the world. This is your night daddy, I can feel it."

But several hours after she was supposed to have been home I got a belated text from my wife telling me that I should just wrap up the leftovers and leave them in the oven as she needed to work late.

Krissy came back to the house to find me alone in the kitchen staring out into space, a beer in my hand and a sputtering candle that had burned down to a nub. She guessed what had happened right away.

"Oh daddy," she said sadly.

"It's fine. Her job is important to her," I said.

"No daddy, it's not right. You really tried and she didn't even bother to show up."

Krissy pulled the beer from my hand and put it on the table.

"Come on. Wallowing won't do you any good."

Even though I hadn't thought I really wanted this to work, I suddenly found myself overwhelmed with the growing realization that my marriage was really and truly falling apart.

"Honey, I appreciate you trying to cheer me up, but I really just want to be alone for a bit."

"Not up to you dad," Krissy said firmly.

I looked up at her quizzically. She planted a hand on her hip and unbuttoned the front of her jeans with the other.

"We had an agreement. I just spent the night dancing and flirting with boys and had to leave without any getting any. So I'm horny.

"I need a cock to suck and someone to eat my pussy and per our agreement the only person who can service me is you. So mope on your own time. Pull those pants down so I can suck you off. I wanna taste your delicious cum again."

I was shocked, and almost instantly hard. Not about to argue, I shrugged my pants and boxers off and sat back down on the chair. Krissy kneeled in between my legs and grabbed my cock, staring lustfully at it.

"Mom doesn't know what she's missing," she sighed as she dropped her mouth over my cock and started to suck enthusiastically.

Let me tell you, the best cure in the world for depression is a vigorous blow job. Five minutes later I had forgotten about my wife altogether as I blasted thick loads of cum in Krissy's eager mouth, then threw her on the kitchen table and ate her out. She came hard on the table, then again on the floor as I pulled her down and she rode my face.

Still we weren't done. Shedding clothing on the stairs and in the hallway as we kissed and teased one another like lovers we made our way to the bathroom to clean up. Under the hot water of the shower she sucked me off for a second time and I returned the favor once more myself. Finally, both of us completely spent and satisfied, we toweled off and went downstairs, cleaning up the evidence of our crime.

After a few minutes we found ourselves sitting on the sofa in the living room wrapped in towels, our clothes collected into a heap on the chair next to us. For a while we just sat there, smiling at one another and holding hands. We both knew the evening was about to end and neither of us wanted to acknowledge it.

"Hope your old man wasn't too terrible a substitute for a summer fling," I joked.

Krissy shook her head and rolled her eyes, smiling.

"This is so weird. I can't believe I'm sitting here with you and about to tell you...No, forget it."

"What?" I asked, playfully tugging at the towel fabric around her breasts. "Tell me."

Krissy looked down, not meeting my eyes. "Telling you that...that for the rest of my life your tongue will be the yardstick I use to measure oral sex. I have never cum so hard on a tongue as I did on yours, daddy."

Shyly she looked up to my eyes to gauge my response.

"I think you're just trying to boost your old man's ego."

Krissy climbed onto my lap and put her hands on my chest.

"Believe me daddy, I wish I was. It would be so much easier if I was."

I pulled Krissy in for a kiss. Not a chaste father-daughter kiss, but a deep lovers kiss that Krissy returned with fervor.

After a minute of making out with her squirming in my lap I could feel myself getting hard again. Krissy pulled back from our kiss and glanced down at my crotch, smiling.

"Looks like somebody needs some more release," she smiled as she slithered out of my lap and onto her knees in front of me.

Tugging open the towel she watched as my rock hard cock sprang up, reaching up to grasp it in her hand.

"You're like, the perfect guy," she moaned, "always hard!"

Then she lowered her lips over my cock and started blowing me for the third time that evening.

Our encounters earlier had been sweaty, frenzied events with animal-like intensity. This time, with both of us having already cum multiple times, it was a slower, more loving experience. I leaned back, smiling ear to ear as my daughter slowly moved her lips up and down my cock, mewing softly.

