James thought he had finally gone mad. As he stared, wide-eyed and confused at the odd-looking little man before him, he feared he had finally gone stark raving insane.

James had the unenviable job of doing climate research in the Siberian wilds during the long, cold Russian winter. He was stationed in one of the remotest cabins in a long line of such research stations, stretching far into the Arctic Circle. The landscape had long ago been plunged into the eerie, several-months long night that descended upon this part of the world come winter, and James truly thought recently that the unending night and wicked winter weather might push him over the edge.

And now, he feared he had finally plunged into that dark abyss.

Standing before him on the threshold of his small research cabin was a man who spoke with a thick Russian accent, one who could not have been an inch more than five feet tall. With a large nose and an even larger handlebar moustache, James thought the man looked like a terrible Groucho Marx disguise. He wore a long fur coat, the kind not normally seen worn by men since about the 1920s; to make matters even more bizarre, on his head was a leather skull cap and goggles, the kind worn by early aviators.

In his hand the man clutched the reins of a dog sled, the animals now panting and snorting like they had just run many long miles in the frigid night air. In the cargo area of the dog sled was a huge pile of wooden crates, each marked with Cyrillic writing James couldn't make out, and a single red heart.

"Um...um" James stammered, trying to recall what it was the strange little man had said. "Excuse me?"

"I say," the man repeated in his thick accent, "you want vodka?"

Still confused, James tried to remember what had happened in the past few minutes. He was sitting in his small, fire stove-warmed, lantern-lit cabin crunching some data when he thought he heard dogs yelping. He then heard a sudden knock on the door, which would be an unexpected occurrence regardless of who was doing the knocking, and now James stood speaking to the unusual Russian.

"Where did you come from?" James said, looking around and seeing nothing but miles of pine trees obscured in the inky blackness. "I'm five hundred miles from...anything."

"It no matter," he said coolly, waving aside James' logic. "So, you want vodka?"


"Yes, vodka," the man said, holding up a bottle of the clear drink. "But no normal vodka. This Kupidon vodka."

James was, if anything, now even more confused than before as the little man thrust the bottle into James' hand. He looked at it, adjusting the glasses on his nose to inspect the label more closely. He saw the same Cyrillic letters on the bottle and assumed they made the word Kupidon – in bright pink. The label was otherwise black, with the exception of a silver arrow which had pierced to side-by-side hearts, one red and the other pink.

"Kupidon," the man said.


"Yes, Kupidon vodka. Very special. Very powerful. Not like any other. You drink."

"I...I..." James stammered, truly at a loss for what to say. "I really shouldn't...shouldn't have alcohol here..."

"It no matter," the man said. "You take bottle. You drink tonight. I come tomorrow. If you like, you buy then. Yes?"

James looked at the bottle again and couldn't help but be intrigued. He was strangely attracted to the label for some strange reason, and as he turned the bottle around to view the label he noticed that there seemed to be small, brightly colored flecks of something floating in the vodka. It almost looked like the flecks one would see in a snow globe, only these were far less obvious yet somehow also more colorful, and seemed to be mesmerizing him somehow.

"What are these?" he asked the man, breaking his eyes away at last. "Is that normal?"

"Ah," the man said, holding up one thin finger. "That what make Kupidon special. That what give you strength later."

James stared dumbly for a moment again at the beautiful flecks, almost not registering what the man said. "Strength? What do you mean?"

The man smiled now, walking back toward his dog sled, "Drink. Drink Kupidon. You will see."

The man mounted his dog sled, pulling his goggles down over his eyes. He looked and pointed a bony finger at James and said, "You drink tonight. I return tomorrow. Tell me if you like."

The man cracked a long whip that had been tied to the sled and the dogs pulled away with such force and sudden speed that James would normally have thought it impossible. Once the yelping and barking receded deep into the long Siberian night, James closed the cabin door, sat at his desk, and placed the bottle on it.

"Kupidon," he muttered to himself, trying to dispense with the whole strange affair and put the bottle out of his mind. What did he need with vodka, after all? He was well-supplied with every need – well, almost every need, expect for having other people around – and saw no reason to indulge in alcohol. He was a scientist, highly trained, disciplined, focused, and vodka would only turn his mind away from his important work.

James pushed the bottle away and attempted to get back to crunching those numbers, but found himself being drawn to that unique label again and again. Once he was looking at the label James would soon feel mesmerized once more by those swimming, shimmering flecks, and have to pull his eyes away to get back to his data.

After perhaps half an hour of this utterly fruitless exercise, James gave in to his curiosity and grabbed a glass. He opened the bottle and splashed in enough vodka to fill the glass half way, then drank it down quickly. Having spent some time in Russia by this point James knew vodka pretty well and though this was the most altogether delicious stuff he had ever drunk. He happily took up first a second drink of it, then a third. Not wanting to get drunk James somewhat reluctantly twisted the cap back on the bottle and put it in a desk drawer, intent now on getting back to his number crunching.

James had just started to focus on the data once again when he thought heard something that he knew couldn't be possible. He tried to ignore it, but again he heard it, this time louder and more distinctly. For the second time in less than an hour James feared he was going insane because he heard several females giggling outside.

Slowly getting up from his desk, James approached the door and cautiously opened it to peek outside. His mind was in conflict, racing from wanting to see nothing at all – even though that would seem to confirm his insanity – to desperately wishing there really were some women outside to ease his painful loneliness and cabin fever.

He opened the door just enough to see outside, but let it swing wide open as what he was looking at registered in his mind. His jaw dropped at the sudden sight of seven bikini-clad women playing outside as if they were at the beach rather than in the Siberian wilds. The seven ladies giggled, carried on, and looked like sorority sisters during spring break – with the exception of the fur-lined leather snow boots and Russian-style fur hats they wore.

And it seemed to James that, even before he was fully able to realize at what he was looking, he had sprouted a hard on of immense size and stiffness, far harder than any he had ever had before.

Two of the women – a white woman with golden blond hair and a black woman with skin the color of delicious dark chocolate – batted a beach ball back and forth, their huge tits bouncing playfully every time they jumped to touch the ball. However, as they would leap at the same time all that really happened was that these two lovely women collided in mid air, their breasts pressing together deliciously. Once on the ground again the women would gently rub each other's breasts and play with their very erect nipples through their bikini tops, giggling happily all the while.

Three of the women – a second white woman, this one with milky white skin and bright red hair, a Latina with coffee brown skin and silky black hair tumbling down her shoulders, and an exotic looking Indian woman with dark skin and equally inky black hair – were throwing snow balls at each other. But after every snow ball connected, leaving a bright, angry red mark on their skin, the others would rush over and gently rub and kiss the aggrieved area, invariably massaging and kissing breasts, neck and shoulders in the process.

The last two women – an Asian woman with skin of such a delicious tone that it was simply lickable and a another black woman with long, curly hair and skin the color of a bronzed goddess – had clearly dispensed with all pretenses and were simply kissing and massaging the other's erect nipples, the Asian already having her large firm breasts exposed and the nipples being gently sucked on by the black woman. She would occasionally stop her sucking of one nipple to gently tug and pull on the piercing in the other nipple, making the Asian woman moan happily.

James stood at the door, gaped-jawed and shocked for several long minutes, simply watching the visions of loveliness before him, never once stopping to question where they came from. Or why they were playing in the Siberian winter in bikinis, for that matter.

The girls played and cavorted, looking and smiling sweetly at James from time to time with lusty, hungry looks in their eyes. Then, as if reacting to some unheard signal, they collectively bounced and giggled their way over to James and his cabin, nudging their way past their as-of-yet still slacked jawed shocked host. The girls entered the cabin and immediately found the bottle of Kupidon and changed channels on the emergency radio, somehow finding a station that played hard bass-driven dance music. They giggled, passed the bottle back and forth, and began dancing happily amongst themselves.