Suddenly we heard the front door open. Krissy froze, my cock still in her mouth. My wife was home and about to catch our daughter with my cock in her mouth!

I heard the sound of car keys being tossed into the bowl in the hall by the door and footsteps as Susan headed to the kitchen. Passing by the entrance to the living room she turned and saw me on the couch, my back to her.

"Oh, hi honey. Sorry I missed dinner."

She couldn't see the other side of the sofa where Krissy was kneeling, my cock still in her mouth. But if she walked in here...

I twisted around to look at her. "Hi. No problem. How was work?"

I could feel Krissy's tongue starting to twist around and lick my cock, which had been deflating in my panic, getting it back to full erection. Jesus, I thought, trying to stifle a moan, did she want to get caught?

"Fine, fine. What are you doing sitting in the dark?"

"Nothing," I said as casually as I could.

Krissy had started slowly bobbing her head back up and down my prick. I gritted my teeth, my cock throbbing.

"Just fell asleep."

Susan shrugged. "Ok. Food in the oven?" she asked and moved away towards the kitchen.

I hissed as quietly as I could as Krissy began bouncing her mouth up and down forcefully on my cock, her cheeks hollowed and her lips tightly gripping my shaft.

"Yah. Help yourself."

I grabbed Krissy's head and started jerking her up and down my length. She whimpered quietly, sensing my impending orgasm. I heard the sound of the oven door opening.

"Mmm," my wife called out, "it smells good!"

"Yah," I replied, "it's...delicious!"

I groaned softly as I came hard, spurting ropes of cum into Krissy's eager mouth. She noisily sucked and swallowed each blast, her lips and tongue massaging my cock to get every last drop out.

My mouth was open wide, trying to suck air into my lungs as quietly as possible. In the kitchen I could hear Susan getting out a plate and silverware.

Finally convinced I had given her everything she was going to get, Krissy let my flaccid member slip from her mouth, smiling up at me and winking. Then she quickly turned around and scooped up her clothes from the chair.

As she tip-toed out of the room towards the stairs she turned around to look at me with a wicked grin, moving a hand up to her stomach and rubbing it in circles while she mimed "Mmmm."

I just stared at her slack-jawed. With a silent chuckle, she quietly bounced out of the room and up the stairs.

Recovering my senses I nervously glanced back towards the kitchen and began tugging my clothes back on. I had just gotten my shirt back on when Susan came back to the living room entrance with a plate of food. I smiled pleasantly at her.

"Do you mind heading up to bed?" she asked. "I was hoping to watch a little TV with dinner."

"Not at all," I said, getting up. "Enjoy."

I headed upstairs, pausing for a few minutes on the stairs to let my adrenaline soaked heart slow down. Holy shit that had been close! Krissy had shown me a side of her that I never knew existed. I began to wonder just how innocent she really was.

Krissy's door was closed and I could hear soft music playing. I was tempted to open the door, but decided I had had enough excitement for one evening.

Going into my room and closing the door behind me, my eyes began to adjust to the darkness as I undressed. Something tripped my senses and I froze. I wasn't alone in the room.

Looking over towards the bed I jumped a little when I realized Krissy was sitting quietly on my bed, watching me.

"Holy crap," I gasped. "Krissy, are you trying to give me a heart attack?"

"Not yet," she giggled.

"Krissy, your mother is just downstairs. We barely escaped getting caught already. Do you want her to find out?"

"She just started eating dinner," Krissy replied with a nonchalant shrug as she tugged her panties off. "We've got at least half an hour. More than enough time for you to even the score."

She leaned back onto the bed, rubbing her pussy. "Get over here and eat me out."

I glanced at the door, considering telling her no. But Krissy's pussy looked so inviting. Plus, I figured she was probably right, it would be a while before my wife came upstairs for bed.

Screw it, I thought, putting my face down into my daughter's snatch.

"Mmmm, daddy," Krissy moaned as I started in on her with gusto.

Twenty minutes and two orgasms screamed into a pillow later, Krissy wobbled unsteadily out of my room with her underwear in her hands and a big goofy smile on her face.

I rolled over and went to sleep. How strange my life had become!

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