James, who still simply stood and watched this impossible vision, was pulled gently into the fray by the Latina. All of the girls surrounded him, dancing all around him and very obviously rubbing their bodies against him as they all began to jump to the driving rhythm of the music, the entire mass beginning to get very hot and sweaty in the process.

The women passed the bottle of Kupidon back and forth, finally offering it to James. Quite aroused and already parched from the excitement, dancing, and passion all around him, James took several large gulps of the vodka. As he did, he could actually feel his cock swell to a thickness and hardness he had never experienced before – one that he never even thought possible. As he did, he tore off the sweater and flannel shirt he wore, exposing his pasty, scrawny upper body to these gorgeous women and not caring a whit.

As the girls danced, rubbing and grinding lusciously against James and each other, some began to strip out of their skimpy bikinis while others began kissing and rubbing the exposed flesh. The dark chocolate black woman and the milky white-skinned woman broke off from the group, kissing each other and rubbing their hands all along their equally firm, lightly sweaty bodies. The Indian woman and the Asian did so as well, finding a corner of the cabin to go to kiss, play, and nibble.

The Latina, lighter-skinned black woman and blonde white woman remained dancing with James, the four bouncing, grinding, and rubbing each other to the beat of the music. The three women had begun kissing and rubbing each other just like the rest of the ladies, shedding their bikinis and exposing their own perfect skin covered with a thin sheen of sweat, but now also included James in their kissing and rubbing delights. The three had him surrounded in a triangle formation, and while the Latina stood behind him, pressing her large, firm breasts against his back as she rubbed her hands across his chest, shoulders, and played with the massive bulge almost bursting through his cords. Meanwhile, the black and the white women stood in front of James, kissing each other and then taking turns kissing him, occasionally sharing a very passionate three-way kiss. All three women worked together to drop his pants, revealing his massively hard cock.

James had always been the overly intellectual type, often dismissing the physical as nothing but a distraction to the powers of the mind. This attitude was fueled in part by his well below average physicality, which included a mediocre five-inch cock that was about as scrawny as his geeky chest. Knowing he had nothing hanging between his legs that would ever be overly impressive to the ladies, James had long ago accepted the fact he would never be a sexual lady killer.

At least for tonight, the Kupidon seemed to have changed all that.

As the trio of women pulled his cords and underwear down, James was absolutely shocked to see a massive eight-inch cock spring out of his pants, one so rigid and thick that it could potentially be used as a weapon. This unexpected piece of meat was so riddled with engorged veins he could see the blood pounding through them, his cock twitching slightly with every pound of his heart. His balls, which had always seemed to James somehow pathetically small and shriveled, were now heavy, large, full, and looked like they'd soon burst if he didn't cum. James was so enthralled with this amazing new cock he almost didn't realize all three women were now gently pushing him back to his desk chair.

They gave him a bit of a shove down onto it, and then simultaneously dropped to their knees before him; the black woman in front and the other women on either side of her. She grabbed his massive cock with her hand, stroking it gently while the other two women massaged James' newly enlarged balls. While the other two women continued to teasingly play with his balls, the black woman sucked his entire eight inches into her mouth, the head of his cock touching the back of her throat without even so much as a gag or a cough. She slowly withdrew it from her mouth, kissing and licking the shaft of it from base to head and back to base, then passing it first to the Latina and then to the blonde, who also gave his cock superb oral ministrations.

The black woman stroked his cock again as the other two women now spread his legs wide apart to get to his balls, which each one licked, kissed, and sucked. The pleasure James felt as a result of this oral attention was beyond anything his science obsessed-self had ever experienced before – indeed, had ever even thought possible. The trio seemed to be taking turns to individually give him the most intense pleasure imaginable as well as working as a team to do so; not only did they pass his cock back and forth so each one could suck on it in her own talented way, but they also would share the cock by having one suck on the head while the other three licked the sides, or all three kissing and licking his balls and cock shaft at once. Whether individually or in tangent, the trio gave him the most intense sexual pleasure James had ever felt.

As James nearly swooned due to intense physical pleasure of having a three-way blow job, he looked around the room to see what the other women were doing. He saw that the black woman now had herself fully buried in the redhead's pussy, sucking hard on the clit while she fingered the bright pink pussy. James took a moment to appreciate the beauty of the view he saw, his eyes slowly passing over the dark black woman's smooth chocolate skin, loving the way her pouty pussy lips peeked out from between her legs with her bent over and her ass raised high in the air. He noted both women's large tits and the way they moved and swayed as the women moved; the redhead especially because she pulled on her nipples hard the more her pussy was licked and the closer she got to cumming. He even noted with delight the sensuality of the color contrasts: The dark chocolate skin against the milky white; the different shades of pussy pink contrasting against their skin tones; the way the thin sheen of slick sweat on their bodies caught the lantern light and illuminated their delicious curves. As the black woman continued her skilled pussy licking the redhead moaned and writhed due to the intense oral pleasure, finally crying out sharply as she squirted her pleasure all over the black woman's face.

Meanwhile, he looked and saw the Asian and the Indian engaged in a 69, each happily licking and sucking the other's pussy. James noted with delight the looks of utter bliss and complete contentment of their faces as the ladies did, their angelic faces only making this already intensely erotic scene all the more delectable. The women looked as if they were engaging in the one function for which they lived and felt complete as a result. Eyes closed, mouths opened slightly to lick the other's pussy, occasionally stopping to moan softly, the pair looked like lovers so engaged in each other's body that they become totally unaware of whatever was going on around them. In addition to pussy licking, the Asian was using her position from below to finger fuck and lick the Indian's well-opened ass as well.

Having enjoyed the view for several delicious minutes, James focused again on this three way blow job; he felt almost overwhelmed by pleasure and knew he could not long last this delicious teasing. James reached down and gathered up as much of the black woman's long curly hair in his fist and started to pump his cock rhythmically into her mouth. She now sucked his cock in earnest, stroking it aggressively as she did, her cupped hand leading the way for her mouth to swallow the massive length of his pecker. The other two women teased James' balls as she sucked his cock, rubbing them softly and licking the back part of them towards his ass, their tongues occasionally meeting and licking the same spot.

James continued to pump his cock into the black woman's mouth as he twisted her hair ever more tightly around his fist, she bouncing her head faster and faster on his cock. His cock suddenly felt like it had swollen to the point of bursting when he let out a sudden animal-like growl and unleashed a huge ribbon of thick white cum into the woman's mouth. She quickly pulled his cock out so that James could shoot his cum all over her face and the faces of the other two women. James continued to growl in what was becoming one long howl of orgasmic pleasure, one long sticky stream of cum shooting out of him after another. The black woman did her best to turn his cock this way and that, sharing his orgasm as much as she could with the other two women. By the time James' howls had died down to grunts and then finally to moans, the ladies' faces were well covered in numerous long streaks of cum.

The black woman slipped his cock back into her mouth now, stroking and sucking every last drop of cum out of him she could. As she did the other ladies gently massaged his balls, the cum on each woman's face slowly sliding down her cheeks and chin, dripping and spilling on her breasts. Once the black woman had sucked out the last of his cum, the women turned to each other and began kissing softly, tasting his cum off of the other's lips. They then began to lick and suck the remaining cum from the other two's faces and tits, licking it off each other in long, slow, sensual swipes. When removing it from a breast the other two women were careful to squeeze that breast as much as possible and suck the nipple as hard as they could, whether any cum remained there or not.

James sat back in his desk chair to catch his breath and enjoy the show these three gorgeous women put on as they sucked and licked his cum from each other's bodies. As he did he drank from the Kupidon bottle, feeling a sudden thrill of chilling electricity race down along his still massively hard cock. His thick, hard cock had not weakened one bit and was still as rigid and stiff as when he had first gotten a hard on, but seemed to swell somehow when the electricity raced through it. His head spinning somewhat from a combination of the vodka and the intense sexual excitement, James got out of his chair and approached the Asian and Indian women.

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